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Credit Card Retriever Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Credit Card Retriever
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 72 %
I say thank you for your help me
Finally someone gives me a chance. 2017 is the year i get my credit straight
They were willing to give me a second chance
Great.happy they gave me a chance.
Yes I would recommend !!
I was immediately approved for two unsecured credit cards to help rebuild my credit.
This rate is due to their call center customer service. The lady I spoke to was rude, uneducated, and unhelpful to say at the least. When I call a business, I don't want to be spoken too in slang. I couldn't even understand half of what was said to me.
I've never had much because before but I'll tell you I know how to use a debit card and the best thing about a debit card is you can go all over the world with it and use it buy things and get cash money back should I enjoyed a Democrat how about you
I haven't recieved yet
By beening honesty to your self and a good positively way and by doing what's right! ..
Even people with bad credit can find assistance from trustpilet.
great and I give them five star on of excellence I would recommend to anyone. One problem need to have a cash available
Too many extra charges
Thank you you guys are great
Thanks very much with staff and team cooperation! Thanks again for y'all work with me!
Very easy to apply and aprobe
Man I went on this website right. Applied for a card and actually got two. This will truly help me back to restoring my bad credit. the credit limits is low and rate is high but hopefully down he road I can get a higher credit limit and get back or close to what I use to be.
My experience from start to finish was so simple & fast. I would truly recommend this company to anyone. Thank you for giving me the opportunity in trusting me and giving me a chance. Also, for sending me my new "Credit Card" with such fast delivery and as promised. Thank you!
Very easy transaction..i would recommend to others.
Did I get approved for the loan
It was very quick and painless. Would and will recommend it to my friends.
Yesit was very important to me to make that decision thanks !
The best I and very happy that finally approved
It was an easy process to apply for the credit card.
Thank u for giving me a chance
It was fast, easy secure, and amazingly simple to do. Thank you so much for a second chance.
If I actually get the card you said I was approved for I will think you are awesome but I just got approved yesterday so it will be two weeks before I see anything but after that I will praise you endlessly
Im trying to repair my credit so Im pleased I was finally approved for a 500 dollar limit card.
I had a great experience !!! Thank you
Application Process was Uncomplicated and Easy to Process ...
Credit one is awesome. It's very convenient and thanks to the credit one app , things get even more easier to understand. All questions or concerns are answered with just a few clicks. I now even know how to gain points along with ways to maintain a good credit score. I also know what to stay away from and what decisions can have a negative impact on my credit. Overall, things couldn't get any easier and I'm honored to be a customer.
Excepted me without no hesitation. Not a lot of security question.
Very easy and painless.
Still waiting on my card. I got a lot of emails which appear to junk with the surge name attached to make you click on it. Overall though I was happy with your site in general.
I really would recommend credit one to my family and friends.
Awesome! I thank you for the opportunity to continue building on my credit!
Easy to navigate. Not always sure direction to go.
If I could give you a zero I would
I would recommend this company to any one with a low credit score.
So easy to deal with
Is fast, but too expensive..
Love how good this company is about the importance of information they give out!
It was a quick but firm experience, but they give you the fresh start you've been looking for. But it all depends on you on getting your own priority 's straight. Not to dive into until you are ready for the responsibility to get you financial in respected order.
I appreciate and I the information I've received
They are Great!!!
I love it. They gave me a chance to improve my credit.
I've been preferred by many people and friends that this is a 5 star company...Because of their loyalty and being a trust worthy company at getting the money you nneed at a very fast performance...My Sincere Tks. To Everyone.
Couldn't find a card then found this one
I had a wonderful experience on your website. I was matched with a few credit card companies and decided which one was best for my needs. I entered my information and almost immediately was approved. Thank you.
I am very happy with my services. And how quickly I received my card.
It look good to me. Try it.
Location It was good
what a great flexable and even nice looking...I can't live without it!
I am happy about it and now i can build my credit up thank u
My experience was great at USAA when I applied for a credt card. The customer service representative was clear explaining the different cards and incentives on each credit card they offer. To qqualify for insurance, banking, credit cards and the many other services you need to be a veteran or active member in the armed service. If intersected in any of the services simply call USAA.
I thank u for your c card at least i did not have to beg u for it thanks again Donald Nicholson
It was easy to find what I was looking for.
Thanksgiving and Christmas
Goos site...matched me several cards that seemed to fit my credit range. Service is just as advertised.
Go company to apply too with less than perfect credit
Thanks for the opportunity
Easy to understand the application!
I was happy with the way they help Ed me get the right card I was looking for
I have review the information that was online and I agree to it
I Will let other friends know that there is a place to a chance to help them rebuild their credit
I was really surprised at how fast I was approved.. and it was easy!
I like the infor but way too many emails with the same info. No new cards.
Yes ,very easy and fast.
It was painless & fast
I had no problem going through the process of getting a credit card. They have a easy platform of getting the right card for you.I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you very much. I would give yall a 5 star.
Really enjoy this card
Love that is a user-friendly site that not only has a great look but more importantly provides options to find the card that is the right fit for each individual. It has the tools I need and provides helpful information regarding credit, loans, and finding a card even with bad credit. I would definitely recommend to friends and family!!
It's worth the time to check it out. Reginald Cauthen
I was impressed! There are many sites out there but this site got me to the right credit card the first time around. Thanks!
I just started to have your website a short time ago. I do not have an opinion yet.
Applying was easy and didn't take to long .
It t was a excellent experoence
My experience was great no trouble at all
Thought you folks were easy to work with and very timely as well in review of my application. Thanks!
Good card just didn't like how the didn't explain i was going to be charged a $75.00 dollar fee
Is easy to apply I got approved but didn't get my card yet
A good way to build your credit
I have not received my card as of yet. I don't know if I am fully approved at this time. Thanks for giving me the chance to improve my credit. Sincerely, James Cook
I've been waiting for over a week and i still have not received my card
Great way to build credit love it
?????????don't know yet
Was needing a card and was able to find several options that fit what i was looking for.
Great job keep up the good work.
I was informed that I would not receive my card for 7-10 days but I received the card within 5 days. The only thing I don't like is all the fees I was charged upon receiving my card and activating it.
Thk u .thk u.thk u......great company
I have experienced the websight, . and it,s very rewarding to someone trying to build up their credit
Found a credit card in minutes. Got approved the same day, Thanks so much! Justin
Experience was very good.
Very helpful in finding me the right card.
Doing great and keep up the great work
I would let everyone know try to take care of your credit. Coleen Shacklewood
Glad I used it
Doesn't give results like it claims too it says a few minutes and it doesn't do it
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