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Oasis Financial Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Oasis Financial
Phone: (877) 333-6675
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 70 %
Oasis was quick,professional,easy, and i couldn't have asked for everything to go any smoother then it did. i would definitely recommend oasis to anyone and everyone waiting on a settlement and need an advance to get by and survive... Great job A++
Was a big help easy to manage cash when I needed it
Very professional and quick delivery!!
Terrible I feel like you guys rip me off.I ask for one thousand you said no but approve me for $620.but I actually only received $500dollars for a very ridiculous payback rate. Now no one will loan me anything because it too high with you..Very upset
Quick and efficient would definitely recommend to others
Very helpful and great customer service. Very prompt and sincerely helped me out during a down time.
Thanks u guys are great
Thank you Oasis Financial for making our lives a bit easier.
To be honest everyone was very polite. I did have one rep that kept calling me the wrong name and was rude but the supervisor made things much better. They handle things quickly and made me very happy! I will definitely let anyone looking for this type of help to go to Oasis Financial!
It helped my family out in a hard time because we are homeless and it helped some thanks oasis
I recently lost my 20 year old son tragically at our home. For this reason I'm selling our home for cash but can't live is too hard. Needless to say there is an immense expense living, gas, food and moving supplies. I borrowed against my suit with an immense pay back charge and was told by a case manager that I could request more money if I needed it. I ran into issues with Western Union that this particular case Manager fixed. I'm nearly out of money and my house closing is at the end of March so I called Oasis to request additional funding. I got a text saying Oasis wouldn't fund me because of the recency of my last funding. I was told I could then they changed their mind. I'm forced to go to another funding agency which I'd rather not do.
I got a great response and a quick process
When i needed cash oasis was right their for me.
They make everything so easy and helpful and I’m very grateful for that!
I been paying only interest for 2 yeas and the amount still the same .
They made the experience quick, painless and easy.
It was time sensitive done very professional and honest i love the was she spoke to me with encouragement that made us feel as if we could breathe again no stressing. We are forever thankful for chrytal jones she really work with us.She is the Best ever Thank Chrytal jones. May God forever favor her.
I would like to thank you guys for helping me and my husband during this difficult time every since 20012 and right now. Oasis and the staff are the best and very professional. You guys have the biggest heart. Thanks for everything. From the McDowell family
They did an amazing job at getting the money I needed, but I was a little stressed because it was the last day I was able to pay for my surgery that they sent me the paperwork. However, they worked very quick in order to help me.
It was very helpful an fast...The customer service was awesome! !
Service was great. Wish had more info about cutoff day far as receiving funds within minutes.
Thankful I was able to receive a small advance. It helped to catch up on some bills!
Don't explain the process well enough, deducts over half of the loan. Then expected to be paid back twice the amount that you were supposed to get..horrible place
Oasis Financial was very helpful for me they came through in a time of need I need to get another loan from them until my settlement
You guys were fast n awesome about getting me $$$
Everything went smooth , the only issue we had is there was no notification that our money was ready to be picked up. I randomly called Oasis and it was ready.
From the time of contact by Oasis to the time of having money in my hands was only a few hours.
I was very pleased with the follow up and quickness. Thank you
Treatment was excellent the only problem is I only revived funds to help two months then I was told I couldn’t receive anymore funds but I have at less three more month to be off.
Short, sweet and to the point. Rates are high but not as high as some. Highly reccomend.
Wonderful company to work with, very polite, and quick to respond. Thank you!
awesome experience that was quick, professional and I was well adviced!
Horrible company, only lent me once and i had gotten robbed and applied for another loan and they denied it. They are rude over the phone and have no sympathy whatsoever! They didn't help me out knowing im homeless and it's cold right now and i only have a small sweater on..
The conpany sets their priority to help a financial situation.
Excellent service. Quick handling. Easy to reach on the phone. 100 % recommendation.
The agents were very helpful and professional. They process was quick and painless, but they ask alot from your lawyer. Interest rate is ridiculous, but you saved my house, cars and family from going through collections. Waiting 5yrs on my claim. Between injurys and inability to work regularly, money has been too tight. Thank you, Oasis for at least giving me an option to get caught up.
Well at first I was approved for $620.00 and then I received a second email stating that I could get $300.00 towards my advancement for auto accident. I still wasn't able to pay my bills. I'm so disappointed with this situation and status now I have to wait until my Dr released me so I can go back to work.
They are very helpful. They helped me in my time of need.
I applied because the ad stated 24 to 48 hrs. response and a caseworker will be assigned. I'm now on day five with no information regarding my case. I receive six texts a day stating "were reviewing your case if we have questions we'll contact you." I called customer service but It's a call center with no case information and they stated the same as my text. I'm a wreck waiting, which has added extra stress. Hopefully, this was just my experience and not Oasis's practice. When making your decision to try Oasis keep in mind it might not come when you need it. Prepare your emotions for that. Good Luck...……'s 5:17 pm about an hour after posting the above message, I received another text stating "even though my case has merit, the underwriters can not fund me.If anything changes to re-apply." WITH NO COMMUNITION from a caseworker, how am I supposed to know what the issue is, what change should I look for to happen?. I wasted a week, worrying about something that was not going to happen...REALLY, IF YOUR SELLING POINT IS 24 TO 48 HOURS MONEY IN HAND, your underwriter should have contacted me at least once before the third day with questions......I'm sure Oasis helps people as well as I'm sure Oasis don't do everything they advertise...Seeking assistance this week has been a emotional rollercoaster, but all good...Everything happens for a reason. I'm a comedian, my experience along with reading these reviews will make a good comedy set this month for me. I will make lemonade out of these lemons. To avoid future stress, apply responsibly and don't put all your energy on getting this help. Peace and Blessing
I feel that Oasis is an awesome loan company. Plus, looking at the whole scope of the process, Oasis is very fair and the interest rates are definitely competitive.
Quick, easy and straight to the point. Thanks guys!
I think your service was surperb it was quick and very great customer service skills and friendly
Oasis is great ,quick response easy to deal with,thanks
Oasis was very promising they do what they say they would do fast delivery . cash was in my account in one day thank oasis .
I paid $99 for delivery that I did not receive until 5 days later
It really helped me out
My experience with Oasis was fast and easy to receive my money would recommend to anyone in my situation
Great helped me in my time of need
I would recommend Oasis to all my friends and family..Oasis came through at the most difficult time in my life..Thank you Oasis..
Very fast , no hassle timely manner. Got money when I needed most. Would highly recommend oasis When your in a bind for sure Twice now And both times same experience
Thank you for making this experience easy!
I had a very expensive experience But I'm very thankful that oasis was there for me
Thanks you for your help and service if I help again I will call you again
Very good company helped me out when I have been dealing with my surgery
I asked for a $1000 dollars and I only got 350.00
I received the loan quick. Customer agents were courteous and professional.
i like working with u
Excellent service except for missing the bank routing number
Everybody was nice there helping me all out people with friendly and kind thank you very much
I'm glad that I got the money when it was promised. The amount that I have to pay back is ridiculous, seeing so that I borrowed $500 and I'll have to pay back around$1,700+. I'm very unhappy about that part.
Courteous and kind and straight to the point
You came rite on time...but unfortunately I didn't get a change to get still grateful and and heavenly appreciate it.
Everyone was very helpful and you were fast getting the money into my account Thank you
Wonderful customer service. Willing to help any and every way possible.
It took a very long time to receive my loan. I had to apply twice. My first application was closed with no warning no call no text. It took over two weeks to finally received my funds.when I was trying to receive my funds at Weston Union location they are using kiosk to receive your funds I actually had to go to serveral location due to the kiosk not finding your financial institution. It was just a nightmare. I finally found a place where the Weston Union clerk was able to find it on his computer. Never again will I use Oasis. I will not recommend it to anyone else.
I would recommend oasis financial to anyone that has a legitimate settlement the staff was professional they listen to me and also explain the whole process once I was approved I had $5000 the same day in my account
I was difficult to deal with them after getting approved!! I didn't get the wire at all and they MADE it seem like that was my fault!! I have been getting deposits in my account for years so how is my account not valid? They was very rude when I was just trying to get another understanding!! I wanted to back out at the last minute BUT was thinking it's to late! I also feel the charges I got shouldn't have been on me when I didn't receive any thing after 48hrs!! I know not to deal with them again and I'm letting everyone know!! I was more hurtful then helpful
Easy quick and very professional
They really came through when I needed the money. This car accident has really put me behind I waa starting to get scarred thank you fast and easy
Everyone I talked to was very nice and patient. They have excellent communication skills through the entire process. The over the phone application was very simple. I highly recommend them to anyone.
They was very helpful to me and my family and i told friends and family to used y'all for any reason that if they get a Lawsuit for any reason because you guys are very good
Thank You Oasis for being there for me in Time of need and you were there Thank God for you Oasis. Yours Truly Thurston Christopher Jones
It helped for this bill for this month but I wished I got alil more but it did
It took a while for me to get the loan and not sure if that was on my Lawyer or Oasis. Once they had the correct Information, I received the loan. All in all it's all good
Even though I did not get the exact amount I need, the service was fast and friendly.
Thank you so much it was fast and quick appreciate it
Very fast very polite helps you when you need it the most..
It cost too much
Oasis is an awesome place to turn to for a pre settlement loan on your lawsuit case they got me funded,in a week's time I'm so grateful for the 3000 they funded me.
Oasis was there when I needed them. Thanks A lot!
OK You help me to the vest you guys could thanks
I was granted my funds within a good period of time. Excellent service was provided.
Had an awesome experience and it was fine. They were very courteous and i received the payment prompt
Very prompt, interest rate is ridiculous tho.. really greedy to be honest, but as far as recieving funds that was quick, but the cost to do business is not healthy for the recipient, if it wasn’t an emergency I wouldn’t recommend doing it..
The people that helped us were very nice, seem to care and we're very timely and we thank them and you for your help in this matter.
I would recommend Oasis to anyone who might be in an unfortunate situation like I am in.
Not good. Too many fees
Oasis really helped me in my time that I'm out of work.
They help me a lot and I want to say thank y’all for the help.I really really Appreciate that Help
Oasis was very efficient with my request. They got back to me in a timely manner and explained everything thoroughly. I'm extremely satisfied.
very good fast help full
My lawyers office would only use Oasis. I did not want to because of high rates and fees but needed money to pay pressing matters. I had the check mailed to save $99 and Oasis still took out $20 for fees on top of the high interest rates. I actually needed more money than what was agreed upon but could not get it. So, I still have pressings matters.
Very polite and nice. Fast with the transfer.
Definitely worth it. Great customer service.
I really like oasis bc they really did make things easier for for me . I was in a stressful need with my bills. Thank you Oasis.
It was a great opportunity to consider my account towards Oasis Co. I was very impressed on how they handled their work on my account. I will continue to work with them, until further notice.
I am greatly pleased with these people's fast timeing and ready to help.terry
Didnt tell me how much i was being charged and i paid 2 different amounts to get the check to me
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