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Broad Street Auto Loans Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Broad Street Auto Loans
Formerly Named: City Loan
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I got caught with hard time and my work was a bit slow. I took a car loan on my truck with outrageous interests. I understood that, but today when I went to pay-out the loan, I was hit with a pay-out amount of $3,399.00 after paying on the loan for a year when the original amount finance was $3,000.00. The $3,400 that I paid through the loan was only interest. The Better Business Bureau will also be receiving a copy of this contract along with the payoff demand.
This company has bad customer service. They are liars, they make up their own rules. They will try to repo your car just because, they put GPS on every car!!! I mean every CAR. If I would've known what I know now... I would've went somewhere else. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone... RUN!!!
I took a title loan out 2012 for 2,500. Since then to present I have been paying 240 a month. Every summer they have repoed my car. Every repo total was 1,500. I became injured at work. They were aware of my cervical neck strain, aware that I had became paralyzed, aware that my workers compensation payment was different than scheduled work check. They advertise that they are compassionate and will work with you. Lie. They put a 4 dollar interest rate everyday, truth be told. You would believe I am done paying back 2,500 loan. Wrong. My balance is 1,114.42 imagine that. This same place sold a range rover lemon that broke down every month. They were aware and still wants their payment. That rover was bought from them around 2007. It's still not running and just decoration in my friend's driveway and they still want their payments for their lemon. Imagine that.
I admit I have not so decent credit. I was caught in a bind a few months ago and needed the money to pay off something urgent. I had exhausted all my other options for paying this important matter back. Biggest mistake I made was coming in contact with these loan sharks. Of course, they were very well mannered and nice over the phone, asked me to come into the office to get the "cash" and so they can get info on my car etc. They were so quick on getting all "my info" before even explaining the interest rates etc., so once they told me what I wanted to hear (that they would pay off what I owe on my car and leave with extra money), I was thrilled. Then, when it came to signing the contract after they did all my paperwork, I noticed the interest was outrageous! This was highway robbery without a darn gun! I borrowed $2500 and the contract showed I would end up paying nearly $7000 because each month, the amount you pay them, most of it goes towards interest and the measly $15 goes towards your principal balance. They also put in a GPS device on your vehicle without letting you know until you have signed and read the contract. They work "backwards" instead of being upfront and telling you all this prior to agreeing. They make you agree first, then hand you the nasty truth! They have horrible service in person. The only person who was knowledgeable was Dana, but he was the one who failed to mention the ridiculous rates they charge before I agreed! I am planning to pay them off by next month because there is no way in hell that they will get nearly $4k from me! In the end, I regret ever going here. I found out later that I was able to make arrangements with my financing company to pay off my car without the high interest rates. Next time, I will thoroughly do my homework!
Paid my car note off on Jan. 07, 2015. Talked to Manny said I would receive my keys and pink in mail in 17 days. Got my registration but no keys. Said they don't have them. Went to the place where I took the original loan out. They sent them to City Loan. City Loan said it was my fault for giving my spare to that place.
My company has been doing PPC campaigns for City loan for 6 months this year. We have brought good results decreasing cost per lead and increasing number of leads however we still didn't get paid for our job. City Loan has been telling us that they are not satisfied with leads which they get. However recently we have realized that they are still using our AdWords account which is our intellectual property. Please be careful with this company and advice on how we can get paid for our job.
This joke of a company (basically loan sharks) but without any guts!! Have been harassing my wife knowing she's at work. They claim to have come by our home and come up with random numbers saying they are going to take our property. Yet when I try to contact they won't say a word! It's some of the weakest cowardly forms of terrorism! DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE LOW LIFE DIRTBAGS! FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO BORROW FROM!!!!
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