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LendUp Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: LendUp
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-855-2LENDUP
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 91 %
I will always recommend!!
Great Company Their process is very simple, they are easy to talk to and quick to provide assistance. I would high recommend them to anyone needing short term financial assistance.
I ran into a financial crunch a few months back, used them once and was very impressed by their attitude towards lending. While most payday loan companies just want to millk the cash cow till its dry Lendup actually is a helping hand that lets you work yourself out of a bad situation and not bleed you dry.
I have had nothing but great experiences with Lend Up and the customer service is not only friendly but efficient.
No hassle easy to apply loan when you really need it. Fast service and building credit being a customer for them.
Been using lendup since July 2018, get loans every 2 weeks since then... they saved my life so many times when I needed to pay bills... and I’m still using them till this day! I’ve been patient with them since the start now I get bigger loans because of that. I really can’t express how much lendup has helped me. So thankful that something like this even exists. it’s like a friend that helps you get on your feet after a fall, that’s lendup for me, money when I need it most.
I honestly am so thankful for LendUp. This type of loan has been a lifesaver. Especially at CHRISTmas time. It's so easy to do. And once you establish yourself with them, there are more options made available. All in the privacy of your home, car, or break at work. :)
There when I need em!
Honestly I thought LendUp would be like any other scam, or payday loan that I've ever dealt with in the past. They have been nothing short of awesome. If anybody ever needed a recommendation on where they could borrow money and make an affordable payment back I would have no problem suggesting LendUp. It's super easy, and reliable.
Very helpful when you need extra cash.
Helps you alot
App allows easy modification to amount and duration of the loan. Flexible pay back options and friendly reminder of your payment arrangements.
I first heard about Lend Up on Credit Karma as it was recommended for a short term loan. I had reservations due to the high interest rates on other pay day loans, but Lend Up is different. Not only do they extend the time up to a month in which you can pay it back, they offer you more money as you continue to pay back each loan. Lend Up has saved me from financial hardships I have faced and I would definitely recommend to anyone who may come up short on bills or emergency situations. The money comes the next day into my account and my troubles are instantly lessened. Thank you Lend Up for your reliability.
been a great way to build credit
I loved that the process was very quick and had no issues receiving my loan.
My experience with payday or short-term loans had always been unfavorable, until that is, I discovered LendUp about a year ago. When I find ends tough to meet or that unexpected expense leaves my bank account lean, I turn to LendUp for those funds. Not only are their fees substantially less than their competitors, their terms are more flexible, but most importantly, they treat their customers with the upmost respect and quickly turn your solid payment history into power to borrow more and at lower rates. In a few shorts months, I am able to pay back over more time at considerably lower rates. LendUp is now reporting my payment history to the credit bureaus which is improving my credit score! This is a solid lender whom you can trust to be a true financial partner. Try them for yourself and see!
Takes too long to get a new loan. Most give you the money for a new loan on the next day, after payment.
I am very thankful that i found them when i needed help. Everything was clearly disclose. Easy to understand. The only online lending website that i felt really tries to help. THANK YOU!
Excellent financial and loan services. Loans are easy to apply and receive quick approval and funding.
Fast, easy, reliable, trustworthy, and the best way for a loan!
I think Lend up is a great company. They have been very good to me. I am glad that I found this company.
The process is simple and quick. Site is user friendly I wouldn't change a thing.
not so good, i didn't like their service as far as they do it to me
Quick! Easy! Has helped so much when I’m in a bind and has been a huge help!!!
While it will always suck to be at a phase in one's life with poor to fair credit and have to use short-term loan direct lenders, LendUp almost makes it painless. Yes, of course you'll be paying a high interest rate even with LendUp (but not as high as others out there), but they make it convenient, up-front and as easy as it can possibly be. The only thing I've noticed in their web site that doesn't work all the time is the automated verification service they have to verify that your most recent payment has cleared. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
Easy, efficient, same day deposits! I will never use another lender again!
Should be able to get funds quicker.
Love LendUp since DAY ONE! However, customer service could be better. I had an okay-ish experience and she didn’t really answer my question. Seemed really condescending. The tone of voice was uninterested and didn’t seem she liked her job. Turned my day from “excited for the day” to “I don’t want to deal with anyone” . . . I got over it eventually. I will not call customer service ever again. If my experience with one was like this, I can only image what other type of personalities are on the other end.
LendUp is wonderful! It's so straight forward and you don't get trapped in it, like most payday loans. They give you plenty of time to extend payment if something comes up last minute. It's perfect for when your due dates don't line up with your paydays or you need money fast.
So thankfully for helpme in a truble time. Thanks a lot
I have had a very positive experience with this company to date. They have done everything they have promised and so have I. I would recommend them to others and actually have done so.
Less stressful to borrow money with LendUp versus other companies . I appreciate the learning tools that help me make wiser decisions when it comes to finances and credit .
When I needed some extra cash, I used lend up. It was super fast, easy, nothing hidden, and easy to pay back.
Lendup is a fast and convenient way to assist when an emergency arises. Its quick and discreet. I appreciate you!
Great easy to use no hassle
THE COMPANY The Lend Up is one of the best in the lowest interests that's why I give it 5 stars with my bad credit they gave me a very low interest I recommend them to all those who are looking for low interest is the best company in the form of every 2 weeks and terms of 12 months, $ 700. I pay $ 45 in interest for the financing a company of the best for me and for you if you are looking for Lend up Thank you very much for your help
It is easy to process and make payments. I would recommend this company
Fast, easy to use and helpful
Very fast and always helps me when I need it! Highly recommend.
I truly love LendUp and would recommend them to family and friends. It's hassle free and easy to apply for a loan even after you pay your loan back. I love the different tiers and statues as far as member wise.
Excellent structured program.
It's a very great company to use and if you use it right it will help you get better credit
I highly recommend this site as a way to establish both your immediate financial needs as well as increasing your credit score. The site is intuitive, and the customer service is awesome. Excellent in all fronts!
Well since im costumer from them I'm having a excellent service I'm really satisfied with everything
Me experience with lendup has been fantastic and I'd recommend them to anyone.
This is amazing always helping
For Fast Easy Loans....LendUp is the best Great alternative to regular payday loans.
I could not recommend a better lending company. Lendup has been great during my times of need. I am so glad that Credit Karma recommended Lendup. Keep up the good work.
Mobiloans has always been great to me. Great customer service and always there when I need them
Im,honest every time in my life,my grand mother. tell me let people know about my needs, and when my daughter mention about lend up, to me I try and you guys approve me in the first time.Thank you.
Lendup has been amazing. Easy process, great customer service.
LendUp has come handy at some of the most inconvenient times.. very thankful/blessed to have a lending company like them.
Very happy - So much better than pay day loans!
Fast easy and user friendly!
Fast service Fast money No hassle Reasonable interest.
Very helpful! Quick to respond!
I love this company! Next day deposit, they are there when i need them!
LendUp is incredibly good. Fast approval process, next day deposits, great interest rates, and they faithfully report to the credit bureaus. I've used LendUp for years and highly recomment.
It is nice to be able to get a little help when needed, without the hassle of going to a bank or filling out time consuming applications, etc. I also enjoy the ladder up process where you begin to access more money the more you pay on time.
Very flexible when you need extension on your payment.
Much better than the interest rate at a payday advance place.
I love LendUp it has help me so much. In case you really really need money i recommend you LendUp.
They can take up to almost a week to tell you that your payment has been cleared before you can request another loan. They should know within a 2, maybe 3 days that the payment has cleared. Not a week.
Lendup is a very good loan company I have been using them for quite a while they are honest and they're dependable I would recommend to anybody and it also you earn points and it helps you build your credit
I read a consumer report where they were in legal trouble and they were ordered to pay back a lot of money to their lenders and were ordered to make all their charges upfront. They wouldn't even return my phone calls or answer my loan offers, they said that I was approved but didn't give me any specifics of my loan. I would like them to tell me yes or no, so I can go somewhere else. They also said they help people with bad credit, but that is not the truth, because they wouldn't even reply to my inquires. I am about to lose my house and car insurance and I need a loan badly.
I have had several LendUp loans over the past couple of years. The terms are fair, and the money is in your bank almost instantaneously. It's a good organization. I never felt like I was being ripped off, unlike some other lending companies. You can adjust the number of days for the loan, to fit your specific needs.
Excellent help me when I need it the times I need it I recommend it, because Lend Up is your best option !!!
While an emergency can happen at anytime this is one company that you can count on for assistance they will help you as long as you make your payments but what really stands out is there customer support center
I enjoy it. it helps me out a lot
Easy to use, pleasant customer service, extremely satisfied with the service.
LendUp is great! The money was in my bank account the next day! The rates are low and sign up is fast and easy.
Pretty good company. Interest rates are a little high and takes days to "process" repayment. Other than that, no complaints.
Easy to use. Don’t try to take payments out early, honors the date given.
I would gladly tell others about this company. So helpful in a timely matter.
I think that this is an awesome way to borrow money
It was a wonderful ,quick and friendly experience .A Hansel free and worry free moment .In my life I really never experienced something so breathtaking it didn't seem real at first but it is really real and I suggest this to anyone .
The people at Lendup are awesome.The support has been nothing less than the best and I love how they respond when there is an issue.l.
It was overall great, when I needed extra money for clothing or car repairs it came in handy. Also it helps my credit score and provides extra time up to 30 days to repay back on the one payment plan payday loan. Also offers the 4,5, or 6 monthly payment plans which is awesome on the installment loan. Also just love the speed of receiving the money within minutes. I will continue too use this service in the future most definitely.
Works well for me
I have had a great experience with lendup. They helped me when I was in need of extending my date. I couldn't have asked for a better lending company.
Good company easy process great customer service
I've been using lendup for a couple years now.. never had a problem.
Easy and convenient. Would recommend to anybody who is in need of cash quick.
Lend up provides the lowest interest rate for loans I need.
Great customer service and flexible terms of payment everytime I’ve had to call to get assistance over the years and the ladder is excellent for long term customers.
Their service is great and always no problems !
I've gotten 2 loans so far, and am very satisfied.
Easy to use, fast and confidential
best of the best as far as the eye can see
Thankful for Lend up company
Helped through a government shutdown
Great folks Good People & Experiences
Everything is Great!
The application was easy to understand and submit. I would definitely recommend to family and friends
I believe that this is the best payday loan available now. You can choose how many days you will need the loan (1-30) as soon as you become a customer. Also, when you pay your loan off on time you earn points that will help you obtain a loan for a larger amount. With other payday loans you get nothing!
I have had an great experience with lendup, been turned down for all payday loans and this company helped me out and help me feed my family. Thank you guys so much.
Lendup really helped me when the going got tough, and their interest has been so wonderful.
Very helpful customer service agents.
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