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Balboa Capital Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Balboa Capital
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (888) 272-1800
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 76 %
Communication was great, the process was extremely smooth. I would recommend Balboa Capital to anyone looking for equipment financing for their business. I like to work with people that are honest and straight forward and that is what I found with Balboa Capital. Thanks!
I have two leaese agreements with Balboa Capital, both done by Matthew Bramlett. He is an outstanding person with exceptional produuct and subject knowledge along with fantastic customer service. I would not look for another financing source as long as Mr. Bramlett is servicing my account.
How should I start my story with this company?!? There's so much negativity lack of communication lies they're lucky they received a 1 star they don't deserve it!!!!!!!! I get approved on the loan , they're charging me additional hidden fees that weren't said from the beginning of the process. They took my money from my account without authorization for charge that I wasn't informed. Now I called at different hours and never pick up the phone. I am still waiting for a answer.
A sales rep at Balboa Capital ran my credit report without permission & then refused to even so much as apologize once I brought this fact to his attention. After that he continued to solicit me with marketing emails and when I told him to take me off his list he wrote me an insulting email claiming that he had my permission to run the report and I was only upset because they didn't approve me. Definitely steer clear of these guys.
Polite, detail oriented professional
I strongly advise you to stay far away from Balboa capital. Their contracts are so one sided in their favor it's ridiculous. After the end of the lease with the return of the equipment, they still claim they never received the equipment. I sent the least equipment back UPS certified with return signature but they still claim they never received it. All checks and payments were made either by ACH or certified but the boy still claims the payments were late. Balboa capital looks for any reason to add additional fees, lie about payments received late. They have catchy wording in the contract where you have only a specified period of time to not renew your lease or return the equipment. This this is an obvious attempt on their part to extort more money from you. I have literally sent dozens of certified letters, faxes, and phone calls. They have never replied back to me or return my phone calls or answered my certified letters. They claim they never received the least equipment back to them in the specified time and with the appropriate notification even though the equipment was sent by UPS with a return signature showing that they did receive the equipment. When I sent a certified letter stating this fact they completely ignored it and never replied back to me. When they send an invoice they just give a total dollar amount without breaking down how they got to that amount. There are numerous complaints against Balboa capital that have been filed with the California Attorney General's office . I strongly advise that you stay far far away from this company and never release any equipment from them. They are shysters, make threats, and are extremely non-professional. They never return my phone calls or respond to certified letters. Balboa capital our modern day crooks and shysters. Please find a Nother leasing company and never use Balboa capital. Do your research And contact the state Attorney General's office, or check the hundreds of bad reviews online regarding Balboa capital.
Thank you Matthew Bramlett for all your help!
Mathew Bramlett has been one the best contacts to have in your phone. He has helped our businesses reach the capital needs we need to get to in less than 72hrs to meet order deadlines and continue my operational capital needs. We have seen business growth due to our relationship with Balboa and we greatly appreciate it! --Thank you so much Balboa
Steve, at Balboa Capital, great customer service and support. Very professional as well.
Easy to work with and very professional
I refer people to Balboa for their funding on a regular basis. Balboa always make the process easy for my customers and incredibly fast. My rep, Alex, works diligently for our customers. I can't say enough good things about his work ethic. Equipment is a big deal, Alex and Balboa Capital make the process easy so customers can start making the best use of their purchase right away.
They're very straight forward. I was able to accomplish my goal of getting full financing for a truck purchase. The reps are very down to earth, respectable and work around your schedule. I'm very pleased with my rep Lisa Gargiulo. Even though my entire process was online and over the phone, never once did i feel scared to share my personal information. They're very technical making sure all documents match, correct spelling etc... overall I would recommend them to anyone looking for financing without tons of headaches. Thanks Balboa for a trustworthy experience
My experience whenever making a major purchase is communication, I didn't really get that with this company. I wanted to put a down payments on this truck to make my payments lower, I wasn't asked if I wanted to put anything down, was never told how much the a.p.r would be, was sent in the contract how much my payment would be and account number only, instead of being in touch with and talking to a human. Scott seemed like he was a nice guy but more interested in going to the gym then discussing what was needed to be disgusted. I got a little more aggravated and wished I had taken my business elsewhere, I wasn't gonna do this survey cause I just wanted the whole ordeal put behind me, but hopefully I never have to deal with this company again sorry
Matthew was fantastic and very responsive to phone calls and emails. The only issue is we had a lot of unnecessary additional back and forth for updates because the payoff statements did not include a per diem (not Matthew's fault). But for that issue, I would have given 5 stars.
Balboa said yes when all other lenders said No! Thanks again!
The overall service was great. There seems to be a new software being used which caused some delays but Matthew was on top of it and kept me informed during the process. I would definitely recommend Balboa to others.
David Alishan has gone above and beyond to make my experience pleasant.
Steve Babor has done an excellent job for us for many years. We run all of our leases through him and will continue to do so.
Very great company just should've informed me of everything that was needed so I'd have it in hand before we started the process
We've been using Balboa for 5 years now for all of our equipment and fleet needs. I can't say enough about how good they have been in helping us grow our company. Easy terms and great rates. I can always count on Balboa and could not have done it without their trust in us. Kevin Hudson HudsonSiteControl
We are very pleased with the loan process and the helpful guidance from Garrett. He worked with us from start to finish. Without Balboa we would have been up the creek! Will definately use their service again!
Thank you for everything.. I will recommend to everyone I know and my family's
As far as financial company's to help small business grow, I would highly recommend Balboa Capital, they are fast with funding, and very reasonable with the rates, so we can get the equipment we need now, without putting yourself in a bad financial situation. I will defiantly be using them again when my business hits another growth spurt.
Excellent service overall. Will work with them again. Thank you
I found Balboa to be thorough, fair, efficient, and expeditious. My experience thus far with this company has been excellent. I highly recommend.
Rafaella is so easy to work with. She is in constant communication and my customers love her!
Very good to work with in closing deals.
Each experience with Balboa has been quick and efficient!
Matt, our sales manager worked with is hand to hand throughout the entire process. He was a great help and very responsive.
Garret was very helpful - stayed on top of the process the whole way. We had a little static from the credit department since my machinery was used and I purchased it at auction -- they had to verify who actually owned the equipment since most auction services are simply agents. However, we got through it. I would definitely give Balboa first shot at quoting another equipment lease.
We have used Balboa Capital for several projects and they are always great to work with, They are very competetive with their rates and their service is top notch, If you have any financing needs don't hesitate to use them.
We needed to lease some capital equipment for a new contract... and faced with a lengthy, protracted and cumbersome process with our current lender, a commercial bank, we tried a simple application with Balboa. The application was immediately approved at a competitive interest rate AND Balboa worked with our equipment supplier to get the equipment we needed ordered and delivered on time! This is one legit lender that wont take you for a ride and you can take that to the bank!
Great response from Robert He was very helpful to the customers needs.
Balboa Capital and their staff was great to work with on our loan process. Things don't always go as planned, but when we had some snags on our end, they were right there to help us to the finish line. Thanks!
The agent that I spoke to was very professional and helpful
The communication and service was great, I have done several deals with Balboa and would recommend them to all
We are extremely happy with Balboa Capital. Specifically, Steve Babor, without whom we would not have been able to secure several good size commercial accounts. His support, guidance and patience has been much appreciated. RKM Heating and Air Conditioning Riverside, CA
Great company to work with! Staff is very responsive and willing to assist in any situation. As a Vendor I utilize Balboa Capital for many of our finance transactions and receiving nothing but great feedback from the end user lessees.
Professional and informative experience. Would recommend them to others seeking assistance with equipment financing.
James was Great to work with .
My overall experience has been excellent with exceptional customer service in all areas.
Randy Norris is great to work with. We have had a great experience.
All communications with representatives were handled in a timely and professional manner. David Moya was very thorough and followed through to meet my needs.
Great funding source for equipment or building your business. We used our funding to purchase much needed classroom software to add research based curriculum to our preschool.
From start to finish...Balboa Capital was very easy to work with. They were efficient, patient, kind/understanding...TOP NOTCH! Recommend!!!!
I don't do a great many deals, but Ruben is my go to guy first, and usually last. He streamlines this process so easy, and to my customers that he works with, they only say how easy it was to purchase the trucks. I work with a lot small businesses, where the owner, is the bookkeeper, CEO, CFO, hired help, and custodian, so they don't have a great of time to go through the cumbersome processes other finance companies and dealerships put people through. The rapid response, direct funding, make mine and my customers so much easier, which makes me look good.
Balboa Capital has always offered me fast and quality service. Brendan has answered all of my questions, he is very knowledgeable, and I highly recommend working with Balboa Capital!
Steve is extremely responsive.
Easy approval and funding!! Would definitely recommend this company to other business associates !!
Would do business with Balboa again if opportunity presented itself
Balboa Capital's team from our loan agent Brendan to the verification team were exceptional. They are always a pleasure to work with and make it an easy effortless process.
Turn around time of processing need to be quicker
I am working on an approval now, but thus far customer service gas been great!
Worked with Matthew he was great. Always answered your questions and calls.
My company got three leases from Balboa and had terrible problems with each of them. They'll say almost anything to get you to sign. We were attracted by the line of credit they gave us, only to find out later that other leasing companies were prepared to give the same or better terms to us, including not requiring the company principals to be responsible for the lease. Once the leases began, Balboa started racking up fees that it never even occurred to us could be charged. Their contract is not only biased in their favor but is full of ambiguous phrases that let them charge fees that nobody else does - and they never miss an opportunity. Once they failed to credit a payment of ours, and then charged us a late fee and late fees on the late fees. Our salesperson was totally unhelpful. We made the mistake on one of our leases to choose a full buyout and like others who commented here, they didn't credit us for returning the equipment which took months to untangle. The fact that nowhere in their statements or website is there any information about the current status of the lease lets them keep charging you because you miss their deadlines, or in our case we were forced to auto-renew our lease for another year on equipment we no longer wanted, even though we gave them advance notice it wasn't "enough" according to their peurile contract. They claim to send you a registered mail reminding you 6 months in advance to cancel or renew, but we got no such thing, and felt totally manipulated by them. Our accounting department has gone crazy trying to stay one step ahead of Balboa. And now that we finished our final lease they charged us a $250 "termination fee" when we never "terminated" the lease; it simply ended. They have your ACH info so any mistakes they make require months to correct and even more months to credit your account. I've never done business with a more crooked, evil organization. Notice how each of their good reviews has a first name only, but the accurate reviews all have first and last names? They're still at it. If you want to work with a quality outfit, contact me and I'll be happy to provide references.
Our rep, Field Amundson, is fantastic to work with. Efficient and thorough, his service is much appreciated!
Bobbi is awesome. We had no issues with the deal.
Jarret was our salesperson and he refuses to call back -I have made many, many phone calls to their offices. When I called from my cell phone he answered but had to check with a manager on the issues. They used the first quarter payment as a lease not applied to the loan. No one from the company will discuss the issue with me. The wording is intentionally misleading - but the way they apply the payments isn't misleading. I would love to speak with someone at Balboa about this issue, get it straightened out and then post a positive review.( Don't hold your breath waiting for that). I feel I was mislead and completely ripped off.
Brendan was very helpful, and we look forward to doing business with your company.
Could not have been easier. Everything was emailed with a easy contract.
Everything went as it should.
Was forced to change my review. I have supplied trust pilot my balboa loan info in private to verify I am a customer!!! Apparently, balboa was very upset by my truthful and provable review of their company because they are forcing to force me to change it. I will leave it at this....we were told one thing in writing by th3 salesperson who then changed the paperwork on balboas end. Luckily the store we purchased from still had our original signed copyalong with everything sent to and received from balboa. We have absolute, indisputable proof of what happened to us. Our loan paperwork was not sent to us, but rather to completestrangers by balboa, and they admitted it. We have been dealing with being overcharged on nuisance fees and have had balboa speak directly to our insurance company reps to straighten out the $130/mth noninsurance fee that never should have been charged because we have insurance. Each time balboa spoke with insurancereps, they only requested one specific page. They kept claiming only one thing was needed but then would find fault in it and demand something else. After 7 months they finally accept it but instead of refunding the fees as they promised, they suddenly said they needed a different paper! So here we are a YEAR later, still trying to make them happy yet they keep changing the papers needed from our insurance agent! A legitimate company tells the insurance rep they are directly speaking to everything needed in one phone call. So far we are on call 30 with balboa. You decide what that means to you. ***make sure you read up on previous litigation, especially class action suits, before you decide to do business with a company. *** also check with the attorney general of the state the business is in!!! we have copies of our loan papers which then were somehow different from what our salesman submitted. (we have the originals!) And this company has been a NIGHTMARE with ambiguous lease terms and hidden clauses in the paperwork that you are not given until AFTER you sign a very simple 2 page contract. We FEEL they lied to us.We FEEL deceived by balboa financing. They will tell you multpile different t things, refuse to transfer you to a supervisor, and you never speak to the same person twice. they don't mail hard copies of your paperwork and just email, which would be fine except they emailed ours to the wrong address! THEY FIX THE LOAN TO WHERE YOU PAY THE FULL AMOUNT OF INTEREST EVEN IF YOU PAY OFF EARLY THEN CLAIM THERE ARE NO EARLY PAYOFF FEES!!! They even refusing to accept our insurance and overcharged us by nearly $1500 on fees! There are many, many other issues such as rude balboa employees, no supervisors.ever available, they refuse to call back when you leave voicemails, hold times on calls can be 20 minutes, and so on. Think CAREFULLY about going into business with this soul suckling devil of a company.
Because of Balboa, Im on my way to making my company a fortune 500 company
Brendan was very helpful throughout the application process. All of our questions were answered quickly and thoroughly in a transparent manner. Highly recommend!
We supply refurbished used equipment, they paid our standard terms, 1/2 down, and 1/2 after delivery.
David and his team were super fast in closing the discussions and agreeing to lease. Documentation was simple, easy and fast. There were no back and forth and all activities were completed by Balboa in one go!
All the individuals I have dealt with at Balboa where nothing put professional and helpful. Only issue, which I knew going into the agreement since I have delt with this stuff before, needs to be a little more upfront with insurance needs & costs. True its on a signed document on a certain page but it needs to be also presented upfront when numbers are explained and disclosed.
Fast, good and friendly service
The process on a lease equipment should not so long to complete
Awesome Customer Service!
Very streamline process and professional staff, would highly recommend.
It took their insurance department almost 10 months to tell my insurance company exactly what they needed for the tractor I bought And for almost the whole time Charged me 130 bucks a month. I only pay my insurance company a little more than that for a whole year for the tractor for my farm Total pain in the butt to deal with.
Easy to fill out Application and very quick response with in Minutes during business times.
We financed a piece of equipment through Balboa and dealt with their account rep Field Amundson who was easy and great to work with to get the loan done. Then once we signed his responsiveness and attitude changed completely. Whats most frustrating is he told us that we needed to get insurance on the machine and that once we did we would be refunded the >$500 fee they charged us each quarter for not having insurance. We did finally get the machine insured but when we asked to have the payments refunded he referred us to Cristina Vasquez who is an Insurance Certificate Administrator. She was hands down the rudest and most dishonest person I have dealt with since starting my company 4 years ago. I sent her an email directly from Field stating the insurance fee's would be refunded and she then refused to refund. When I asked her to speak with whomever her manager was or who made the decision to not honor their refund she replied with a "that would be me" with no additional response. I would never recommend this company to anyone who wants to do business with a stand-up, reliable financing company. They will churn you through and burn you on the back-end.
Definitely, I will recommend to my friends this important service.
Matt was great to work with and had everything done quickly!
Did a deal with what we thought was an ethical salesperson David W Told us whatever it took to make us sign. Told us the lease was a full payout and at the end of term it was supposed to be dollar buyout . Wound up be a operating lease and their end of term department screwed us royally we paid twice what we should have . Also discovered a hidden clause where Balboa charges interim rents for almost 3 months . Never will use them again
I had the pleasure of working with Balboa Capital and found them to be very easy to work with and found the process to be quick and simple. I will definitely use them again.
David Alishan provided exceptional customer service throughout the loan process, as well as Jaime and Marissa in ensuring everything was completed smoothly and as quickly as possible. I highly recommend Balboa Capital for your next SUBWAY project. Very, very pleased.
We are very fortunate to be able to do business with Balboa. They are very friendly and easy to work with. They understood our needs and made sure that we were able to get exactly what we needed. Will definitely do business with them in the future.
The paperwork was short and easy, and it look only a very short time to close my loan with Balboa. I am very pleased and will do business with them again hopefully.
it was an easy experince
Just used Balboa for the first time. I sent in the credit app. and had an approval in less than 10 minutes. I was very happy with the quick response as my customer was in my office wanting to leave the same day with the truck. Will gladly recommend them to anyone! Thanks Scott Arwood for your assistance with this.
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