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Hometap Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Hometap
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 80 %
The money can be expensive, about as high as credit cards, but the principal and interest comes from the pile of money when you sell your house (or refinance) it's like borrowing from future self...
Working with Dan on my Hometap made the experience a breeze. It felt like a tap dance all the way to the finish line. He was very clear on his communication and explanations. It really couldn't have been a better finish. They closed when they said they would and followed through on all they said. He didn't yank my chain! I only wished I owned two homes so I could be fully tapped out!
The team at Hometap was super responsive and great to work with!
You need to be clear and transparent with all requirements during the application process. For instance in my situation the email said one thing while the outcome was completely different
I was relieved to find a company that could help me keep my house. I had bad credit card debt and I’m disabled so my income is too low for refinancing or loans. I couldn’t file bankruptcy because of my home equity but had no way to access it. I lost 26% of my home but at least I still have my home and don’t have to sell my house. I’m so grateful this company was able to help me stay in my home. I was very disappointed with the appraisal but it was a third party so nothing Hometap could do.
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