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IOU Financial Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: IOU Financial
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866.217.8564
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 82 %
fast approval on loan. Process was Quick and done with ease.
Yes I would recommend
The loan was processed smoothly and quickly.
IOUFinancial is a truly professional company, from the underwriting process to the completion of the application, every step was automated and augmented by personal assistance. They were able to save me thousands by refinancing my existing loan and seemed to view me as someone trying to be successful rather than a one-time close. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for business capital.
Fast and their promises were kept.
I have received two rounds of financing from IOU Central, They make it very easy and extremely clear the terms and amount you pay in the end, there are no hidden fees, I will continue to use IOU as are business grows, would never think of calling a bank, I will always call IOU first!
I Love these guys!!!!
Finish is clear...
All good and very fast
We have received a couple different loans from IOU. They are easy to work with and the funding process is simple and fast.
I am getting a satisfaction survey when I have only gotten fees charged to my account and have yet to receive the loan funds.
every detail of transaction was presented very candidly and to the point!
So far so good. The closing and on-boarding process were smooth.
Be careful with the broker that IOU using. They present loan as a open end and then all interest is hidden in the fee that you have to prepay. Other way Guys who work for the company directly are very Nice. And a specially Jenifer .
I highly recommend IOU Financial to anyone seeking business funding alternative options. their terms are staright forward and the process is completely painless.
I have use a few different factoring companies to grow my business, and IOU was very fair in their offering and their customer service staff was very friendly and helpful (both Sheri and Karen) went out of the way to make sure I felt comfortable with the process and helped to get me funded ASAP! Overall the best experience I ever had in this industry!
Simple, prompt and filled our need for funding.
I got a better rate with IOUCentral and the process was very simple and straight forward. I hope I never need to borrow again but if I do I will use them again
Experience was good except for at day of funding, I received an email stating my account was extremely past due and was on the verge of being reported to the credit agency and being put into collections. Made me concerned that my business credit in which I worked so hard to achieve could be damaged by faulse reporting or a mistake on IOU behalf. Not to happy about that experience!
I was trying to get a loan to expand by putting any additional building on my shop very work diligently to get it approved
I had a very positive experience with Everyone was helpful with all the steps along the way. I will definitely return with my future financial needs. Thank You
The customer service was awesome and the process was the easiest and most efficient I have ever experienced. I would recommend IOU Central to any business owner that needs extra capital for expansion of their business. IOU Central offers great plans that fit your needs. Everyone involved with the process was wonderful!! Thank You!!
This was a fairly easy process. Approval was same day and funding shortly after. I would go through them again.
great experience. very nice customer
We had a really easy time dealing with IOU, and their team were very professional and the process took less than a week. If your company is in need for fast action on a loan and you are willing to pay more to acquire funds I would recommend IUO.
They are a good company...I have renewed funds twice...Sherry and Sandra are great!
He was very helpful and patient with us. Couldn't ask for a better experience.
Your representatives were persistent but very professional.
Great to do business with. Colt from IUO was great to work with and this time I hope I didn't make a mistake? Shawn at Repair Shop Loans brokered this deal I hope that didn't cost me money? Either way we needed the money and they take care of us every time so if you need it they will get it done. Thanks both Shawn and Colt for helping in times of need and trusting me to pay them back.
Everything was handled professionally and quickly. We highly recommend.
Getting some working capital w/ easy application and repayment options and quick response. Have used this company a couple times over the past 3 years.
Very easy simple application fast servie
People were excellent to deal with would tell others about this company
The funds were in my account as promised, what else can you ask for? Very professional, and courteous.
Easy, fast and accurate. Very good personal customer services
This is our second loan with IOU Financial and I couldn't be happier. Keep up the good work.
Very good and happy!
9% origination fee and 19% guarantee fee were not disclosed before or during the closing call. We were told we could save the interest by paying off the principal early, but not that the principal was increased by 28% at origination. The broker we used told us the loan was interest-bearing and we could avoid continued high fees if we paid the loan off early - not true.
I was impressed with the quickness of the whole process and the ease of application.
Very quick and easy. , really helped me grow.
Sherrie is awesome easy dealing with her and IOU FINANCIAL HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Got a comfortable noon pressurized experience. Everyone pleasant.
Exactly what was promised, on time, without the big headache producing mountains of proof. Would consider borrowing again from IOU before anyone else:)
Renewing 1st loan after having paid aprox 50% 0f 1st loan is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. On one hand debtor has to pay in full the interest on 1st loan while having used up half of the principal funded on 1st loan, and secondly unpaid balance is deducted from the new net funded amount. I am wondering the lenders intentions.
I received professional service from IOU and was very happy with the team that helped get a short term loan to get through a busy season.
they were very help in process
Transparent and honest!
Iou is a good option short short term capital. They are easy to deal with and pretty quick to fund. The capital is a little costly but all the lenders are.
From the application process, dealing with the representatives, it was so easy and flawless. Would recommend them highly.
Very smooth and efficient process. Great communication and handling of the transaction. The only mistake was that they deposited the funds into the wrong bank account and I still don't have a response (4 business days now) as to if I've got to deal with it myself or if IOU can make the correction for us.
IOU was a perfect fit for us and very easy to work with.
IOU Central was a very pleasant company to work with. The sales associate was very knowledgeable & easy to work with. We were approved in 2 business days & funded in 4 business days. I was also presented options I could choose from.
The lack of lending from the banking system has provided a massive opportunity for the industry that IOUCentral is a part of. They are taking advantage of the need of small business by charging usury rates. Doesn't really matter what industry companies are in, they can only survive for so long by borrowing money from 25-50 percent. The market is there for companies like IOU b/c small businesses need capital and they provide it. A small business would rather borrow at a usurious rate rather than go out of business..............
very easy and helpful
Having to call my mother Marie into shop to ask questions that she had no ideal about an to call my Bank for confirmation was a added experience I never had to do borrowing money. . And I have done it Three times in the last 3 years. All past loan were payed off before due dates. I found it stressful but it’s over an all us good now .
I greatly appreciated Dynamic's assistance in acquiring funds for my dental office! The process was very easy and straightforward.
Not only are they super communicative, they have an online dashboard that allows me to always check the status and know what's what. They respond via email or phone and never hesitated to get back quickly with an needed information. Loved them enough to want to renew with them :).
My experience with has been exceptional. My account executive Keith Dhams is great and always there to assist. His customer service is exceptional and informs me all the way. I intend to continue this business relationship with Keith Dhams and as they are of great assistance and show better understanding than the banks!!
Got the $80k I needed in 2 days at a great rate with no hassle. Can't get better than that!
They did everything on schedule, entire process was fairly easy.
Great people working very hard to make sure your deal get pushed through. Everyone is very understanding and will try to help you every step of the way. I can't recommend them enough!
It was a pleasure to do business with IOU Financial!!! Saved us a lot of money in the long run. They are courteous.
Very fast funding they explained everything and the rates are very reasonable
Simple transaction, very fast funding! Highly recommend! Sandra Sacra was very helpful and professional!
Very nice treatment and cordial , a bit of ignorance in financial matters and the calculations , the fees had been a mistery till the end , about 10 % of the amount to be disbursed, the rate ended at 32% or 32 cents on the $ ,
The personal guarantee should have been disclosed during the selling of the loan and not at document signing.
The whole process was quick and easy. The load closed in just a few days.
Sandra Sacra is among the most pleasant people to deal with - she isn't afraid to use humor to help in what could sometimes be a tad stressful, and I'm a HUGE fan of hers - and, as a result, IOU Financial. Thank you, IOU!
so far so good
they did a great job and were easy to work with...
I have used other companies before and thought the process was so draining. But IOU made it so easy from start to finish. Everyone was so pleasant and professional. I hope I don’t need anymore funding but if I do I will definitely call IOU!
very quick and complete service, did what they said they were going to do, everyone we came in contact with, was very helpful and professional.
I was very pleased with your outfit! It went quickly . Your rates are much better than a lot of others that have entered your line of business. Everybody connected to IOUF was polite, respectful, and knowledgeable!
I would recommend this company to any small business looking for working capital. They have low rates and great customer service!!!
Everything went smooth.I would use them again.
Chad Riddle was great, my second loan and it was about as seamless and easy as you can get. State of the art process with the best technology I've ever seen to easily process a transaction. I highly recommend IOU for small business funding!!
This was the most painless loan I have ever applied for. Very professional and easy procedures to accomplish my approved loan. The terms were within my financial needs and wants. I will definitely use them in the future. I would strongly recommend them for any financial needs.
Fast and professional.
On website said no up front fees, and everything was very easy. But at the end there was in fact a $295.00 fee so I felt betrayed. And my broker had also thought no fees, so he felt bad that he had misspoke. Of course it is a small fee compared to the interest rate, but was more the idea.
IOU Financial is incredibly professional. They are detailed oriented. Their customer service and interpersonal skills is superior to any other company we have done business with.
The process was very simple & quick. Great company!
My experience was was extremely professional, being assisted by Jennifer brought a sense of courtesy and respect that is tough to beat in today's business world. Thank you
Thank you for trusting me and doing what you say your going to do, giving me a small loan to get me started then a larger loan to follow
Great experience. Very professional and courteous.
Thay are very and ez to work with.Thanks
Sandra Sacra was wonderful to work with.
Second time using IOU and second time that they failed to fully disclose all of the fees and costs involved with the loan. I was very specific this time and reiterated the fact that I did not want any surprises when they called to complete the loan. They did exactly the same thing that they did the 1st time, tacked on additional fees when they knew that I was likely to accept them due to time constraints. Otherwise they are pretty good to do business with.
Very pleased with the application on the loan with out 10 pages of fine print.Fair interest charge for this style of loan.Good people to deal with and to understand.
IOU Financial has helped out when we were looking for some additional funds for new equipment, training and overall business options. Lorrie is tremendous in her customer service! Her response time is always quick and the whole process flows great!
Being a small business owner myself, I know how important it is to do a great job for our clients. Though IOU is a huge company and does a good job for many, I am sure, I was extremely impressed with my contact Phil. He was very patient through the process as I had a family situation arise in the middle of the deal, that put things off. Phil was very professional, was understanding, never pushy, and I really appreciated that! He is a great asset to your company.
I have dealt with several cash advance companies and this was by far the fastest, easiest and fairly priced transaction.
I appreciate all the personal help that IOU Central provided to refinance my loan.
The process for loan approval and funding was flawless! Highly recommend this source for business funding.
Fast service excellent customer service !
What a nice company.
excellent service. Fast underwriting. easy Approval.
I'm thoroughly impressed with the timely and accurate delivery of the IOU team service promise.
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