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CashNetUSA Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: CashNetUSA
Address: 175 West Jackson, Suite 1000
City: Chicago
State/Province: IL
Postal Code: 60604
Country: United States
Phone: 888.801.9075
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 82 %
My initial experience was decent. However, received WAY too many reminder calls on my upcoming payment which was VERY stressful. Some calls came even after I called and requested to stop the calls. One call or two is sufficient. Beyond that feels like harassment. :(
I had a great experience. The assistance that I received was very kind and patient. They also took the time to walk me through all the sections that I did not know what to do. I would love to continue future business and any related business with CashNet.
The agent at CashNet was very helpful and made the process of borrowing money easy. I certainly would recommend this service to my friends. I will definitely call upon CashNet in the future for my needs. The application process is easy and the fact that you can talk to a representative makes a big difference.
Yes I would I really enjoy CashNetUSA. They helped out of a bind. And I will recommend them to my friends. Easy pay and they also give you a chance to extend your payments so you can choose how much more you can pay.
Excellent service, customer and service knowledge, GREAT phone system allowing communication to be at ease. Would recommend, rates are high, so try to prepay. Fast service, friendly assistance. They are welcome addition and helped solve problems in the quickest means possible.
The process was easy and I had no trouble found out I was approved right away. My only dislike and concern is it's such a high interest loan. When you're in need it's great to be able to use it but also I feel like 299% is awfully High.
CashNet maintains great communications w/borrower (eg. via emails and website). CashNet is superior over others/competition with their lending rates! Very user-friendly when applying for loan - online! I am a return customer over time when in need of a loan.
My loan was in my account the next day and it was fast and easy. The 50 percent off on your first loan was very helpful also. Great service. No hassle. I will always use CashNetUSA for any loans in the future.
Application was quick and easy to fill out. No need to send copies of bank statements or check stubs. Approval was quick also. Money deposited next business day. Handy app to keep track of account. Would definitely recommend and would use again in case of emergency.
After months and months of viewing the TV commercials for, I had no idea that their process to apply for and obtain a quick loan was so simple. It literally took only a few minutes, to complete the application and to be notified of the approval. The most Amazing part of the application process was when I called Customer Service, and spoke with a representative by the name of Nathan, to my knowledge.He was one of the most professional, caring and accommodating Customer Service Representatives that I have ever dealt with. He offered to remain on the phone with me, while I completed the contract part of the application. I "Thanked" him, anyway, but I called just to ask a few questions about the overall loan process. Believe me, I have had a lot of dealings with Customer Service Representatives, in my adult lifetime. Plus, I personally have a 45+ years professional background in Customer Service and Public Relations. Therefore, I consider myself an expert in the Customer Service-Public Relations Industry. I would and will Highly Recommend this company to anyone needing a quick, friendly and No BS personal loan. They are a pleasure to work with, and epitomize the definition of quick, simple and friendly internet-based loans. Please give them a try, because you won't regret it!
AMAZING promptness and professionalism! The process was VERY easy with a speedy response regarding a final decision. I look forward to doing business with CashNetUSA in the future. With so many payday loans to choose from, CashNet USA was "O" drama!
Excellent experience. Really helped out. Great customer service too. From the phone they were very helpful and helped solved any problems I've ever had. It seems like they're not just some conglomerate to get your cash, they actually have a corporate culture which is client friendly and that is unusual these days. I would recommend this service to others.
They were fast and helpful and really helped me as I am disabled and on SSI. If you are on disability or social security you can get a loan. And these guys will treat you right. Thank you. Highly recommend.
Super easy for doing an application, I will recommend to family and friends, my experience was Quick, fast and very easy to do an application. When you need money CashNetUSA is my first choice from now on. Thank you for helping people like me who need quick cash.
Well, I almost made the mistake of becoming one of their little guinea pigs until my husband did some research on I talked to Don. He had an accent. He wanted me to go to Wal-mart, purchase an iTunes card and put $213 on it. Then I would call him back and they would deposit money into our account. I am so thankful for this site. It gave the information I need to stay away from this company.
Very satisfied with the fast response. I needed the cash before my next deposit. Went online and the funds was in my bank account the next day! Online application was efficient and easy to complete. Customer Services was great and I will likely use CashNetUSA again in the future.
Very easy to use and quick approval. Fair payback schedule. Would definitely be my first choice in looking for a loan with not so great credit. And you can get another advance as long as you have at least a fifty dollar balance.
It was fast and easy, kind people over the phone that help you with everything. The agent was helpful, the overall experience was great. I will tell all my family and friends if they ever need some kind of loan to CashNetUSA.
They were prompt and very helpful. I would definitely recommend a friend. I will definitely call them again for future needs. Sometimes things happen in life and the money you worked for don't come at the right time. This definitely relieved my problem.
Never borrowed any money from CASHNet but they KEEP badgering me through email. Watch out for this company if you haven't done so already, DO NOT borrow any money from them!
I have always been treated with respect. Getting the first loan was fast and easy. My information has been kept private. I like the fact I can do all my business online. I like that I can split payments to make it easier for myself. CashNetUSA has been there for me when I needed them.
Had a great experience, no issues payment options are easy and applying is easy, fast turnaround and processing. CashNetUSA was helpful, I never had to speak with a rep which was nice due to my work schedule. Process is easy and straightforward.
As a single mom, I found myself in a difficult spot and CashNet really came through for me. It was easy to use and funds went straight into my checking account. I’m very satisfied with my experience and would recommend CashNet to anyone in a tough bind.
CashNetUSA is the greatest organization I have ever been a part of. My life is going well because of CashNetUSA. CashNetUSA sent me a card in the mail and once I called the number on the card, my cash was in my checking account the next day. I am grateful too that CashUSA value me as a trustworthy customer.
When I had no one else CashNetUSA was there and on time. Thank you for everything. I will most definitely will refer all family and friends. The entire process was smooth and easy and of course fast. Customer service was great and there are agents set up to assist.
I received prompt, kind, and professional service over the phone today. Left my number to be called back, as I needed specific information about my loan & received it quickly. Thank you for making a difficult life event easier. I will use the service again, if needed.
I had a wonderful experience with CashNetUSA. No problem. I had a problem at home and needed money fast. Call them, gave information, next day I had the money to solve my problem. Thanks. I told some more people about it too. They did it too when they needed it. Thanks CashNetUSA.
Mary from customers service, handle my situation with care and professionalism, bringing my loan status to paid off. As always CashNetUSA do a great job in handling my issues and also any of my needs. I would like to say to Mary thank you again for your help, have a great day.
VERY nice and helpful. I would like to take this time to say thank you very much. You were there when I needed help. You guys give great service. I would require your service to anyone. You guys are number one in my book and so proud to about your services. Keep up the good work.
Customer service representative very knowledgeable and did not rush me, walked me through the application, and answered all of my questions. He was a very patient customer service representative, provided information requested, and explained short term and long term in detail. Excellence service!
When first applied for the loan I thought I was not going to get it, but to my surprise I did. That's why I love CashNetUSA. Plus they give different ways to pay back your loan. I will always take a payday loan out with them. Thanks.
My experience with CashNetUSA has been great. They have been very helpful with my needs every time I have needed them. Fast, friendly and understanding. Their staff has been there whenever I have to ask about anything. They had the answer for all my questions. You can get better help than that.
I've seen the advertisement on television several times about CashNetUSA. I needed some extra money and I just decided to give it a try. The whole application process was easy and I like that you get an instant decision right away. I will be using CashNetUSA again for anything I need!!!
No complaints... He was very helpful. I can’t forget very nice. He explained everything in detailed to me, he even offered to fill out my app. I would definitely recommend his service to anyone. He also made sure I understood every single word.
I lost a lot of money. And I needed to pay bills and went to this online site. I went to the store and lost my whole check which more than I borrowed but this covered what I lost. I would recommend this site to anybody that needs a quick loan and easy to pay back.
Smooth process and came just in time! Every rep I spoke with was very willing to help and thoroughly explained the process to me. I was approved within minutes! Thank you so much CashNetUSA, you helped my son have the BEST birthday ever.
My first experience with CashNetUSA was exceptional, five stars+. From the courteous, knowledgeable customer service representative, to the ease of the paperwork, to the distribution of funds the next business day, everything went perfectly. I was pleased with the entire experience.
Thank you. You helped me with keeping my PGE on. You approved me after I had been denied by dozens and dozens of other lenders. I was treated respectfully and given prompt attention. Very pleased. Thank you so much???
It was an easy experience. Fill out application and money received next business day!! No problems and all information is there for you. If not you can call the number they give you. I got a pre-approved card in the mail and I just followed directions!
I am very satisfy with the way my situation was taken care of. l have never ever had companies to work with you and explained things so magnificent. I really think you all are the bomb and l thank you from the bottom of my heart.
We have a few financial problems due to health issues with my husband. We do need an extra boost and CashNetUSA has always been there. I just wish that I would receive discount coupons at a time when I could really use them. Right now I am very happy to see a coupon in the mail or online. The only problem is that it does not fall within the time frame that I could use it, and I could really use it.
Wonderful, would do over again and recommend to friends. Process went smoother than I could ever imagine. Found this at a time when it was much needed. Looking forward to a long financial relationship with CashNet USA.
I had run into a setback and couldn’t make a full payment but I talked to Samantha and she helped make a payment plan that really helped and she was really nice! I will always recommend CashNetUSA. The service is always great!
I would recommend CashNetUSA to my friends and family members. It was a great experience. It was very fast, friendly, and most of all not confusing. I am so thankful they were here in my time of need. Thank you CashNetUSA!
At first I was deciding to get a loan and then a place I knew turned me down. So then I was looking and found this place online. Within a few hours I was approved and the next day I had the cash. Thanks very much for helping me CashNetUSA! Great job.
My experience was great. Everything that my preapproval letter said was true. I did my application on Friday. On Monday my money was in my bank account. I highly recommend CashNetUSA to people who needs a loan that's hassle free.
This has been a great help when times are hard. Funds go directly into my account the same day and when I need more time to pay back the extensions come in very handy. I love the ease of the site and all my account info is easily accessed through the site. The payment reminders are also great so I don't forget to pay on time. Definitely recommend.
I needed extra cash due to property taxes and every experience I have had with CashnetUSA has been hassle-free. The folks there have always been courteous, friendly and very helpful with my needs. A top-notch company to deal with in my opinion and THANK YOU for CashnetUSA being there for me in my time of need!
She was very helpful and went above and beyond. I received my email today and that my bill is to be taken from my checking account on the 30th. My check is direct deposit and sometimes goes in late in the evening. I hope that you could take me the money after 7:00pm or the 31st. Thanks. Have a good day.
I needed help financially right away and CashNetUSA was understanding, helpful, and sincere in meeting my needs when needed. The money I needed was deposit in my account as stated. I had follow-up communication with a representative and she was awesome!
Every time I need some money CashNetUSA is always there to help! I always have a hard time sometimes in the middle of the month. So whenever I need help I sign in and ask for the money and it gets in my account the next day! It's wonderful and so easy and simple. With a touch of a few buttons I get the money I need.
My services with CashNetUSA was great. The customer services was great. I will be glad to tell my friends about CashNetUSA. The money I receive was right on time. I was having a hard time trying to get money to fix up the house.
I apply and it was right on time. I really need the extra cash and I apply and I was approved in just second so they was right on time and easy payment plan also. I look them up and I apply for the loan and they give you enough time to make your payment.
It is really great not to have to deal with anyone. Just apply and everything is done online. Takes away from being embarrassed to get a loan. I don't like having to walk in and being looked down upon from anyone. I just need help and not your judgment.
The application process was simple, the approval process was very quick and the funds were deposited within a couple of days. Aside from the fact that there is a tremendously large fee attached to it, which I knew was the case due to the nature of this type of loan, the process was excellent. I would highly recommend it if you knew that you have the additional funds coming in to pay the enormous fee within the 30 days. Otherwise you are going to end up financing another loan which is also going to cost you an arm and a leg. This could get you an overhead very very quickly if you are not careful.
I have always had a good experience with CashNetUSA. Whenever I have needed help I could always count on assistance. I can receive money in a timely manner and the repayment options fit within my budget. I would recommend CashNet to a friend or family. Thank you.
I find CashNetUSA to be responsive and quick, thus meeting my needs. I also find the customer-service department to be on their toes with taking care of the issues at hand. I try to borrow money only when I need it, so CASHNETUSA meets my emergency needs.
You can't find a better, easier, faster and most importantly cheaper payday loan service other than CashNetUSA! Low fees, short repayment time. Nice customer service. Always emailing discount codes for you to use. The app is wonderful and so easy to use. They are the best out there!! THANK YOU CashNetUSA!!!
Very happy with the service. Wish I could add a little more to my loan but was told no. Overall great!! I will definitely recommend to friends and family and use again for sure. Process was extremely easy and to and follow and very quick. Thank you!
I have used CashNetUSA for several years and it has been a great help. They don't over charge for the loans. I'm very happy with its services. They even offer discounts which make more affordable. Don't hesitate to apply, it's very simple. I highly recommend it.
I keep getting calls from these middle eastern scammers. I can't even understand wtf they're saying. Their english is worst than my french and everyone of them have American names. Lol. Whatever they told me I was approved for $10k and they wanted my bank account and my user and password and ask me to wire $300 for the insurance loan. ** idiots - if I had money I wouldn't be asking for a loan, dumb ass. Anyways don't fall for it guys, screw this towel heads. I hope they read my post.. John, Jacob, Andrew and Carol you know your real names are Mohameds. ** off sand **.
It easier. Very good. We had a problem with the last payment. But your support team fixed it the same day. That was very impressive. Thanks Gerald **. If someone needed money I would recommend you highly. You were there when I needed some help and came through for me.
Just got bank account number wrong, think it was my fault. Thank you for now. Hope can resolve the problem quickly. TRUST ME YOU ARE FULLY SAVING ME 3 TIMES A year. There are far more bills like insurance on car registration. Just bills. Thank you for everything. Just hoping we can get this resolved real soon. Thank you for sure.
Absolutely love this lending company! Their rates are great and reasonable, I like that you can get extensions to pay back your loan at also a reasonable price, they send discounts in emails so that one can continue using their services and the funding is very fast!
The experience was fast, quick, and easy. This has help me out in a very tremendous way. It wasn't much paperwork to be filled out. All I needed was my bank account number and my routing number and I got my money!
It was a great thing that you guys help people in need. Thanks. I would be sure to tell a friend this was the best thing you help me when no one else would. I make sure I tell my co-worker, they will love this.
CashNetUSA is a great online loan service. I would be more than delighted to recommend anyone. I am very surprised that I could get the loan I needed from CashNetUSA. It was very helpful in my time of need. Also the payments are very small and affordable so the loan is paid back accordingly.
While the caveats of a payday loan include high interest rates, and short terms, the service provided by CashNetUSA is phenomenal. They make the process simple, and deliver it over a completely electronic medium. No more dealing with snarky customer service reps!
Easy to get loan - do like receiving the discounts...more likely to renew and/or pay off and do again with the discounts. Been using this as a back up plan for several years now. Nice that they keep information on file.
Thank you CashNetUSA. You were there when I need you. Everything was quick and easy through your online application process and my funds were processed the very next day as you stated. I was very excited and happy about that. And I will recommend you to friends and family. Great job Cash Net USA. You’re a lifesaver.
You guy respond right back. And yes I would recommend friends, you guys were very nice on the phone. And can't wait to further our progress. My friends will be hearing from me about you so you will be hearing from them.
I was very pleasantly surprised at how fast and easy this was. I have never had to call to talk to anyone in customer service, but I believe that it would not change my mind about the process. The whole experience was totally gold!
Everything went ok. It would be better if the deposit is in the bank first thing in the AM. Instead of having to not know what time it will be in there. My other deposits always hit my bank accounts anywhere from after 12 midnight to 7:00 AM.
Samatha was a great help to me today. I have always had great help from CashNet. I paid off another loan and applied for a new one. She walked me through the steps and stayed online with me the entire time. I would recommend to anyone who needs some help.
I was very pleased with the loan and the online application process is very simple and you get an answer quickly. Thanks so much for the wonderful experience. I will definitely recommend this to all friends and family. I couldn't be happier and this loan helped me out so much.
Very simple process and prompt decision. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and simplicity of the application and decisioning. The interface is clean and the explanations of the process steps were clear. I even appreciated the email confirmation step. Thanks for a clear and concise procedure.
You guys are great! The agent I worked with today was quick and easy. I have used your services for over a year now and it is always smooth. Much better than a local storefront with all that it takes to go into a branch, Thank you so much.
My experience was amazing because application was very user-friendly and when the representative called me he was very professional. CashNetUSA you are a blessing in disguise because I can take care of the repairs need for my car. Thank you.
I have been a customer for almost 2 years and have been satisfied with the efficiency of customer service and disbursement of funds. I only had one bad experience 2 months ago with customer service not doing their job. Otherwise, I have had great customer service.
This is one awesome company, especially when it does what it tells you it will do. It is quick, doesn't matter what the need is for. It delivers. There is no hidden fees to deal with, no complicated forms to fill out. And it is private and secured. Your information doesn't go anywhere. When it comes down to financial emergencies it's right there for you.
Outstanding service and very nice people. I would tell everyone I know. Always polite and respectful. Everything was explained firsthand and thoroughly. I felt very comfortable and understood everything they had to say. I think this site is also very trustworthy and honest.
I am very pleased with the service. They did exactly what they said they would. The money was in my account just like they said exactly when they told me to expect it. Thank you and I will recommend you to others.
Receive the help that I needed right away. Easy and quick to sign up and when I called able to help me right away to resolve my issue. Person I talk to was very nice to help my arrangement go by easier. I will definitely come back again when finances are hard.
Everything is good, smooth, easy and fast. I looked online, filled out some forms, had my money the same day. It was really easy even for a not so tech savvy middle-aged man like me. Thanks for help, it was actually a pleasure.
Everything went fine with my experience and just hope to use them in future should I need more help for future loans. You came through for me when I needed help and CashNetUSA came through for me. I don't like using this for help but to know it's there for me for emergencies I'm grateful.
Very timely as usual. I do wish your payday loans could be slightly higher, then I might be able to get out of my rut. Or maybe the loans could go a little longer without going with the higher amounts.
Good experience. Fast money when I needed it. I would use again. It was easy explained to me and to talk with when I called in. I would recommend to friends. Also I really like the way the mobile app is set up. Easy to get to and good security. Happy!
Process was very easy and money was there on day they said. Would recommend to anyone who needs some money quickly. The repayment date is far enough to easily repay back. My credit isn't the greatest but I was pleased with my offer and customer service is knowledgeable and friendly.
Whenever I needed money, CashNet was there. Basically, at the exact time I needed them. They have never let me down. When I needed an extension, they were very helpful and gave it to me. I appreciate them more than I can say.
I applied for a loan and was approved. For multiple days heard nothing. Very dissatisfied. I thought... This would be much easier to accomplish. And it was nowhere close. Thankful for the accounts I have, but realize the in between, only causes problems.
I think CashNetUSA is the best online next day cash place to go with out any hassles. And I that I will never forget when I needed some cash they trusted me. Thank you so much for your kindness. I will be passing the word around about how dependable you all are. And also that you guys are respectable and real.
I liked the reminder by e-mail to me and the ease of transactions in needing help. It was a very honest relationship unlike unfair practices our tried to push me into. The funds carried us through a tough time and I hope we can do business again.
Fast and easy service thanks. Easy to apply. Wish they had same day funding though, that would be great. Other than that great service. I like how I can apply while my other loan is processing and I don't have to do anything else but wait to be funded.
I applied for some loans to help pay off my medical bills and this Indian guy named Kevin called saying he was from Cashnet USA. He told me I was approved for $1500 loan. He had my routing number and everything. He routed $300 and wanted me to send him a money gram to him to speed up the process. He used my banking info and filed a claim on my account to which the bank credited $300 to my account. I didn't know this until I got the email that my my bank account had a claim. That was after I sent him the first $300. It didn't seem right so I called the bank and they immediately froze my account. I told him after I called him back that law enforcement will be call if he calls me again. His accent went away as he showed fear to my threats. His number is **. That's what he used to call me. I told him the bank froze my account and that he could **!!!
Quick easy. Only thing is don't do on Friday afternoon. You have to wait all weekend. Excited but they were there to help when no one else was. I did everything on my phone. If I can do it anybody can.
CashNetUSA never lets me down! My loan was in my checking account on the next business day, no hassle. I would definitely recommend CashNetUSA to anyone who works every day, but may fall behind. It's an awesome option to have!
The overall experience was pleasant. The payment was prompt I was surprised. Was able to take care of my personal needs the next day. Happy Happy Happy. Customer Service Rep was nice and professional. THE MONEY CAME IN HANDY when I need it the most.
The phone app is very easy and great tool to have or use if you ever need it. Highly recommended in times of need. Easy application process and quick funding. It is very easy to use in making payments or requesting extensions. Great tool for short term needs.
The loan application process has been super easy. I am currently awaiting approval and funding, but when I had to reach out a customer service representative via online chat, she was so helpful and answered all of my questions. Many thanks to Mary for being so kind and informative.
Completely satisfied. Your agents are so helpful, knowledgeable and always ready to assist. I love your chat application and appreciate the quick service and approval status when I have re-applied. Simply satisfied. Blessings to everyone's assistance. I'm certain that I'm not the only person that appreciates this company!
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