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Always Money Finance Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Always Money Finance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 855-462-5929
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 83 %
They are Truly Wonderful
I love no problem with you all the ladies that wait on me are real nice
It was extremely hard to cash the check that was sent to me in the mail. I had to verify a code before I could cash it. There was a number you had to call to get the code, and each time I would call I would be placed on an extremely long hold. Several times, I asked to be called back so I wouldn't have to wait in line, but no one ever called. Finally, I got the check cashed. When my first payment came due, I informed the representative that my pay day was coming up that week and she really hounded me about the payment. She even said well you need to pay two payments if this is how it's going to be because you do not need to be late on this loan. Sometimes it's not what you say, it's how you say it. I work in collections and I would never use the tone of voice that she used with me and made me feel horrible about being late. As soon as I get my taxes I am paying this loan off and asking them to put me on a Non-solicitation list. I will struggle before I ask them for help again.
I would recommend this to anyone. Fast and friendly service.
The women at the store I go to, are beyond amazing!!!! They have the best customer service and they connect with their clients on various levels!!!!
I had got a loan for a current amount then whe. I went and paid it off to renew was told i couldnt get the same amount again because of my banks name buy that shouldn't matter. I ama good customer that what should matter..
I would highly recommend this company.
They help me in needs and very friendly.they are the best.when ever i need money..always money is their for me.I have family and friends. Thank you. Always money..
Great experience all around
Wonferful ladies at the office i use in seneca sc
It was the best experience
I was worried I wouldn't get approved due to strictly online banking and lack of a utility bill with my address on it, as others denied me. All the staff was very professional and kind. They did not hesitate like other places. They did not invade my privacy by calling my references prior to getting my payday loan. My references were strictly in the instance of default. Thank you Always Money for being a wonderful company that respects privacy and understands some times we need a little help before payday without question and judgment unlike other companies.
Been at the same credit limit for a year current on my payments but no credit increase
I have a very good experience with always money. I didn,t have to wait a long time to get my loan. I gave you four stars because I feel like you are a good company.
Jasper Alabama store is awesome! Always friendly, prompt service.
They were very nice and friendly. Experience was good. Would highly recommend this always money.
they are great ladies in the office
Good place thank u
They have always been kind, professional and easy to do business with. Thank you for your assistance whenever I've needed it.
They harassed me each month when I told them the same exact day of each month I would pay.
Great people and company
First time I called, I asked many questions and they were able to answer each one of them without missing a beat!! The manager is very sweet and always smiling. It made my business with them a very pleasant experience.
Love this place very helpful when I need extra cash friendly folks with a welcoming environment I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone.
would recommend this company to anyone.
The ladies that work at Always Money in Cullman are very professional and always willing to help the customers find the best loan option that fits their particular need.
Online, I was approved for $460, not pre approved, but approved. Only to get to the store and find out I was only approved for $150. I had the same proof of income used online. Nothing different.
Staff is always so nice and helpful .. when I get in a cash bind I will always come see them ..
Professional and friendly staff my loan process was a breeze and the offer came at a much needed time. Thank you Always Money and Shaneka
Customer service needs improvement/unacceptable experience!!
I’m not what you would call the most punctual borrower. With that being said they’ve always worked with me cause they understand my work/income situation and have always helped me when I needed them the most!!
The customer service people are rude rude and rude !! I wished that I had never gotten a loan from this company and I will be very happy when I am able to pay them in full. I will never borrow from them again.
very nice to work always understanding
The staff is always friendly, they ask about how you are doing, etc. The office is always clean and tidy.ive used them many times over the last year and have never had a bad experience!
Very good experience, the young lady was pleasure to work with.
Great people great deals
Awesome service at schillingers branch in mobile AL
Great customer service, would recommend to anyone. Cullman Alabama office staff is wonderful!
The manager is great: easygoing, understanding and always provides great customer service!
I needed cash for an unexpected expense and decided to apply at Always Money. Almir was absolutely the kindest lady to help me. She treated me with total respect. In a matter of minutes, I was approved and my worries were over. Thank you for being there for my emergency.
Very friendly people a great place to get the extra help you need until next payday
Always receive great customer service!!
It was simple
This review does not reflect on the customer service. This was for the fees. Way too steep. But the professional smiling faces keep us coming back.
Great service, great people always there to help anyway they can!
I love this place everyone is friendly
They always find a way to get you money...we have done business with them a year are so....The one in Talladega are exspecially nice . Ms cindy an Meg good people
Great personality and nice!! Always smile
The reps are always courteous and professional every time they see me. And they makes me feel welcomed because they always greet me by my name. I love this company.
Very friendly, compassionate about your needs, never judge mental about your situation, warm, welcoming, and outstanding customer service skills. I would recommend this place to anyone who would asked about money lending stores. This is a difficult discussion for some people to allow others to know about their financial problems but to anyone who is willing to ask if I have ever use one my reply will be “yes Always Money is the best”!
Great Professional business
Good nice people:)
Friendly and nice and I will refer my friends to you all and thanks for you business
Very pleasant experience! Daphne was great and easy to work with when we needed Always Money’s services. Thank you!
Fast and easy! Great Product!
Helpful staff, fast service, found ways to help.
I paid a payment and got a hand written reciept. Payment due was 90 but i paid 300. She wrote 90 on reciept and drew a line through 90 then wrote in 300. I hope they enter into computer the correct payment of 300.
Always courteous
They are always very nice. They are there to help you also.
I love always money the are very polite and help you when your in need. I will refer them to everyone cause they are the best.
This company was great!! The staff very helpful and showed outstanding customer service. Very caring & understanding that ppl sometimes have financial hardships. Thank you for great service& Ill recommend this company to others.
The office staff is always courteous and professional. They are always willing to help and will figure out the best possible option for you based upon your income and debt ratio. I will certainly recommend anyone to Always Money. Thank you for making it easy for those of us that have difficult problems receiving money when needed.
The employee are very professional and they get the job done and they all way ask do u want to apply for a loan
The employee was very nice and helped alot with my title loan. I would recommend y'all to anyone that needs a title. Thank you so much for having such excellent service
Chris, the manager, is the most amazing, compassionate, friendly, and trustworthy person! He truly made a hard time turn into a pleasant experience! The store is so clean and feels very inviting.
this was the fastest loan I have ever received look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Always been there when i need money
Fast, efficient, friendly, courteous and fast.
The staff is courteous and effecient. They care about the best option for my individual needs. The process was smooth and they didnt make me feel inadequate for having to borrow money.
Tamara went above and beyond for me!
The ladies in there are always so nice!
Very kind explained in detail for every payment
The lady I worked with was great!! She was knowledgeable and very polite and professional all at the same time of giving me the feeling of actually being part of my family and life!!
I love these people and I thank God for people with helping souls
Always awesome service!
Great customer service and friendly staff!
Interest rate way to high I got a loan $600 Told me I will have to pay almost 200 back in interest so that would be 800 this is crazy
Every thing went great
Nice friendly fast. Got the money I needed.
Just not really friendly at the cullman store. Acts like it's a effort to help you!! I paid off my loan and you would think they would won't me to keep it, the lady said if you need us call! Not thank you and so glad we had a customer like you made ever payment on time no late charges!!! Will not be back!!
The staff makes the company. They are always pleasant, understanding and courteous.
Mrs.gwen is a great person. She has always assisted me with any questions or concerns I’ve had. Never had a problem and would recommend them to anyone looking for a payday loan or any loan in general. Thanks
Quick fast friendly service
Whenever an unforseen interference comes in my life, it seems like always money know about it. The Courtsey check that arrives pull me out of the situation quickly. I appreciate the ease of navigating on my computer in praying my monthly note.
The ladies are always nice and helpful. I really needed assistance and they came through for me. And I thank them.
I've had great experience with always money
this is the greatest group of caring people; i always feel valued as a customer - no matter what
you guys are awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome Phyllis
Thay all way nice to me even if payments late.thay call me to see anything thay can do to help
I had issues with the new employee at the office. Understandably she was trying to follow the rules and get what is required to reborrow. However, everything she asked for I already provided earlier this year and I was in a hurry and my grumpy toddler with me. I asked if I could borrow and bring back a copy of my bank statement after I deposited. My bank is 1/2 a mile from the office! She was very strict and not a bit empathetic while I was dealing with very time sensitive things. If it was my first time there, I would totally understand but I have been a customer for years. The ladies prior to her were so friendly, sweet and made it a comfortable atmosphere, all while making sure to ask/collect what they needed. All she told me is the previous employees left a mess and how awful it was. I know for a fact they placed my current info in my file. Not to sound paranoid but something fishy is going on...
Always there when I need to borrow money, great experience every time I go, thank you
They have all been very good whenever I have gone.
Great loan company. Rates are fair and getting your money was really quick.
Nice and they were helpful experience good work
Love the ladies that work at our local store always sweet polite and make me smile they are such a great place to deal with in and out service
Great customer service at Bessemer location
The ladies that work the Huntaville location are always pleasant and straight forward! I enjoy doing business with them.
My experience with ALWAYSMONEY. Has been great for me, Very easy & Fast.
great job you really helped out
They are very helpful, when you need them.
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