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WiserAdvisor Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: WiserAdvisor
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888-762-7630
Overall average rating of 3.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 38 %
I met with 2 advisors and chose one to fit my needs.
Didn't give me local enough options, and I got a lot of phone calls.
My wife and I waited over 1/2 hour for the gentleman who was supposed to consult with us to show up. He never did and there was no attempt to communicate the reason. What a waste of time.
Gave me two leads for a financial advisor. One worked out very well. The other did not. Good education.
Great way to get started on putting a retirement/financial plan together
They are not as advertised. I have asked them to remove me and my information from their system and not to forward my information. They are not complying
I have previously interviewed with all three advisers before reaching out for help. I just recently signed with one of the recommendations Wiser Advisor suggexted to manage my retirement assets two weeks ago. I am going to consider this as confirmation that I am headed in the right direction. Thank you.
I was given three different advisers to interview and I had a fourth. It was a very interesting process never having done this before. After three, I thought I had picked out the one we would hire but we still had one more interview and we actually went with that last one. I am grateful to Wiseradviser as working with them helped me pare down the options
all that I had the opportunity to speak with were very nice, but not the right fit.
How do I stop the calls? I don't see a way to unsubscribe from this "service"!! I inquired about financial planners and am getting deluged with calls I don't want.
Answered my questions and was very helpful.
I gave them one star not because of any service issues. We never got that far. They posted an ad that referenced a church I attend and implied the church was promoting their services. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There were many E mails and calls and I told them I would not work with them if this is how they were choosing to advertise.
No response from the contractors. Very poor communication. I would not use WiserAdvisor again. Complete waste of time.
I looked at some of the advisors listed and one had died in early 2014. It appears they do not update the list very often.
I was provided several advisors that were capable of handling my assets. My only issue is that two are located in a larger city that's remote from me, but one of those advisors makes routine local visits for other existing clients.
We followed up with the Financial Planners that were recommended and were very pleased with them. Very happy with WiserAdvisor.
I received responses regarding 2 people in my state. One was 40 miles away. I did speak with this person on the phone and explained that I preferred to deal with someone closer to my location. The second person was located just a few miles from my house. I changed an appointment that I had at the date and time that he was available.and set up an appointment and received a confirmation about the appointment. The advisor called me and said that he had to reschedule because he had another appointment. Neither of us were available for two weeks. I did not reschedule since he felt that someone else was more important than I was. I then found another CFP locally through another friend and he has many awards and has had many articles written about him nationally.
I wasn't really well matched at all. Two of the three recommended companies were far away; hours away through Los Angeles traffic. One was not interested because they only dealt with clients with liquid assets over 500k. That is not me. I ended up finding someone on my own. I will say the companies responded quickly, but weren't a good match.
All three financial planners were professional, understood what I am looking for, asked similar questions and provided the same services at competitive costs. Chose one of the three.
They got me in touch with one good guy, but only because I got fed up putting down the 'phone on three others.
I asked for referrals in my city but received referrals from many distant cities. I asked for email responses but instead received dozens of phone calls. So I was a little disappointed.
I posted my interest in an adviser and shortly after I received a call, then an email with their recommendations.
Saved me time and effort and connected me with several advisers who were exactly what I was looking for
Received three excellent recommendations on a financial adviser.
I wanted a paid financial planner to assist me with a retirement plan payout decision. WiserAdvisor instead handed me off to financial planners that recover a fee from the investments so they were not really interested in my decision and were more focused on getting their hands on my 401k accounts. The web site should let you select the type of advisor you want, paid or commission, so you can decide what you need at that point in time. I gave the site one star because I couldn't find a way to give it zero stars.
So far, so good. I will be meeting with two advisers shortly. Then I will know more.
Mary Jo is great, whatever you are paying her is not enough.
I appreciate the communication from the potential financial advisors.
I was given two names. Both individuals were solid. It was difficult to make a choice.
wiseradvisor promptly supplied me with financial advisors in my area.
I learned a significant amount from each of the three recommendations. Worthwhile.
My main request was to find an advisor that works on an hourly rate not a percentage of assets you have invested. Neither of the two contacts I received met this condition. I realize this is a bit hard to find, but this service didn't help me find the right person. The service was easy to use and I have no complaints there. My guess is they didn't have this data in their database to search.
I honestly do not know what I am reviewing; therefore, no more opinion.
i asked for local advisers and received mostly Milwaukee. We have now found a local financial adviser that we feel comfortable with
Have worked with this company for over 15 years. When challenges present themselves they handle with care. Wiser Advisor and more entrepreneurial partnership offered by are the most successful quality lead services I have used to date.
I should have known better than to fill out an internet request for information. I was deluged by financial advisors from all over the country. Way too many calls, and too persistent. Next time I'll go to my local bank.
If you go to a professional car mechanic and he or she say I know what I am doing and I will make you car run better because I have 20 years experience, but if you car runs worst, you still will have to pay me a lot of money for working on it. Would you hire this person? NO! NO! NO! Not if you were in your right mind. But let's give you advisor a chance, if he loses money you don't pay him. If he breaks even or make only enough to equal a risk free CD you don't pay him. If he does better than this, then you start paying his fee... SO LOOK AND HIRE ONLY A REAL PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR.
I used the service to find a couple matches for a financial advisor, but realized I wasn't quite ready to meet with them (going through a divorce). I will definitely reach out when I'm ready
I was hoping to find someone to help me establish a financial plan that would allow me to manage it. The three companies that responded basically all meet with you and are looking to manage at the accounts for me. I met with one of the companies and spoke to the other two by phone I am considering working with the one that I met with but have not yet made a decision
Wiser adviser linked me up with three different types if financial help from a pure financial adviser to a Wells Fargo specialist. The third person I would rate as in between the two. They called on the date specified and were not pushy in their dealings. You are allowed a one time free consultation if you wish. If not, forget them. You are able to check their licenses and reviews by federal and state sources.
My experience with WiserAdviser has been excellent. The financial planners they put me on to were both great. I had a very difficult time choosing one.
Only met with 2 of the 3 so far. Both have been very helpful and knowledgeable.
I received 1 referral. I received 1 email from that referral. Not what I expected from this service will not use again nor will I recommend to any of my family or friends
I was expecting to be able to review the companies recommended to see if they fit my needs before anyone would be calling. I wished to call the one, two, or three I would like to talk to. I realized that this would not happen before finishing the application so I quit, thinking that would be the end of it. Yet multiple e-mails and calls were made to me from companies that didn't interest me. So I ignored them.
I had a great experience using Wiser Advisor I had two excellent Financial Advisors referred to me This service I would highly recommend to those searching for a Financial Adviser All Contacts are sent over quickly and Wiser Adviser even helps by including a list of questions to help determine if this adviser is right for you
People who were in the system seemed good with their products but so far I haven't seen any that work for me. I still have others to check.
It was not clear that by entering my information in this site, that my contact info would be shared with people aI did not choose and who wanted to sell me financial products and investments. I would have enjoyed reading reviews of prospective advisors and contacting them, but did not have that chance. Good news, is that It seems my request to receive no further contact has been honored.
I gave wiser advisor very specific information on what I needed and said I was not interested in speaking to anyone who did not meet the specific qualifications. Within minutes, I was contacted by phone, by a financial advisement company wanting to meet with me. I went through the specific requirements I needed. The man I spoke to did not meet a single requirement. He was very polite and did not tried to force his services. I was rather upset with WiserAdvisor for sending my information to what appeared to be three random firms. I decided to not contact any of the others and do my own research. Landed on a great company. I gave 2 stars because the one firm I spoke to was polite, honestly admitted they did not meet my specifications and wished me well.
excellent podcast! I listen every Sunday and have learned a great deal! I you had a branch in the Spokane, WA area I would be contacting you. Thanks for you dedication keeping the public informed.
Wiser advisor only sent three options. After requesting a few more they were not sent and there was no follow up.
The three financial advisors recommended were first rate. Had I not had a long time advisors whom I decided to stay with, any one of the three would have been a good selection.
Got 3 responses almost immediately but they also called more than once. Glad to see they're all responsive but apparently they're all hungry and want to make a sale. Met with 2 advisors and cancelled the 3rd. Liked one initially but decided to just use investment houses instead. Most of these guys don't provide or have tax knowledge and will refer you to a CPA.
I asked for a local financial advisor. I specified 10 or so miles. All the ones given were at least an hour away. I couldn't use any of them
I found a good financial advisor through WiserAdvisor
While the connections made to financial advisors (one of which I retained) was efficient and effective, I noticed a significant uptick of spam in my e-mail. I am concerned that WiseAdvisor has shared my e-mail with entities that I do not want sending me e-mails.
Wiser adviser provided me with very good advisers to speak with
They successfully initiated contact between me and qualified financial advisors in the area (geographically) and expertise relevant to me.
Met with Brent Muller of Wealth Enhancement for 1-1/2 hours this week to try to find ways to increase my income without assuming much additional risk. He had some worthwhile suggestions, but included variable annuities, which I believe are not appropriate for a retirement portfolio. I'm sure he's pretty competent, but I just felt that I would not be comfortable working with him.
Understand this is a LIST of potential financial advisors. They are attempting to sell you their services. You here sales pitches and not which advisor fits your needs
Met with Certified Financial Planner for an hour. This was our first meeting. I shared financial statements and we discussed my expectations and goals at a high level, not in great detail. The hour went by quickly. I have another appt to meet with the CFP.
Very prompt reply. Courteous & quick responders with the levels of expertise requested. Thank you.
I thought the people that were recommended by Wiser Advisor were professional and informative.
I e-mailed WiserAdvisor and had three qualified professional responses to chose from within twenty-four hours. All responders were professional, provided company background, and did not chase me which I appreciated.
Follow-up from the initial online inquiry was quick. everything went as communicated from the first phone call
Given 3 advisors.....2 unacceptable, 1 acceptable #1 Was in 70's with unclear succession plan. I was 10 years younger & looking to establish a relationship my wife could trust in case something happened to me. Likelihood he will die before me #2 Had zero personality, refused to answer how many clients he had & acted like he did not care if he got my 5 million business #3 A possibility but bothered that a lone person in an office that looks like sub rented & nobody else there in six offices & secretary lives in Texas & works remotely. He is local???
Understand that WiserAdvisor isn't responsable for replies; yet they strongly state that they expect us to be serious about financial advise and only one out of three bothered to reach out to us...
WiserAdvisor helped me connect with a Financial planner that I'm very happy with.
The process was very easy. I indicated what help I was looking for and within 24 hours I had the recommendations of three financial advisors in my area. Each one contacted me within the next 24 hours to conduct a phone discussion and in each case I have followed up with a free face to face consultation. I expect to make my final decision shortly but feel like any one of the three would be an excellent choice for my retirement planning.
Received a quick response of financial companies that seem to be professional.
I was able to find and get the info that I needed promptly and accurate
I wanted my C.P.A. to evaluate the various financial products offered by the one financial advisor recommended by WiserAdvisor, as well as other portfolio recommendations by a bank's financial advisor and an independent certified financial planner. However, all the C.P.A. wanted to get involved in was to interpret two trusts (of which I am primary beneficiary) to me. So I couldn't get an independent evaluation of the various financial products and portfolio diversification recommended to me from various financial "experts." Therefore I cannot make a decision about which product nor portfolio is right for me. Another advisor did return my call, but he wanted to review the trusts before making any recommendations. He was going out of town but did not follow up when he got back, so I may call him sometime in the future.
Very helpful. Recommended three highly qualified candidates.
WiserAdvisor said they would find several LOCAL financial advisors for me and within hours I was connected to and spoke with 3 financial advisors that were reasonable. However, they were not that LOCAL.
Wiseradvisor sent me three good candidates to manage my portfolio. I am in the process of choosing one. Their help has made things easier and given me more confidence in the candidates.
1 call. No one return my call. Sticking with Merrill Lynch.
Never ending series of questions to answer, never did get a quote.
After providing my contact info I was immediately hit with over 8 phone calls and nuemerous emails from wiseradvsor and 3 planners. I wanted wiseradvisor to send me the names so that I could research them review their websites and I could decide if I wanted to contact them. Instead my phone blew up at work and at dinner time and I was flooded with emails. Coincidentally I also received an unusual number of spam fraud phone calls at the same time, did wiser adviser somehow let fraudsters get my info?
No help at all. A bunch of assistants called back to make appointments for p[rinciples with no indication of the services to be provieded.
I appreciated the help in locating local financial planners. I have interviewed both and am waiting for their plans to decide which will be my preferred planner.
I was attacked by 10 phone calls and more than that via e-mails.
Great site, really helped with the interview and finding the right guy for the job. Thanks
Everyone I spoke to was very nice, but my situation is pretty well set.
Calls from companies not remotely in my area.
Fast contact and personal interview with a person who can acomadate my specific needs.
Really didn't know what to expect as I never used WiserAdviser. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually received a number of qualified financial advisers to evaluate and select the one best suited for my needs.
Bad would never use it anymore
One of the 3 suggested advisors does not service personal clients but only cooperate clients. Would like to have had 3 to compare services to chose from. Diane
We visited both advisors who replied. Both were nice and open to sharing their points of view, their intended approaches to clients and their fees. We have not decided on a course of action as of now.
We left the first meeting with Mr. Jared Copinga, Financial Engiines, secure in the impression that his knowledge, professionalism, and integrity, together with the industry requirements imposed on him as a fiduciary to advise and manage our funds, is the right combination for our accounts. Subsequent meetings have only reinforced this conviction. Bill and Ann Mathis
They treated me like just another number. Did not want to have a conversation to learn about my search. I asked twice for a short call and was never answered.
Matched me with advisers that were over an hour away. Advisers who called me did not read my specific desires.
Talked to one person, gave him info. Get call from another, gave him info. Get 3rd call to schedule meeting & person asked questions as if I had not already given information to previous 2 people. When I explained I was just looking for info on options for Required Minimum Distributions & how that would affect Social Security tax, he said he'd have to research that & get back to me. Told him: "You do that." Bottom line, I just needed a tax advisor & not a financial advisor. I would not advise anyone to waste their time with these people.
The planners were all well qualified, flexible and professional: everyone responded quickly and I appreciated the little extra followup from WisorAdvisor to ensure I would get what I was asking for.
All three of the contacts that I came in contact with were very proffessional
The advisors are small operators. There are better choices available.
I was looking for recommendations and information for me to select a potential advisor. Instead, I was bombarded with calls and emails from advisors I don’t know. Terrible experience.
Great interaction with perspective firm. DDW
Seeking out the Internet for a trustworthy, competent professional to handle ones' financial affairs is a bit overwhelming, not to mention intimidating. My wife and I are glad we found and used Wiser Advisor. They quickly matched us with 3 financial advisors in our area. Less than 24 hours of our inquiry, we were in contact with one, had a complimentary meeting with him a few days later. We are now looking forward to meeting him in a few weeks time to start our "professional relationship". Great service!
I found that all three advisors you asked me to see were all excellent and very knowledgeable. I would trust my money with any of the three. Thank you for submitting their names.
Provided a great service
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