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iAdvance Now Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: iAdvance Now
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866-448-7628
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 88 %
They were able to set us up with Kabbage. Loved the ease of working with iAdvance Now.
I would like to thank and recommend Roni Miller and her assosociates for their determination to get me funded. I explained the reason I needed funding , and special circumstances that would affect the process, and she came through like she assured me she would. Thanks again Roni!
They were fairly fast approving us for the loan asked for but I feel their interest and fees a little too high,,not sure if we will go through them again,,other than that we had no problem. HG Farmers Feed
Michael Gold did a great job matching me with the right option for financing for my company. He was prompt, attentive and courteous. If you're like me and have a new business and need some financing fast, iadvance is the way to go
My agent Jay communicated very well with me and made the process quite easy. I appreciate the smoothness of getting the loan. Thank you!
So far, I would definitely use this company in the future
I have worked with Mario Laccera when I needed help to expand my small buisness. He has been exceptional. Iadvance is a great company to work with and employs great people.
Real easy to work with.
Steve was very professional, concerned about the privacy of my accounts and interested in long term outcomes for my company . Great experience
They are open and keep in touch for the most part. Not too pushy but in saying that. I was rushed by my rep and rushed through the process and missed the (payback). Watch them because their money is very very expensive, like in the 40's percent range. I took 30K it cost me 900 to get and 10K in fee's. My 30K is actually 40K now. Wont use them again ever..
The process was straight forward, although they took 15 days to process the application. The real issue is the cost of money. They approved me for $100k with a payback of $137k, but I would not actually get $100k, there were two different broker fees of $5k each, one to the actual lender and the second to iAdvance Now. Basically this is a $90k loan with a $137k payback, which is a 52.25% cost of money. This type of lending should be illegal.
Great communication. First advance co to actually do what they say. :) thanks Reggie and Al!
Everyone here helped me out and were super easy to work with and efficient. Steve went above and beyond and helped me get the best deal. He saved me from going elsewhere and paying more money. Thanks so much. Great team!!!
Using Advance Now was a very easy process. Advance Now is a very professional business. I applied on Monday and had answers and money within a few days. It is very easy process with no hassles!
the service from iAdvancenow was great. I got what I was looking for in a great matter of time.
Excellent customer service, very professional and understanding on any business funding.
Incredible customer service. Follow up was outstanding. iAdvance Now delivered for my business. A great partner in business. What to go iAdvance Now and my local rep Mario. Thank you again.
IAdvance Representative (Dave N.) was always professional and courteous through our transaction.
They did a most creditable job in quick time. As the process unfolded, the kept me informed the whole way. I appreciated it greatly. If they were closer, I would invite them to lunch with me paying! How about that!
I had some things working against me and Dave worked hard and quickly to get the me loan I asked for in the time frame I needed. It was not an easy loan to process.
Joe Ghafoori is a great person, very professional.
I know this team and would recommend them without hesitation.
My name is Casey Burket, owner of World Wide Windows, LLC in Salina, Kansas. I bought this 26 year old company in February of 2016. The former owner, who started it, made a very good product. I believe in it or I would not have bought this place. The thing is, as time went on, I discovered that this former owner who was a former accountant, really fudged some figures when I bought this place. The first two years were great but that was because I had my own money to keep things going. When we hit a wall, I was not sure what to do. Being an open heart patient, I am limited as to what I can do so I put everything I have into it. I have used some of these loan companies, and some were good some were not. I have to say that Kevin Pallonetti with iadvance is more than just professional. He is really one to fight for a person or small business that really believes they have something to fight for. He impressed me because I could hear, just over the telephone, his smile and loyalty and respect that he has for me. And I want everyone to know and, I hope he reads this, I want him to know the respect that I also have for him. I recommend him and this company to any true, legitimate small business that may need some help or in dire straits. When others would give me offers that did not seem smart to do, he went to the line for me. I look forward to have a working relationship with him. I also look forward to having a friendship with him also. Kevin, next time I'm back home in Pittsburgh, I'm going to try to get to Jersey and give you that hug. God Bless You! Your friend, Casey
iAdvance Now is a serious company that does what they promise you. Gregory Stevens helped us out and delivered capital like he promised. He gave us an offer based on our credit and told us he can get us up and running with capital by Friday of the week. Once we figured everything out our business capital was already with us the morning of Friday. I recommend this place to any business and small businesses looking for working capital to get them going. Amazing service by Gregory and the staff!
To much red tape.
Lauren was great to work with ! Funding went smooth and easy ... Funded quickly
Dave Nazaud has been an amazing liaison between the lenders and our company. I consider Dave a friend !! Will hire him if I could afford him to run my business !! Dave gets 10stars
Found the loan that we needed. It was funded quickly.
5 Stars isn’t enough here! I’ve worked with Lauren Smaragdas at iAdvancenow over the past few years. She has been outstanding getting my business the funds I’ve needed. She is excellent at what she does, very fast, very responsive, & as honest & professional as one could be. iAdvancenow is a great company & having Lauren there is their Ace at work..If you need cash for businesses expansion, or extra capital, she will make it happen & iAdvancenow will get u funded.10 stars across the board! Thanks again iAdvancenow, & Thank you very much Lauren!
IAdvance is one of the company that I can relay on for funding. When everything was against me. Banks turning me down and my business soon to make more money if I just purchase a new equipment. They where there to have my back. At first I refuse the funding my account manager Jarrett assure me that this was the best thing for me and surely it was. They offer me funding I could not turn down. Now moving forward my company is sure to strive. Thank for the funding. I will be sure to send referrals. Jarrett H. you are a hard working individual and I wish I had employee like you.
Mario and his team have been absolutely excellent! I have worked with him a couple times now over the last almost 2 years. One thing in particular I have appreciated is their very frank - upfront attitude. Very forthcoming with possibilities that can be done now and in the future. You really get the secure feeling that they are looking out for your interest, not just trying to get you to sign on the dotted line. I would highly recommend the iAdvance team to any company!!
This is the fifth time we have worked with Al and Dave over the past few years. They are on point with the documents requested and have promptly fulfilled our needs. It is a pleasure to work with professionals who know their industry. We would highly recommend iAdvance Now for your business needs.
Al's service is great, he's always very determined to make each transaction go well, we've done several deals together and I really like Al's attention to detail and concern for a positive outcome.
Joe Ghafoori is the best, he helped us with our loan process and tried always his best. When we had a question or concerns he answered the phone right away and was always very nice and gave our Company excellent customer service !! Thank so much Joe !!!
Absolute professionalism!
David Hutchinson is a SUPERSTAR!!! When it comes to being quick and efficient, this guy sets the standard. I am very impressed! Looking forward to many years of business with him.
Shane Robinson and his funding manager Dave were nothing but wonderful, helpful and very professional. Shane was pleasantly enthusiastic about my prospects and by jove they got it done! You guys are an asset to your company. Keep up the good work. Cheers!
Thorough and quick response. Yes, it is expensive, but serves a purpose in our business. Thanks guys!
I applied for business loan got approved in few days process was so simple 3 months business bank statements
Great service and super fast funding. Thank you,
Great service from the entire team from Shane, David and all the guys representing the direct lenders. From the time it took to answer some questions, provide a few docs, the whole process took only a week. I'm very impressed with their professionalism and their commitment to excellence.
Great job!!1
This was a very easy process and everyone was professional. I would recommend this company to others without hesitation.
Good customer service. Would have liked to funded sooner, but I wasn't aware of a couple of time sensitive things to do. Still overall good.
My Name is Alejandro Knight, and I own a Produce company in Texas, I was always Skeptical to this kind of loans, I finally decided to take a look at the options, The executive took me step by step and answered all my questions very clearly, that is important to me since I have no experience in Financial Programs, so what really amazed me is the honesty of the executive to truly give me the best option, not just going for the highest loan but the best loan in conditions and looking to settle a long term relationship with the bank. I encourage all small and medium size company owners to at least take a tour and listen to the options. Best regards to all!!!!
Affordable reliable & dependable. Melissa is highly recomended. Ethical & friendly.
Roger did an outstanding job with helping me get the info needed for me to get approved. I appreciate all he did for me.
The pure diligence and professional aptitude of Kevin Pallanetti was impeccable. I pray for a long lived relationship with IAdvance !!
Al is great and gives clear communication, they are a true lender that can offer terms others can't.
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