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California Check Cashing Stores Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: California Check Cashing Stores
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 10 %
California check Cashing took a $160 Western Union payment to a biller. That biller is PG&E, my utility company. I was charged $1.50 for the transaction service charge. This transaction took place on June 2, 2014. I received a receipt and a printed screen shot from the representatives computer screen as my receipts. I checked the receipt and it had the correct PG&E account number. Then I received a letter from my PG&E office on June 11, 2014 advising 15 day notice to pay.In conversation with my biller, I realized they paid the $160 to a non existent account to my biller. This information was reflected on the printed screen shot receipt. I contacted California Check Cashing and they have not located the money as of yet and my bill is still not paid and it is June 12, 2014, end of business day. My biller has not received any monies for over ten days. I was in a payment plan with my biller which is voided now.
I think I am being told to scam others with what I am not able to click up too. I, too, am on SSI, and I feel that they are scamming me. The result of the matter is that I went to California Check Cashing and Nena told me to Google the name of the website the same exact way it was spelled and it led me to get to the bottom of where this emergency is necessary. I oversaw everyone that ConsumerAffairs posted up for them and realized that there are a few people in my area that have been hit and I state that in every quota. Thank you everybody, who fell into their capitulation. Call me your AMW "John Walshch" on the internet that doesn't do his job the same way anymore. My email is **. I have a phone number, **. Ask for Kimberly and tell her to contact Rosa and she will appoint you in my Direction. Everything's going to be alright. Don't bug.
I visited a California Check Cashing Store on July 9, 2013. I went to purchase money orders. I had five hundred dollars cash and asked if I could purchase the rest with my debit card. The employee said yes. Upon reviewing my receipt, I noticed a charge of $8.63. I was quite puzzled so I went back in to ask the clerk what the charges were for. She explained the charges were for the purchase of the money order with my debit card.I asked to show me in writing where it says I would be charged for using my card. She did not have an adequate answer. She just stated there was nothing they could do once the transaction has occurred. I asked her why wasn't I informed prior to use and she had no valid answer. I could have gone to the bank to get the money had I known about that fee. Fees should be discussed up prior to purchase so situations such as this will never occur. I wasted money that I did not anticipate spending.
On March 3rd I paid advance loan, that loan was taken out on Feb 1st. The store I paid it at, has verified to corporate office that I did pay it. Check was sent to my bank, and I was charged overdraft fee. I received a call today, Tom was very rude. I called corporate office, spoke to a supervisor, rude as well. I am being harassed with phone calls, however they say it is not harassment because I owe the money. I am on social security disability and can not deal with stress. Countless calls have been made to them and problem still not resolved.
I've been a customer with CCCS for over 4 years and the contact I had with your office has been rude, disrespectful, and downright unprofessional. I had a misfortune of my monetary circumstances and was left with no option but to pay my 300.00 loan on an installment plan since my social security monthly payment has been temporarily reduced due to an overpayment over a period of time, this was done without warning. I talked to a member of your staff via phone when I was at the Tennyson store in Hayward Ca. and he yelled at me and threatened me with all kinds of outrageous sanctions as I was attempting to pay my bill or loan in the best manner I could at the moment. This gentleman was unfair and unscrupulous with his outlandish remarks as he tried to make me pay additional fees and rewrite my loan and I tried to explain to him that this was against the law and offered to fax him the facts on this matter.I only hope that you would put people in these positions who are more accustomed to customer service or drop that title from your corporate ID. He refused to take my money and rudely hung up the phone on me and tried to put words in my mouth that I refused to pay my loan and that is utterly hogwash. I don't know how I am supposed to pay my loan under these circumstances. I want to thank you for helping out a loyal customer in advance and let me pay my loan. I can pay this in a few installments or I can save it up and mail it to your corporate office.
I received a check from a person for doing an installation. Since I was given the check on Friday evening and had someone help me, I cashed it at California Check Cashing. That Sunday, my client cancelled the check because of an issue he was having (mind you, he lives about 110 miles away). Went back out there, he dropped his internet service provider and so I was not able to get his service up on the internet. Anyhow, I was given a call by a very rude person calling from California Check Cashing. She stated that my client was suing me and even gave me a name of an attorney that was representing him. She then told me that she was going to call the cops because I may have forged the check. Of course, she did speak with the owner of the check and knew he had canceled it, thus impossible for them to even accuse me of forging a check.She called me names, got very mad at me that I didn't have the money to cover the check right then and there. Then my wife got on the phone (former bill collector) and she did give my fiancee an earful. Even told my fiancee that they will be suing her as well! I called the client up afterwards and asked him why he was suing me. The client told me he wasn't suing me, but that California Check Cashing was suing him and he got mad. End of story. I lost that client. Since then I have spoken to another friend, who I just found out that they sold her information to other people and that those people were taking little bits out of her checking account every so often, so much that she had to close her accounts with the bank she had been with for many years!For anyone wanting to know: Community Choice Financial Inc., * 7001 Post Road, Suite 200 * Dublin, Ohio 43016 * 800-837-0381. That is the actual company name, address and phone number doing business as California Check Cashing. I find it odd that a company doing business under the name California Check Cashing Stores, that their company name is actually Community Choice Financial Inc. Their website is and they are operating out of Dublin, Ohio - 2,363 miles away. 35 hours driving! So California Check Cashing = 99payday = Community Choice Financial = Ohio?! That just sounds like they are trying to confuse people, doesn't it? BTW, no, I do not want an attorney to contact me.
I went into a CCCS around 7 last evening to cash a SSI check that I had recently received. The clerk took my ID, had me sign AND put my SS number on the back of it. Then shortly proceeded to tell me that as a first time client they couldn't cash my check because I didn't have a PHONE! She also hassled me on why the check was written on the 4th and I was only cashing it now? The 17th. Like 2 weeks is that big of a deal? Actually I had just gotten it in the past couple of days. If it was 6 months old then I could see... but 2 weeks? In any event she said they couldn't cash it unless I had a viable phone number. Now on a website specifically for this store they state they will cash GA and SSI checks with Calif ID, nothing about phones. They supposedly work with homeless outreaches and I'm wondering how many homeless people have phones? Seriously?So she says that they can use the phone number for the SRO/Hotel I live in. I give it to her. The idiot could NOT FIND IT on the internet! Holy cow! It's on my ID, I'm a disabled 60 year old there with my 21 yo daughter and hardly look like a suspicious person. After waiting for close to a half hour she ultimately told me that they couldn't do it without a verifiable phone. So what about the cashing it with Calif ID thing to help homeless people? Well, no, SHE couldn't do it. I went home and googled both names for the Hotel because it had changed names in the past few months. There it was, plain as day in numerous links under both names!Plus how is a contact phone number going to help anything? If I were a crook do you honestly think I'd answer their calls? Or there would be a problem with a Government check? Wow. She treated me like suspicious scum. You also have to understand that I had to walk close to 2 miles r/t to get to this place and I have a degenerative joint disease. I walk with a cane very slowly and this situation is just maddening. I HATE stupid people. If I could give it no stars I would. The employee in question was a heavyset youngish black woman. I didn't catch her name but don't deal with her. She's a moron.
I cashed a paycheck from my employer at their check cashing store. I received the amount of the check less their processing fee. A month or two later, the paycheck bounced unbeknown to me, until I received a phone call from the store. My employer began having noticeable issues around the time I received the phone call. They said they would try cashing it again. Shortly thereafter my employer went out of business. A month or two later I received a letter in the mail threatening me with a law suit if I did not pay the full amount of the check back plus a bounced check fee. I explained that I lost my job because the employer went out of business. I filed a claim with the labor board and provided them copies of the forms I submitted to show in good faith that I was trying to get the money from the employer so they would be paid. A month later I received notice from the Labor Board that the claim was dropped because my former employer had filed bankruptcy. I explained this to a representative from the corporate office who had called me. He asked me to call him back when I had news of the bankruptcy. I lost the contact information and received another call from him, but was at work and unable to answer. I have since left a message asking him to call me back so I can explain the situation. I've been trying to work things out with this company because I was not out to take advantage of them. They threatened in their letter, before my correspondence with the rep from corporate, that they would take me to court over the amount of the check, the bounced check fee, three times of the amount of the check as damages (up to $1500), for which they cited Civil Code 1719, as well as for attorney fees. The letter stated that this would be my fate if I did not pay them directly. I cashed my paycheck which was in the amount of approximately $2000. The money from the cashed paycheck was used to pay my rent and bills for the month. Once I had heard the check bounced, I didn't dare cash any of my new paychecks. When they went out of business, I was unable to receive payment for any of my paychecks since the one I cashed. I am out $2,500 from my former employer in unpaid paychecks. I don't have the $2,000 or more if it went to court to pay the check cashing place. I am not sure if they are just threatening me or if their claim has any legal merit. I am taking it seriously because I can't assume otherwise. Is the act of signing a check over to someone the same as if you wrote the check yourself? Does Civil Code Section 1719 apply to Check Cashing Stores? What remedies do they have?
I took out a payday loan and it took them 11 days to cash my check making me unable to take out another payday loan when I really needed to. The employee's response that they're having problems with their system does not explain why they took so long. When I called the stores days earlier asking why my check hadn't been cashed, the same employee explained that they were giving their customers more time to pay back their loans, which would have been fine if I was able to take out another loan before then.
This is bad customer service. I went in to cash my check and they took half my check of one hundred dollars that I only had to feed my family. The lady was so rude and started arguing that I had to pay money that I owed them since 2005. I'm never going there again. They're just finding a way to take everyone's money. Their fees are so high.
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