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Uclaim4me Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Uclaim4me
Overall average rating of 1.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 8 %
This company is so inefficient it is unbelievable,they are supposedly chasing a claim for me I had numerous e-mails from them asking me to sign letter of authourity 3 times and have done so,then I start getting letters saying your claim is stuck and they require further information and need to send further documentation so the lender can progress my claim.I had already filled at least on of these in and sent it off to them,so why do they want more just repeating what had already been done I rang this company up today and waited on the phone for 15 minutes for someone to answer the phone,tried again 3 more times the last time I waited 22 minutes before someone answered they then cut me off this happened twice more cut off both times,this company is the worst I have ever dealt with and judging by the comments on this page I am not alone in thinking the same,I shall be reporting them to the relevant authorities as they are not fit to call themselves a business,and I shall also be going to the national media to ask them to investigate such a discraceful shower as this company is.
Thought I would use these people and they have managed to claim the obvious ones but there are two which I think are more difficult to sort out they appear to have done Diddly about them. The texts and phone calls have been relentless once they are aware you may be getting or a refund is n its way to you. I left my phone at home when I went to my sons last weekend. There were numerous text messages and 11 answerphone messages from various numbers all over the place regarding Claim4me on my return two day later. I had spoken to someone just before I left on Friday and said I had received the cheque for one claim and had just banked it and as soon as it cleared I would pay I had also sent a ether regarding their invoicing which asks for different amounts for the same claim. When I got back Monday I found I had been bombarded. I am still waiting for a reply but I am more realistic and don't expect a reply yesterday, but I do expect a reply. I am told a cheque is n the way for me from another claim and they have already started hassling me even though I have payer my first one to get hem off my back, that was last night. No the phone calls have started again when I still haven't received the cheque, banked or cleared it. When I paid one invoice I complained about the volume of their texts/calls and as we were about to go on holiday for two weeks I suggested that keep phoning would not be getting a response. I was told that these calls could not be stopped. I actually think if it isn't illegal it should be this harassment. I will pay my second invoice once I have received my money and no amount of hassling bellying me is going to get it paid any quicker. On a plus side they are polite and that is their one redeeming feature to their business. Please review you practices.
Currently in the process of reporting this company to the ISO (via UkGov) for innapropriate use of data. They fished my contact details and sent me a letter, when i prompted where they got my details from they refused to provide me further details and just said they will delete thrm, they have since ignored my attempts to contact them again for an explanation so they are breaching the data protection law. A very unproffessional and suspicious organisation, avoid at all costs. Yes you do!, you have several emails from me following a poor response from Nichola Picken on 11/02. She has 3 more emails from me that she has ignored and failed to acknowledged, all of them copying contactus@ I have 0 responses so i raised the case with ISO
We filled in forms that came through post thinking nothing would come of it how wrong we were we in total received 5 separate payments amounting to over ten thousand pounds less uclaim fee all for nothing just filling in a couple of pages we were sent text messages keeping us up todate on our claim and then payment was automatic fast and easy you then make 1 call and pay your fee to uclaim team and it's all done I cannot fault them at all fast friendly service it all took from start to completion about 8 weeks so very happy if you haven't done it yet or think it's a con it's not do it today you've nothing to loose
These guys just called and said Halifax have just made an offer of £315 and our fee is £142, I can’t even remember signing an authority for these people. Do I have to pay their Bill??
I have used this company but I am now getting text and invoices for payment and I have not received any payments from the companies who are supposed to owe me. These texts are coming fast and furious . I have gone on there HUB but nothing is mentioned to my account and what has been offered how do I know that the invoice sent is correct? When on one invoice shows an offer value of £152 and the company want a fee of £60. Yet I do not know to which account the offer is and cannot match up to anything that I have on file. Nothing is made clear from the start so one can make up there own decision.
I entered a competition online and stupidly signed up for a free ppi claim this is what happens due to lack of sleep with a newborn. My bank got in touch and it was due me some money about £723 Uclaim4me charged £367.38. Uclaim4me then got in touch with for their 33% fee keep in mind this is before tax on the money you receive from bank so you are really paying a lot more. Felt rushed when I phoned them querying the higher amount and they were very eager for payment. I then had the hassle of phoning back as they had overcharged me when they had made out it was just the tax added on. Money was taken out my bank account straightaway for payment but I am still awaiting a refund 3 weeks later. I felt this has been a bit of hassle especially with having a newborn at home and am unsure if the online competition had any winners or was just a way of securing people to sign up for ppi when you can do it yourself for free.
Get sent unsolicited marketing mail from them that isn't disclosed as such.
I think I may have come across UClaim4me last year and I did start something online but didn't finish the process. Eventually Halifax got in touch and they are sorting out a claim on a bank card I had. But recently I've had two letters from UClaim4Me demanding over £2000! I don't know what this is about. Do the banks work hand in hand with UClaim4Me? I havnt even had money back from Halifax yet. So how can they take a percentage from me. I am unsure whether to contact them unless theres been a scam.
Sent me mail in the post when I've never ever heard of them or made any form of contact. I have no idea how this company got a hold of my details, 100% AVOID! Sound like a bunch of fishing scammers!
Whilst getting my PPI refunded was a bit long-winded, once I received a cheque from my lender UClaim4Me bombarded me with requests for payment. I got the cheque on Monday after work, I was harassed three times by text for payment yesterday (Tuesday) before I had any chance to do anything and I was going to pay by credit card today (Wednesday) to get them off my chest as I hadn’t even paid the cheque into the bank yet (no local branches anymore). This morning I got a reminder like a threat demanding payment today with a headline something like “Good Morning Your Payment Is Due Today” which I think is inappropriate given the fact that I only received my cheque on Monday and this was Wednesday morning. I didn’t need reminding (or harassing) again. This is worse than councils or government bodies demanding payments for unpaid taxes or services, so I do not want to have anything to do with them again with all this harassment as if I was long overdue. They may have tried to disguise this harassment with polite introductions like “Great News” and “Good Morning”, but being pestered four times in less than 24 hours is unacceptable.
Stay away, they sent me a letter saying they had received a settlement from Santander and I now needed to pay UClaim4Me, I told them I wasn’t paying anything until I received payment from Santander. They tried to tell me that Santander had already paid the money into my account (which they hadn’t). Ithen received 95 texts in 3 weeks requesting payment as well as an email threatening legal action. I rand them on numerous occasions explaining I hadn’t received the money from Santander yet they kept saying I had so I contacted Santander who informed me that the claim had been successfully defended and there was no payment. I informed UClaim4Me and told them that I would be the one taking legal action as they were trying to defraud me out of money and strangely enough I haven’t heard anything from them since. DO NOT use them however if you do choose to go with these fraudsters, please do not pay a penny until you have received your payment first
Fed up of being harassed by this company! Have told them on numerous occasions to stop contacting me but they continue to do so!
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