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AmeriHome Mortgage Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: AmeriHome Mortgage
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888-469-0810
Overall average rating of 3.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 53 %
I am so very confused about this process. I was told I didn't have to pay anything to refinance my house. Then I was told to pay the title company and I would be reimbursed. I received the check today after a week with mine and my ex husbands old last name. Which now I'm unsure if I can even put into my account. Another thing is I was told my mortgage would be 1245 initially. Then notary came and forms I signed said 1100. This check says my new payment from 1299 went down to 1292??? I'm so confused and when I ask questions all I get is I'm unsure or I'll check into it and I get slim to no responses back. Even the notary amount for title differed from what I was told. I'm afraid if I don't pay until May 1St I may some how have that down as a mistake as well. Oh I was also fed exed paperwork and looks like that was charged to my account as well. Very frustrating and I would like someone to call me regarding this issue. Kathleen R Wolinski
Great team works very hard to answer all your questions. This is our first mortgage so it can be a little intimidating but they eased my mind with the refinance. Thanks James
kevin did a great job, on top of everything. He guided everything from start to finish.
I've been trying to make a payment on my loan for two weeks. I have issues every month. Last time when I eventually got trough the agent gave me the IBR number 1-866-430-9683 so I could skip talking to an agent. This number worked fine last time but not now. I've called it and it kicks me into the regular customer waiting line where I have spent at least one hour on hold with no answer and it hangs up on me after two hours. I was again on hold last night for two hours and so far 4 hours today. I have also tried 855-501-3035 and it's the same thing. I'm actually on hold on both lines right now hoping someone will pick up. Your message when first dialing in says there is live chat option which I have looked for and it does not exist. I also tried to access my account online and I have no access. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I do this for a living. I am actually missing work today because I want to resolve this. Please advise.
We could not be more pleased with our experience and recommend David Kim and his team to anyone looking to obtain a new mortgage or refinance their current property. Awesome job!
Look at every 1 star review and you will see a trend with escrow issues. I prepaid my taxes and waiting for the escrow payment to be reduced and they will not get me an answer to this issue. It's been over 6 months. I am actively looking to refinance just so I don't have to give them my business. If you are a reputable company please contact me to process this refinance.
Quick and hassle free refinance. Excellent service.
Joe Totah and his team did an outstanding job in helping me to get the best rates for refinancing my home, they were extremely professional and pleasant, worked hard to have everything flow smooth and speedily. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to refinance their home, Joe Totah and Amerihome they are the best Jason & Ingrid
Phillip Zhin was great to work with! He always kept me up to date on the process and he responded very quickly to any questions I had. He explained everything well and made things as easy as possible.
Phillip Zinn did a great job getting my mortgage closed. Thanks!
Unprofessional customer service. Unscrupulous practices. Beware, they are scammers. Our account was sold to this mortgage company. This was the worst thing to ever happen to our family. Do not trust them. Do not fo business with them. We will be refinancing with another company after this year.
the company don't allow me to remove my escrow cushion I know im able to request it every other company allow you to do it , then the contact you saying the are going to follow the issue to contact them? Almost 2 week ago and still waiting for a response please don’t say you will take care of the issue ,and to get in touch with you and no one follow up the complaint funny! Send emails no response well I only have 1 call after I submitted my review I send you an email yesterday no one contact me until I submit the update!
Amerihome Mortgage has always been a great experience from the loan application to funding. Frank D’Asero and Aisha Golden were great people to work with.
My nightmare continues, county made a mistake on my taxes now Amerihome wants $1600 a month for an impound account that needs $5700 for the entire year. Five months and they cant fix it, numerous customer service reps, supervisors no change. I will have to refinance with another company to get my payment back where it should be.
Worst mortgage company ever!!!!!! My loan was sold to this company a couple of years ago and it’s been a nightmare!!!! I was Over charged $500.00 a month additional for Ameri Home Mortgage Flood insurance!!! Which led my escrow account to become short by $3000.00. I explain to the Loan officer I already carry Flood and have been carrying flood insurance since I bought my house!!! The Loan officer was very unfriendly and had real nasty attitude. After I sent all my paper work showing proof I carry insurance,it took them over 3 months to get the paper work together. He said I can’t help you I will have to continue to charge you every month and your next year insurance will be paid for 2019/2020 And they still over charging me for insurance that I paid for. They also charged me a late fee because the account was audited and I couldn’t make a online payment Or by phone until the 24. Finally when I was able to make a online payment, with the rep on the phone!! the loan still had a late fee and still I’m still being charge for insurance!!! I was promised that my account wouldn’t be charged. I ask the rep she responded by saying we will credit your debit account but instead they place the money on my principal. I wanted my late fee charge refunded to my account not principal. It’s Ameri Home mistake and I had to pay for it.I’m also going to refinance through another’s mortgage company.... NEVER USE this company very unprofessional!!! you also can report this company to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ... Federal Reserve Board (FRB) ... Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) ...
Paul Vavra was very helpful and patient with the process.
I really wish I did not refinance with this company in 2017 because they updated my credit report stating that I was past due and I paid them on time all the time. It has been over a month of terrible service representivities and people giving me the run around about correcting the error. I spoke to them in November and they stated that they researched it but today I called and was told that the research was open on 12/6 even though back in November I was told that they researched and that my account was accurate with the past due. No one is taking accountability and my credit score dropped 55 points because of negligence and they refuse to fix it timely and no one ever call back. I disputed withthe 3 bureaus and the bureaus said the lender stated it was correct. I got really upset because I want to know how can it be confirmed that the account was accurate back in November if the research wasnt open until 12/6
Loan Officer was knowledgable, thorough and quick to respond to questions.
Really liked the fact that they where so responsive to any question I had and how quick and easy the process was. Definitely recommend using AmeriHome for any mortgage necessity.
Worst customer service. I always have problems with my escrow account. Even making a payment is a hassle.
My experience has been great especially when I was dealing with Joe Totah he as been there from the start. If I ever had any questions he was always available he even contacted me during the weekend which is almost unheard of. If I ever decide to refinance or buy a new home I would not hesitate using amerihome, but of course I would contact Joe Totah first.
Big THANKS to Jonathan Wu and Anabell Libio for all there help with the refinancing of my home loan. The two of them made to process extremely easy and stress free. They were very knowledgeable and answered all questions I had with detailed easy to understand explanations. I would recommend Jonathan and Anabell to anyone wanting to refinance there home. A+++++++ Five Star rating.
This is the worst experience I have during my 34 years of owning property. Their customer service department is very weak. The customer service contact number that I am instructed to call has no information on how the corporate office is addressing my claim since April 2018. It is now 6/15/2018 and a derogatory comment on my credit report still exists for an error that made on my account. It is hurting my credit score and business! I would not recommend them for any business. Unfortunately I was given to them when I refinanced my mortgate from First Direct Lending who I find is now out business,
Joe Totah really went to bat for me and removed road blocks in the loan application process. His experience really helped me and his friendliness and honest communication made everything smooth and actually pleasant.
Fast & easy. They keep me informed of tje status.
Excellent experience with David Kim, Tricia and Annabel. Very knowledgeable and left no question unanswered, I would definitely recommend!
Philip was a pleasure to work with. He was great about responding to all of my questions in a timely manner. Thank you!
It was a very smooth and easy process. I would recommend Amerihome to my friends without hesitation.
Jonathan Wu was very thorough and helpful. The process was easy.
Travis and the Amerihome team were very easy to work with and the whole process of refinancing was painless. Thank you
AmeriHome Should fix they website , every month I'm having problems with login .
Great group of people working hard to get you taken care of! They made the process seamless and easy.
David Kim made himself available to me at every step and kept me well informed. The refinancing seemed easy and practically took care of itself. A real pleasure to work with David!!
Home loan was sold to AmeriHome. The potato quality website is ridiculous, can never find the darn thing. Their home page has no reference to where I can login to see my loan. Worst experience ever, avoid this disaster of a company at all costs.
David and his team were excellent !!! Very professional, thorough, and caring that I got the best rate / plan he could offer. He went over all my options and explained everything to me. I would highly recommend him and the company. Thank you again for all of your help.
I thought Comcast was bad, these guys top them, hands down. They have owed me close to $5K for MONTHS, I have been calling them for MONTHS, they constantly tell me they are "investigating" & "escalating" and "reviewing", but guess what, 3 months later they still have my funds. I work for a large company that issues payments, it is not rocket science to look up the transaction history on an account & issue a payment, I am sure this is an established business practice designed to allow them to hold thousands and thousands of dollars and milk these funds for the interest.
American Home Mortgage was my current mortgage company and I was pleased with them. Then I received a call from Chris Burroughs of American Home Mortgage advising me that in reviewing my file he felt there might be a better option for me. And there was. As far as the staff Chris, his assistant Mackenzie Forstar, the loan processor Madeline Perez, I could not have been happier with their knowledge, professionalism and dedication to me, the client. I highly recommend American Home Mortgage to new buyers or if you plan to refinance as it was in my case.
Ugh - long story short, they ran my payment thru before they were supposed to, and then again on the date that they were supposed to even though 2 different people from their customer service told me the 2nd payment had been canceled per my request. we are now $480 in NSF fees and supposedly I'm supposed to be getting a check for that, but in the meantime, I have no funds to live on because they screwed up. They were supposed to reimburse the first payment and never did, now I'm told this 2nd payment will be reimbursed by ach wire. that was yesterday, still nothing yet. You cannot get to a supervisor, and I have called 5 times and talked to 5 different people and each person has a totally different answer! I just want my account straightened up and I want my NSF fees paid. I'm out the money until I receive a check from them.... if I ever do! NOT HAPPY!!! 4/10/18 UPDATE: I have still not received any refunds, the 2nd payment that was supposed to be cancelled has now gone through my checking acct twice because my bank sent it back NSF and the mortgage company sent it back thru again. UGH!!!!! I am furious. Nothing that any of the customer service reps or the one supervisor has said has been true. I don't understand!!! I have sent an email the the email address listed below from the reply to my review. I hope that we can get this taken care of very quickly, otherwise, I will be making a call to an attorney. 4/12/18- I have sent an email 3 times now to the address below from the reply- I STILL have not had a reply or had anyone try to contact me!!! What good does it do me to email you at YOUR request if you are not going to reply???
Phillip helped me get the refinancing I needed so I could consolidate some bills and start 2018 off on the right foot.
First off, it's clear as day that all the good reviews are FAKE! Guarantee they are people who work for the company. You can see the trend in each review stating names. So DO NOT be fooled by this. Secondly, this mortgage company is a joke! Huge lack of communication. Takes a long time to even reach someone after the automated messages. Once you do, you have to repeat all the info you just put in with the automated messages. I've had a few people try to be as helpful as possible and others have put me on hold until I basically hang up and call again. This company failed to do their job. When our June 2018 Mortgage came, we noticed it jumped up by $162! We didn't understand how or why. I called the company the first time and the woman I spoke to said it was because our property taxes went up. I said that is a bit of a stretch for increase wouldn't you think? She laughed at me and said yeah this is why I won't buy a home. Extremely unprofessional. So as I did more research I found the problem on my own since they weren't able to nor did they try. Our property taxes actually did not go up at all but instead they paid for both of our installments rather than 2 a year which is what we've been always doing and set up for (July & January.) Because of their error, this caused our escrow to go under! So what do they do? Add $475 worth of advances to our escrow account they used our mortgage payments to pay the advances back. One guy still had it down that we had to pay July taxes even though they were already paid. We had to pay our June mortgage since it was not fixed in time, so they also owe us $162 for overpaying our mortgage. It's been almost a month since this issue has started and it has not been resolved. Each time I call, I get a different answer. It's supposedly being looked at by the supervisor and need to call back by so and so day. Well I call on that day, and it's still being looked over. If this does not get resolved, they are looking at some law suits based on the horrible stories and reviews I'm reading about this company. They truly do not care about the customers. Update: I tried that number that they mentioned to have me call and it just leads me to the same damn automated system like the other number. And it's obvious their responses to each negative review is just automated as well.
Great experience. Jonathan made everything quick, easy, & simple. He was also able to get us a much better monthly note. Very appreciative!
The Worst Mortgage Company ever. Customer Service Rep's do not mind putting you on hold for a very long time just because you raise your voice regarding a missing payment. Although I have a low rate, but I am considering refinancing my mortgage even with a higher rate. Screw you amerihome!
Great company....caring staff....curteous and professional
Phillip was VERY helpful, understanding, patient, and knowledgeable about the whole refinancing process with me. Definitely a positive experience working with him and I will recommend him to everyone that could use his help.
I had a great experience working with everyone on the Amerihome team... from the beginning to the end... will recommend anyone and everyone to use amerihome...
Jason at AmeriHome is the only one of several companies that cared to make my loan work for me. We had some work to do, but it all came together in the end and saved me from financial ruin. Truly, my life is better for taking Jason's call. Thank you Jason and Devon @ AmeriHome. =)
Stay away from this company, this company sucks and steals your money. As of today I am still missing $2655.44 for a mortgage payment that I haven't get credit for it. I being trying to solve this problems for months. Every time I call customer service I have to explain myself over and over again because they have no idea of what they're doing in there, Or is it because they don't even know how read notes? I assume that after each phone call with a customer they have to write some type of notes related to the phone call. Customer Service have no idea of what they are doing in their office. I always get the same answer that they will look into it but nothing has been done. When I finally got to speak with a manager, He was not of much help either. Just another idiot behind the phone. He promised me that he personally was gonna find out what has happened to my mortgage payment and that he will personally will give me a call three days later. He never called back. I had to call him back after a week of not hearing from him and left a voice message. He returned my message saying that everything was right now that my new mortgage monthly due was current. stupid idiot he didn't even took the time to see that I had made a new mortgage payment and that was the reason why now my mortgage statement showed a different due date. He's name is Brian Ext 473387 I just received a package from the research department where it clearly shows that my payment was added to my escrow account and right after was withdrawn as a miscellaneous transaction. it didn't go out for my tax or insurance. When I asked the CS about this transaction she had no idea what Miscellaneous refers to and no idea why the money was withdrawn. Now they're asking me to get a Transmittal copy of the transaction, Of course now it is impossible for me to get one since this happened back in 9-26-16 the bank does not retain records of transactions for more than three months besides bank statements which AmeriHome denies accepting banks statements. Bola de punetas
Although things didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, the staff was attentive & kept up on all the changes throughout the process
Over the past 2 weeks, this company has caused a great deal of stress, anxiety and sleepless nights for my wife and I. After being assured by several representatives over the past 6 months that our transition back to normalcy would be seamless, it has been anything but that. It’s indeed been the opposite. Back in early September, we were impacted by Hurricane Irma which caused a great financial strain on our family of 5. After two stints in a hotel pre and post Irma, lost wages and other unforeseen expenses, we found ourselves in a hard place. We immediately sought out Amerihome for relief. After talking with a rep, we were told not to worry and we’d be put on a disaster forbearance. At the end of our forbearance, the past due amount would be put towards the end of our loan thus extending it. We gladly accepted the terms and were relieved that we’d have an opportunity to bounce back from this devastating event. I constantly contacting Amerihome for reassurance over this period of time and was told to not worry about anything. I have 2 of these conversations personally recorded. Fast forward 2 weeks ago and I received a letter in the mail from Amerihome stating that I had been denied a disaster modification. Befuddled and distraught, I furiously contacted Amerihome for an explanation. After dealing with a nonchalant rep, I was told that I had to go through a regular loan modification. This was totally different than what I was told and promised. The only explanation was that many reps were “misinformed” at the time. How can such an established American company have employees that are misinformed?. Especially when you’re dealing with people’s livelihoods. Now my wife and I walk in a home everyday not knowing our future in it. I would greatly appreciate if this company would help nor its promises to consumers. It’s the ethical thing to do. If need be, I will contact my lawyer and proceed accordingly on this matter being that I have proof of what I was told and promised. Update: (3-10-2018) I replied to the response by Amerihome on this review by both email and phone. I was told my complaint was assigned to a rep and they would contact me within 48 hours. Nearly one week later, I have yet to be contacted.
Easy to work with and very responsive.
Thanks for everything..
Everything was done online which is ok. But to receive emails frequently that all have the same generic message from a different random person each time that all just say sign this document. No explanations or reasoning. Would not refinance with AmeriHome again.
My refi was handled quickly and professionally. I particularly liked that I had one contact person throughout.
Amerihome has been servicing my loan for ~ 4 months now and so far I'm not impressed. 4/27/2018 - Sent initial payment on loan transferred to Amerihome via check. 5/9/2018 - Check was not yet cashed, called Amerihome to ask if the check was received, they stated that my check had not been received. Assuming it was lost in the mail I told them to put a note on my account to not cash check if received and agreed to make an electronic payment online. Made payment via online method to prevent late payment. I called my bank to place a stop payment in the event that they attempt to cash the check. 5/9/2018 - Electronic payment receipt confirmation received. 5/10/2018 - Check payment receipt confirmation received. 5/15/2018 - Check payment NSF reversal received. 5/22/2018 - Letter received from Amerihome: Dear Customer: Your bank has not honored your recent payment check. Applicable fees will be charged unless prohibited by law. Please replace this check as soon as possible. Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. If you have already sent in a replacement check, please disregard this notice. Sincerely, Loan Servicing Department XC048 048 CPI OE 6/15/2018 (Approximate date) - Received letter from Amerihome that they were changing my mailing address from my correct mailing address to an incorrect mailing address. I went onto my profile on their online system and changed my address back to the correct mailing address upon receipt of letter. 8/28/2018 - Received email from Amerihome: Please update your mailing address. We have received multiple items of returned mail that were sent to the mailing address on file for your mortgage loan. Please call us at the toll-free number listed below so that we can update the mailing address listed on your loan to your current address. Just waiting for the escrow nightmare that everyone else deals with now. Planning to start using Federal Trade Commission - Qualified Written Requests under Section 6 of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) via certified mail to ensure all communications are documented and responded to in a reasonable manner to protect myself. I would suggest all others do the same. Also, online chat function doesn't work. After only a few months I wish they would just sell my loan already, starting to miss my previous loan with Chase...
AmeriHome is an excellent mortgage co. Highly recommend them. The customer service is A+ and the length of time from beginning til end is VERY reasonable. My loan officer, David Kim, was so personable, knowledgeable and professional. He answered any questions that I had. If I had to leave a voice mail for any reason, he responded within minutes if he could, or at least within the hour. He always kept me well informed. The other employees that I worked with, Annabell Libio, the loan officer assistant, and Madeline Perez, the loan processor, were both outstanding. The same as David was, they were both professional and knowledgeable as well as personable. They completely deserve the 5 star rating!!
Chris Williams was a huge help refinancing out of my FHA loan. I would definitely recommend to anyone. I will be coming back soon for another refinance!
The refinance was seamless, painless, and easy as pie. The communication was excellent and responsive - I was never left in the dark or wondering what happens next. Outstanding team of employees produced an outstanding refinance experience. Thank you!
Everyone I worked with was very pleasant and professional and exceeded my expectations.
Home loan was sold to AmeriHome. Their home page has no reference to where I can login to see my loan, or make a payment online. I try to search for may loan, and nothing shows up. After reading all these reviews....i'm a little concerned about the credibility of this mortgage company.
David & Kanchanna with AmeriHome Mortgage were professional, knowledgeable & very helpful at every portion of my refinance. Thank you.
People who handled our loan were precise, fast, reliable, honest & always there when we needed them. We loved doing business with them.
Their new system upgrade is sucks always asking me to register my account in order to make online payment. Contacted tech support 3 times and they set up a phone call to fix this. Costumer services told me they try to contact me so I've asked them to provide me with a log info of time they try to call me and they said "we don't have this info". Never got a phone call to resolve this issues. Im going to refinance with a different company now.
I had a very good experience with the team that made my refinancing stress free. Everything was done in a timely manner.
Joe Totah was a class act throughout the period of getting our home refinanced. He took the time to explain the process to us and gave us different mortgage scenarios to meet our budget while also saving us a ton of money. The whole process was honestly painless, I was dreading having to jump through the different hoops that I did for our first mortgage but I was impressed with Joe Totah and the level of his professionalism. I will strongly recommend him and AmeriHome to anyone I know that is looking to buy a home. Thank you, Satisfied customer
My father passed away recently and I have been trying to help my elderly mother deal with AmeriHome. When they bought the mortgage out from the original finance company, they failed to carry my mother's name over. Now she's having to fight just to be able to talk to the company and they won't acknowledge her. They will not acknowledge they made a mistake even when the recorded mortgage showing my mother's name on the documents were sent to them. I would recommend steering clear of this company. If they cannot complete simple tasks such as carrying over a name from other documents, I would be worried about them handling my mortgage.
Christopher Moore was on top of everything, made our application process smooth. with the help of Kannchana Thay, Mackenzie Forster They worked as a team, I am sure more was involved, but these are the people we had contact with. It was a great experience Thanks
This company is terrible! My mortgage was sold to them a little over a year ago, and I have had nothing but problems with it since then. They never sent me tax docs.They asked me for proof of insurance, which I submitted three times, before they stopped sending me bills for the insurance they supposedly had to provide since according to them I haven't submitted. And so on. I haven't been able to contact them about anything. Their website doesn't work, and their phone system keeps putting me on hold and then hanging up on me! I tried sending an email about an issue with a supposedly late payment, and received a completely useless response about when the payments are due. Please, save yourself the aggravation, and stay far away from this company!
AmeriHome recently purchased my mortgage. This is the first time out of 6 mortgage companies that returned payment when trying to do a bimonthly program. Why do I need to enroll in an autodraft for a bimonthly program? ($1000+$1000) > $1800. Yet, they returned payment. 12/14/17 Update. To start, every mortgage company has at least 3 points of contact. Phone, email, and USPS. But for the mortgage provider to take responsibility to contact the customer when there is a question would be arduous. It is much easier to make assumptions with thousands of dollars and apologize when expectations are not met than to be a good steward. Based upon the above, with Nov 1st payment already completed, it appears the first payment of $1000 sent 11/10/17 was applied to principle because it was received prior to the late payment date. The second payment received on 11/17/17 was after the Nov late payment date and was sent back because it was only a partial payment for December. The only opportunity to sign up for a biweekly payment is through an automated draft, for which can only be cancelled through written notification. The biweekly draft does not always agree with bimonthly salary payments. Eventually, after talking to 5 AmeriHome representatives, the answers match the AmeriHome policy. As a consumer, I prefer Regions Mortgage.
Worst Company Ever With fake good reviews posted on here Charged me a late fee due to their improperly Handling my loan never gave me my money Back!!!, they claim they put it towards my principal. I called and asked about no one was able to help me :( also over charged me for insurance and I discovered they didn’t even pay my insurance payment for the last two months!!!! The worst
Collectively Amerihome is the worst mortgage company I have ever dealt with in my entire life which covers 20 + mortgages. The first issue after being in the hospital a month I was late one payment. It took ninety days to resolve with absolutely no help whatsoever from Amerihome. The credit bureaus had drop my Beacon by 100 points , but they reversed their decision and I was credited for late payment. Despite multiple efforts on my part to secure Amerihome’s assistance in contacting the Credit Bureaus they ignored me and said basically ... “it’s your problem to resolve .” I had a property casualty loss on this property of more than $103,000. The insurance proceeds were turned over to Amerihome’s loss casualty payment center in Florence SC. This group is the most poorly trained uneducated group of claims processors I have ever encountered. It’s like talking to another level on the evolutionary scale. They truly are ‘ sharing a brain cell with amoeba.” Despite filling all the paper work in triplicates and twice authorizing direct payments to contractors they sit on authorized payments a minimum of 8-10 days , refuse to process paperwork for items like missing zip codes, and never contact the owner or contractors to attempt to improve the process. Despite four requests to talk to supervisors they only call back 50% of the time. Furthermore, despite multiple attempts to complain to someone higher is the supervisory chain elsewhere than Florence. ..... No Action! The system is designed to sit on your money and collect interest and slow the work process . Average wait time on hold awaiting information on status of my claim is more than 20 minutes and as high as a 45 minutes. I had a clerk tell me there were paperwork omissions on claims that had been already paid and be unable to tell me why a claim had not been paid after all paperwork had been submitted for two weeks. They have more BS EXCUSES than the government. If I had not called up and followed every draw request not a single penny would have been paid. THIS PROCESSING DEPARTMENT IS SO P——- POOR AMERIHOME WILL NOT ACKNOWLEDGE IT IS PART OF THEIR COMPANY. They refer to it as or Loss Payment Center. I would never accept another mortgage sale to these crooks and miscreants.
I recently refinanced my mortgage with Amerihome. David Kim and Aisha Golden, my mortgage banker and processor, were both helpful, knowledgable, and easy to work with. I was impressed by how responsive they were to the questions that I had during the process. I'm very happy with the final result.
Cynthia St. Claire and her team, including Aisha Golden, were excellent to work with from start to finish. I considered several different refinancing options, and Cynthia made it so easy to work with her that I had to go with Amerihome. She was friendly, personable, and made me feel like she really cared about my well-being throughout the stressful process.
Johnathan and Annabele acted professionally in handling my loan. They were both helpful that's why my experienced with them went smooth.
Brandon Gibbons was such a pleasure to work with, as was Kathleen Gaynor. They were VERY responsive to my questions and inflexible scheduling issues. So glad I had these two working for me! Couldn't be more pleased. Thank you!
If your mortgage broker suggests them run! They're customer service is horrible; their website is very dated; they call from automated dialers and as soon as you answer either hang up or ask you to call them back. The only way to communicate with them is in writing by certified mail, if you call and speak to them anything you say will have no bearing on your account but you'll think it does. I once got a letter asking me to email someone in a department. I sent a very detailed letter back and the letter was rejected by an automated CSR system. They'll find every reason and excuse to have you running around like a mouse in a maze. And it's kind of a hard and drawn out process only being able to communicate via mail. They suck. So much so that I'm happy to say I'm shopping around other servicers. It seems like these people have devised a scheme to try and make it as difficult as possible for you to pay or access your account and then act very quickly to begin foreclosure. P H U K YOU AMERIHOME!
I have been a customer for many years and chose to refinance with this company because of the great service I have gotten in the past. Since the refinance this company has been a nightmare and has ultimately started to hurt my financial future as we have had to borrow money from family many times because they have given incorrect information, or none at all, and returned full payments via checks that conveniently went missing without explanation. I am showing as almost 30 days past due at this point because we have not received the checks owed to us. The only people willing to help were actually the people we worked with during the refinance. We refinanced in March and are already looking to refinance again to get away from this company. RUN!
I just completed a re-finance with AmeriHome. I worked with David Kim, Senior Loan Officer and his team, Anabell and Sabrina. A huge thank you goes out to all of them for making this process so seamless. What I appreciated the most, was the excellent communication from them, and how all of my options were explained. I highly recommend David Kim and his team.
I have never been so disgusted with a company I was,on hold for over an hour,hung up on,passed from person to person and still could not get an answer to my question that was acceptable. Every time I called before Christmas I was told something different by every person I managed to get ahold of. Then was told to call back Jan. 2nd and they would have straightened the issue out, Guess what? More BS today.Does anyone communicate at this company???????????I had to make another over payment so I was not late on my mortgage payment.
Mr. Reyes was extremely professional, punctual and very attentive to our needs. He was easy to work with, found us great options and was very patient. I recommended him to several friends and family. ~Rosio Becerra
We absolutely had the most seamless, stress free refinance with AmeriHome Mortgage. Our loan officer, Phillip Zhin & his processor, Tricia Dodge are the BEST team. I would highly recommend them for all your mortgage financing needs. We won't ever work with or go anywhere else! Thank you so much - Cindy & Stacy Payne
Phillip Zhin did a fantastic job finding out the loan that would be best for me. He was VERY patient and persistent. I was doing a refi and it was all but easy. Phillip made the process so smooth! Yes it took time, but with the customer service I had, time was a not a problem. Phillip was also very trustworthy. I knew he was doing everything in his power to give me the best loan that I could receive. Thank you AmeriHome! If the rest of your staff is as great as Phillip, you hire amazing people!!
Oddly, I was getting ready to write a note of appreciation to Joe Totah before this review appeared. My last Mtg with Peoples Mtg was a train wreck. Fortunately Amerihome assumed the note. I have been a Sales Manager for 28 yrs and know what it takes to do business. I never had one issue or unattended detail with Joe processing my new Mtg. You earned your payday. Thank you Joe, Better buy some shades.....your future is bright.... Dallas Fink.
The process was simple and straight forward.
My mortgage refinance was a breeze with this company. It was actuallly almost effortless. I was given excellent information, treated with respect and everything was handled in a timely manner. I am absolutely recommending this company to everyone I know who's looking to buy or refinance.
Overall a Great Experience. Marquise and his team (especially Sabrina) were knowledgeable, professional and courteous. As a current customer (refinance), the process took a little longer than expected. However, my expectations may have been a bit unrealistic. No surprises and relatively seamless process. I would recommend AmeriHome to Friends and Family. Thanks so much!
Founded in 1988 and they are still in that year. It's 2018 and they still send documents by mail to sign. I have been trying to get into the Draft program for months and there is always something different. When I finally saw some light at the end of the tunnel... I needed them to update the account number associated with my account for the ACH payment and again they asked me to wait for a document by mail and return it.
Horrid experience with web of lies, wrong appraiser, hidden fees and talk in circles. RUN!!
The entire process of re-financing my home loan was excellent! The communication, options, and value were great. David Kim was very professional, helpful and knowledgeable.
David did an excellent job working with us, he is thoughtful, a clear communicator, and works hard for the client. I would recommend him to anyone who was looking for an agent to work with. The process was clunky, long, and with many stops and starts. I thought (incorrectly) that because we had been with Amerihome for three years and never missed a payment that it would go smoothly. It did not. It was as difficult as the obtaining the original loan which was then sold to Amerihome. I understand the need to make sure the loan will be repaid on time but think you should take a hard look at how existing clients are vetted.
Great experience and we feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to have been helped by real caring and professional people with AmeriHome! They made every effort to make sure we understood every step of the process, highly recommend them and I'm glad to know that there's people like them out there that really show they care and are so committed to their work! Thank you once again for a very hassle free experience to a long tedious process! Thank you!
We have purchased many homes and have a current mortgage with Amerihome. I thought having a current mortgage would make the process of a new mortgage on different property a much easier process. THAT WAS NOT THE CASE! We went through the prequalifying process and everything was fine. Once we applied for the loan I had to constantly resubmit the same documents multiple times. The contacts that we had didn't return phone calls but did return most emails. They had about 10 weeks to complete the process. One day before the closing the underwriter requested additional financial updates on a credit card and a letter from a septic company about a repair. The closing date was rescheduled for 2 days later. The letter from the septic company was delayed due to weather but were told to go ahead and sign all the paperwork and the sellers would get their money after the letter was received. The letter was obtained the next day but the seller didn't get their check for 3 more days. The closing attorney said he had never seen anything like this before in all of his career.
Loan officers were amazing they stayed in contact and got my loan closed! Would have gave 5 stars but their underwriting department was horrific they kept asking for documents that were pointless to the process. I would reccomend them cause every situation is different!!
Amerihome purchased my mortgage from a local mortgage company within a few days of me closing on my new place. I was not notified by them of the purchase. I was sent a bill, with an account number to pay my mortgage for the first time about 40 days after my first payment was due to them. I had to call my old mortgage company to find out who they sold the loan to, then contact Amerihome to get my account number so that I could pay my mortgage on time and not incur late fees...all because they don't send out notifications in a timely manner. ...Journey with me to 18 months later. Amerihome has just transitioned to a new website. Except that their old website went down about five weeks ago and they didn't tell me they were transitioning. So, I couldn't access my mortgage info for over a month until I received a paper bill indicating the new website they were using. Even though I received an email confirming payment for the month in between, it did not include any contact info, nor the new website address! Great, so I now know about the new website. I go to log on. My account info doesn't work. I try to register...I'm already registered. I try to retrieve username and reset password...the website cannot find the info I'm looking for. I try to open a chat window during their listed hours of refers me to an email address. I go to quick facts to orient myself to the new is blank. Needless to say, I am very uncomfortable with this company having my banking info and handling my mortgage. They are a waking soup sandwich. I'm sure it is only a matter of time before they get hacked and my bank info is stolen. Avoid them at all costs. I am terribly disappointed in their service, their customer service, and their professionalism as a whole. Update: After the customer service rep responded to my review today, I followed their invitation to email their customer service department. I sent an email (I was even polite) describing my problems registering. In response I received an email telling me to click the "register now" button and follow the instructions. DID YOU EVEN READ MY EMAIL??? Obviously not, because their subsequent advice was to click the "chat" button which I specifically said was not working...guess what? It still doesn't work. No, sweat I can call now. I call the number provided by the customer service rep (same as the number on my paper bill). Could this get worse and more frustrating??? Yes. The phone number they all provided to me is not in service. How do you have a customer service phone number inoperable, a website that doesn't work, and ineffective email assistance? Why is this company still in business? Maybe I'm overreacting... Update 2: Their customer service rep took a vested interest in my case after posting this review and worked diligently to remedy my complaints. While they cannot fix the damage that has been done, they have initiated several actions to closes loop holes in their system...and reported back to me on why problems occurred and what measures they have instituted to ensure it doesn't happen again. Maybe there is hope for this company after all.
It breaks my heart reading experiences so similar to mine. We live in a Hurricane Harvey impacted area near the coast. We were without power for days, and our business was impacted as a result in addition to everything else. When I called AmeriHome to inquire about their "help" for those affected by disasters, the rep was so kind and reassuring. He put me on the 3 month forebearance plan and assured me that those three months of payments would be deferred to the end of my loan. That after 3 months, my payments would resume as normal. He also told me, as does their website, that I would be contacted toward the end of my plan to discuss current situations and what would happen next. I was NEVER contacted in regards to my forebearance plan. I was however sent multiple letters telling me my payments were late and I was in default of my loan. Every time I got one I called and was told not to worry about it, that they are automated letters. The day before my plan ended I found out that I would now be required to pay all 3 months that were supposed to be deferred, in addition to the now current month. 4 MONTHS OF PAYMENTS DUE AT ONCE! This is how this company pretends to "help" people through a disaster. It's a complete scam. It's unethical and inhuman to treat people like this when they've already been through so much. Please, someone tell me and help me understand why in the world, if someone can afford to pay 4 months payments at once, why would they need 3 months off?!!! I plan on speaking with a lawyer, and from the looks of things all over the internet and social media, there are many many other plaintiffs out there who were "helped" by this unethical company.
Amerihome mortgage company was extremely easy to work with. Every person I was in contact with was friendly, informative and in my best interest.. especially David Kim! He's awesome!! I'd work with him again in a heartbeat!! Charlotte
Very poor customer service and website! I can't even begin to explain their bad customer service. Their website is horrible just absolutely horrible! And now they have a new website which they make you pre-register with all your information yet again and it doesn't even work. You try and try and try to contact them and they will not contact you back. Looking forward to switching to a different mortgage company for sure very soon!
Chris and his team are professional, courteous and efficient. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Philip was awesome, kept everything in perspective, made the transition smooth
It was a great experience with David and Aisha. Even with some system hiccups due to software migration , David and Aisha made sure the streamline process was made painless and worked overtime to make sure my family and I were taken care of.
Overall positive experience but some mistakes with closing paperwork which resulted in a double closing and minor inconvenience.
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