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Warrior Trading Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Warrior Trading
Email: [email protected]
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 82 %
I have been studying with Warrior Trading for a couple of month now and I love it! The lessons are very well explained, you can also see some live trades that Ross have taken in the past to show the different strategies that he uses while trading. There is also a daily chat room, that is live, where many other day trades log in to chat about what is going on in the market, it is great! Their support team is also very prompt in answering your questions and dealing with any technical issues you may have. If you are thinking about becoming a day trade but need to learn about strategies ect. The Warrior Trading course is one to take.
Warrior trading is the best chance out there to become financal free and be your own boss, ross is just a great guy and a great teacher, the way he explains all the strategies and trading systems is just simple and perfect. Thank you
I knew very little of the stock market. And wanted to learn more Warrior trading opened my eyes to learn much more. From all the trading programs I've tried I decided to go with Warrior Trading because of they're transparent education and willingness to give you all the information that was available.
Warrior trading is the real deal. They have the 3 things you need to succeed. Training courses (trust me you need to study), simulator (you need to practice what you learn without going broke), and finally the community. The day to day interaction with the warrior pro traders allows me to consistently see opportunities and make money. It took me 3 months of courses and practice, but 1 month into real trading I have made over 5k. Don’t go broke before you decide to get help!
Nothing bad to say at all!
New and beginner traders can benefit from any one of the Warrior Trading offered services. I personally joined the chat room, although I've heard good things about the courses. The scanners shown in the chatroom, along with the hundreds of other traders is invaluable. Traders are sharing trade ideas and provide continued support through winning trades and the unavoidable losing trades that come with the risk associated to trading. When first getting started, being able to mimic what the pros do has lead to success and an understanding of how to find a strategy, manage risk and profit consistently.
I started on warrior trading six months ago and I've now become a profitable trader taking large size positions live trading. I'm up 1700$ on the week. I never thought I could do this and figured I would be part of the 90% of non profitable traders out there but I actually did it. Thank you Ross and warrior trading.
Warrior Trading has a great curriculum. All materials are organized accordingly to give you the best possible education on Trading the different strategies. The educational materials are very detailed/informative and you would think the teachers there all have Educational Degrees. They do a superb job in delivering their classes in a way that is easy to relate to and understand. I can't say enough good things about warrior Trading. Great Company, Great Job to Ross and the other instructors!
We all know when we have connected with something that is a great fit. We find we move down the path more easily and effortlessly. Well I must say I have found this experience with "Warrior Trading". My first day I was taken back by the technology used to run this trading room, the professionalism and focus of full time day traders. The transparency of all aspects of trading including "Dollar Wins and Losses" There is no holding back of information and openness to answer the many questions, which is really quite refreshing. Ross Cameron who runs the trading room is there to help everyone and anyone with open arms no matter what experience level they are at. Ross is very humble, soft spoken, reserved, aware and a fantastic teacher and trader. There are hundreds of traders attending the room and it all runs so seemlessly it's really quite remarkable. I am very impressed with Ross, his team and the community of traders. You have nothing to lose by jumping in with both feet that's for sure. I have attended another trading room at more than double the cost and I felt that I was in the dark. The reason why, is because I was left in the dark. I have learned so much over the last four days I would say my learning curve has gone parabolic!! ( stock trading term) Lol. I am having a blast learning all there is to know about trading and Warrior Trading with Ross Cameron will undoubtedly get you to the next level!! Wishing everyone the best year ever for 2017 and beyond!! Thank you Ross, your team and community for building an inspiring trading room and school. Tom Uxbridge, Ontario Canada
Promise one on one and all you get is the brush off. They should deliver more and promise less. I cant recommend to any friends they would be upset with me. Have sent them elsewhere. Content is very good but not the follow thru. Today Ross and I spoke and he understood my gripes and has vowed to make the WarriorTeam better. And that is all I can ask. Growing a business is not easy, I have my own I know. Carina at WarriorTrading is awesome. All my best to the team at WarriorTrading may your ranking go up soon.
...Transparent services and excellent content. Very satisfying.
The Material is complete but unfortunatelly this month the simulator din´t work well, for this reason I think the practice is missing,. and the key indicators for analysis, they are no metrics on the leaderboard to understand the behaviours and my personal metrics and it´s vital to go to real account
I recently ask twice for something to be sent and no one answered. Besides that there are issues with the online communications. Sometimes the quality of volume is poor, the charts are left up too long with prices that are stale.
It is great lessons with structured materials. Ross lessions best fit for people with all levels of trading experience.
the course is easy to understand and Ross is very informative. He's a very good teacher.
Warrior Trading, I'm a new trader with a small account right now. After studying all your video's and subscribing to your chat room, I have had pretty consistent green days! Base hits, Mike Clerkin
I would recommend this operation to anyone. Ross has assembled a great team, recorded good teaching and build a community of traders who share his same goals that make it a joy to be with everyday! I only wish i would have known on the front end about some things such as the cost structure of speedtrader, needing esignal tc2000 nasdaqtrader n such. Me being a Mac guy has made it difficult to use the paper trader and living overseas limits has its disadvantages as well. But I don't regret my pro yr membership and have learned a lot. Thanks Ross!
New to day trading, learning in chat room and loving it!
Update to below comments: Ross Cameron reached out to me and gave me the opportunity to retake class in its entirety with a new sim application. The review was not intended to get something for free, just honest. I appreciated the offer and look forward to classes. I would definitely recommend as I felt He he took a personal interested in my experience. I decided to take a chance with Warrior Trading after doing a webinar with RC. Three reasons 1: RC seemed to be really interested in teaching people the skills he has to be succesfull in trading, 2: The course outline was well organized and structured so that students stay focused 3: The simulator was used in conjunction with training for practical application ( very much needed in day trading to learn and use hotkeys. My issues is I could never get the simulator to work correctly even after several attempts through support. I ended up getting behind and frustrated to the point of just stopping the classes out of frustration with sim.
As a beginner to trading I found the content of the warrior pro trading programs excellent and the video together with samplke trade taken to demonstrate content is outstanding. Ross transparency made the whole training programme fulfilling. Ross is a great teacher.
Been part of Warrior Trading it's been a game changer on how I used to know and see charts and patterns. Everyday I learn something new. The way Ross explains his techniques in simple words, with videos and the team is always prompt to give feedbacks or guide you through difficult situations. I would and I am reccomanding it to anyone interested in trading... Still a long way for me to be a profitable trader but with the right mind set and leaving the greediness apart, it can be totally a life changer
Thank you very much for your dedication and all the efforts!
Love this coarse. Always someone to help you and answer all my questions. In the chat room everyone is friendly and helpful.
Ross is a down to earth guy that seems to truly strive to teach others what he has learned from trading over the years. While there are so many other trading education platforms out there, I chose Warrior Trading because Ross wasn't bragging about his new Ferrari or Yacht that he bought with trading profit. I am learning so much from his courses and I feel that I can relate to him.
Classes provide a lot of good material. Chat room guidance is very appreciated, sometimes to be a little bit more precise if you are watching for short or long. One thing would help to make scanner, what Ross already started on Tuesday Pro class, I have not checked if finished, with relative high volume, lower spread, stocks which move about point or more for new, slower traders.
I was a little bit afraid about get in to this course but I am very happy with the results! I have learned so much! I wish I would have done it sooner! In less than 30 days of trading on the simulator I already had 3 days where I was over 1k in profits, Even considering that February has been a very difficult month for everyone on the chat room. Of course I has a few red days as well, but I believe that if it wasn't for the classrooms, I would take a very long and frustrating path. Even when I have red days, I know when to stop, I know that if I reached my stopping point and I will come back and try again the next day. To me that is as valuable as understanding the strategies to be a successful trader. Thanks a lot Warrior Trading Family!
The most important thing to know is that everyone involved with Warrior Trading truly cares about you and are dedicated to your success. This is evident in the way that Ross, Mike, Jeff and all the moderators make themselves available to everyone involved with the training, at what ever level they may enter the program. This is a group of very real and sincere people who have been exactly where you might be right now - yearning for success in their trading - just needing some help and guidance to make it happen. Out of their own struggles, they’ve worked together, each developing tested and proven strategies that are able to be duplicated by anyone who applies themselves. I knew nothing about how to day trade prior to watching Ross’s introductory video. I can tell you that the course material is put together in such a comprehensive and accessible way, that you are lead step-by-step through the learning process to ensure your success. Follow the plan, commit your yourself to the training and you will realize you goals! I would like to add that I’m also fortunate enough to have been chosen to be a member of the Inner Circle. This has taken my education, experience and results to a whole new level. The Warrior Trading community is great to be a part of, coupled with the added level of training and education we receive through the Inner Circle, it has accelerated and enhanced my experience in ways I never imagined. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is serious about creating the kind of freedom in their lives that day trading can offer, to join Warrior Trading without reservation or hesitation, you’ll be glad you did! Graham B.
The team and the content and the support are super Awesome !! Really
Second to none!
Quality education and an excellent group of people.
Ross is a brilliant straight up teacher that spends a lot of his time perfecting the education process. He shows the good days, as well as the very rare bad day in real time while running the chat room. This is the real thing, the real deal...
I have experienced the starter course, some live webinars and some others that were recorded and also the WT PDF free book and youtube videos; best experience is of course the simulator and chat, they still improve the little flaws that there were, I'm very thankful for all the information available on this site, the classes are fine, the educational platform is great and the team and chat room amazing. I honestly hope to enroll to WT Pro soon, until then, thanks for everything.
I thought that Ross was honest in his training, he did not make any false promises or gave any false hopes . He also gave much painstaking details as he could. The only thing I thought that Ross could make better is the length of some of the training courses. Some course ran a little too long, during which time the listeners attention tends to wander. Ross could break it down to smaller training sessions instead.
I'm so thankful that I found Ross and the entire team at Warrior Trading. They are the only chat room and training program I'd recommend. Outstanding support and information.
I like the trading community in general. I have only been a member for 2 months but its been a good experience for me.I would like a little more technical support from time to time but I also realize that only comes with the Warrior Pro option, but it would be nice to purchase a *Service to have some questions answered. Sincerely, Kevin Callahan
Worth the price. Really good learning experience.
Ross your tip of trading is not my way. your partner I like the way he trade but I never know when he buy or sale Is to many people in the chat room. I like the education part not the live trading in the chat room.
Great training! I enrolled in the starter class was not disappointed. I will eventually join the advanced training.
I had a great time learning from WT. The teaching was phenominal, the downloads are top notch and the mentoring is great as well. If you have the money to invest into the education, do it.
The content at Warrior Trading is very valuable. It goes beyond the science of trading and dives into the art of it all.
You can see the exact trades Ross every-single-day, and it's utterly mind blowing what he can do, he hides nothing (even the losses), and it's there for you to see. Best online course in the world - honestly.
Although the educational content, value, and knowledgeable educators are there, it is sometimes difficult to reconcile a 50% discount off course prices when one has paid significantly more. The course structure is released on a 3-day release pattern to the student and this can feel that the course is stretched out for too long, just long enough to receive less value towards the end of the 3-month course loosing accessibility to provided content [Ed. The course plan can be unlocked upon request]. Given that a substantial investment has been made towards education the educational content should remain available for a longer period of time, at least 6-mo to 1-yr [Ed. A sufficient extension was provided]. The paper trade platform (FST) that is integrated with the course and cost embedded within the cost of the course is severely useless decreasing the value of the educational investment. Instead of allowing the user to execute trades on paper and to enable the student to learn from mistakes, it compounds and expands any error that the learning trader may have, failing to be a quality educational tool, think of inhibitor vs enabler. The platform overall is riddled with defects and often fails to execute trades, executing rather slowly (sometimes >30 sec), and with the server falling over at times requiring a restart. [Ed. Thanks to WT I upgraded my review from a 2 to 4 star given that majority of my concerns were addressed, I have since moved off of FST and have no plans of further review of the platform].
I am a pretty new trader (now been serious for about 3 months) I went to many places looking to learn and I am glad I found Warrior Trading. I came in expecting to really love Ross' strategy, but I didn't have the right setup to take full advantage of it. To my surprise I found Warrior Trading doesnt just teach one strategy, but many. I have really found that taking lessons from all their instructors, Ross, Jeff, and Mike give me a fantastic foundation. Today I just found my first day trade setup to take advantage of and made over 2 points on the move thanks to the confidence in myself from what I learned from Mike. I understand the market dynamics and indexes, which allowed me to spot the setup and have the confidence to stay in it until my goals were hit. Thank you Warrior Trading Team, you guys are fantastic.
Listen to Ross talk in the chat room is a great education
Warrior trading helped me to overcome fear of not knowing what to do. Thank You and your staff for the knowledge and guidance that was given to me.
Ross is very detailed on delivering information. And his down-to-Earth personality on trading makes it easy to relate as an everyday average person learning how to trade. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how to day trade.
spotting false break-outs is my weakness and losing money. still you have a great service and i will be in chat room each day to learn more. thanks.
I started the Warrior training program this year and am very pleased with all the different ways to learn. I enjoyed the classes and then being in the chat room really help you get a better understanding of what you learned in the lessons. And any questions I have always get answered in a timely manner. I am so glad I chose the Warrior training program.
I have used all the knowledge and I have found it very useful.
Warrior trading is excellent and getting better.
Just more examples on how top place orders...
I try to see the chat room on my iPad, and all I get most of the time is an echo. Plus no screen sharing 100% of the time. I think I would like the service if I had no problems. I work, so I try to see the chat room before the opening bell.
Ross is a great teacher, very down to earth and very transparent. I feel like he's honest in his approaches and strategies and guides the learner in a logical straightforward way. He is basically one big example of "how to day trade" and let's you get an in depth look into exactly what he does. I've found warrior trading always answers email to any questions and on occasion checks in on you thru email asking how you're doing and if you have questions to email. I like it and think it's a great online resource for learning.
These guys are great traders that actually break down their trades for you. Very active in the chat room, they answer almost all questions that you have for them. Extremely pleased! Highly recommended!
I've been trading for several years and I'm always looking for ways to expand myself and learn new things (to diversify). I watched a couple of his YouTube videos and decided to subscribe to the chatroom. I had been apart of other paid chat rooms before, but I'll tell you, the Warrior Trading chatroom is one of the most transparent and complete chatroom experiences out there! Ross shares his screen and scanners every morning and talks about the trades live, before, during, and after making them. This keeps his users engaged in the market in real time. The value proposition is astronomical compared to the barrage of signal services or gurus who share "late" or "after the fact" trades and inflated records. Ross lets you watch "over his shoulder" as he trades and has a teachers mentality. He wants to see his students succeed, not just sell a product. Wether you are a new trader, or someone who has been around the block, always keep pushing ahead, and if you need some inspiration, Warrior trading might be just what you're looking for!
I enjoyed the course on Small Caps. But I've experienced other contradictions - even when the stock surges 30%, in markets like now, it could be high risk to in less than 40% surge before a pull-back to see what the % drop would take place. 20%-30% are useless sometimes. I saw great markets but what when the market goes south what does it look like (on the L2 and T&S in regards to their rhythmic/transitional scrolling - grinding and lighting). Need to see live Videos to appriciate it. In the last few months I've tried to learn about Option and can't get pass the 1st lesson. Questions, what..., I'm confused!!!! (I thought we're flipping not buing/selling). I gave up. I'll try again another day. However, It is a good course and I now have the basic knowledge to learn more. Hence the 4 star - you can always be better.
Excellent course!!! I started this course knowing absolutely nothing about the stock market. Through out this course, I have gained a complete understanding of what I need to do to become successful trading the stock market.
It was very confusing in deciding a direction to go in day trading education as there is a lot of misinformation out there from competition, or upset traders who might have lost money. Warrior Trading never claims they make the trades for you, that's still your responsibility. The education is great, there is a LOT and it is constantly being updated. This has been an excellent resource for me in my day trading pursuit. I started back in December 2017 and they've only requested that I leave some feedback now. Legit company, great education, great mentors in the chat room. A+
Great course, the teachers are very thorough, specially Ross with all kind of examples, respond all kind of questions. Videos are great and very clear emphasizing what you have learned I highly recommend this professional program. Worth every penny of it
Love Ross. His approach, his demeanor, his transparency. What you see is what you get in that room. I love it when good stock suggestions come from the room as well. The diversity of traders looking at the market is an asset. I love less the fact that you cannot seem to get a refund on products under any circumstances (none that I have seen at least). That leaves a bit of an after taste, but overall not a huge deal breaker (just be careful!).
Warrior Pro Program is the best program without a doubt. For long time, I have been looking for formal training and I am glad I found Warrior trading. The dedication which Ross/Mike/Jeff provide for training is invaluable. Material is very good and taught by folks who are passionate about trading and genuinely helping other become profitable traders. Ross and the team share live trades and explain how to avoid expensive mistakes. In addition, to excellent training material, the Chat room is one of the best I have seen. Highly recommend to anyone who is interested to learn Day trading and Swing trading. I am glad to be part of Warrior Trading family!!.
In my humble opinion I find it hard to compare this company to others as there simply isn't anyone out there who is doing what they do. Weather you are an established trader, or like myself a begginer your path ahead will become evident with Warrior Trading & Ross's carefully teaching.
My experience so far is great. Great service and great content nothing to complain
Overall I had an ok experience. I thought the material was helpful, and the chat rooms were somewhat effective. However, what I really struggled with was that I felt conned. After participating in the webinar they said that they would refund my money after the first month if I wasn't satisfied, the only stipulation was that you have to earn $50 in the practice platform. As I was coming up on the end of my first month I didn't feel like it was working for me so I was going to get a refund. I had earned at least $50 on more than one trade so I thought that I met the requirements for a refund. I was promptly told that the refund only applied if you gained $50 above your starting equity. That wasn't clarified in the web conference. I felt they trick you into it because obviously as a new trader your going to make huge mistakes. The first few days I lost thousands because I was still practicing the hot keys and not really too concerned with making gains. At that point I was so far behind I couldn't make up what I had lost. Furthermore, every time I turned in my trading metrics to have them evaluated I would receive what was obviously a canned response. Three times I received the exact same email. It makes me question their dedication to those spending thousands of dollars for their material. At the end of the program I received an email saying they were going to contact me for an interview where I could offer feedback. After a week they never contacted me, so I emailed them and they completely ignored my request saying "The team member you spoke with has noted that your questions have been answered...have a good day". This happened on two occasions as I tried to get my interview setup. A month after the course was over, and after many emails back and forth, they finally said, "Ross no longer does follow-up interviews on this course, please go to to write a review"
Great service good recaps and alerts.
Ross is accomplishing what ordinary people need in life. I thank him .. open up the door to finally get The job done on financial freedom in this life.. The webinar explains it and the 5 for 5 sample chat room is proof watching.. I have told others to Google - Huffington post. -Ross Cameron article Everything is true.. Learning from Ross means financial freedom just as students in webinar say. Watched 586 dollars in his trading account go to 400,000 by end of year. In jan.- Took sample chat 5 for 5 and watched as another 50, 0000 was added by mid Jan. 2018 and New goal to a million.. I was .. really.. watch him.. - this is what going to college was supposed to accomplish - it's makes sense ..and ts faster plus.. most people who will focus can do this in there own home. What Ross is saying is accurate- and true- Ross-- I thank you --and have recommended to others to watch you.. In 5 for 5 chat. Room sample to see this works.. And is really a path to freedom..
Thanks guys!
Ross and his team are the real deal. They are transparent, consistent and helpful. Ross is a great teacher. I find his trading instruction to be very beneficial.
Veteran trader Finance Degree from OSU always still learning books audible and purchased Warrior Trading Program so much new and useful information that I bought monthly chat to watch them apply principles they teach and to get some new fresh Ideas
I watched many of Ross's video and I thought he is very credible and honest, he tells it the way it is,
I honestly wasn’t sure if the money was going to be worth it, but now that I’ve completed the course, I would pay double or triple for the same content. If you are truly interested in becoming a day trader, this will be a life changing experience for you. I thank Ross and his team for everything they gave me in the classes, and continue to give on a daily basis through the chat room and daily content to review. World class.
Excellent, expert service. This is the place to learn how to be a professional trader, or how to become a better trader. The teaching is great, the community is great, the content is outstanding and on top of all that, every member of this company that I have communicated with has been awesome. This company is top notch. Best trading investment I make...actually makes me money
Learned enough to build the foundation of my trading strategy. Has been a success so far!
Don't listen to some negative voices out there about this company. Ross Cameron is a well learned day trader, and on top of that he has built a great team around him. I joined the course during his seminar but some problems arose at work place and I couldn't continue the course, asked Jeff for a refund and without any delay he refunded me back my money. I will surely join again and highly encourage others to spike up their trading career by going under their wings.
I began watching youtube videos about day trading and came across Ross' Warrior Trading video. In 4 weeks since joining, I've completed about 2/3 of the training modules online and the homework and test for each video class. If you a serious about making good money by learning the techniques and skills required to recognize and execute the setups, then these guys represent a great and detailed education opportunity. I suggest you join their chat room so you actually watch Ross in action almost every day.
Everything is genuine as I saw the trades happening every trading day of January 17 and saw the account grow from just under 600 dollars to 70k in a few weeks
BLUF: You get out of it what you put into it. There is no magic bullet. Can you find most of this information for free elsewhere on the web? Yes. However, this program offers a very nice and consolidated way of presenting what you need to know to focus in on a few methods that actually work and the chat room access is well worth it. Pros: - The Warrior Team is very quick to respond to any issues that you have. Usually less than 24hours even on holidays and weekends. - Classes are laid out in such that they start from the basics and work up to explain in detail the specific methods of entry and exits and how to actually make money. - The Chat Room is invaluable! I just extended my subscription to it. So much good information in there. Worth it just to hear Ross in actual real-time (don't trade off of his actions, when I first joined the room I caught myself doing that, not even meaning to, and lost money in the sim). - Mike (PDT) is in the chat room also, 0830EST he usually briefs his watchlist. Mike is the quiet guy behind the scenes making a killing in the market, he has several people making good money based on his strategies, myself included. Well worth watching the Mentor Sessions where he explains his strategies. Cons: - Not so much a con but, something I have noticed. While the Warrior Team is quick to respond to any issues, Ross and the rest of the Coaches offer one on one attention, for a fee. Don't expect it in the chat room. - Fantasy Stock Trader needs some major work. The team is definitely working to refine it, but I can see quite a few people with huge frustrations. I have an account with TradeStation and use their sim, FST wasn't worth my time to figure out, plus now I don't have to re-learn a platform to go live. - The Pro classes can be long winded. Some people like that, I don't. I like short and to the point. With that said I would say that at least nothing was left out. - The FAQ videos after each lesson are a waste of time. There should have been better thought put into that. Ross should have done the FAQ the way the video shows, but then came back with a new video where he answers the intelligent/pertinent ones. Some people just don't pay attention and I am sorry but, they ask stupid questions. With all that being said and you're still with me here. I recommend Warrior Trading Pro. I know they are making a killing off of it, but they are putting together a rather good product. They do run promotions occasionally, try and catch one of those. They also offer a Mil/Vet discount if any of you are reading this. It would have taken me probably 6 months to a year to learn everything I just absorbed in the last two months.
I finished my second month of the Warrior Pro training in January 21st. So far I have been trading in the simulator for about 6 weeks, I am 2 weeks in a row in the green. I have no prior experience in the market and Warrior Trading's classes have completely changed the way I look at the market. I can recognize patterns and I am able to research stocks by analyzing daily charts. I have gone as far as getting my own Trade Ideas subscription so I can scan for stocks on my own time. The course is very detailed and organized, and so far, every time I have a question, I find the answer in the next video. I have been able to ask some questions in the mentor sessions, but not too many as the course covers pretty much everything. I am hoping by the end of the third or fourth month I will be trading live. Thanks Ross and company!!!
It works but you have to have the discipline to work the strategy. If you don’t then you’ll struggle. And then there is the ongoing two steps forward and one step back as you grow and implement changes that don’t immediately work out. It takes time and a lot of practice and probably more than you think.
If you want to learn how to trade this is the place. very good information you can learn allot just by watching what you need to do. If you stick to Rosses advice you will do fine.Its when you think you have it and try to deviate from the instructions he gives you is when you will lose.
The trading education received from Warrior Trading is by far some of the best education I've ever purchased. Even prior to my purchase, the free information available is exceptional! After bouncing around from chat room to chat room, I have found a home with Warrior Trading. I can say that I "expect" myself to become a profitable, self-sufficient trader. As long as I don't give up, I apply what I'm taught through the Warrior Trading Education Suite and I stay patient and positive through the ups and downs as I'm learning, I know that my success in trading is inevitable. Ross teaches in a way that makes sense to newbies and pro's alike. I appreciate the equal treatment in the room and the constant encouragement. Nowhere to go but green from here!!!
This has been the choice of my life, since I watch Ross on Youtube teaching the "Day Trading Strategies For Beginners: Class 1" I have been very keen to learn from him everything I can. I have enter the Day Trade Course and its amazing what you can learn and how easy he makes it look. I recommend Warrior Trading to everyone even my dog knows about it.
The education is top notch. Ross, Mike, Arsh, and the crew really know their stuff and have vids to show trading in action. Having the knowledge and following strict to strategy is your best bet, but still wont protect you from broker glitches, hot key or mouse misfires, orders getting rejected and false breakouts so always be very careful as it can get frustrating. Regardless, you will get the best knowledge for navigating the trading waters
Im new to trading equities and I can clearly say that you get your investment back with this "chat services". Overall, Ross, Mike and Ed are very helpful and available to reply , even to the most basic questions like the ones I post. They're view on the "plays" give you that extra confidence to enter a trade setup you had in your plan! And I can say that in 1 trade you will make your monthly fee as profit! its really about getting motivated, getting the right info, and the right mind set that this chat is all about. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Vlad
joining warrior trading is the best decision i have had to make in my entire life.the knowledge i have acquired in 7months is just not quantifiable and i am glad i did join.i am happy with the educational content and stage am at in my education.i am at a stage of learning to manage my risk in live account.managing my emotions has been the most difficult but it gets better everyday.thanks to warrior trading i have a chance of having the skill set to make a living for the rest of my life.
Their curriculum is comprehensive, perfect for someone like me who knew nothing about the stock market. Ross, Mike and Jeff who all have very different trading styles are brilliant teachers who care about their students. Couldn't be happier!
I am a member for life, this is a life changing opportunity
Best place to learn day trading.
Just great! I learned so much from Ross. I have gone through the course work twice now and I keep learning more and more. The structure of the courses are the best I've ever seen and Ross explains things in a way that's easy to understand. I would recommend this to a brand new trader over any other mentor.
Excellent course! Lots of information and detail.
Great structure and content. I really like Ross's personality type, and how he approaches the market. I also really like that I can speed up the video lessons at 1.5 - 2x speeds so I consume the content at an appropriate pace.
Warrior Trading has given me confidence in trading. From finding the right stock, to recognizing a good entry and being knowledgeable about trading and the market in general. I will never have to rely on anyone to find a trade for me again! I know with these skills I will continue to grow and eventually take day trading to a full time profession, which was why I bought the courses in the first place. Thanks Ross, you're truly the easiest teacher to listen to and you put things in terms anyone can understand. Thank you Warrior Trading!
A very good approach to learning how to trade and Ross is excellent in articulating the skills and mindset to be profitable trader. I would recommend Warrior’s program.
Very satisfied with training thus far. Would recommend this training to anyone getting in this business. Ross's style makes it easy and pleasant to learn the information. Thank you Ross.
i would recommend this course to everyone who really wants to learn how to trade! This course covers everything: from options, small caps, crypto,etc;;;;; It really openend my eyes and i am getting profitable now. value for money!
Ross Cameron and his team at Warrior Trading are the real deal - disciplined, brilliant traders. In my opinion, the Warrior Pro classes are essential to learning successful day trading habits and strategies. And the Warrior Trading chat room is so worth the membership. Really happy to be a part of the Warrior Trading community.
Very good chatroom, one of the better ones out there, hopefully Ross can continue to present himself well to the beginners, instead of turning arrogant like some of the other "gurus" have gotten. It would be nice to be able to privately communicate with other members though...
By far the best educational stock room I have seen since 1997!
Great company and teaching community
Incredible amount of invaluable teaching. I would like more one on one time with instructors. But i know it is quite impossible considering the huge number of students. Ross is a genius, and i feel fortunate to have him as a teacher.
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