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Nationwide Debt Reduction Services, LLC Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Nationwide Debt Reduction Services, LLC
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888 297 8854
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 95 %
I would like to start out by thanking everyone involved for helping me get through this hard time. I did not think this would ever end. This program made me think about buying things now, and in the future and asking the most important question to myself, Do I really need this ? I would also like to apologize for times I was stressed out, because the money was so tight but I am glad I chose the shorter plan. Thank you to everyone at Nationwide Debt Reduction Services for a job well done ! Feel free to pass on to your supervisors if you want.
In the last couple of years we acquired 6 credit cards to deal with increased expenses and loss of a job. We relied on the credit cards for daily living and before we knew it, they were maxed out. The minimum payments and interest began to rise and so we turned to Nationwide. We reduced the balance on the first card by $3,000.00 and the second was reduced by $1,200.00. The third one is being negotiated. Our credit score has come up as these debts being settled. We are so thankful we found the right people to take care of this for us. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we got into this mess but now through the program we are getting out of it.
Thank goodness I called NDRS. I was in a horrible debt situation and they helped me get out of this pickle. It was not hard to follow the debt relief plan. I am so glad that I did! I can finally breathe.
I was having a terrible time with my credit card debt and the interest rates were so high there was no way I could catch up. I received a letter from nationwide and decided to call. My experience was extremely positive and far exceeded my expectations. ​
I finished paying off my debt right on schedule. I never had a problem getting someone on the phone and they were very sincere and kind, even though I was often embarrassed with my debt. If you are like me and have dug yourself into a hole, I would give them a call!
Everyone is very experienced.
I lost my job and the credit card companies refused to work with me. I called Nationwide Debt Reduction Services and enrolled in their program. I am very pleased with the results. I had a good experience with my negotiator who worked very hard to get me the best settlement offers. Craig E
I've been trying to pay my best buy account off for some time now. Have been told 3 different stories in the last month. From its paid off, not paid off, will be paid off in February. I get a different answer each time I call. No-one there knows what's going on. You're better off to settle your debts by yourself. They are horrible
I was able to clear my debts fairly quickly thanks to NDRS. It was with their help that I am now out of debt and I am so relieved. Thank you for getting my life back.
It was a piece of cake working with Nationwide Debt Reduction Services. I registered quickly and worked with their customer service team to work down my debt right on time. They really helped me get my financial life back under control. Highly recommended for resolving your debt. Thank you!
I was sinking fast in my credit card debt and considered my options. I chose to give Nationwide Debt Reduction Services a call and boy I am glad I did! They are knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Great to work with.
Nationwide Debt Reduction Services helped us get above water after years of struggle. We can finally relax without all the debt over our heads. Student loans and credit card debt had really piled up on us. I'm very pleased with the service they provided us with!
Hello! I just spoke with Carol in Texas. And just received some great news..I'm now debt FREE. I'm so excited!! And it all was possible thanks to your company. I'm so blessed I made that call when I did. I think the first person I spoke with was H. Walker. Thank you, Carol, for giving me the best news this year.
I found myself quite in debt and I wish I had begun this program sooner. This is a great program for me to sign up for and eliminate my debt with. Initially, everything seemed a little slow, but after 9 months I could see the numbers going down. Letters showing that the creditor had reached a payment agreement began to roll in and that made me feel great! They were going down! My phone stopped ringing, just like they said, and I was so relieved. I cleared my debt as they said I would and my credit score keeps going up. I am so glad that NDRS was able to get me out of this mess.
Nationwide is a great company. They treated me with respect and were not judgemental. I am so happy that I called them.
This company is so easy to work with. They answered everything honestly - very smooth.
It can be scary to try to find a legit debt counseling company. Nationwide is the real deal. They helped me out of a mountain of debt and now that I am 52 I happy to report that I pay any bill in full right away and do not carry debt. They are courteous and professional and checked on me each month. If I had any questions they could help me and also dealt with my credit cards for me. If you are have debt problems, call Nationwide.
We would not have been able to get out of our debt if it was not for Nationwide. Everyone was so helpful as we worked on paying off our bills. We are so happy to be out of debt and we owe Nationwide a huge thank you. You changed our lives.
The service at NDRS is excellent. They are always there to answer any questions. This company is wonderful and helped me to clear my bills.
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