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Fundwise Capital Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Fundwise Capital
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888-741-0441
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 85 %
Hey, I would recommend these guys, they did a great job, thanks Leo and team! Spread the word!
The staff is very knowledgeable. If there is a way for you to get funding, they will help you find it. They know the industry and have strategies that you never would have thought of.
I spoke with Roscoe who took my credit report and he told me a senior adviser will call me. The call never came. I have since tried to call them multiple times but have been unable to speak with anyone. I also sent them a couple emails but to no avail. They now have my credit report and I am not sure how they are going to use it. Stay away from this company....
i had a great experience with fundwise. funding manager Evan helped me get more than what i was accepted for.
Very easy being walked through the steps
At first I was looking for funding for my business and was turned down by many local banks, but after a bit of googling I came across Fundwise, the approval process was very quick and also got me better terms than what my local banks even advertised, I ended up with even more funding than they initially quoted me! Now I have the power to really grow my business. Without hesitation I would recommend Fundwise to anyone looking for a good way to fund your business.
My experience was great, I got exactly what I had expected from the beginning plus more!! It was a great experience the whole way through and I am very satisfied.
IT was an awesome and quick process
I like the information Fundwise has when you ask question regarding the reasons for their approach to funding. Very easy to talk to, down to earth. I didn't feel overwhelmed with all the information my funding manager had for me. I really enjoyed the experience.
I had a great experience with FundWise Capital, Michael Begg helped me secure funding to get my business the boost I needed. Strongly encourage their services.
I Googled "startup funding" or something to that effect and landed on a Fundwise page. I filled out a quick form and within minutes had a text message and follow up for a phone interview. I will say I was skeptical and guarded. I did some checking around online and didn't find much derogatory info. Isaac, Chris, and Zac were very transparent throughout the process. I knew the fees involved, and ultimately, based on the amount of funding Zac estimated I could access, these fees were less than interest I was prepared to pay on a traditional loan. The process was straightforward and now I have funding to start my business.
I have been extremely impressed with the entire Fundwise team. Industry leaders with excellent solutions for all types of funding. I look forward to growing with Fundwise through all stages of my career. Fundwise deserves all the prestigious accolades that are coming.
Fundwise helped me obtain over $150,000 in unsecured loans to fund my startup. I couldn't have asked for better service and support. They are top notch in every way.
SCAM!! Dishonest process! I was completely misled on several points of the their entire process. They lied about the upfront "consultant fee" being put towards any 9% approval fees, they applied for the wrong amount of credit and a different form of credit than I desired. I ended up getting NONE of the creditlines I needed and my credit score went down 15 pts and I owed fundwise $1,000!
Evan helped me get 90k funding for my business.
I had a very successful experience with Fundwise Capital. Aubrey Feckleton was always very professional. She helped me secure funding for my business. I recommend Fundwise Capital and of course, Aurbey Freckleton. Thank you.
Landon did an excellent job helping me aquire the funds needed to start up a business. He was curtious, well informed and kept in contact throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Fundwise Capital they know exactly how help you obtain your goals with lightning fast speed and results.
I just finished a partnership with Fundwise Capital for funding a new business venture. Everyone I've worked with at the company has been very helpful, friendly and professional. My Funding Manager, Jackson Wooden did an excellent job of guiding me through the funding process. We developed an excellent working relationship. I'd work with him again in a heart beat! Be prepared to have "homework assignments" to keep the funding process moving. Ask questions if something's not clear, so you make the best decisions based on your needs. Best of luck!
I would highly recommend this company. They will walk you through the process step by step and work with you until all options have been explored. They are very professional and exhaust all their resources in helping. I appreciate their honesty when there is no way around an issue. You will not be disappointed with their service.
With average credit, Leo helped me secure credit lines with various banks and credit cards. This will help me tremendously in growing and long term stability of my business.
My experience with the Fundwise Capital team has been very pleasant. Great company to work with!
Fundwise Capital is a company that helped me in a moment of need. The funding specialist Hannah Berry worked with me day after day, after day until I reached my goal. I would like to thank everyone who worked with me and advised me during that time. Grateful Mila.
This is the place to go to receive funding for your company. My wife and I were able to get $137,900 in business and personal credit. Leo was there from the start, holding my hand while I was going through the process. He was upbeat, very professional, and had a never give up attitude. We are grateful for his help. I can't say enough good things about this service. I recommend this to anyone. Thank you Leo.
I'm in the need to get my business off the ground and I'm very hesitant to pay the $497 fee..can someone let me know it's legit?
I had a great experience with Fundwise working with Mr.Jackson he was professional and helpful from the very beginning to the end great work,Definitely appreciate it.
They are great, if you need to raise money for your business needs! They exceeded the amount of funding we were shooting for, and were very cordial and helpful. I recommend them.
Thanks for the quick help,
I contacted this company after seeing their advertisement over the Internet. Something told me not to use them, but as the mind goes, we always don't listen to ourselves. I told that I had great scores above 700 and then he stated I could qualify for a 0% unsecured credit card 9-15 month payback and then he tricked me into running my credit report with their service ProCredit where I paid $1.00 and my scores came back 750 for all 3 bureau's. Then I had to set an appointment with their fund advisor Austin, who called me with A TOTALLY DIFFERENT SPIN, now he states you're "pre-approved." We'll need income verification and I told DREW I was starting a new business and HE STATED, NO PROBLEM...THERE'S NO INCOME VERIFICATION, WE BASE PRODUCTS FROM YOUR CREDIT SCORE...A TOTAL LIE!!!! Stay away from this company, they take your credit report and analyze it for HIGHER priced loan packages where they'd make a commission. TOTAL FRAUDULENT COMPANY!! I don't need anyone to analyze my credit report, I know my accounts by heart. They were very un-truthful about credit scores and lied to me about 0% products. I told them not to sell my data to 3rd party administrators!!!
I had a great experience getting funding. It was so fast to get everything done and get the capital into my account. It helps if you have a decent income and a high credit score.
My grandson and I decided to start an ebay business, I knew he understood how we could succeed in the business, so I agreed to team up with him to make it happen. Just one problem, we needed some funds to purchase inventory so that we could sell our products. We looked at several options, but it became clear that if we could secure credit at 0% interest for up to a year, then that would give us a big opportunity to grow our business without paying interest. So we followed the custom funding plan that was created for us and successfully got the fund we so badly needed. Fast forward several months and our business has already done well over 6 figures. This would not have happened without the money we needed to get this going. Just want to say we really appreciate the help.
A great solid course that covers what you need to know to secure business loans.
Jackson and the entire team made me feel like I was a priority to them. One simple application online and I was soon speaking with Jackson. Within hours I had already received the funding I was seeking and it was already deposited into my account the next morning. Thanks team. Pleasure working with you.
Evan and staff were very helpful and instrumental in getting me setup with lots of avenues for starting my new business. I would definitely recommend FundWise to anyone who is thinking of venturing out into being a small business owner.
Initially, I felt skeptical about using credit cards to fund my construction project. My bank declined to make a loan on new construction that would be used for lease purposes so I was desperately looking for alternate financing. When I found Fundwise, I was advised by Michael Begg. He proved to be patient, professional and transparent throughout the process. I am a very satisfied believer.
I worked with Jackson Wooden and he was so helpful, kind and patient. He also was very attentive at keeping the process moving quickly and smoothly.
Great Company. I had a wonderful funding experience and will be able to further business procedures. Could not have done it without my mangers at Fundwise!
This education and tools have shown me the financial power available to me. I expect many doors will begin to open for me as a result of the knowledge I now possess.
I had a great experience with Fundwise. James was professional and informative. This is my first experience getting funding for a business and was greatful to have Fundwise help get the funding I needed.
Evan and the Fundwise Team quoted me 15k and i was able to get 38k. Thanks to the Fundwise Team
It took 3 weeks to get someone on the phone. Several emails to get what they requested only for them to say there were to many inquiries on my report. Well when your trying to get funding for your business that might happen.
My wife and I decided to help my daughter start a business, she needed help funding it. We weren't sure being from a small town, what the best options would be. The local bank could not help, but we heard about 0% financing with these startup programs and fortunately for us, the program worked out well. The best part was that we were able to get a decent credit limit, and after we used it for several months and followed the advice of our funding manager we were able to get our credit limit more than doubled. We have nearly paid off the funding, without it we would never have been able to fund our business, really appreciate our funding manager's help.
I would say that I love BFM they were very professional quick and courtesy in helping me secure my loan and very helpful with my needs. I would personally would like to thank Mr. Leo Kanell!
They did what they promised and in a world with so little follow through it's nice to see that Leo and team get the funding done and educated through the process.
Working with Fundwise was a helpful experience with helping me getting funding for my business. All my questions were answered and my funding manager assisted me step by step. I would definitely recommend Fundwise.
The process was quick and easy B.Jones was a pleasure to work with. Explained the process step by step. I’m just a lilttle uneasy about doing business about money over a phone call.Its helpful for a first timer looking to start a business.
Everything is the truth, they do what they say they will do, the funding education and real estate advice is helpful and I got loans and funding I thought that I would never get!
I have used Fundwise Capital to help start a business. Everyone was very professional and the products they chose were of highest quality. Hannah was my consultant and she very competent and knowledgeable. Fundwise is very easy to get funded through - providing your credit is good. I would highly recommend them if you need instant funding. joy
Business Funding Mastery helped me secure over $60,000 in business and personal credit to assist in the startup of my company!
I was very happy with the customer service. Hannah assisted me throughout the whole process. Answered any questions that I had. I have no complaints.
James Frehner completely exceeded my expectations on acquiring funding for my company. He was prompt and courteous and answered questions without hesitation. He knows the business, and knows just when and what to say and how to say it. I know I would not have acquired the amount of credit that I did acquire for my company without his direction. I'm very impressed and satisfied with the outcome. Thank you.
I prayed to get funds for my new online business. Did some research and that's when I found Fundwise. They got me prequalified for 15K and instead I got over 38K in funding fast. Michael Begg was my funding manager and he was very informative and did exactly what he told me to expect. Totally recommend you work with Michael Begg at Fundwise for your funding needs. Great delivery! Thanks Fundwise.
It was a pleasure to work with James Frehner at Fundwise. He is so personable, patient and a strong leader. He was able to answer my question to help me get my best start on my new online busniess! I would recommend speaking with him whenever you require about business funding needs in your future, i know I will! Marlene Young
Had a great experience from beginning to end. Jackson helped me thru everything and answered any question I had. The whole company and team are great and I will and have recommended them to others. 5 stars all the way
Looking for different financing options for a venture I am working on. Spoke with Tate and he was informative. He had a sales pitch vibe to him that I let slide because I was interested in finding options to funding. He spoke of lines of credit or loans that could be available. I submit all my docs and he schedules me a consultation with a senior advisor, Austin, and like the other reviews - he never calls. Here is why I think that is: I reviewed trust pilot and the only people who had true detail on their financial work were ones who were dissatisfied. It’s all about charging to get you open credit cards. I called Tate and asked if that was what they were going to do, have me open multiple credit cards. He stammers that it is a possibility, but Austin could tell me more. I made it clear that I’m looking for funding, but not to open a dozen credit cards. He assured me that wasn’t the case. Then the lines went dark. Almost as if I “was onto them” or something. Either way, buyer beware. They are sketchy. Ask a lot of questions because this fly by night operation is shady at best.
I want to thank Austin and Jackson for their assistance throughout the funding process. They were very knowledgeable and professional. Jackson explained the process step by step and informed me of the cost upfront. There was no hidden fees. It was painless and simple, with their guidance. Thanks again guys! ~Judy
I have learned so much about business funding from Fundwise Capital. One of my favorite parts about the company is how they provide education and training about the different types of funding (IN ADDITION TO securing funding for your business). This shows that they really care about their clients and want to help you create a sustainable, healthy business. I would recommend them to anyone.
fast easy and straight foward
We were skeptical of the promises at first since we had just spent a small fortune on education that did deliver what was promised. In this case we were pleasantly surprised as they exceeded any expectation that we had of being successful in this venture. We were promised 25k in funding and received over 100k and still counting. This has help set up our small business for success. Zac and his team will be part of our team for years to come. Doing what you advertise, what a great concept! Thank you Zac for everything.
Zac did a great job helping me find the funding I needed for my startup business. He and Mitch gave me a good financial perspective as it pertains to funding and credit score. I would suggest to others who may be looking for funding to check out Fundwise Capital. Thanks much, Mark
They were professional & helped me get more then I needed, it was quick & easy. I will go back to them for more in the future.
The employees are awesome! Really good to work with, willing to help with anything. Love the place.
Thank you for helping me obtain more funds in creative ways to obtain cash for to fund my flip deals! It's easier than I thought.
Tanner rocks my world. Seriously.
It was a pleasure working with Evan and Fundwise. I am quite satisfied with my results.
I was determined to start my business last year. I found a great product and the right manufacturer but I needed money to place my first inventory order, pay the shipping to get the product here and have a website built etc. I first tried to borrow money from my brother but he turned me down. I then decided to try to get a HELOC from the bank but it was going to take 3 months. That was when I found Fundwise. I applied and was pre-approved within 1 day. My funding manager answered all of my questions and helped guide me through the process the entire way. He was professional and let me know exactly what to do and what to expect throughout the process. I was a little bit shocked when I was approved for over $50,000. The best part of it all was most of the funding was in credit lines with a 0% introductory period and Michael taught me how to get the money at 0% interest. I was able to place my initial inventory order and pay for shipping and everything at a cost that was less than I was offering to my family to borrow the money. The best part was I had the money in my account 15 days later! It was practically a miracle! And because my funding was in lines of credit I can use only what I need and dip into it again as needed for my second order which will be arriving soon after selling out my first order. I can't say enough good things about Fundwise Capital. Thank you for providing such a valuable service to small businesses and helping me start my business. I couldn't have done it without your knowledge, expertise, and coaching. I would not hesitate to use them again and I highly recommend them to anyone who is trying to raise money for their business.
I needed help with getting funding and Fundwise was able to help. Yes its with credit cards but everything they is with your permisson. Customer service is very respectful not ever a problem.
Dan M. and I had several lengthy e-mail exchanges about me getting him my credit report so when I got that done he sets me up with a senior loan advisor, the company sent me numerous reminders to clear my schedule for 30 min. at that appointed time, so I did and no one calls! Not an e-mail, text or phone call about it. The only conclusion I can draw is the senior guy looked at my report and decided I had too much debt for my income and decided he didn't want to talk to me. That is fine but i think it was very rude of them not to tell me they wanted to back out on their end. I may be struggling with cash flow right now but I still have my manners!
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