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OpenRoad Lending Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: OpenRoad Lending
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888-536-3024
Overall average rating of 4.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 78 %
My refinance was handled professionally, and efficiently.
thanks for the help!
Wendy was very professional and most helpful. Her instructions for sending the required documents were complete and easy to follow. She reviewed the documents promptly and verified their receipt and accuracy. She delivered on her promises as stated.
I received a pre-qualification letter, it clearly stated that offer is based off of information in my credit report indicating that I meet the criteria. Nothing has changed with my credit report other than my credit improving within days of receiving the letter. I was declined when my credit is better today than when the prescreen was done. Stop wasting people's time. Update: I have checked my Experian Credit Reports from April 2016 to July 2016 and the accounts you mention are there, therefore there was no change. At this point, just remove the inquiry.
The experience was great! They saved me money and everyone was knowledgeable and very helpful!
Easiest loan process I have ever used!
Great help thank you very much I do appreciate all what y'all did
Very willing to give me a chance for other finance companies turn their backs on me I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart Stephanie...Pedro Elias Aran
Easy transfer fee documents to sign and done
Very Happy with the service and professionalism.
The whole process was pretty painless. I gave them a call and we discussed helping to lower my APR which was my main reason for refinancing. I liked what I heard and we went ahead and started the refinance process. My APR went down and so did my monthly payment so I am happy with the overall process.
I was very satisfied with the overall experience and was happy with my new payment! I just wish the communication was a little better. I was hesitant about refinancing and with that being said i had lots of questions. It seemed like the person handling my refinance would respond to my questions with a computer generated response, never really answering my question, or just not answering my question at all, by not responding. Not too happy with the communication!
The person handling my loan was great. Very professional in helping me through the loan process.
I worked with open road to refinance my car note. It was a great experience and will recommend
Very good service the right thing at the right time
J Popelier is excellent and professional. Very helpful and very knowledgeable.
very good with extremely helpful customer service
Without a doubt I would recommend their services. Thank you OpenRoadLending
Wasn't sure what OpenRoad could do for me. Turns out they could save me money. Our representative Jan was always pleasant, in touch and very detailed about the process. She was amazing made this experience run very smooth! Never know until you try OpenRoad so glad I did! Five Stars for OpenRoad
I was contacted by OpenRoad Lending to refinance my car loan to lower my car payments and after thinking about it I decided to try them. I was not disappointed. I received very courteous service and attention throughout the process. I do recommend them to anyone looking for someone to finance a loan.
Krystal Ramirez is wonderful! Give her a bonus for having to work with such difficult co-workers! Maria Gonzalez, "sales manager" is rude, snide, and unprofessional. Brad Bliss "senior sales manager" is condescending and got caught in at least 2 lies during our phone call. Spoiler alert: I was approved for the loan but would rather spend my money elsewhere. Anywhere else for that matter!
Open road helps you reduce your payments per month and will get you a better interest rate.
It was painless
Thanks to Wendy for all her Help!
Awesome service throughout the entire process! I was so pleased with the service I refinanced another vehicle through OpenRoadLending. They make whole process simple, and quick. The communication from start to finish was exceptional. It only took a few days to get approved and have my loan payed off by the new creditor. This is by far the best experience and service I have had in my 38 years of financing automobiles. They even gave me a $100 referral gift for referring myself when I came back to ORL for my second refinace. How great is that? It was great!!!!! PRL
I applied for an auto refinance with Open Road. Wendy handled all the paperwork that was required to be sent. She kept me informed of what she needed me to send. We completed everything in just a few days. She made the paperwork easy and she was always upfront as to how everything was going. I am impressed with the company and with Wendy!
Great people they help me to the end..thanks
Helped me lower my interest rate significantly. Thus saving me a significant amount of money.
To all, openroad leading was a great experience. Everyone was professional. They did what they said they could if I qualified. I did, process was fast and handled. Highly recommended
Great company exllent results more than happy to recommend to others
Great experience! Mona Johnson was a blessing to work with.
I was highly pleased with the service received through OpenRoad Lending. The entire process was completed in an extremely fast and professional manner, I specially appreciated being able to fully communicate through email since my work schedule permits little phone time. Ms Krystal Ramirez did an excellent job responding to my questions and requests almost immediately. I have already recommend OpenRoad Lending to a few family members and friends.
One of the few that treat customers with the utmost respect, dignity, courtesy, and confidentiality.
When I first received their mailed offer, I was extremely skeptical. I then completed the online application, again with a healthy dose of skepticism. I was amazed at the quick response and actual final rate....they lowered my interest rate from 17.9% to 10.4% with no "gotchas". I am saving thousands in interest! Thanks!
Open road financial deliveries! They were very service oriented and responsive. Thank you Mrs. Palmer
Ty for your help.
Very poliet and helpful.. When ever I had a question or concern they would return my phone call so quickly and explain everything I needed to know. I would recommend them if you ever need to refinance a vehicle .
Great service will be recommending your company
What an excellent experience with OpenRoad Lending, from day one to the end of the process , which is fast and very professional I would have to say thank you for all the help in my refinancing which helped me to save over 100$ from my previous loan.... Thank U All
I was leary to answer the query that was sent to me. Oftentimes when you are made an offer that is too good to be true; it isn't true. OpenRoad is legit, quick, and they guide you through each step of the process. Being able to drop 5% points and almost $300 per month off of my auto loan is really helping me budget better.
I personally had not heard of OpenRoad Lending before. I have to say that they were very fast, efficient and helpful. They told me what I needed to submit and after that it was a matter of a few days and my loan was funded. My total savings each month is $176.00! Plus I am now hooked up with a very reputable credit union! Thanks!
Great!!! Patrick my loan servicer was excellent and professional throughout every step of the process.
Ms.Leslie Cuevas was awesome during my whole process. We were always in contact and she was always available. Thanks Ms.Leslie for all your help. Openroad made it very easy to refinance my car when other would not so thanks to Openroad for working with me.
Excellent service and very professional staff! OpenRoad Lending found a fantastic rate and saved us more then $200/month on our refinance! Thank you so much!
Our application was handled quickly with out any hassle. Thank you
overall, the customer service was fantastic and the process was pretty quick. however, i was told that i would receive a certain interest rate if i paid down my current auto loan, which i did. i then was given an interest rate 1% higher, which was disappointing since they didn't honor what i was told. get everything in writing!
It was amazing how smooth the process was to get refinancing..Thanks guys for such a pleasant experience!'
ORL provided me excellent customer service and was able to refinance my car loan from a high 18% down to 14%, and my situation was difficult! My credit score is listed as "poor", but ORL got the deal done! I would highly recommend them, even if you think you might not get approved because you might just be surprised as I was! I give this corporation FIVE stars and I don't do this often! Well done ORL and I thank you! Linda Smith
I wasnt' sure that I wanted to do this but I decided to and it was easy annd I'm glad I did.
From start to finish I had a welcoming experience. They were all helpful and honest. The process was quick and easy. Definitely recommend!
Very good at finding refinancing with lower rates.
1st they contacted me with a misleading letter saying I was pre approved to refinance my loan So after I read that it wouldn't hurt my credit score I applied They declined me even though my income is 7000 a month and my credit score dropped 8 points So I recommend if you get a pre approval letter and you don't want you credit score hurt You throw it in trash cuz it's bs totally bs They had all of my current loan info and new everything up front so if your trying to better your credit go elsewhere this isn't for you
Great customer service! Answered all questions promptly.
From start to finish, such a smooth transfer. I also love the email updates. I want to know when something is received and they let me know. Thank you
I had originally posted that I was very unhappy; however, Chris Goodman responded to my email. He was very nice and willing to resolve the issue as soon as possible. he provided all the information that I needed. my issue is now resolved. thanks
I found my refinancing very fast and honestly. Thanks so much for your service. From Moshood Oladipo.
Kayla was great to deal with and she was very patient with me as I was very busy and she was with me all along the way to make sure I got my loan Finance on my car
Everyone I worked with was happy to help me!
Shondra made the refinancing of my car very easy. She was very knowledgeable and did everything in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend OpenRoad Lending. Thank you Shondra!!!
Open Roads made it quick and easy to refinance my jeep. Not only did they lower my rate but my payments are $50.00 a month less!! Nathan Cole was amazing!! Very professional! I've already referred several friends to Open Roads.
Thanks for saving us money!
My rep. Addy was great she is very good at her job....she kept me well informed and helped every step of the way. She searched to find the best deal Thanks ORL Kenyatta M. Brooks
but eventually thanks for getting things done
Great job! No problems! The whole process was very simple. I would definitely recommend this company. Very professional! I was totally satisfied!
A few rough patchs but nothing big or out of the norm of refinancing, or financing a vehicle. Over all satisfied
I do not like doing business over the phone. So everything was online at it went smoothly I loved it Thank you
Mr. Simmons was very professional and very helpful.
I can't thank OpenRoad lending and Rashika Hayes enough! The process was easy, fast and Rashika was super friendly and quick to call me back about questions. I'm definilty going to tell my friends how much money I'm saving and to encourage them to look into refinancing with you guys! Thank you!!
I did not appreciate my personal information being sent to unauthorized individuals. Tryed to down play the situation by making it seem like not a big deal......WELL GUESS WHAT IT'S A BIG DEAL TO ME.
I give Kudos to Stephanie Mathews she is the reason why I continued with my loan.
I could not be happier with the fast and friendly service I received and I love my lower interest rate loan.
My agent was very helpful she responded very quickly to my left message on her phone I am very happy with the help and service I receive
I'm saving about 80$ a month wasn't very hard to get paperwork to them glad I did it
I've been with credit union and they saved me almost 3% on my loan thanks !!!!!!
Very patient. And good service. Thanks .
Great service thank you!!
I never had the opportunity to do business. I was turned down. I wanted the opportunity to do business with them in hopes they would help better my situation. It is sad that some people are not given a chance.
At a time when customer service is horrible all around, it was refreshing to deal with this service. The associates were knowledgeable, friendly and informative. They answered every question I had and explained the process thoroughly. I felt like they made it their personal mission to save me money.
i couldnt believe they worked hard for me to save alot on my monthly auto loan two thumbs up openroad
Stephanie M. went beyond the call of duty to ensure a seamless funding process.
Lowered my payment and saved me money
Excellent communication and customer service
It is unacceptable (and possibly illegal) for a business to reveal what is in an individual's credit report on a public forum.. a reputable company would be aware of that and would never do it...
Very thorough, helped me each step og the process to refinance my car!!
Don't waste your time. I have a loan with GM Financial and this group offered a Pre-Approved rate at about 5% less than what I am paying at GM. NOT! I wasted 20 minutes only get get offered a rate that was 3% HIGHER!!!!
I had a very pleasant and easy experience with Wendy and she was great every step of the way!
Openinglending customer service was very helpful and knowledgeable. They help me when all the other car lenders turn me down. Just try them and see how much you will save :)
I called just out of curiosity to see what they could/ would offer me, and I was blown away by the results from the beginning to the end, and I will recommend Openroad to anyone.
The service was very friendly. They answered all of my questions and got me a loan that lowered my payments almost $100 a month. I would recommend them to everyone!
How can you be approved for a refinance of over 16k one day, and the next day the approval came with stipulations. Complete waste of time. Do yourself a favor don't waste your time. They will promise you one thing, and when it's time to deliver on the promise, sorry, something has come up and we need this and that. I should have researched this company a little further before I submitted my pre-qualified application. I was pre qualified all right, pre-qualified to get absolutely nothing except a bunch of nonsense BS. Update to the above. I was contacted by Openroad lending. It seems there was a miscommunication and the refinance process has started. I will update this review as necessary.
the process was so simple and well explained.
Great quick and easy process! Highly recommend
Fast and easy process. Everything went smoothly.
They approached me which made me nervous at first. But the whole process was pretty easy and they communicated every step of the way. Even texted me info personally. Great job
Very courteous and friendly personnel. Thank you for the experience.
I will recommend this company to everyone. Everything was handled promptly and professionally.
The representative I worked with was very helpful and kept me updated every step along the way. Was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process
From start to finish, this was the easiest, most stress-free lending experience ever. The fact that I am saving significant bucks each and every month is a huge bonus. Staff was very helpful and knowledgable. Couldn't be more pleased.
I was hesitant initially because I get so many financial offers that always end up being awful, high interest rates and fees. After reading the positive reviews for OpenRoad Lending I decided to check into it, and I am so glad that I did. I recommend using OpenRoad to everyone! Fast, easy, and professional.
Lowered my monthly payment by 180$
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