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Truth In Equity Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Truth In Equity
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (888) 262-5540
Overall average rating of 4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 64 %
My Truth In Equity experience: I had a friend at work that was using the program to pay down three properties that he had mortgages on. (He is now debt free) The success he was experiencing caused me to give the program a try. I thought that I could always revert back to a conventional loan if I found that the program didn't work for me. As it turned out, three years into the program, I had saved around a hundred thousand dollars and put myself into a position where I could sell and retire. The money I saved by using the Truth In Equity program plus equity in our home made it possible to have enough money to pay cash for our retirement home near Myrtle Beach and put a nice amount of money into a retirement fund that a wealth manager is investing for us. The program works as advertised and I highly encourage anyone to use it to get control of your finances instead of giving large sums of money to mortgage companies that are getting rich at our expense. Why pay for a home two and a half time when you can pay the home off early and put the interest money in your pocket instead of the Banks. Had I taken a 15 year fixed loan on my home instead of using the Truth In Equity program, after three years, I would still have 12 years worth of payments left. In my situation, that would have amounted to approximately $216,000.00 that I still owed. I know that you might have concerns because this concept is so different from what we are accustomed, but it works. If you have questions, feel free to call David at Truth In Equity. He would be glad to take time with you and explain everything. He was very helpful when I started the program. Sincerely, John Kunkel
We started with the program at least five years ago and we couldn't be happier. Being able to have the ability to pay off our house very quickly and/or using our house as our personal bank has made life so much easier. I never feel strapped for cash since we have started the program. The staff we have worked with have all been very helpful.
Your service has helped us establish better discipline in paying off our mortgages. Your representative, Amy, is excellent.
Stick to the plan Pay your house off This works When you have $90, $100 or $150 K in equity then keep going Pay it off
So far, so good, but this is just the start of the process. Also, the credit card prefill was sloppy and caused friction.
The woman I dealt with [Deanna] had an attitude.
The name, "Truth in Equity," says a lot about them and what they do. You need someone you can trust when making an important move like this. You've found them. Highly recommend!
I have had an amazing experience with my adviser, Diana Ferreyra. Diana has gone above and beyond to make sure I am understanding every aspect of the process. She has even been on calls i have had with the bank, making sure the banker doesnt try to add any additional services and fees that are not needed. Having Diana with me throughout the entire process has given me great peace of mind. I would highly recommend Truth in Equity and Diana to anyone.
Bill was instrumental in guiding me to make some wise Decisions in how to pay off the biggest debt that folks here Incur which is mortgage. I highly recommend him and his team for anyone wishing to be debt free.
The power of using the equity in your home has given me much more freedom and purchasing power to allow my money (and equity) to always be working for me. Your return on equity is zero unless used in ways that Truth in Equity has provided. It has also allowed me to have complete control and clarity of my finances in terms of what is coming in and what is going out. This further enables me to have a fine tuned strategy with my financial goals...
Basically just transfers your debt to a home equity line. Looks good at first but once your equity line gets run up you are no farther ahead. Using credit cards for all purchases as recommended makes it easy to lose track of your spending. Expensive to purchase and not worth it.
The staff helped us every step of the way and was so pleasant to deal with. This program works like a charm if you meet all requirements and then stick to it. The website has great tools and once we got it all set up we just followed the instructions. I was going to use their "do it yourself" program but decides on the full consulting so that I could spend my time elsewhere. Thank you so much for showing me how to do all this great stuff.
Bill was awesome to work with at Truth in Equity. I have been using is system now for about 3 years. Absolutely love it and has been a game changer for our family's finances.
This is truly one of the most amazing things I've ever been involved with. You don't realize how much you being held back by the banking system everyday just paying bills never getting ahead, this will change everything. I don't need to write a big long review. It could actually be two words....IT WORKS!!!!
I paid off $266K in a little over 6yrs. I bought few things along way even. What more can I say. If you wanna beat the banks you should listen.
Not only the fastest way to get out of debt but also the best advice to pay for things the way the rich do.
Bill is amazing! Will change the way you look at your financing and just what is possible when you take control of your finances!
It was not exactly what I was looking for. The same information I paid for was available for free. This program is meant for people who want to get out of death quickly as opposed to someone who is trying to increase their wealth using debt financing. If I could do it again, I would had avoided this program and done more thorough research.
Great program, I would suggest more follow up :-)
Honest, and trustworthy. Have seen a significant reduction in my debt load over the past year and a half.
System works but felt pressured to buy.
Stop trying to make this work years ago. Not worth the money unless you have tons of xtra casflow. If you do, save ur money and just pay down your mortgage.
Great customer service and expertise!
Truth in Equity has really changed the way we think about financing things. Their approach is logical, simple, and oh, so very effective. Their system gives us tremendous flexibility and ultimately saves us a ton of interest cost. I highly recommend Truth in Equity!
Excellent people with an excellent product!
Worked out beautifully for us! Paid off the mortgage early because of the system (and the ability to pay more). The system is very simple to implement and should work for everyone. You can either leave it on cruise control or actively manage the transfers yourself.
Great folks -- that have a strategy that meets your needs, not another one size fits all group. Better pricing as well.
Excellent service and knowledge of the product. I would recommend them to anyone.
Bill Westrom provided me with a lot of free valuable information. He then made. It clear. What my options were to move forward. I have been a Certified. Financial Planner. for 18 years, so I do understand numbers. I look. Forward to paying off mortgage in 10 years instead of 26 years. Mike Mazza CFP
I am absolutely grateful to have come in contact with truth in equity! They have given me hope, an a real perspective on our financial situation! Diana, has encouraged us , been very honest with us ! We are so well pleased ! Thanks
Great Program!! Amy's monthly calls have been a great tool to help us achieve our goals earlier than expected. She does a great job helping us manage our mortgage and showing us how we are paying ourselves the interest rather than paying it to the bank. I would highly recommend Amy and Truth in Equity to anyone who would like to pay off their mortgage earlier than through a traditional mortgage.
Truth in Equity provides a program that optimizes the equity in your home and gives you additional benefits when you implement the program. All of the personnel with the company I have had any dealings with from the owner on down have been excellent to work with. A novel financial program that I would definitely recommend.
Can't thank Bill and the team enough for paving the road for debt- elimination- never thought it was possible, honestly.
A great reference for more than just the mortgage pay off.
We are so thrilled to be working with Diana at Truth in Equity. We have already gained so much ground in paying off our debt. Looking forward to be completely debt free soon.
I bought my house in 2015, I didn't think I had enough equity to use the program but Diana Ferreyra at Truth In Equity worked with me at every turn of the process. I have been able to accomplish so much since I joined Truth In Equity in June 2017 and started working with Diana. Her sound advice has helped me utilize financial products to my advantage. I have paid off a loan with a 10-year repayment timeframe in 6 months by using their strategic financial guidance. I have also been able to pay off a high balance line of credit, buy a car, furnish my home and take a multi-country European vacation for my 50th birthday in 2017, without skipping a financial beat or a bill! I am grateful! Thank you, Diana! Thank you, Truth In Equity!
Top notch all the way! It was worth every penny and Bill is a great person to work with. I would suggest them to everyone.
Highly recommend. This service has more value than anything else in this segment.
Bought into the program and have not heard from you since.
They have done everything they said they would do.been a positive experiance so far. All except key bank but that has nothing to do with truthinequity.
One great decision!
I had an unacceptable experience in dealing with this company. Do not recommend.
failed to adhere to the commitment of continued support in achieving financial goal
After I paid Almost $3000 for this I find out that almost everything they told me to do was simple stuff that I was already doing. They need to understand that spending $3000 for old information is not getting out of debt or saving money. IF I had the money I would probably try to get my money back.
Arminedine is amazing,she has walked us through every step of the program ,and she is just A phone call away to answer all of our questions and concerns.I wish we would have known about this program sooner.
I really didn’t benefit from this. Not sure what the $1500 or so was for. Never was able to do it despite an 800 credit score. Sorry I can’t say something better.
Ripoff! Been over three years and have not heard from my advisor. What a waste of money!
Awesome service! Diana is the best!
Truth in Equity, was very easy to work with and they were very patient with me whenever I aske any questions. Loved Saving Money with this company they have shown me how to use money as a tool and resource. I highly recommend this company to anyone.
Truth in Equity is great. They don’t just get you started in their program, they take care of you and review the data on a monthly basis to make sure you are getting the most out of their system. Taking a 30 year mortgage and having it paid off in 8-9 years will save me hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest. Well worth the small upfront investment!!!
I didn't get very far into my mortgage payoff with Truth in Equity when I lost my job. The entire project became impossible for me as I had no income at all to make it work. It was a rather expensive proposition for me with almost no benefit. Bottom line... this program works (which is why it gets a 3 instead of a 1 because of my personal experience) providing you have the wherewithal to do it. It doesn't have to be a lot... .but it DOES have to be some. I had none.
You never gave us any guidance. We traded to a heloc and had a few conversations with our mentor. But we just got further in debt. I finally went back to a conventional mortgage. Our mentor left the company and no one ever informed us. Total wast of money.
I’ve recommended them to my closest family and friends which is he best compliment I can give them!
Didn't work for us try giving your wife a credit card and tell her to put everything on it.Refinanced to a conventional mortgage and took some equity out for down payment on a retirement home.Bill Westrom the head of truth in equity convinced me to put 50,000.00 of that equity into an Woodbridge mortgage investment fund.A safe investment with a 6% return if I went through him a solid company I was told.2 yrs. later the company is in bankruptcy and don't If I'll get anything back.In my opinion stay away from Bill and his company.
Truth in Equity has the best plan to pay off a mortgage in a painless way, and fast. I don't know of anything that would even compare. Definitely recommended!
This program will work, but you must be disciplined and follow it to the letter. I reduced a 200k Heloc to zero in 3,5 years.
With the assistance of T.I.E., I was able to incredibly accelerate the payoff of my house and discover new vehicles to do it faster!
Helpful, Honest, great customer service. Helped us when we had questions. Helped us when we were unsure of the direction we were going. No condescenion, professional. Used them for 3=4 years. Their philosophy helped us reduce our mortgage debt faster than a standard mortgage.
This is the best program to pay down or pay off your mortgage! It works! You should get on board today!
Truth in Equity was there for us to help set up a HELOC. That was it. We could have called around to the banks and done the same thing. Once the loan was set up, the only follow up we really had was asking us to speak to potential future clients in hopes of encouraging them to sign on. Our rep was rarely available and we have had little to no contact since we set up our HELOC. (No contact in YEARS until I recently received an email to review them.) In my opinion it was a complete waste of $3,000. If anyone were to ask me about doing this, I could tell them quickly and easily how the process works. It’s info you can find for free on the internet. Not worth paying them thousands of dollars to tell you where you can get a HELOC.
Not worth it!
I had a great experience with my rep (Amy). She was usually readily available when needed and set up regular phone meetings. She was a great help in communicating with banks to select the right one for me and explaining how the program works. I am still working the program 5 years later. However we have had no communication since that first year. Maybe that's normal, I don't know. But, in my opinion, the cost of the program warrants regular follow up.
Just got started a week ago, so far so good!! Excellent explanations on program, no rush or pushing sales techniques. We have a clear vision of what our goals are & expectations!!
It was a life changing experience, and as scared as my wife and I was to jump in, I'm sure glad we did! Bill and his staff are very personable. Trust me, you'll love the fact that you chose this program/company within your first couple of months!
Your company SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Truth in Equity was fabulous. The hard part is sticking to it and not drawing more and more on your equity line of credit.
I inquired but there is a fee for this service even if you cannot do the plan because of the amount of debt owed, the fee still has to be paid. Here I think the company charges too much. A $400K loan, is still $400K loan. Does not matter how you do the math on paying this down, it will take a while.
I have been leveraging this program for nearly 6 years now and it has worked very well for me. I recommend this to my clients as well.
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