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Fast Access Finance Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Fast Access Finance
Overall average rating of 2.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 50 %
I applied for a loan online. Fast Access phoned me back and told me that there were a few questions they needed to ask me. So I answered the questions. They told me they just needed to check me out and they would get back to me. I found it weird that she called me back at 8 o'clock when the office closed at 7. So she tells me that she found me a lender that would loan me 5000 dollars. That's nice but I only applied for 2500. So fine, she told me that she would just fax my info to my lender. Then she phones me back at 10 o'clock in the evening and puts me through to my supposed lender who tells me that I have been accepted for a 5000 dollar secured loan, that I had 3 choices: 1) that I could put my house or car up for collateral, that the car could be no more than 2 years old and paid off; 2) or I could pay 3 payments of $179 for 3 years at 15 % interest; and 3) an insurance policy of a one time fee of 600 dollars. So I said, "Can't you take the fee off the loan?" She said, "No, we need it in order to release the funds." Deja vu. I said, "So, how do I fill out the agreement?" She said that she would email it to me. Then she asked for my email address. Well, they should have known that already considering they already emailed me. Anyway, I asked her what she was doing working so late when the office shut at 7. She said, "My office is out of the Caribbean."oh yeah. Then I said to her, "You can't by law ask for money for a loan." She said, "It's not asking for money." I said, "Yes, it is," and I've been through it before. I have 2 small kids and I got burnt. This woman was all nice trying to reassure me when I know she really wanted to scam me. Her name is Cindy. She is supposed to send me the application. This is definitely a scam. This company is called Prime Loan.
There are two other reviews about Fast Access on this site. These ladies are extremely helpful. I have a loan with them, and I requested to have my payment reduced. They not only reduced it, but helped me even further by taking some interest off as well. Anyone who needs help they should think of Fast Access first. They are customer focused and extremely helpful. I will use them again (once I am paid off) if I ever need any help in the future.If you have bad credit normally people look at you like you have some sort of disease. This company - from my personal experience - do not look at you like that. Instead they look at you as a person. A PERSON who needs help and as long as you keep them in the loop, don't miss payments, they will work always with you if you with regards to payments. I know they make more money if you take longer to pay, but when you are on a fixed income, the short term, is what matters. And over the long term, it will be paid.
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