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RoadLoans Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: RoadLoans
Phone: (888) 276-7202
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 72 %
They worked to get all my paperwork situated......Great company and they are so respectful.....If the call disconnects, they call u back within a 2-minute time frame. The monthly notes are very reasonable......I thought it was a scam but it was actually not. I have a 2009 Pontiac G6 from Carmax, I had to put a 700.00 down payment and to show Carmax my voucher that came to my email.....
Great and fast response, I just would of liked atleast 1 representative to speak Spanish.
They are very lost. Rate was higher than originally quoted. When I called, staff was rude and was hard to reach my agent. If it wasnt for my agent, Antoine, I would never ever use this company ever again. They are lost and they can not even follow directions. They mailed the package to a house that has no mail service. I specifically asked them to add a mailing address multiple times and yet, it was not done. Till now, I have not received any docs from the new loan company as I bet they are sending everything to an address that doesnt get mail delivery. Just poor organization. Will not use again
Basically walk on the lot pick out a car of your choice and drive off the lot.
All in all I was pleased with the service that was provided. Customer service was very helpful. My only complaint was there was only one car lot in Columbus that would work with me with the standards that Roadloans expected. And that car lot only had one car available!! So I had no choice on what car i got.
Refinance approved, thanks so much. This is an opportunity for me to help my financial problems. It's not a great deal APR is high. But it's perfect for me. I am sincerely grateful. The people assisting me were very polite and professional. I'm not use to that type of treatment with my low credit rating. People treat you like you have the plague. Thanks again. God Bless your company's success.
I suffered from bad credit from a bad divorce and found it hard to get financing without putting a lot of money down. Roadloans gave me a choice of little down. Now I purchased my car through Carmax with zero problem!!!! Straight forward no hidden language. Will use them again.
I have a great appreciation of the friendliness and professional spirt of all the people I have dealt with during my time with ROADLOANS
I was able to obtain the loan easily, however, I am yet to receive loan documentation after almost a month after car purchase. I have no access to my payments, due dates, or any type of information. I called and inquired, however, I was told I should receive soon.. nothing yet.
Thank you RoadLoans for being there when I needed a great car loan. I even got a better interest rate than first anticipated.
Everything worked out step by step. No problems.
Quick approval! Interest a bit high but that's expected. Very easy to use!!
No issues with Road Loans to date.
I walked into carmax at about 5:15, I test drove the car I picked out and reserved online. By 7:30 I drove off in my car! I am driving and have reliable transportation. I am grateful for roadloans❤️
Quick, easy, and helpful! It was my first experience and I was able to get my goal accomplished, getting a car!
I got approved easily and was in my new car within a week.
Lost out on 2 other cars because it really takes over 20+ days to get it done. Not many people want to wait for you that long when selling. You have to send in your paperwork the seller sends in there paperwork then you have to get the car an inspection with their company then when that parts done you wait over a week for the check then another week for the plates. By the time it was done I had to make a payment in 2 days after I finally got the car
I was completely shocked at how easy this process was. I did not have any problems with Roadloans or at CarMax. I have less than perfect credit but roadloans helped me tremendously. I have recommended Roadloans to family and friends. I am pleased with my vehicle. Still cant believe I have a new car. I would use Roadloans again in a heartbeat.
I was approved and in my new car in two weeks. Roadloans was a great experience and I already referred some friends and family
My experience was wonderful. I needed a little more money for the car and you guys didnt bat an eye. You guys are great
When I got the email stating that I was approved, the process was quick and easy. Within a week, I had my refinance and my payments got lowered which made things easier with my other monthly bills.
Dealer origination costs were prohibitive, and it took far too long for the paperwork to be done.
Great service would be better if you could have phone conversation rather than email,s only.
Great fast approval
Hello, my name is Edward Barnes, , being in my positon, bad credit score, many of time trying , and then a company likes this taking a chance on myself. I Thank God for this Company. no-one could ask for a better place, then Roadloan.
My credit was pretty damaged and everywhere else I went either made it impossible or tried to put me into a vehicle of their choice. I applied through roadloans and got an approval within minutes. The process at dealership was hassle free as well! I would recommend roadloans to everyone!!!! Thanks Roadloand
Roadloans was extremely easy to work with and treated me with respect. I am grateful for their help in lending when I needed it the most. Thank you!
I was so happy with the experience Until the vehicle broke down 2 days later I called The dealer and they drag their feet so I called the Lender and they said it was nothing they could do .after waiting years, Iwould have thought they would have stop payment on the check or something .being disable is hard enough then to deal with these type of problems So now on back on foot Patrol and no one will help me Because of a voluntary repo I have numerous receipts on a vehicle that went up into the thousands And they did not have my back be sure to not leave any stone on turn and ask a truck load of questions Now I have to try to find a way to start all over again And being disable that ain't easy
I have some credit issues as well as a mis-reported auto loan that still shows as "open" on my credit report. My credit score is in the low-to-mid 500s. While shopping for cars, I noticed that most finance companies wanted a down payment between $2,500 and $5,000 due to my credit with an interest rate in the 20-23% range. Aware of my score, I know that higher interest rates are almost unavoidable, but I searched the internet to see if there was another way. Road Loans approved me within the first day for a $17K car requiring only a $600 down payment. My interest rate is 18% (as expected with my low credit score), but my payments are affordable, and I love my car. The RoadLoans process was painless. I'm very grateful to RoadLoans for giving me the second chance we all deserve. Thanks, RoadLoans!
Got the approval. Pretty low down payment and rate was better than the last car I purchased with my horrible credit. Took the voucher straight to carmax and they had me in and out in about 2 hours. Now I have a 2015 with low mileage and all the features I wanted. EASIEST PROCESS!!!!
Hello Road Loans, I was totally screwd over by you & Carmax. When I am done with both of you, you will wish to God you never heard of me. As far as I am concerned both of you are SCANDALOUS COMPANIES & SOMEONE NEEDS TO TAKE YOU DOWN. YOU & CAR MAX. YOU PEOPLE PUT A DISABLED MAN ON THE STREET. EVER HEARD OF THE AMERICAN DISABILITIES ACT? Well between them & the BUREAU OF AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR YOU BOTH ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE. GOOD BYE. Oh bye the way. Your grade if FFFFFF.
Is amazing how fast they approved and a goog deal. Thanks
Experienced the best from all car financing
This is probably the best experience I’ve had in a long time. Everyone was so pleasant and really wanted to help me get my car. Thanks Roadloans
When no one else would give me a chance to prove myself and build my credit up. RoadLoans gave me the opportunity to do just tha, and becaise of that I was able to get my favorite car again. I have recommended RoadLoans to coworkers and friends. Thanks for everything
First said I was approved for a loan using my credit line, and when I ask to pick it up they said I was declined. Leading me on to sell my car for the loan but now I don't have a car or a loan. So now I'm completely out of luck for everything. Thank you guys for scamming me over hard. Don't even try roadloans completely false advertising. They'll straight up lie to you. This is the second time roadloans has done this to me. Avoid them at all cost
There is ONE thing you could do better. Since you are attached to Chrysler you should be able to tell customers if their leases with Chrysler are paid off when the RoadLoan financing is approved. That way the customer does not have to worry about late charges and hits to his/her credit report.
Road loans was right on time, everything done on their end was timely, they set up my appointment at the dealer ship, it fast , smooth, and a great buying experience
They were fast, easy to work with and very helpful. They had my loan processed in record time and I got a great deal. I would recommend them to anyone I know that either needed a new car loan or a refinance. This is the place to go!
Really easy getting approval but once I got the car no one from roadloans called me to let me know when my payments were due of where I should contact them. I had called multiple departments to find where I needed to go to find out what my payment was.
I didn't know I was approved until it was almost expired. Went to dealership (Carmax) in Tampa. Excellent customer service. Mike Stoppa was awesome as well as Roadloans. My application was extended
My credit was bad but I got a great up to date car , very low deposit and affordable monthly payments.!!
The staff member I have spoken with have been very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks.
Applying online was very fast and easy, I was given an answer within 2 minutes and was given 3 loan options to choose from and once I decided which one would work best for me I had received the loan documents by email in a matter of 4 minutes at most, also a customer service representative called me in the first 15 minutes after I was approved to go over the loan details and to answer any questions I might of had. I would definitely recommend RoadLoans to all my family and friends that are in the market for a new/used vehicle, the process is so very quick and easy and very well deserving of 5 stars given!
Excellent team! Worked with me to get my loan finalized! Highly recommend this company! Thank you RoadLoans!
Roadloans was quick and trouble free.I would recommend them to anyone with bad credit.
It's was a great experience and there was no hassle
It was really good, Rachel from road loans helped me out and made sure I understood everything right.
Created account on the web page save it in my browser now it says my account don't exist
Excellent best service ever
Funding was easy.
This was a seamless process that was skeptical of doing at first because of my luck. But, I went on the RoadLoans website and provided all the necessary information (name, income, SS#, inc) and they provided three different offers, which was reasonable. So after reviewing the loans on the website and many people having success with using CarMax, I went and got a car with them. I went down there with the mindset that this is going to be another scam and RoadLoans is going to throw me through hoops to get financing (yes I do I have trust issues with financing companies). The customer service there was amazing and I had a salesman name Stan and he made the process even better by calling me and updating me on everything, whether it was with the loan or the status of the delivery for the car(s). The process was actually pretty quick in terms of my experience of waiting and waiting to get paperwork processed. So after having Carmax ship a couple of cars from surrounding CarMax dealership, I got a 2013 Honda Accord Sport and it is amazing. Gas mileage and performance is what to expected by Honda. The one thing I did like about Roadloans is that when you print out the packet, it shows the required stipulations right up front that will be needed in order to get the loan. I have been financed before through other companies that ask you for a document one day and turn around and ask you for three more the next day which is annoying.
I recently applied to road loans for a car loan. I am currently 13 months into an active chapter 13. They state that they give loans to persons who are active in chapter 13. It is a lie. I have applied twice and I have been unsuccessful and denied both times. My credit scores are 571 and 669. The first time they stated I hadn't been in the bankruptcy for a year when I had. And then they send me information saying that I have a judgment and collector for the denial. Well that not true. All of my bills are being paid through the chapter 13 on time.
At a time in our lives where our credit score wasn't great, Road Loans tooks a chance. The interest rate was high, but not gauging; it was fair for our situation. I fully plan on using them in the future if/when necessary. Customer service was above par and speed was like lightning.
Stay away! Dishonest comapny & frauds! Never applied a loan from them and they stole my info last 4 of my ss number and did a hard inquiry on my credit report. I called this company to find out why and they tried to blame Lending Tree so I called Lending Tree and they said they didn't do it either as I have never applied for auto loan recommendations through them and the person from Lending Tree admitted this wasn't the first time this has happened with this company. I will be contacting Experian for fraud on my account and filing a complaint with the BBB. From reading other reviews looks like I am not the only one they are stealing info on and doing hard inquires.
Be warned: I just applied for a loan. 6 figures. 760 FICO score. Credit union gave me 4%apr. road loans quoted me 13% for 72 months. With the same credit profile. So I asked why the high interest rate? The reps say my credit profile gets input into a system and it spits out the rates. Wow! I have a friend that has a 580 FICO score and makes 45k. He currently has loan from Roadloans. Guess what’s his interest rate? 8% for 72 months. So based on credit profile. I should have stated I make 45k annually. The last rep I talked with hung the phone up in my face. The online chat person is of no help. No one would let me talk to a manager. While on the phone with last operator I heard people laughing in the background. So unfortunate “Roadloans” that you would treat a prospective customer that way.
Roadloans are great
Very pleasant experience. Interest was a little higher than other lenders....however I was allowed to keep my other car so I choose Road loans since this was the only lendER that allowed that option.
I was told my interest rate would be lowered, it was not and the offer I received wanted me to start another 5 years paying for a car I have been paying on for over a year which was not a good credit or financial decision. Also my information as shared with other auto and warranty companies; I did not want that nor did I expect that my information would be shared. I thought I was dealing with one company exclusively. -Very disappointed
Great company! feel very fortunate I found it.
Very convenient for requesting (pre) approval. Instant response was amazing. The entire process was awesome!. Thank you for the financing options
they say the finance people with bad or no credit but it seams that you have bad credit or no credit they still would deny you or make you pay a large down payment
The process was easy I wish you could go to other car lots but I love CarMax so there was really no issue using them. I only had one issue with the application was told by numerous reps that the interest rate offered was based off of the total amount that the loan was approved more and that it could go down if the full amount was not used...YEAH THAT NEVER HAPPENED
It was truly a seamless process within 24 hours i was in my new car. Took my approval to Car Max and had my keys......literally was that easy. For some reason i thougjt it wa going to be a little more complex. ..i would definitely recommend Road Loans...
I was able to get approved quickly and easily and there were no hidden fee's or issues. I had issues on my end with the seller and Roadloans was patient and very easy to talk to. I had a "real person" who handled my loan and I could call or email anytime and got responses fast. I would use Roadloans again without any hesitancy!
Could not have been better. Great people!
I came back from vacation to a car that had broken down. Not having the funds or the greatest credit Roadloans was able to get me in to a very nice vehicle for a mere $250 no paystubs verifications NOTHING, (Of course because of my financial situation and my credit my payments are a little higher and I have a high interest-rate), nevertheless I’m extremely greatful to have gotten in to a car so quickly and not just in any car a 2017 with low miles!
the whole process easy
Such an easy proccess! I was given the best loan offer, beating all the dealerships! Thank you! !!
They were prompt and provided everything upon approval and when I went to CarMax to purchase the vehicle.
RoadLoans was very helpful with my auto financing. I chose to buy my vehicle at the end of my lease agreement and they walked me through everything that I needed to do to complete the process. They answered all of my questions and did so with the utmost professionalism. I'm very pleased with the service they provided me.
Right to the point !! Gave me power to deal with the car dealers !!! Easiest vehicle I ever brought !! Thanks RoadLoans !!
I had very good credit not long ago, and I know what it's like to be treated with the utmost respect that is given to a customer with such credentials. Roadloans treated me that exact way though I'm struggling to rebuild my credit. Thanks Roadloans.
I had an unusual financial situation, but Road Loans worked with me to make sure I could get the car I needed.
While this was my first new car buying experience, I must say that Roadloans did an amazing job. The entire process was beyond anything that I could have dreamed of.
I would definitely choose Roadloans for your auto refinance. They were fast, easy and they stick with you all the way through the process. I would choose them again in a minute.
Sketchy at best. was approved for a dealer loan that expired before I could find a Dealer that would accept it. No problem, was told that I just need to re-apply. BAM... DENIED... HIT ON MY CREDIT. One week later I get an email to try again... Reluctantly and stupidly on my part I did.... again denied and a hit to my credit... What the heck, I am accept then hung out to dry... No ROADLOANS never again
It was fast, easy and enjoyable. Car shopping was so simple.
The application, approval and car buying process was very simple and straight forward. It was a real joy doing business with Road Loans!
Excellent and professional customer service, will recommend it to anyone thinking about buying a car
Fast easy and quick
Easy! 1, 2, 3 Drive.
Thanks to our very patient and kind rep,everything went quick and smooth. Pleasure dealing with her. Thanks again
Customer Service was very helpful very friendly. Print your contract send in the paperwork receive a phone call and refinance is approved.
RoadLoan helped me when I tried to get a lian elsewhere. They even gave me 3 choices whenever they gave me my loan agreement. It was quick and Carmax was very helpful and didn't just try to sell me any car. I would be very happy to recommend RoadLoan to anyone that cannot get a loan thru their bank . Thank you RoadLoan
I had a good experience with RoadLoans. They were there for me when I need the help>..
I had the best experience dealing with Roadloans and CarMax
I had a great exp from road loans.
To much red tape
We were looking into getting our 2010 refinanced to lower payments..Internet searching took us to RoadLoans..The Application was so easy and the Results came up almost immediately. . Which gave us additional options of Terms..another great Thing!..As we submitted our paperwork..Service was Friendly and The process was Fast. .We are extremely Happy . I would recommend RoadLoans to my friends. THANKS. PR
I had a great experience with roadloan. I would recommend anyone that have credit issues to roadloan.
OK, so Maegan, my rep was warm, compassionate and worked with me though every step of the lending process. She called and emailed me many times during the process and kept me informed of how things were moving along. I enjoyed working with her and hope everyone has her to work with. She was a class act. 5 stars!!! A++++ Outside her control was after my mailing all the necessary documents to the main office. They kicked back my power of attorney 3 times for reasons that were never officially documented saying documents did not match, numbers inaccurate, even though my copies were matching, and signed by an official notary by the state. I had back up copies to indicate these efforts and transactions. After 3 trips to the notary, it was finally acceptable. The office handling this never left any messages, only very uninformed emails to my address, and phone calls with no messages left on my voice mail during business hours where I was unable to answer the phone. I would give 5 stars to Maegan, she was fantastic, but 2 stars to the process afterwards, outside her control. is an Awesome company for a first time buyer. I have recommended them to a few of our friends
No problem. No hassel. Car loan company.
Quick response to request and easy completion of loan,
RoadLoans has been a great necessity in my financial recovery & come back from going through a divorce and unemployment 2 years ago, I now have a great job and getting rid of debt, RoadLoans has played a big part on reducing my monthly expenses. The process was straight forward and quick!
They were great the process was fast and easy .
Very easy process. No problem from start to finish.
was good and easy..... only issue I have is I ahev a second car coming off lease I want to finance and I was told given it was an ally lease you couldn't help me at this point.
From the start to the closing of my loan, the Road Loan Team was very helpful at every stage. The agents are very professional and treat you with genuine concern. They help to alleviate the stress and financial pressure that normally come with the process of loan acquisition. Bottom line, they help to make your life easier. I will not hesitate to recommend Road Loan to anyone, especially those that are currently dissatisfied with their Lenders.
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