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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8448980675
Overall average rating of 4.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 70 %
These people are creditrepair com have been in touch with me almost on a daily basis they've been very polite very interested in my particular case and they're doing a great job helping me get things off my credit report that shouldn't have been there to begin with
In the first 2 weeks they removed 5 negative items and jumped my score 20 points
Well! This is my first to do business with Credit and I'm amazed with the results Already! I'm encourage to see the Outcome yet how items, has been removed Lesser than 30! Wow, exciting toward 2018!!!
It's was great they instant started working on my credit the very next day.if u are trying to get right call credit
Credit repair does wonderful job with helping people fix there credit
It is very good and helping in life love the company
Credit Repair has the most unprofessional and untrained representatives. Even after you provide all your details to them, They will keep pinging you for their pointless.
It's an awesome program. Just a bit costly for me.
They do good and they are fast they got a lot of step deleted from my account
I started with creditrepair 2 months ago. I have seen positive changes in my credit and see the work they are doing.
great communication, honest and respectfully,high recommended, is Ben only couple of mount my credit improve satisfactory.
Company quickly worked & credit score jumped over 100 points in less than 6 months
Great work and always help with questions
Excellent Customer service with quick results. Well worth the money to get my credit repaired. Just wish it didn't take so long to get your positive points back on my credit.
Good advice, able to do what they promised
I would definitely recommend creditrepair .com services to anyone trying to reestablish their credit. In four months they removed over 10 items on my credit( they were paid off) and my credit score jump up over 75 points. Credit takes the headache and stress out of you trying to fix your credit on your own....highly recommend.
I reached out to credit repair 2 months ago with a score of 455 . They contested old medical bills for me and had 8 different negative marks removed from my credit which had a direct impact on my score. I also got 2 secured credit cards thru generations credit union and premier bank. Got my score to come up to 608 in 2 months and climbing. Pretty exciting getting on back on track to good credit.
Rip off company I have them for 6 months just one item have been removed and when I called, they are still working on it, 60 days for an answer from credit bureaus that's what they say, wasting time and money they send letters claiming that those items weren't yours when they are clearly yours i never told them to say that. Pls don't waste your money check reviews before you start.
This place is a despicable joke. They say that they are here to help you and after looking into the service, I decided it wasn't for me. I called to cancel and you can't get through. Once you finally do get to speak to someone, they tell you that you can cancel but they will still charge you because you got through a day late. I guess that's how they make their money. If they don't let you call and quit them they can charge you and I never even got to log into my accout to see any of the crap they say they offer. It kept saying my info was invalid. So I spent a week trying to figure this out and listening to a phone ring and calls be 'dropped' just for them to come back a month later and yank 99 dollars out of my sons ssi check. I hope y'all sleep well at night knowing how you screw folks. I have never been so dissatisfied with a service in my whole life.
Quick changes in your credit and i appreciate it
i will give credit repair a four star, however we really need to move faster. what are we waiting on what are we doing .time is very important now.
In utilizing credit repair the experience was convoluted and difficult to discern is quantified affect. Due to the aforementioned experience, i ceased utilization of the services.
Good services and helpful staff members
I love credit repair my credit was really messed up and I just knew I had to get it straight my brother went through them and his credit was messed up like mine and now he has a credit score of 730. And it was all because of credit repair I would recommend them to anybody.
I don't really know what I'm paying for every month
A lot of negative items have been removed within a short time of my membership
Very satisfied just a few reasons of doubt not with you guys but the Credit Bureaus with some excepting and others not that's it overall love the job you're doing
I was dealing with other companies that didn’t give me results like I’ve been having with Crdit Repair and the staff is kind and always ready to help you with any concern.
They are doing a great job getting my credit score straight up for me I would recommend you to let them work with you
Love it mostly. You guys really helped my score.
Give them a try and let them help. Nice staff and they are curtious and friendly and understanding. If a problem arises, they will try to work with you and work something out.
What a scam. They do not do anything just charge your card every month. Show you score that is not correct and as soon as cancel they send me an email that your credit just dropped. They can answer because I stopped their scam.
I see progress in my removals
These guys and gals know the their stuff
My husband and I were extremely pleased with the targeted assistance we received. It was well worth the monthly fee. Our credit scores went up as more and more items were removed. So many of us assume that what appears on our credit report is the absolute truth when, in fact, it is not. So much so, our credit scores went up 100 points!
so far it's been super professional...only been a few weeks so we shall see
My experience has been nothing but perfect. Their Customer Services is awesome. They really care. They provide one on one service to you and customize/statergize your plan, based on your needs.
U guys done and doing a wonderful job
HALf of the item were deleted off my credit report
I opened an account and the lady was very nice. We set up when they were gonna take my first payment on the 21st of April 2016, and only $50.00 the first time due to being a veteran.So on the 11th of April 2016 they took $100 out of my account and bounced my account ! Now I have $75 in the negative. I talked to one customer rep. on the 11th of April 2016 and she said she would fix it the next day(money back in my account). Well I had to call them on the 12th of April 2016 and they said it would take up to 3-5 business days. What about my overdraft fees that I'm going to get in the next 3-5 business days! I don't know about this company there hurting me more than helping me. thinking about canceling and finding a company that can handle being a business.I hate when one rep. says one thing and the next day I get a total different answer ! Also I don't even know what they have even done to help yet no ones calling me. I'm sure nothings going to get started till I pay them. I'm so ANGERY with this company but if nothing changes I'm going to get ahold of The Better Business Bureau !
I couldn't believe that you can move judgments I feel more confident about my credit, not to forget my self too .
They get it done
Very useful for a person like me with a busy schedule and not enough time to do the ground work myself!
I really didn't think that Credit Repair was legit but it has surpassed my expectations! My credit score has increased by 70 points in just a little over 2 months I'm very pleased and I will sit back and let the professionals handle it!! Thanks Credit Repair!!
My credit has been so messed up for many years, due being young and not understanding the importance of my credit. If they said,” You’ve been approved for this or that.” Then I had to have it. If it was shiny then I want it. Like I said, young, dumb, and didn’t know any better, b/c I didn’t have guidance until it was way too late. Now, that I’m older and would like to own my own house some day. I had to make changes in orders to have the things that I need and not what I want. Thanks to Credit Repair, my credit score has come up a lot. Thank You for your assistance on my behalf. Up is my goal.
So far they have made my journey to fixing my credit very easy. They have been available to answer any questions I have had quickly. They have done all the leg work for me!
Good services and a lot was removed from my credit it took a while and didnt affect my credit score much but happy so see so much gone.
I came to Credit Repair with the worst credit position that one could ever witness. I came to get it repaired gradually. But they have no proper strategies for my credit. All of the 'untrained' staff members just freak out on my sores, ask for all the details and then disappear for good while keeping me on hold.
no good tricks u out of ur money with hidden fees and wording works, but I had been paying them the $89/mo for 7 months before I saw any real change. Hear I am at a little over a year and my credit score has gone up over 100 points. I do feel that this is very over-priced for how long the process is. I paid them well over $800 before I started to notice any change in my score
My credit is getting better thank you
Wonderful Company That Makes Every Effort to Aid You In Right Direction to Repair Credit!!
My life is truly turning around.. I couldn't ask for a better company then Credit Repair I guarantee you can rest assure this company is all about helping lives get back on track. Thank you Credit Repair.
Having a financial background myself ( do contractual work for a living) , I'm impressed with the credit report changes I've thus seen. Kristy, the gal I who helps me is great at getting results, and communicating changes. In addition, telling me things I can do to rapidly help boost report to obtain goals. Very impressed with service .
They didn't do much. Not very helpful.
Excellent I would recommend it to anyone
I have not seen my credit score get any better.hope to see improvement soon
Don't know what help they had on my credit. Would love my money back. Wasted my money on no results
I was uneasy about it in the beginning because it’s online but I’m glad I did! My score has gone from a 585 to a 640 in 4 months. Even if I have questions about anything regarding my credit I can call and they answer it and give me the best advice ! It’s not a scam and it does work !
Credit repair has been able to do what I just haven't had the time to do. I appreciate you guys. Thanks a bunch!
Having a great experiance wonderful customer survice and they do work very hard ti fix your credit
Credit repair is awesome.. everyone should try them..
Stop payment
not pro active
They've removed a few small collection accounts within the months I've been a member that I'm very happy about, and expedited the removal of some inquiries. This has allowed me to open a line of credit for emergencies and a second rewards card with major banks/ credit companies. I am a little concerned at the amount of time between challenges on some charge offs a few years back, the real reason I enrolled. I'm not the expert of course but I would hope to see them constantly challenged. My only real gripes at this time are that the hold time for customer service can be extremely long and updates can take weeks to post, necessitating the long wait on hold to ask for them. So far I would recommend this company, I hope to see the big negative items come off soon, though. The service can be expensive, plan for it to be another bill, roughly a cell phone. If it works it will save tons of money in the long haul though. Fingers crossed they can help erase the consequences of a rough patch in my career a few years ago! I want to come back with five stars.
They’re excellent customer service and getting results to improve your credit score
Professional and respectful representatives.
I haven’t met people in a work place that cares for other like these people do I spoke to advisor her name was Alexis and thogoing thru so much disappointment and depression due to my health and fiancés ,,,, Alexis made me feel like I was a somebody and brought a smile to my tears since September,,, may she be blessed for caring for a person that she don’t even know !!!!! We sure need more people like her in our work environment!!!!
I highly recommend.
Since I joined credit repair my credit have seen some good changes so I’m really impressed so keep up the good work credit repair Thanks
I love credit repair it has done more for me than any other company swearing to help with credit.
I could not be any happier with the results
Ever since I signed up for they have really kept in touch and worked on my credit score. They have called me more than I called them! Now that is customer service!!
Credit Repair has a step by step process which includes a little celebration after step 2. I had no issue with that celebration but against my expectation, the representative did not seriously get back to work after the celebration. A lot was left to get done in my report and they nothing more.
Credit repair helped me get ride of a few items that I could have done myself but me being lazy I didn't however when I cancelled my subscription they charge My card a $99 fee
Just hoping that things would improve faster, seems to take a while to get things removed and for your score to reflect from it.
My experience has been good but now what ?? What can you do for me now the only change I've seen has been in my BANK ACCOUNT over the last few months. I still can't qualify for anything due to the other issues in my credit report. How is credit helping me now?
I have been more than satisfied my credit! I’ve had 22 negative items removed in a 3 mth span!
Very helpful .. always able to answer questions and put you on the right track
Credit repair has been very helpful, professional first class organization..I can't say enough..Thank you
Ya’ll are getting my credit up
CreditRepair is awesome!! They started working on my credit same day. In 2 weeks 4 items came off my credit ! Very friendly n helpful when u call them with questions. Explains everything fully. Would recommend them to anyone needing their credit repaired.
The are just scammer and professional cheaters company. So many beautiful lyes so many beautiful words for pull money out of my pocket. First they say, will be easy one, now after six months, nothing happened. Just run from Credit Repair company as far as you can and don't ever turn back.
I am very pleased so far with my results from credit
I would recommend to anyone. I was so pleased with the results over time. Its not an overnight success, however over a short period of time tremendous results occur! I love the process and will be using them again in the near future.
I would like to have given 5 stars but I haven't had the service long. The results I've seen so far are very good and I plan to stay with! Thank you for all your help!
Thanks guys for helping me out thanks
I have been with for a little over 3 months a my score has increased more than a 100 points. If there’s anyone in need of credit Repair I highly recommend this company. The results are amazing!
Credit repair has make an improvement in my credit ina short time of being with them..
Credit Repair took my credit score from a 580 to 687 in less then 7 months .... 2 thumbs up Credit Repair .... Highly recommended
Solved my problem in 2 wks,best service i ever had
Cause i pay last year it came out my record and now it came back on my record so it seem like i paying for nothing that's not Wright
Great Service! You can trust they will have your back... I definitely recommend them!
It’s a bad experience and I feel like I always have to call to make sure things are being done.
Since I started with credit repair in November 27 until now 11 negative items have been removed off 3 credit bureaus
After a divorce .. Faced with bills and you thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel .. I hear a radio commercial about credit repair .com. Made a phone call -- explained the program Best decision I ever made. I'm living life and building my credit .. Thank you for changing my life
Customer service workers great and very helpful thanks
Not getting many deletions. Some of the challenges were sent by another company before we went with your company. I’m giving it a few more months to see what happens.
I'm just getting started but so far so good
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