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Fundbox Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Fundbox
Email: [email protected]
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 93 %
Fundbox is easy to use and very convenient.
Best service ever thank you...!
They are awesome!
I love fundbox......great company
The fees are reasonable, the money is fast, and they regularly review your account to increase your credit limit based on the invoices going through the system.
QUick easy process. This will help when I am in a pinch waiting for customers to pay.
money always on time, great customer service when i call, just awesome and helpful for my business.
I had set up Fundbox some time back and honestly forgot about it as my company was not given much of a credit line at first. But they called and walked me through how to use and increase the amount. I will see how much it increases, but so far it is so simple and easy to use.
I have used FundBox (cleared four invoices to date) and have been very pleased with their ease of use, quick turnaround (deposits within 2 days) and their communications. When I get the repayment reminder email, I simply click the link (log into my dashboard) and confirm the amounts they have scheduled for repayment are correct and do very little more. I wish I had more people to recommend FundBox to.
So FAr Very Pleased !
Great Easy Funding
I've worked with Factors and small business loan companies in the past, but nothing compares to Fundbox. Funds arrive quickly -- just when we need them -- yet their focus on funding only around your outstanding invoices keeps you out of trouble. You only borrow what your cash flow indicates you can support. Their fees are also incredibly transparent. No other lender gives you this much information upfront to make an informed decision!
Quick transfer and friendly
Greatest invoice loan company of them all they have the lowest interest rate with no big credit for small businesses. You dont need to be making hundreds of thousands to get a loan just as litter as $100.00 invoice to get a loan. They give a bigger credit line as you go a lone paying them back them back on time. I started off with a $500.00 credit line and now I up with a $2000.00 line which I can paid my main bill to stay open like phone service, rent and keep small parts on my truck.
A great idea to help small business owners get paid faster and keep the business running.
Running a small business and NET30 to NET60 is killing cash-flow? Use Fundbox! They are the reason my business can grow and I am grateful for their service. Pricing is fair. Service is excellent. They recognize that the usual bank credit checks do not represent your ability to succeed in business. I usually don't bother with reviews, but Fundbox is a true win-win and please, do not hesitate to give them a try. I think they are awesome.
Fundbox has been a great help bridging the gaps until customers pay their invoices. I always get prompt response with customer service. I like that you can pay off invoices any time and not have to pay the remaining interest. I also like being able to pay off invoices with a debit / credit card any time and get immediate available credit on your account with no added fees. I highly recommend Fund box for any business and will continue to refer Fundbox to other businesses. Mark- Core Interactive Group, Clearwater, Florida
Fundbox has been able to help my business when other services couldn't and is always quick to respond, easy to work with, and reliable in their funding! Most recently, Annie helped me get my credit limit increased and every time I call the whole team is helpful and friendly.
Good when it is needed
Fundbox has been there when we need it. We were not forced to take more than we needed. Thanks
Fundbox is great. Being able to get an advance with our paperwork is wonderful. Has pulled me out of hot water many times! For the amount of money they charge( which is not much) , the convenience and not having to do any paperwork is excellent!
I enjoy being able to borrow the money needed; however, the credit limit is substantially lower than necessary for most businesses.
helpful when you are waiting for clients to pay you
Excellent TY!
Great customer service ! Highly recommended
very good for business.
When some clients take a while to pay, Fundbox helps close the gap.
Great service and affordable for small business.
The process was very simple and so fast, then you can definitely see Fundbox is in the market willing to help small business. Excellent experience.
i like work with them>
easy process. great service!
Fundbox has made the experience as easy as possible.
Simple and easy they have helped me out a lot.
You have a great service here! Thanx so much.
Fair and simple process, easiest I have seen.
Very easy to use. Quick funding. Perfect for a little extra cash flow in busy times.
For the most part it is great. The first time I used it I had a problem getting the money when it said I would receive it. In fact, I was scheduled to make my first payment before I even received the money. It ended up being a week later than scheduled. Things I don't like are that they want payment a week later. Isn't the whole point of Fundbox due to the fact that I don't have money. I mean, this really is an online Payday Loans and making payments back using the money they just gave kind of sucks. I wish there was a way to defer money until the invoice that the fund was against has been paid. Also, there is no way to know the status of funding. So if you request funds, you just have to wait and hope it gets in your account by the time you need it. Other than that, it does what it says.
It has really help me out as a small business ower I would recomend this.
These guys are AWESOME. Far better than Kabbage or any of the other lenders I have done business with and/or looked into. Terms and Conditions are straightforward and easy to understand and they proactively bump up credit limit based on good payment history, which is a nice surprise! Nothing but great things to say about Fundbox and they are my #1 funding choice!
Great service for growing companies looking to find a way to push through late payments and down times if they encounter them.
Always ready when we are.
I love Fundbox the guys are amazing, very easy to apply and fast decision, I didn’t think I would get approved for the line of credit and these guys approved me for 9k wow. Thanks Fundbox.
Easy to use and monitor
Thank you Fundbox !!!
Executes Well, Comes in Handy as a business cash flow while waiting on receivables. Easy to pay back with savings on fees.
Fundbox has been a Godsend for me. No Hassles, low-complexity, high reliability process. I love it and recommend it wholeheartedly.
I would recommend choices for payback terms, e.g., shorter payback periods for lower rates and choices other than weekly payback.
Sharona was very responsive and quickly resolved my issue. Thank you!
Easy and reasonable if you need a fast cash injection.
Great system we can stay on top of things and get money when is needed to take care of the business!
When my cash flow is struggling, I never have to worry ever again thanks to Fundbox!!! I am able to get the money I need to place the orders and get the orders out faster! Thank you FUNDBOX
This is great! Love it!!
Helped my business out when we were in a slow season. Great little loan to help perk things back up!
Fundbox made adding additional business capital easy.
I am new to Funbox. I used Fundbox to get funds in my business account to pay the heavy payroll for the holidays. I knew that I would be paying back the loan from Funbox within a short period of time. What I didn't know is that if you make a partial payment weeks are grouped together and you are locked into paying for those weeks. I had to borrow money for 5 weeks total. Unfortunately, I made a partial payment after borrowing the money for 2 weeks. This hurt me. It ended up locking me into paying for 11 weeks of fees. I had no idea that paying back a partial payment on a loan would hurt me. I ended up paying more than double the fees I should have paid. I paid back the total amount in 5 weeks, but had to pay 11 weeks in fees because I paid a partial payment after 2 weeks. The really bad thing is that when I called the staff told me that "it never hurts you to make payment early". When I complained that I was paying 11 weeks of fees instead of 5 weeks Fundbox offered me a $100 coupon, but I will not need this until around the holiday's next year if there is not enough money to clear payroll in my business account. The fact that Fundbox did not take into consideration that I only borrowed the money for 5 weeks and held me accountable for the full 11 weeks of fees is wrong. I didn't borrow the money for 11 weeks, so why do I owe for the extra weeks? I had no idea that paying partial payment would hurt me. This cost me $282.48 extra in fees. That's a good amount of money to feel that I was not informed properly and that paying for more weeks than I actually borrowed the money for is wrong. Fundbox should only charge me for the 5 weeks in fees that I actually borrowed the money for. The lesson is that paying partial payment does not help at all! It looks you into paying for all of the weeks you group together. So don't make any partial payment to Fundbox. It only helps if you can pay the full amount due early.
An easy to use financing platform for small businesses.
Easiest way to get a line of credit and pay back. Direct payment from the bank makes this so easy. Glad I have this line of credit.
The interest rates are very reasonable! I've had no issues with Fundbox. I would recommend them to other small business.
Fundbox is the most wonderful thing in my bumpy freelance life. Some of my clients are prompt payers, but others, not so much. Fundbox covers those occasional dips in the road with a sturdy little bridge that keeps my financial traffic moving smoothly. Thanks sooooo much, Fundbox!
So far so good!
Being a small business we have always struggled with getting paid within 30 days. The bills still kept coming but the funds would not come in. Fundbox has helped me to get the finance that I need in order to keep my business going until the funds come in. Thank you for all that you guys do to help my small business Thriving like a million dollar company.
awsome great way to manage loan
Really helps with accounts receivable ty
I was unsure at first found it easy to use and was able to pay of early to keep my costs down with no problems.
abut as good & easy as it gets. nice and simple repayment terms with no hidden fees. doesn't get much better than this!!
Great business solution, 10 stars
This was the most wonderful experience obtaining a loan. Fundbox is so fast and efficient, no drama...
A very smooth process!
Fast and simple. Very helpful and friendly to speak with.
Fundbox came through for me when nobody else would they allow me to take out a loan and make a profit for a holiday sale with my business and I can pay off that loan and increased opportunities to get more loans in the future
Can't up the amount only a set amount
I enjoy the ability to part of the Fundbox clientel'.
Fundbox is easy and helpful. It's a convenent easy way to bridge the gap between customer payments.
the most helpful funding solution iv ever used.
I have had nothing but good experiences with Fundbox. Very helpful and easy terms. I would highly recommend them and their staff is super helpful and will answer all your questions and walk you thru the entire process. They make it easy to use your own money.
when my business is slow and I need a little help for payroll I use fund box. It has been the easiest way for me to get funds for the last 3 years.
Cash flow has always been a headache...different clients paying at different times. Fundbox makes it easy. Running my business isn't so stressful any more.
Fundbox help me move my business forward, giving me the opportunity to get fund.
Up front, convenient, and simple!
If you ever envisioned a loan company that is aligned with today's speed of operation then look no further!!! FundBox is the ultimate company that understands that companies need a "bridge" loan at times without the hassle of a 150 question application (drawing blood and getting DNA) each and every time. Once you are set-up the process of getting funded is less than 3 minutes, no 2 minutes...heck I got it processed in less than one minute!!! The service is great, and the support is awesome!
Excellent and immediate service. Great company!
So easy to use!!
so easy to use and they increased my limit!
If use responsibly, this is by far one of the greatest tools out there to help smaller companies out there who are still building that track record to keep your ducks in a row... highly recommend if you have good money management skills...
Fundbox was very professional, upfront, timely, and informative. I would not hesitate to recommend Fundbox to anyone needing an urgent cash loan.
Great tool for quick cash for projects!
You believed in our vision.
This is a great service which really helps with my invoice financing. No hassle and great customer service. The rates are high but if the amounts are paid back soon this is a great short term cash solution which can be managed better and with less hassle than a conventional bank.
easy and fair
I had an urgent issue that needed to be handled BEFORE my weekly payment was due. Customer service agent, Kyle, came to the rescue & made things happen. He went out of his way to make sure that my issue was handled AND continually followed up with me AND helped me restructure my payment plan to get a more affordable payment. Great experience all around!
Fundbox has been very helpful in growing my business. They have great customer service and everything is laid out clean and simple. Their process for funding differs than many of the companies out there in that it does not hurt your cash flow and growth but only assists with it. Thank you Fundbox!
great program and service
low interest. easy to use
Helps our business flow until clients pay. They simply take the payment out weekly or you can pay them back right away.
Everything is great, very easy to use, and intuitive design!
Fast, simple, and fair. Easy way to get the credit needed to do our projects.
Fundbox has given my business the opportunity to obtain short term financing at a reasonable cost.
The guys/gals at Fundbox customer service are just awesome. Especially Kyle who has been super cool. Every time I contact them for support - and I usually ask for Kyle - they are always quick to respond, professional, and courteous, but still laid back enough that you feel comfortable talking to them. If you're looking for online financial solutions for your SMB I would not hesitate to recommend fundbox in a minute. Just ask for Kyle. :-)
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