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Avant Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Avant
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-712-5407
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 79 %
The only great thing is the company got me a large sum really quick. The interest is astronomically high, so I spoke with a cust. svc rep. before I signed the paperwork. I was LIED to. They told me I could refinance after 6 months to lower the payment without full pay-off. When I tried to do so they told me the last rep was wrong and that the loan could only be refinanced after a 1 year of on time pmts. Okay fine, 1 year, that was understandable. At the 1 year mark, I tried again and was told that they no longer do re-fi unless the balance is paid in full. Hello!!! If I could pay-off the balance in full I wouldn't need to re-fi. I have a few family members that could use their services, but I wouldn't dare recommend them. I have paid nearly $9,000 in pmts but have barely knocked $2,000 off the principle balance. I'll continue paying them, but I will NEVER come back afterwards unless I'm desperate with no other options!
I applied for a personal loan and found out I was approved right away!!! The money was in my account in 2 days.
Super easy to apply! My credit is not great but I applied on a Friday and had the money on Monday.
Great Company to work with
Very simple and fast!
Followed the instructions on-line, very easy-to-use, took 30minutes & my deposit was in my bank account the next day.
I was amazed at how fast and easy getting a loan from Avant Is. I didn’t have to call anyone, everything was done online. My funds was in my account the next day. Great service!!!
Fast service, clear contract, personal attention.
The approval was quick and easy. The interest rate was high
Don't misunderstand me - the customer service is great, the timely effort in getting money to you is great, the time it takes to receive it is also good, but the problem is - that most people go to companies like this because banks say NO!! Avant most of the time will say YES!!! The bend in the road is the interest rate. You don't find out until the end and they will collect double your loan amount by the time it is paid off. So if you borrow $5000 you will have paid them $10,000 at the close of your loan. They don't do refinance -meaning when you ask if you can rewrite your loan customer service says no they don't do that. I mean if you have been a good customer paying off your IOAN why would they not help you to be able to get out of debt (since this is their logo - help people rebuild their credit) by rewriting the balance of your loan instead of being greedy and collect your eye teeth and first born?????? They say that they only go up as high as 36% but that is a lie. I didn't know until it was too late to say no or ask for a smaller amount but they charged me 56%. This number would choke a dead horse. There are other companies like Springfield, First Franklin, World Finance and many other that figure the loan with the interest and a monthly payment that is affordable. Don't choke on a payment from Avant -you will end up in a place where you can't afford it and instead of it helping your credit or getting you out of debt -it will only make matters worse. LOOK AROUND BEFORE YOU FEEL THIS DESPERATE. i WISH I HAD. DONNA J
This was the fastest and easiest loan I have ever obtained for funding my business.
The people at avant are great and i loved dealing with them the down side is the intrest rate is incredibly high on a $14100 loan i had to pay back over $26000 witch i thought was outrageous. These people come to avant to get out of debt or buy something nice for them or there family. If avant lowered there intrest rates . I would get another loan from them but as it stands now i will think twice before doing it . Yes they helped me get out of debt but at the same time put me right back into debt by teying to pay them off with a $560 a month payment. I thank the people at avnt for being so nice but i just cant justify making the owners filthy rich . How much money is enough ???? Thanks for the reply but I think if you worked like NMA credit union and not just look at score and debit to income . NMA goes by your payment history also and goes back a few years to see how you pay your debits and they gave me a 5.99 % intrest rate on a $25000 loan . If you would of taken a few more minutes and looked at my payment history you would of seen on all 3 credit bureaus that I have 100% payment history on all my debits . I just want to say that my experience with the people at avant was awsome . Im just say is that if avant owners thought more about the people and not making a fortune one every loan they approve . The owners would make even more money if they lowered there intrest rates to a reasonable amount. There would be more repeat customers heck some payday loan companies don't charge 36% intrest. As I'm sure you know it's the middle class that has to pay for everything like ' the Richman taxes / Obama care , welfare , food stamps , Medicare. The middle class pays out 30% of there income to run the country and the rich and the poor live better then the middle class and we do all the work , we are the ones that make this country move forward . I thank you for the reply and if avant ever lowers there intrest rates. I might apply for a loan again oneday Thank you Customer service
Being in retail, the times are tough . I needed a little money to hold me over . Avant Credit treated me with kindness and respect and I had the money in 30 hours. Thanks Avant Credit
Consolidated some credit and had some extra cash to last a bit.
The whole process was extremely fast. Will definitely recommend Avant.
they send me a letter about helping me with a loan. so I went on line fill out a loan app. and in a hour I had my loan. the money was in the bank in two days.
We were expressing one of those "life events" with a family member and it was great to be able to call on Avant with for the financial support. As a previous borrower the process to receive the funds was fast. Yes I would recommend Avant! James
First off I would like to thank the Customer Service Agents who answer the phone on a daily basis, Great Job! As for the management team, well I hope to never deal with them again. I received a loan about a year ago, interest was a ridiculous 36%. Trying to get back on my feet after the Bank took my home. I emailed Avant for a pay-off, received an amount, if paid by today $ or I can pay by mail with a check or money order by a certain date. I called to see if I could pay over the phone. No problem, but agent gave me a different amount to pay. Said that they could take payment today but won't process until the next day. I asked to speak to a manager and I explain that situation and the email that I just received for payoff. She proceeded to tell me that the payoff amount was wrong and that I needed to speak to the manager of the department that sent out the email. So I mailed my payment! Later on that day, I received an email with a new amount as my payoff... it was now higher! Are you kidding me? I waited a few days, received an email that my payment was received, but I still had a balance....Really, it made there before the payoff date! I called and the Customer Service agent was understanding and sent me a Loan PAID OFF letter! Way to got CS agent! What a hassle, hopefully I won't have to use AVANT again!
It was fast easy and great rate! Only $5k interest in a $10k loan =$15k plus the initial $500 fee!
Relatively easy although I couldn't get my photo accepted. I was approved anyway and will do it again if need be.
I would recomend Avantcredit to any and all people who need help.
I got a little over my head at one time with my finances and patterned with a company that does consolidation and works with creditors. Avant was one of the companies involved but then I paid them off early. Months later, I got a new loan with Avant with no problem, unlike another company that I paid off early which refused me because I went with a credit consolidation company. I recommend Avant to anyone needing a loan.
I like that I was able to get money in my acct as soon as the next day. I just wish the interest rate wasn't so high.
Great company! My loan was approved quickly and customer service did a terrific job helping upload extra documentation. I would not hesitate recommend Avant to my friends and family.
Great experience and best of all quick results
They helped me when no one else would!!
If you have any credit issues and are unable to obtain a loan through a bank. Avant is definitely the place to go. Don't waste your time with pay day loans.
you helped when I needed it.
Very fast answer to my request. Next day was in my bank account .
I did not have any problems at all. I applied for what I needed and received it the next day. My credit score is not perfect at this time and I was denied from past lenders whom I have paid off before time with no problems with monthly payments.
applied for loan from avantcredit after looking at various loan companies. happy that i chose avantcredit. quick application and quick approval and deposit of funds.
Excellent.. will recommend
Appreciate being able to get the financial help that I needed in such a quick manner and the only concern I have is the interest that is applied to what I will owe. I would recommend Avant to someone they need a loan.
When people are trying to get back on their feet and are charged a rate of 35%+++ it is highway robbery. I understand there is risk associated with lending money, but a realistic payment would be easier for borrowers. Fortunately for me, I understand credit and knew I could refinance into a lower rate. However, for many who do not understand how credit works, the loans provided are definitely gouging clients.
It was very easy getting this loan, great payments, I am very satisfied! Thank you
First, I get the loan and Avant is charging me more than the agreed upon amount FOR MONTHS! I was constantly trying to get this figured out and was promised NO LESS than 4 AMAZON $50 gift cards and I received NONE of them! I had my credit report company contact me to tell me that I was delinquent on 1 account; it was AVANT erroneously reporting it! I STILL have had no response from them; my payments are made monthly electronically so there is NO way for me to be delinquent! What a company of idiots, liars and thieves! I can only hope that NO ONE ELSE is stuck with this company. I will be paying them off shortly just to get out from them! What a joke this company is!
Evant credit help me a lot more than i thought after i get this credit i paid the things i need and i have money in my i account so i would like to work hard now to pay all my credit evant gave me an opportunity to do this thank you again, you guys put me on the right track, i appreciate it.
I paid my loan early. The last payment was 2 money orders and a personal check. Somehow the money orders were lost. I paid Western union a $30 fee to track the money orders. Meanwhile I had to make another payment to Avant. I did that. I now have been paid since 2-22-17. I spoke to them several times about my overpayment and they keep changing their story as to when and how I will receive it. Seems one department does not speak to another, They owe me over $200. It is now 17 days. The latest email is it can take up to 30 days which is switch since I was told 18-23 days. I want to report them as they claim to be transparent. They are not transparent as they claim. I feel this is illegal. This is a very upsetting experience. They were fine up till this but they are making up rules to suit themselves at my expense.
I found Avant to be very easy to apply for a loan and a more than reasonable time frame to see the money to show in my bank account. I have also found that they are willing to work with people with lower credit scores. However, the interest rates can get pretty high. Pay off the debt asap to help reduce the cost.
I would recommend Avant to anyone interested in a quick loan with easy processing.
I am trying to build my credit. I ran into an identity theft with my bank. I immediately filled out the form online at night. I was approved very quickly. Arrangements were made for funds to be deposited into my account and were. This loan saved my account from immediate default and finance charges. I HIGHLY recommend this company. Thank you !!!
This is the easiest company to deal with. No problems and they do what they say they will. Great experience.
The fact that the whole process was handled on the weekend is what amazed me. Applied online on Saturday. Received Customer Service call on Sunday (wasn't intrusive, was less than 10 minutes). Approved via email minutes later. Money in my account on Tuesday. How easy is that. Very happy.
It was quick and easy to do unlike other loan companies who want the title of car just to take out a small loan! I received my loan the next day! It was super helpful! The interest is high but that's what I expected with having okay credit.
I must admit this is early, because I just got the loan. But It was friendly easy, no hassle transaction. Thank you because it came at a time that I really needed it
The whole process was very easy and quick and I would do it again
Prossising fee is very high, everything else is great.
Could not have been more simple. Money went into my account the same day I accepted the loan offer. Interest rate is high, but cheaper than multiple credit card rates combined.
I found myself needing money quickly. I'm in the process of rebuilding my credit and my bank would not grant me a loan. The application process with Avant was fast and easy. I had a decision within hours and money in my account the next day. The only draw back is the rate - but I knew that going in.
Did everything on line no problems
Hassle free quick easy and fast. I will use again
It was so fast and the attention amazing !!!
The best company hands down for a personal loan.
I am a very recent customer but I'm satisfied so far.
Site easy to navigate, simple.
the process is so quick and easy you wont belive it.
AVANT, came through when we needed extra cash
100% Satisfy, and the money was in my Bank account the very next day.
The process was very simple and the response was quick.
Avant Crédit is really awesome.
The Company was there for Me .. When I needed them my time of Sudden Finical Hardship. And I’m GRATEFUL FOR THAT.. But the Interest Rate is WAY Too High with a credit score of 630 and No delinquency’s ..
Highly recommended!! I needed funds to consolidate bills. Applied online and money was in my checking account 2 days later. My rate is kinda high but my FICO is kinda low. Great to do business with.
Thanks for help awesome
Very quick turn around they really helped me with my debt consolidation! Thank you Avant really! Thank you!
This was my first time applying for a loan. I wanted to have one monthly payment instead of 6 monthly monthly payments. I didn't think Avant was real. However...I took the time to apply. In the comfort of my home. I was pleasantly surprised when I was approved. I was shocked beyond belief when the money was deposited into my checkings account. Avant has made a believer out of me. So now, I will only have 1 monthly payment. THANK YOU.
No Hussle it's so easy. Great.
Fast , Quick and Easy Reasonable Payment Plans
You could look all over and you will never find a better comp. all the other comp. need to look at the way you do your besness keep up the good work
Interest is way to high
Simple and Speedy sums it Up! Avant made the application process easy to handle and they approved AND funded my loan quickly. What more could I ask for?
These guys were awesome, from start to finish the whole process was super simple and very straight forwards. The thing I liked the most is that I did not have call and talk to anyone, I was able to do everything I needed to do online. They were quick to communicate and let me knew where I stood within a few minutes of applying.
Avant has been great to work with, easy and customer service is always helpful.
I applied for a loan. Fast and easy.
your company is the big liar ever I wouldnt recommend to anyone now how you like that
Good when you need the money. The only problem, is the high Apr 35%!
I realize that I had overlooked a debt that was due in a couple of days. I have extra medical bills and couldn't pay the debt. Avantcredit came through and I was able to pay that debt on time and I was able to catch up on my medical bills! I really appreciate their service.
Great , very good, outstanding, will do business again, fantastic job.
The process was quick, and easy had the money in my account in 2 days.
Good service and fast .
I'm so glad I was able to get a loan with Avantcredit! I've been trying to consolidate my debts into one easy monthly payment, but I had no luck with other lenders at all. Avant was fast, easy, and efficient. I was able to get approved in seconds, and now I'm feeling much better every month. Instead of trying to gather all my scattered debts onto the calender to figure out what needs to be paid...I now just have to focus on one date. :) I even got to choose what day I wanted to make my payments. Super convenient.
I happy avant is very good company
Getting a loan was quick and easy. It was in my bank account within a few buisness days.
I am very pleased with the way Avant handled my loan application. It went smooth and I had my money in my bank within a few days.
They were alert in letting me know what was wrong with my bank account, so when that was taken care of it was fast and proficient. Very pleased
Very Fast response. Very detailed. Lots of communications and customer service help.
You can trust Avant to go all out to satisfy your every needs. they are a great company to apply for your loan needs. I would recommend them to everyone.
I really liked the fact that I received live support phone calls about information that was needed.
I was extremely pleased with the entire process. Very simple and straightforward. Results were very quick in coming and approved for the amount I was needing. I had hoped for a lower rate, however I guess it was based on my c. score, a good score but not a perfect one after a divorce.
I never knew applying and getting approved for a loan could be so easy. It took me a few minutes to apply and get approved and the money was in my account the next day. 5 stars for sure!!!!
They were there for me when I was most at need. No 3rd degrees , no hassles. Just clear terms and fast service. Thank you Avant!!
They help me very well without them was imposible for me to get my loan
Avant was a easy and understanding process. First time hearing of this company and customer service was great.
Incredibly fast! What a great service they provide and at very competitive rates.
Had a great experience with Avant Credit. The loan was smoothly. The paperwork was quick and the money was transferred in a timely manner. They sent great reminders every month regarding taking out the monthly payment. It wasn't until I was trying to pay off my loan early that we hit a few small snags which didn't cause a big mess but did cause a few hiccups and having to pay a few days of fees. I think they should have a better way to pay off your loan early than to make a payment, which won't be processed for a few days, thus incurring more fees in the meantime. That would have truly made it a 5 star experience.
Great and timely experience
Avant trusted me when I needed it most. By allowing me to create an approved account saved me greatly.
So far Avant is a great company to do business with. They have a easy to use app that I keep on my phone. Their website is easy to navigate. I have payments on auto draft so this is maintenance free for me! Plus they send you a reminder about a week ahead of drafting the payment. Awesome.
So simple to go through the process. It only took about three days before the money hit my account.
Very fast and easy processes. Just not sure how hopefully I don't have any problems with them taking out pymt monthly and hopefully it's true when they say when it'll get paid off.haven't got that far into it yet. But the getting the loan very easy
It’s a great!
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