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Southeast Financial Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Southeast Financial
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866.900.8949
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 82 %
I felt that there are too many hands in the process to start with . It became too long of a process which almost cost us the purchase of the motorhome . The instructions concerning printing the documents ( single sided or double sided ) were not clear causing the first delay . Then finding out that the purchase contract sent to the seller which was ; A : reviewed by fax B: reviewed again before being emailed to seller was incorrect C: having to redo the entire packet instead of correcting that agreement caused another delay We feel you need to update your staffs abilities as they told me they are not trained to look for those things . My question is Why are you there if you do not have that training Isn’t that why the fax followed by complete documents is sent for review ?? I will say this Allie was constantly communicating with both myself and the seller A very polite person and tried her best ( and finally succeeded) In closing I feel you could complete these loans in a better time frame and give them the needed training to be able to make that happen you will be a better company I will recommend your company I believe this is probably not the way these loans finalize with you and I probably have some involvement in at lest one of the delays . We ( my wife and I ) are pleased to have finally completed this . Thank You all involved Making this happen for us.
Very responsive and moved approval process along nicely.
Simplified loan with a very competitive interest rate. Very nice people to work with. Fast, efficient, professional, and competitive. Will definitely recommend them and use them again!
Southeast Financial was very easy to work with. All involved with the loan process was extremely helpful and polite. They are with you step by step during the entire process. I would definitely recommend giving them a try for a stress-free experience.
Maya and Candace were both great to work with! The only things I would say is the communication toward the end of the process could be a little better but I would definitely do business with them again!
Always first rate service 4 th loan in 10 years would never considering going elsewhere
Amanda Wright and Tonya Bunch were very professional and very helpful. They entire application and approval process went smoothly.
I definitely will recommend Southeast Financial to anyone! Tonya and Bionca were very accommodating, knowledgeable and friendly! The process to obtain our RV loan was amazing and flawless! We dont have the best credit score, and we were still treated like real people. I will definitely do business again with them!!
Southeast financial employees have great customer service skills. Everyone I talked to was very professional and friendly. They were so helpful and super prompt taking care of my financial needs. I highly recommend this company.
Jodi and Maya were great!
I have never had a better financing experience than the one I had with Brittany, Jodi and SE Financial. I will surely use them again.
So easy! Best rate I could find as well!
The experience of working with Southeast Financial was excellent. I was a little skeptical of working with an online bank, but the team at Southeast Financial far exceeded my expectation. I would highly recommend them to a friend or family member.
They were Great! Alyssa Bakos was just awesome! She called me back anytime I called. She emailed me back right away. She explained everything thoroughly and made sure I was aware of the of the steps in the loan process, even got me a great rate too. She went over the loan documents and the process to return them along with all of the warranty information! Top notch customer service! I will recommend her and Southeast Financial to all my Rv friends and family!
Fast friendly and helpful
I would most certainly recommend Southeast to anyone looking for an RV loan Latoya Hall done an outstanding job communicating back and forth with me on what information was needed to keep loan moving forward
The employees I rate at a 4 but the process was more difficult & slow than I was expecting which appears to be the main complaint from others as well. I think SE Financial should have to put on their ads that are blasted everywhere on Auto trader " expect a minimum of 14 days to close for most customers" It was 2 business days after submitting my application before my credit check was pulled. Another 2-3 before documents sent back to get notarized. They require originals so I spent $64 to overnight to Nashville & arrived around 9:30 am on a Thursday , took another 24 hrs before I heard from the next employee who had to review everything. This was a Friday afternoon & Monday was a bank holiday so finally, exactly 7 Days later, the check finally arrived at the seller's address. Very pleasant & knowledgeable employees, slow processing
Brittany and her team were great to work with. They was very knowledgeable and quick on response times. They all deserves a promotion!
One of the easiest transactions i have had dealing with a bank. Would defiantly recommend doing business with them! Great rates and terms and service is excellent. Latoya was excellent and made the process very easy and enjoyable!
The people who worked with us on our loan were very professional and courteous. The terms and interest on our loan are better than at other establishments we applied to.
Could not be happier with our experience. Lucked out and Taylor Young was who helped us through the process.Very kind and sweet. We even contacted her with silly questions and she always promptly answered without being annoyed. Loved having her to guide us! Would and will recommend Southeast Financial to anyone who will listen. Told our rv dealer about the service also and how good they are. If I ever purchase another rv I hope to go through Southeast Financial again. Thanks for helping us get our beautiful motorhome!
I loved dealing with SE Financial. They were so accomodating considering we changed our loan amount twice because we found a different unit. Amanda and Jodi were awesome to to deal with. They both explained the process and were very helpful. This is the way to go if you are going to buy an RV...NO REGRETS WHATSOEVER!!!!
I was in the lending industry for 15 years and know that for a loan process to go this smoothly it takes a well-run company and excellent people. Southeast Financial has both. Latoya Hall & Jodi Williams were both amazing. Latoya made the app process completely painless and Jodi made the funding process totally stress-free. I was genuinely surprised. Super great job.
Everything went perfect. Staff was excellent. Could not have been better!
Everyone I came into contact with was courteous friendly and made the loan process as quick and easy as possible. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a loan, especially for an rv
Southeast Financial made the process smooth and simple. I was well informed where we were always aware of what steps were next. Even with a more complex than normal situation Taylor and Jodi were on top of everything and kept in constant communication. A great group of people to do business with. Highly recommended!
I was looked my at 3 different Motorhomes so prices and finance was also different. Elizabeth graciously hung in there with me and made the whole financial event very pleasant. Other financial companies would not or did want to assist us until we made a firm decision. With Elizabeth's support we were able to make comfortable negotiating decisions and end up with an above satisfactory purchase !
Working with Southeast Financial was a smooth and easy process. Alyssa and Cheyenne walked us through every step. They communicated on our behalf as needed and made sure all of our questions and the sellers were answered quickly. I was very impressed with the overall experience and how quickly they were able to get us the loan we wanted at a great rate!
I really appreciate the great customer service I received from Amanda Wright and Ashley Adams. It took a little while to get approved, but I can appreciate a company that is thorough when it comes to who they choose to do business with. Once the initial approval was finished, Amanda worked diligently to provide a smooth process in a timely manner. Ashley handled the final stages of the funding process. She was pleasant to talk to and very proficient in carrying out her duties. I will definitely be recommending Southeast Financial in the future!
My loan officer Amanda was great thanks for a smooth and painless deal
Candace is one of the best to work with through this process. I will diffently refer your services due to the experience I had with Candace
My first two conversations revolved around interest rates, and was told on both occasions that it would be 4.79%. That was lower than others I had checked, which was 4.99%, so I decided to go with Southeast. After completing all the forms and getting my approval, i was told the rate would be 5.09% !! Obviously, I was upset and wanted to stop the process, however I did not want to delay my purchase any longer and possibly lose the RV I had chosen. So, I reluctantly went ahead with the deal. I truly feel it was a bait-and-switch tactic and will not be recommending Southeast to any friends or acquaintances who may be looking for financing in the future. The ladies I dealt with there were nice and professional, but claimed someone else made an error ????
Took 7 days before anyone even looked ay my application. I had to call several times before anyone ever called me back. VERY stressful experience. Then I had to rush to get all the paper work in. Since I rushed I accidentally put in the wrong zip code. I was made to feel like it was all my fault. Overall not a pleasant experience. Agents told me that had too many applications. Company needs to hire more agents. It took 12 days to get the financing. Lucky the seller was willing to hold the RV for me.
Elizabeth was great to work with, kind and professional.
I applied for an RV loan with SEFinancial because they advertised the ability to work with folks who have a hiccup or two on their credit. I have a hiccup from six years ago and another about five. I own a successful business with strong income and utilize/shift larger amounts of funds between credit accounts often. After learning of being denied, I called the call center to ask if I could speak to a reconsideration specialist to offer verifiable documentation on a creditor error, and proof of large recent payment which hadn't shown on my credit file yet. An unknown female representative proceeded to tell me that I had five accounts above 50 percent utilization, two late payments, and was quickly dismissive of anything I tried to share. It was apparent by her tone she answered prepared to battle but I wasn't expecting to be humiliated by her last comment, "sir, you DO know this is a luxury item, right"? I kindly let us both off the call and the way I was spoken to has bothered me for days now. So much so I've found my way to this website to share the experience. Perhaps others haven't had the same experience I've had, but it would never cross me to humiliate someone over their financial situation, ever. What this representative did was wrong and I urge folks out there NOT to apply if your credit is 670 or under. No one deserves humiliating comments directed towards them.
Followed the instructions and everything went smooth and quick! Great communication all the way through the process!
We are very satisfied. Amanda Wright has worked very hard for us. We would recommend her to others without hesitation.
Fantastic loan professionals, very thorough and informative. On loans I've gotten in the past from other companies, I usually had to go back over and over to get or sign another piece of paperwork. SEF got everything right the first time! They also provide clear instructions for the borrower so it's a painless process! Great company!
the people where very nice and helpful. didn't take long to do this loan.
I would like to take a minute and thank Elizabeth Flair, who represented us for our loan. She was very knowledgeable and pleasant. We are very satisfied, with Southeast Financial. we will surely recommend SEF to our friends.
Fast, professional.
I have very high expectations and can be hard to please. So, for me to give a company a 5 star rating or to even take the time to complete a survey is rare. I worked with two people at Southeast Financial for a motorhome loan. Amanda and Jodi both were great to work with and super responsive. I would like highly recommend.
The process is a little hard to follow at times. It does take a little time for everything to be completed which could be an issue for some
Doing business with Southeast Financial is sort of like doing business with a good friend. From the very first contact you are treated like much more than a number. The folks who worked with me were fast, responsive, very personable, and made the process of getting a loan enjoyable.
Elizabeth was wonderful to deal with very professional. Things got a little touch and go but it finally all got taken care of by her. Thanks again Elizabeth for all your help.
They kept us up to date throughout the process. I had some reservations about doing this online, but everything was handled professionally.
SE Financial was courteous, trustworthy, very helpful and always answered the phone or got right back to me in an email. Candace and Ashley were very efficient friendly and quick with an answer to my questions. The process went very smoothly and the funding was as well. All and All a 5 Star experience. Thank you, Bill and Susan Gundlach
I highly recommend this company and their staff! Helpful, courteous and their service was over the top!
Horrible service!!! 800+ credit score and still had to deal with this. Will not recommend to anyone. Took over 30 days to finalize a loan. Email response was slow. Didn’t do paperwork correctly, had to resubmit paperwork cause the lady obviously didn’t know what she was doing. You guys suck!!! So much more to tell, don’t want to waste my time with this any more.
Very very slow on responses and getting it closed. Took 2.5 weeks to get the financing done with long periods of no communication. Getting a lot of pressure from the seller if i was in or not. Process itself seems to work fine, just way too slow.
The team at SE Financial ROCK the house! :-) Thank you for the very timely & professional help ladies!
I generally do not leave reviews, but this has been a bad enough experience that I am borderline ready to submit a Better Business complaint. I also work for an online lending company, and I know how frustrating it can be to try to satisfy everyone. We very much live in a "need to know now" environment, and I try to be mindful of that when I am on the other side of the transaction (borrower instead of lender). It started out with a slow pre-approval (fair enough, there was a title question on the trailer I was looking at). Then, my rate was much higher than anticipated, and when I questioned it, it took a couple emails and phone call before I got a response.. and even then I was only able to get the information in a voicemail (could never get to talk about my actual credit report). The particular trailer that I bought had a deal where I agreed to let the seller keep it for 3 weeks so she could use it for her last horse show and not be trailerless. So I started this loan process with a 3 week period thinking we would have so much time to get everything finalized well in advance of me picking the trailer up. We had decided (after very spotty communication) that I would finalize the loan paperwork a week prior to pick-up (a Wednesday), but that the papers could be sent to me as late as Friday to still ensure there was time to overnight documents and the proceeds for me to have for that following Wednesday. I messaged several times the week before pick-up and could not get a response. Finally, on Friday, I got an email apologizing for the delay due to power outages (on that day only). I did not get my loan paperwork until 6:30 or 7:30 on Tuesday night the week I was supposed to get the trailer. I had to go in to work to use a computer to print out the paperwork on the day of pick up (was scheduled to take the day off). I then had to pick up the trailer without proceeds, leave title with the dealership, etc. The dealer was phenomenal, so that was no issue.. and I'm sure this happens regularly with people who are buying at the dealership in person all the time. The reason it is so frustrating is that I tried to be proactive and have this all in place well in advance, and likely, because my file had a 3 week window, it was put on a back burner and forgotten. I REALLY want to rate this a 1* review with how the loan funding has now turned out. I was asked to send an email confirmation that I did in fact pick up the trailer, was happy with the condition, and to please send loan proceeds directly to the dealer instead of me. I sent the email as soon as I hung up the phone with SE Financial requesting it. I received confirmation of the email being received. I then received phone calls from both SE Financial and the servicer, First Bank of Indiana. 3 or 4 phone calls total, confirming the funding details (different people from both companies each time). Each time, I said that I already had the trailer and that the dealer was holding the title and funds were to be sent to the dealer. Each time, they said they would verify with the loan officer and get it updated. I got a final call on the day the check was cut, confirming that the check was coming to me that day. I again said, I'm sure it's too late and you've already created the check, but it was supposed to go to the dealer and I had already talked to both companies about it when they called previously. That person then followed up with me later to let me know they caught it in time and the check was going to be sent to dealer as planned. I received a shipping confirmation this was the case. Came home tonight, and I have the check in my mailbox. The shipping label to dealer was never used - now when I click on it, it says "label ready". So it was not caught in time. Now I have to go to the post office tomorrow and pay to have it sent to the dealer and continue to delay funding/titling/etc. Again, I work in a very high volume online lending company, so I know how it can be and how customer perceptions can be a little *off* because they don't always understand how the process works. I can 100% say, this was not the case in my scenario. I am hoping (and sure this is the case) that my file was not the norm, and I did only end up using the company in the first place because of the generous loan terms (longer terms, not better rates), so I was willing to take the headache to be able to have a longer term loan for a cheaper monthly payment. I will not do this again. If I can find another company with comparable terms in the near future, I will be refinancing.
After looking for the best rates for an older RV, they we my choice. Very friendly and always returned phone calls to answer any questions.
Very responsive! Excellent customer service. Always ready to answer questions and go the extra mile for service! Highly recommend.
This was my first loan out of my area done mostly online to purchase a boat. SE Financial could not have made it any easier to do. I was very happy with Brittany and Bionca. I would recommend them to anyone searching for a loan online!
Very helpful staff and it was easy!!
These people were on the ball every step of the way if I had questions I got them answered usually the same day they kept me informed and I would use them again if I have the need
We were treated with respect through the transaction, although it was not the most expeditious transaction, it did however go smoothly.
This being my first internet loan, I found it to be a simple process. Since everything is done on-line or through the mail, it does take a bit longer but well worth the wait. The approval came quickly and they give you ample time to digest it all. Would definitely recommend SE Financial and high praise to Brittany Yager.
Tonya and Jodi were always responsive and eager to help me through the process.
They were great to deal with! It took a little longer to get a response but I guess it’s to be expected this time of year. Overall, I’d use them again!
We were extremely unhappy with the turn around. Although the staff was friendly and helpful, we returned our signed loan paperwork by next day, it took over a day to review and let us know our insurance had not sent the binder, then they took another day to send it to the bank and 2 days to fund. So it took them almost 5 full business days to fund our loan after our paperwork was signed and we were approved for our loan. It only takes 3 days for a mortgage to fund.
easy to work with and they got the job done quickly
It was the best rate I could find, all transactions were clear and easy to complete and very timely. Thanks
Jodi and Brittany were wonderful. Service was quick,informational, and honest. I appreciate how quickly things got done. Thank you ladies.
Great service and personal touch service
Great experience. All representatives were great. Maya and Jodi really took care of me. Thank you!
I had the great pleasure on working on my loan and going through the process with a very courteous and up and coming professional Latoya Hall. I have nothing but fond memories of the thorough by the book loan process. I would definitely recommend SEF to anyone in the market in doing business with an outstanding loan brokerage company. Thank you for your kind acceptance.
We don't have the greatest of credit, but Southeast Financial didn't treat us as second class citizens. They worked with us and we found an appropriate option for us that has worked out better than we could have possibly expected. Our finance specialist Candace Harper was kind, understand, diligent and extremely fast and efficient.
Outstanding company! Amanda Wright and Bionca Presley were awesome and outstanding to work with. They processed my loan very quickly and efficiently.
Candace was terrific to work with!!!
My loan specialist help me very much through this paperwork she went above and beyond ❗️ I would highly recommend this Bank for a RV loan
A good experience. I would recommend them. to other people.
Thank you Elizabeth and Ashley very very much.
When you call a person answers the phone not a computer. They understand what you need to do. There is a lot of work on your part also. It can get a bit confusing but a call or an email and you can done. Thanks Andrea and Tonya for all your help and understanding.
There was plenty of paperwork to fill out but my Loan Specialist, Elizabeth Flair, was very helpful in providing me all the information I needed and then the loan process went smoothly. It was great.
We purchased a beautiful but older (2001) motorhome, not always an easy thing to finance even with excellent credit. Our loan officer, Elizabeth Flair, was very helpful and professional in the processing of our application. We were very pleased with our experience and would recommend SEF to other RV purchasers.
Had a great experience.
Amanda was the best she went above my expectations. I would use again in the future.
Victoria (aka Tori) was constantly in contact with me for updates on my loan request.
First time financing an RV and we were pleasantly surprised as to how nice of a job they did getting our RV financed. Rate was good, people were professional and timely. Paperwork was sent quickly and was easy to understand and all instructions were straightforward. I would use them again, and I highly recommend them to others. I want to give additional praise to Tori Shepard for all her hard work to make this transaction go as smooth as possible.
Walked us through the entire process. Elizabeth and Kayte are the best!!
Thank you for working to get this done in record time.
We really enjoyed our experience with Southeast Financial. They were easy to work with, honest, and very upfront about each step. There was no wondering what would come next. Very easy process.
So glad we found this company,every body that helped us was great.will recommend this company to any one that needs this type of loan. Thank you
Taylor Young was very pleasant to work with. She followed through with everything she said she would do. She returned calls and emails in a timely manner. Explained how the process would work in a very detailed manner. Definitely recommend SE Financial and Taylor Young to anyone looking to finance a purchase.
The whole process went rather quickly and they kept me up to date where we stood in the process. Definately would use again.
Amanda Wright was excellent to work with.
Jennifer was very helpful in processing my request. I will definitely use SE Financial again.
Overall it was a good experience. I had an issue that was sorted out in the end, but with better communication on requirements regarding mileage could have been avoided. This did cause my seller to wait an extra week for his money, and made me a little greyer. Rather than informing me that you only finance up to 90,000 miles after the fact when you had previously told me that if I found another RV we could just adjust the paperwork accordingly rather than telling me that after I had placed down a 2000 dollar non-refundable deposit. Fortunately it worked out in the end and all went well so over all it was a pleasure.
Everyone i worked with was great. Easy to do business with and always helpful. I would recommend them to anyone looking for camper financing!
Candace and Kerri were great to work with. Our credit is not the best but they got us financed and we couldnt be happier! I recommend Southeast Financial to anyone and everyone!
My experience would have been better if the seller and I had been in the same area; the seller had been more tech savvy; and we would have been able to provide requested information/documentation in a timely manner.
Should not take that many phone calls and emails. Also could be quicker getting answers
Excellent Staff: The entire team really went out of their way to assist during the process. Great communication, clear instructions and fast service.
Fantastic people to work with the rate was very good
Wonderful staff, great rates, guided through every step of process. Great for private purchase RV sales/loans.
Just completed the loan funding and very impressed with the streamline process and professionalism of Tonya Eubank and Cheyenne that handled the loan request.
Amanda and Cheyenne both went above and beyond with anxious buyers. They always kept in touch and went outta their way to help us! Thanks for all your help and caring! Looking forward to the camping adventures
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