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Auto Approve Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Auto Approve
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (763)200-4560
Overall average rating of 4.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 68 %
This was one of the most seamless, interactive and effective processes that I have gone through when looking for financing options. My rep, Conner, went above and beyond when working out different options to solving my needs. They had the best rates and terms that I could get anywhere else. I will be using them in the future for all my auto financing or refinancing needs. If you do not like shopping around and talking to rep after rep about your situation and want the best option, go with Auto Approve. Conner even made sure to have someone on standby when he was not in the office. This is a one stop shop and gets you the best rate and terms for your situation.
Great customer service. They answered quickly and thoroughly. You can communicate via phone call, text or email, whichever suites your needs best. Andrea Peterson was the one who assisted me. 5 stars for her hands down.
Do not buy a car at this place ..don't do it it was the worst mistake of my life the sales guys are just as unprofessional and getto.they lie and sell u a dream this place shouldn't be in business there just taking advantage of people don't do it to yourself
Very helpful throughout the whole process.
Very professional and polite. Smooth transition process.
Great customer service. Cynthia was fantastic. She even helped me getting a refund for my gap coverage. I will definitely use Auto Approve again.
Austin was wonderful and extremely helpful.
Have to admit I was a little apprehensive about refinancing through a non traditional brick n mortar bank, but I’m glad I did. Amanda at auto approve was fantastic. She explained the whole process thoroughly and was patient with my questions. She was able to shop around and get me a 2.99%apr through a credit union partnership which lowered my payment by nearly 100 bucks vs. the Ford financial interest rate. Bank of America didn’t even come close either. I don’t really care who gets the money as long as I get the best deal which auto approve negotiated. My initial loan was paid off quickly and I even got a partial payment refund from Ford. Will definitely use them again if we purchase another vehicle.
Cynthia was very helpful 10/10!
Auto approve is Perfect
Great experience. Accomplished what I wanted to!
the only thing I didn't like was that I was told I wouldn't have to make a payment for 45 days. it took so long to complete the transaction that I only had about a week before my payment was due. it would have been nice to have that 45 day break.
Just a little confusion on Correct milage on POA forms.
Average and they are just like everyone else. Once You get to the point of no return the friendship ends. Just ok service.
Chelsea was very responsive and awesome to work with!
Chelsea was exceptional! She was able to refi both of my vehicles with very pleasing interest rates. I have been recommending her to my family and friends. You can't go wrong.
So I was just looking for my options into refinancing and then they did a Hard Inquiry on my credit even though I didn’t choose to apply to them. They couldn’t even do anything about it. HORRIBLE COMPANY
Would have like a little higher rate and zero refinance fees, although service was great and very little hassle to complete transaction. Thanks
I had a very friendly agent contact me immediately and walk me through all of the steps necessary to secure a new loan. It took a few rounds of paperwork but I was always contacted quickly and attended to until the process was complete.
I really like the way they talk nice to me and they are really cordial with what they other words I like the way they handle business for the people they are representing. Regards, Edwin Deremer
Had two smooth transactions with auto approve, very easy to deal with.
I could not be more happy with the service they provided. My loan consultant Patti was very helpful. Great customer service and follow up.
Not completely upfront but in the end decent service.
Great experience working with this company. Process was quick and easy without issue. Thank you!
No one called me and told me my loan was paid off. Crazy communication from start to finish. Meaning I was told something different everytime you called. I was told not to make payment on my new car because loan would be paid off so I didn’t pay a payment this went on for the second payment to come around still not paid so I go into the bank begging Mgr not to charge me late fees made 2 payments. So at Christmas time on the 29th I got papers in the mail saying my car loan was due on the Dec 23rd about flipped out. Found out from credit union that loan was paid in November. So I made 2 payments that will need to be paid back. Still was never called that my loan was paid off . Had to keep faxing paper work go and get it signed by notory twice. This loan was night mare from hell from beginning to end. I will definitely not recommend this company to no one. Did not know what they were doing from beginning to end. Kept getting things I had to fill out on line and trying to email this back in some software they used was very difficult to use no one explained it just sent best of luck figuring this out. My God why I stayed with this company is far from me. 3 months has gone by from beginning of loan called me and said loan was paid off. when payment came due is how I found out. What a shame companies like this will not be in business at all long. After all this I found out they was using my credit union for this loan until I figured this out way to long to back out. I could have called my cred union and had this done myself crooked company.
I worked directly with Austin Scott at Auto Approve. He was very professional and responsive to my needs and questions. Of all the lenders that contacted me during my loan search, I found Austin to be very easy to deal with and trustworthy. I was able to reach him directly, when needed and he responded quickly to both voicemail and email. His instructions were clear, concise and easy to follow. He was very committed to helping get my deal done and definitely represented Auto Approve very well. If I have any future loan needs, I would not hesitate to reach out to Austin again. -- Dave
Austin Sells worked hard to get me a much lower payment on my new vehicle. After trying and failing with other organizations Auto Approve got me a great offer, and made the process as painless as possible. I highly recommend.
Communication about loan details and lender is good. Still somewhat difficult to get ahold of, over everything worked out
Pulled credit without permission by purchasing my info and permission via Lending Tree deceptively. Unacceptable practice by any lender.
Fantastic assistance!
Great experience with them, no problems, very smooth transaction
Fast process , professional, great communication, great customer service
Lender was unable to achieve financing with a decent credit score, decent income, loan to value about 110% on a two year old car. Lender did not call or email me back. Rude and unprofessional. If you think there is any reason you are not an extremely well qualified buyer, don't waste your time. They cannot cope with even the most minor of credit challenges
Streamline process, knowledgeable service, great experience. Highly recommended.
Andrea was a huge help! Every question I had, she would respond in a timely manner. She even brought my interest rate down and I'm getting money back!
It was a wonderful experience working with Auto Approve. James was fantastic and easily answered all our questions. There was no hassle or problems. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.
I had a great experience using Auto Approve. Austin Sells was very helpful and made me feel comfortable with the process the entire way. I highly recommend Auto Approve and Austin Sells for all your financial needs.
The customer service was great. Jake answered any and all questions and they got me a great rate for my refinance.
Excellent: fast and responsive. Trustworthy.
Great and fast service. Andrea Peterson was well informed and it was a pleasure to work with her. Fast approval. Recommended this company greatly
Kudos to Charles Widman!! He was excellent to work with. Very patient. Not pushy. Wanted to make sure I fully understood everything regarding the loan. Knowledgeable and professional. I discussed the move with my children and because of the information I had, it was an easy discussion. The change in interest with Auto Approve also allowed me to get an overall maintenance package. At this point, very pleased.
Great experience. I was able to complete the entire deal in a short amount of time and cut my interest rate nearly in half. Jordan was very helpful.
Exceptional customer service and speed in processing auto loans. Truly the best refinance company that I have ever worked with with regards to refinancing an auto loan. I would definitely work with Auto Approve again in the future. Thanks
Unbelievably easy and fast way to find the lowest rate auto loan around. My original loan was at 7.5% and they secured a 3.6% loan. My loan rep, Cynthia, was joy to work with and keep me informed every step of the way. I would recommend Auto Approve to everyone!
You guys are fantastic! Thanks for helping me get a affordable rate
Austin was very attentive emailing me back in hours for the refinance of our car. I’m assuming because he could not get the rate where we wanted it he just stopped communicating because he could not get the sale. At least let your clients know one way or another, no communication is bad practice.
Jason was great. Everything was seamless. Good job
Worked quickly and with great efficiency in terms of communication. Would definitely recommend and use again!
Excellent service all the way around! Would absolutely use them again!
I was referred to loan companies like lending tree who continued to shop around for better rates...they weren’t that much better and they added an extra grand to the total cost of my car. I should have stayed with capital one. I wouldn’t use this service again it wasn’t that helpful.
Messed up the title on my lease buyout. Would not recommend.
During the entire process i was told how much i was approved for. Never once was it revealed how much i would expect to get cashed out. I was under the impression that i was going to get the difference between the payoff and what i was approved for, however i was never notified of any fee on your part. Imagine my surprise when i only got a check for $22 instead of the over $400 i was expecting. Also, when i received the paperwork to sign, as i was scrolling through, you sent me paperwork for a man in LA. Blake pattridge. I'm sure mr pattridge would be excited to know that his personal information was sent to the wrong person. I have not yet decided if I should notify mr pattridge of this potentially detrimental mistake on your part. I'm still kind of stewing over the fact I had no idea your company was charging me $400. Perhaps I missed it on the paperwork because I was confused by a different persons info, but I just wanted the whole process to be over with. Had I known, I would have done the footwork myself and found a local credit union amd save myself $400.
Michael was able to lower my monthly payment significantly and get a much lower interest rate than what I was paying on my car refinance. The whole process was pain-free and very quick.
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