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Cash Advance USA Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Cash Advance USA
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 3 %
They keep calling my phone 5-6 times a day with a pre-recorded message wanting me to get a loan. I have called them back and told them to take me off their call list... but the calls continue.
These people are shysters. They are harassing me and calling my supervisor and co-workers 8-10 times in a row. My employer has repeatedly asked them to not call me at work. They are going to get me fired and they will not get paid then. They said that I owe $891 to them and claim that if I don't pay it, I will spend six months in jail. They are intimidating me and threatening me. I asked for proof of the loan and have not received anything. Is there anything I can do? I cannot go to jail. I have four kids (11 and under) at home and I am a single mother.
Have lost $200, $299, $346, $346,$272 for a combined total of $1463 to a very possible SCAM. The main info that I have is two phone numbers 217-960-6265 and 312-912-7205 with a business name of Cash Advance USA. After paying the $299 I was transferred to the tax department where I was told by Mr. John ** that I needed to pay tax on the $5000 (Per IRS) of $346. He told me once that was paid I would have all of the $$ that I had spent (plus the $5000) would be put into my checking account. I got a Money Pak for $346, called him back and gave him the numbers on the back of the Money Pak (after doing this once previously for $346 and told that it had never posted). Instead of transferring the $$ to my checking account I was told I needed to go to another department being the Documentation Department and speaking with a Richard **. He instructed me to pay an additional $272 and the documents would be sent to me as a hard copy and email after asking for some type of verification that the loan was legitimate. I was told only after paying the $272 I would get the documents. I called back to the 217 area code number and spoke to John ** again, explained how much I had already spent. I could not afford to pay the $272. He stated that he would get approval (after putting me on hold) to have me pay $150 now and $122 later. I went and got a Money Pak for $150 and called him back and gave him the numbers on back of the card. I was told to call back in a hour and my loan would be processed. I called back after an hour and was told that the system would not accept only the $150 and that I would need to pay an additional $122 to complete the transaction and the loan would be disbursed. Again he promised that that amount would allow the funds to be disbursed into my checking account. I called back after and hour and was told that the system locked up my funds since I did not pay the $272 in one amount. He stated that he was sorry but I would need to pay $272 as one amount and funds would be released to my account. I told him I was not paying anymore and that I wanted the money that I had paid in refunded to me. He said he couldn't do that. I stated that I was reporting him and his company to the FTC and state of Illinois Attorney General. I then disconnected the call.
I got call last Thursday from a guy named Ron ** claiming I owed money for the company Cash Advance USA. I never got a loan from that company. He told me that I need to pay $1,095 within 30 minutes or he will have to forward The account to the investigator and issue a warrant for my arrest. I got scared because I have a felony. So I told him it would take me some time. But I got it up. I called him back and he told me to go to a CVS, Rite Aid or Duane Reade and get a Green Dot MoneyPak. I had to get 3 of them because the most you can get is $500 on it. So I got 2 $500 and 1 $95. Had to call him back with the numbers off the MoneyPak. So I said okay, I paid off a bill from awhile ago. But today I got another call from that company stating the same thing. But this guy's name was Alex **. Saying the same thing Ron told me. But the amount was $833. I was so stressed out I called him with a $195 MoneyPak. So I came home and searched the Internet. I found this site. If I knew about this company and these scammers out there, I wouldn't gave them a dime. They had an Indian accent. So I search both names on Google. Both names are sports guys. Alex ** was a great soccer player that died 01/07/2010. These scammers need to get court and go under the jail. I never knew Credit Karma let them get my information. I read a complaint on here saying Credit Karma let the third party Cash Advance USA get our information. So I closed my Credit Karma account. Watch out for those 2 names plus David **, another sports name they are using. Here's the numbers that call me. 941-613-9057 and 646-583-0220 and 239-234-4378. They sound like they are in a room calling people. Phone call is not clear. They always gonna threaten you about going to jail. They rehearse what they say to us. Sound like program robots. Don't fall for it like I did. I hope someone gets them I need my money back. Thanks for reading.
They called to let me know I qualified for a $5000 loan. I needed to send a verification of $238. I got it for $240 then I needed to send $389 for processing then they could not deposit the funds into my account so they would need to wire it to me in two different transactions, I would need to pay the wiring fee for each together $282 but they would pay me back. Then they wanted just $238 for verification so I went back four times to get cash and put it on a money pack green dot cards. Then the $282 should have been $300 in two different the end of the second day I was out $1299, the next morning they could transfer the funds to my savings account but first they would need to make a deposit that I would withdraw and then send back to them. I then indicated I could just verbally confirm if the money was there or not. That I needed my money back or at least the money I had sent them around. He wound up hanging up on me and I got neither return nor loan.
Just received this email and I know it is spam because they did not even put my name in the email and if I would owe them anything for sure they would have put my name in the email and even the amount that I supposedly owe. "As we didn't receive your payment so we are going to file this case against you on Tuesday October 10th, 2017 at your district courthouse. To know the courthouse kindly visit with your zip code. You will be served with a notice to appear at your district courthouse in next seven business days. You can still avoid this case by making a payment towards your total outstanding or else this case file will be executed as mentioned. Regards Manager, Legal Department, Cash Advance USA."
This gentleman calls my work phone number at least once a week, giving a different name and phone number for me to call and stating I owe a debt with Advance Cash USA and he will have me arrested if I don't pay. I normally hang up on him, since asking him not to call my work doesn't work. I have asked him on numerous occasions to show me proof I owe money, and all he does is start cursing at me. Please help!
My wife was contacted the first time on 17 Aug 2011 by a man with a foreign accent that she could hardly understand and he told her that I (Roy **) owed a debt for a loan that was taken out online. I had to pay $497.00 today to clear it up and that if I didn’t, I would be facing criminal charges and will be arrested. They also had my Social Security number, place of work and my IP address. My wife told him that we did not owe any money for a loan and asked him to provide the company name, the date and the exact amount of loan. But the man said, “Have a blessed day,” and hung up!The second call came in on 24 Aug 2011 and was again answered by my wife as I work on a night shift: 7 p.m. – 7 a.m. This time, the caller was a woman and she promptly put my wife through to a man named John ** (she thinks that’s what he said his name was because he too had a foreign accent as did the first man). He proceeded to threaten my wife that she was being taken to court and could be arrested because I had taken a loan out with Cash Advance U.S.A. and did not pay them back. Again, she told him that we had not taken a loan out and asked him to tell her the date of application for the loan and the date that it was supposed to have been deposited. He told her not to interrupt while he was talking so this went on for 15 - 20 minutes with him telling her that I was going to be arrested and would be facing criminal charges. He also said that he had researched me and my wife so he knew that we were outstanding citizens and he believed that it was just overlooked on our part. If we would pay $497.00 today while she was on the phone with him, it would be resolved and he would call me back with a case number to close the account out once our payment got cleared. She asked him to give her the exact amount that we were supposed to have borrowed and the exact date it was deposited into our checking account. He avoided those questions until my wife got tired of him and said that if he couldn’t answer her questions, she could not help him. He began threatening her with legal actions, jail and court costs and she told him she was not agreeing to pay anything until she called our bank and verified that the loan was deposited into our account. Please tell everyone that these are nasty, rude individuals who are just trying to scam people. The worst part is that we only had our home phone and Internet service turned on in June 2011 but he was telling us that we took the loan out in January of 2011. We knew he was lying. I just wish I knew how he got all our information. There is nothing safe in this world anymore.
Received emails from Daniel ** of American Legal Service at ** claiming I owed money to Cash Advance USA and he was going to file a claim against me and the police would show up at my door unless I paid him money asap. I asked for proof that I signed anything and he refused to provide it. I turned this in to the FBI and the FTC as an email scam.
They took a little over a thousand dollars form me and I have not receive anything from this. Me and my nine years old son is at risk of being every evicted.. Is there any way to get my money back?
I received a call this morning from an Alex about a loan from Cash Advance USA. Saying that I received a loan from them in the amount of 300 dollars. Which I never did and they are threatening a lawsuit against me for no reason. So after I got told that I called a friend and asked what I should do. I called back asking for information such as address and where I could file a dispute about it. All he had to say is he submitted the information and hung up on me.
On 9/30/2013, I received a call explaining that I owed USA Cash Advance an amount of 783.00 dollars and that if I didn't pay right then and there that the sheriff office was going to arrest me and that I would owe an even bigger fee. When I explained I didn't take any loans out the man became irrational and hostile declaring that I did do it. I kept asking him what information he had and he couldn't provide me with any. So when I told him I was going to call the district attorney, he hung up. This is still going on. I just want it to stop.
I borrowed from cash advance USA $500 in December of 2013.... They took out of my account $1200. The agreement was that I would pay $500 plus fees of another $500, they took out a $200 more. That's when I stopped them from taking any more money.... this is not right, this is not we agreed on... I'm a working single mom working 40 hours a week and companies have to stop doing this to people like me... I wanna make a complaint and do something about this. Please.
On May 17, 2014 I applied for a small loan online. The following day I was contacted by several of these companies calling me back to back. I told them to take me off their call list, they ignored. Cash Advance USA was offering me $2000 and My Pay Day was offering $3000. They both had heavy Indian accents but gave me names like Thomas **, Daniel ** and a woman calling herself Rose. I believe both companies are run by the same people. Both companies claimed I was approved and kept calling me every 15 minutes claiming I needed to pay a verification fee of $92 for a 2k loan or $138 for a 3k loan. After sending me across town twice to get a "Reload It" cardboard card I should've known this was a scam. I lost out on $205 of borrowed money and all I had to do was review this company before sending that money to had known it was a scam from the start. They emailed me a phony contract that didn't seem very professional and didn't need any signature or agree to terms response. They refused to use a debit/credit card over the phone. The names and accents didn't match. They kept calling back to back as if they don't get much business. These were all signs of a scam, but I was too excited to take the time to stop and think. This is so humiliating. I hope this company gets shut down and these scam artists go straight to jail. I hope this review stops someone from making the stupid mistake I made. Go with your gut. If it feels like a scam, it's a scam.
I was contacted by a John ** via email sending me "loan documents" I did not request for approval of 5000 to be deposited today. I ignored it then got three text messages and finally a phone call. I explained that I was aware of the Walmart etc scams, and was not looking for a loan and if I was certainly wasn't paying up front for one. He assured me that the other people were scammers and he was legitimate. He said his loans did not require upfront payments because he was legal. I asked what he required. He stated your bank routing number and account number so he could deposit the money, and also online login info and password!!! REALLY!! Is there someplace to report these criminals?
James ** with Cash Advance Usa contacted me via phone and said I was approved for a loan and to prove my creditworthiness I would have to put $500 on a pre-loaded Pay Power card from Food Lion. Initially the loan was for $7000 and we settled on $16000. He sent me the documents via email even though he said his name was James ** he had a foreign accent so I believe he was using a pseudonym. Well I purchased the card but before I contacted so called James I reported my card lost/stolen to ensure they would not take money off my ccard. After contacting James and I told him I was $100 dollars short he told me $400 would do so I put $400 on the Pay Power preloaded card. Then when I spoke with James he ask me for my security code and I said "I thought you said you were not going to ask for my security code on several occasions" and he said it was just to check the balance and the loan will be in my checking account 15-20 min. Mind you I had been talking to James all this time then after 20 min I called back and got a Shaun and he asked for my pin no. Same thing I said, "I thought you were not going to ask for my pin number." Response from Shaun: "It is just to check the balance and I will call you back in 20 min." I called back after 20 min got James on the phone and he said he tried to contact me and that my card is invalid and they could not check my balance and to send a picture via my mobile phone. So I asked him for a fax number and he would never give it to me. I told him, "if you do not put my money in my account I am going to report you as a scam all over the internet," and he said he was getting ready to do it. Then he came back and said the card is invalid to put the money on a pay power voucher and I told him I will not and they were trying to get my money off my card, they were a scam and they were never planning on giving me 160000. He said he could not help and hung up. Now when you call the number all you get is a voice mail stating no loan officer is available. Their telephone number is 6199068930. I was still able to check the balance on my card even though it was deactivated but the old card displayed the balance. They were trying to get my money off my card and run with it because there was no way to trace. They are running a SCAM!!!!
Someone claiming to be with Cash Advance USA. I received two calls 845-520-4438 and 775-237-3856. I had a weird feeling they weren't who they said they were and looked them up while one the phone. As soon as I did he hung up on me. Be very careful of how much information you give out.
Contacted by Cash Advance USA. Stated I had been approved. Needed 300.00 on a Reloadit card to verify first payment. Money taken, then needed 180 wire trns fee. Money taken. Told money deposited. Check acct and call back. Then was told can’t get loan due to credit score... I never gave my ss#. Said raise my score to 700 and I could get the loan plus money they took off the Reloadit card. Do not give these scammers a dime. 480.00 lesson learned.
I recently applied for a $1000 loan. I kept receiving a call with area code 512, and it showed that it was from Texas. So I picked up the phone and this guy had a weird name that didn't match his accent. They asked me for $120 to proof that I Will be able to pay the monthly amount needed. And then they asked me to pay extra $137 because the deposit of my loan was not being accepted because I didn't have credit. But I had mentioned earlier to him that I didn't have credit and that's when he asked me to show the 120 dollars through a card called a White Vanilla card. And he would ask me to use a brand new card in order for the funds to get through. So now he transferred me to his boss who again told me that the transaction was not accepted. So he asked me for another $192 so he can give me a ten-digit pin. He gave me the first 4 and promised that If I get the money, he will give me the rest of the pin. That created a doubt in my mind. And then he said that I would collect funds from a local Western Union bank. But I have to do the process again with the money. So I promised them the $192 tomorrow at 12 noon. But when I went online to see who the Vanilla card says are only partners. I was shocked on the spot. So I decided to file a report at my local station. And now I am posting it here. Be careful people. Free money has no fees! And you know what's weird, they all have accents. I was hoping that the boss would speak fluently. But nothing. Legal action should be taken against this guys. If I had money I would find them myself. Please STOP THESE thieves. All third party companies should be carefully reviewed by top secret agents before being allowed to have business.
I received a voicemail message at my job on Monday, 10/17/11 at 1:02 pm. It was from a man with a heavy accent named Gil ** calling from State Investigation. He advised that I needed to return his call immediately to settle a debt. And if I or my lawyer didn’t call back, all he could do was wish me luck with this matter. The phone number he left and repeated was **.I blocked my work number and returned the call to **. A man named Eddie ** (who also had a heavy accent) answered and I asked what were they calling for. He proceeded to tell me that he has an affidavit and they were trying to collect a debt from an online cash advance company called Cash Advance USA in the amount of $988.69. I told him I've never heard of this company before. He had the last 4 digits of my social, my bank's routing number, my street address, and an incorrect email address. He proceeded to say that if I didn't settle the debt, I could go to jail and pay more legal fees, and that I could be jailed up to 3 months. He said that if I didn't have a lawyer, they would appoint one for me. He also said that the affidavit was going to be used in court. When I asked for a copy, he said I could only get it when I'm sent to court. I asked when was the loan taken out. He didn't have that info. I asked how much the loan was for. He couldn't tell me that either. He only had a balance of $988.69. As we were talking, I accessed my bank account online (the one in which he had the routing number for) and looked back as far as 2009. I don't have any transactions with Cash Advance USA. He stated they would settle for $732 payment and that I would have to purchase a "pre-paid" card from Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc. I figured this was so the transaction could not be traced. I told him to email me the documents for the settlement. In the body of the email, it states that the documents were "password protected”. It asked me to enter the last four digits of my Social Security number to access the attachment. Naturally, I didn't open the attachment, nor have I remitted any money to them.I googled Cash Advance USA and there are several websites where people have filed complaints having had received similar phone calls. Some even purchased pre-paid cards remitting payment. I know this is a scam! A sheriff came to my home on Wednesday, 10/18/11, to file an identity theft report. I provided him with all the information mentioned above. He tried calling ** to either speak to someone and advise that the scam has been reported and to stop contacting me. This number was disconnected. He called another number I had and the voice mailbox was full. Since I had not remitted any money to these people, the sheriff said all they could do at this point was make a record of it. He suggested that I contact them and advise a report has been filed with the sheriff's department and if they had questions to contact the station.On Thursday, 10/17/11, I replied to the email I received that had the "password protected" documents and advised. The email address is **. I advised that I have never taken out a loan with Cash Advance USA and I know what they're asking of me is a scam. I also advised them that if they continue to harass and threaten me to remit payment for something I've never done, the authorities will move forward with legal action. I also stated that my lawyer has filed a claim. And I said that the sheriff's department, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and other government authorities have been notified and have filed fraudulent identity theft reports. I also advised that these authorities are monitoring this email address for any unlawful or bogus allegations and will prosecute anyone when they're caught!Today is 10/21/11 and I received a voicemail at my job from an odd number **. The man said his name was Harry **. He advised I needed to return his call immediately and that he has the last four digits of my social and my banking information. He left a phone number of **. I want these idiots to stop harassing me. What are my options? Please advise.
I received an email from a Latoya Hill at Cash Advance Inc stating I owed their company $1140.61 when I never took out a loan with any company. They threatened a lawsuit against me and an arrest warrant when I never received a phone call or any correspondence from them until I got a "Final Notice" email from them with all my personal information in it, including my social security number. Number listed in email goes straight to a man that starts yelling at me to "PAY WHAT THEY ARE OWED or I will be arrested!" I'm a paralegal and know they have no basis with their claims.
There are people of Middle East accent posing as Cash Advance USA PayDay Loan stating you've been approved for $5000 to $8000 loan! They recite all of your info you input online for the loan, ask for the amount you want to borrow and then let you know what your payment will be for 24 or 36 most! Then tell you that there's a fee for sending the loan to you which is between $75.00 and $95.00 and you have to purchase a home sort of card and call them with a no. By then I felt it wasn't right so I didn't allow it to get that far, I've even forgotten what type of card they wanted me to purchase! They use multiple phone numbers which are probably spoofed, because they don't register to a name or business! This is the email address they use. PLEASE BEWARE. THIS IS A SCAM!!! I didn't lose any money fortunately!
I received an email to call for a personal loan from Cash Advance USA. I was approved for $2000. They wanted my passwords and account numbers. They were going to deposit money in my account and wanted me to send it back to verify my account then they would deposit the $2000. If I would have done that I would have been out $200. They tried to scam me.
If you fall for any kind of scam like this, I'm sorry, but you kinda deserve it. NEVER trust ANYONE that contacts you unsolicited for ANYTHING involving money. It's a scam 95% of the time and identity theft the other 50% of the time. I received a robocall this morning saying I was approved for a $15k loan from Cash Advance USA. Awesome! Wait, I never applied for a loan, so this should be fun. Called them back to phish for some info to see if identity theft was afoot. I asked where they got my info and the Sri Lankan or Tamil guy told me they got it from the NDA. I told him he's a criminal, he told me to ** myself and my mother, and we parted ways in a most entertaining shouting match.There is not a legit financial institution that will ever give you an APPROVAL on a loan that you didn't apply for. That's a violation of the Patriot Act's "Know Your Customer" provisions. Legit companies will, however, offer PRE-APPROVALS that are contingent upon verification of income, credit, assets, etc but at the very least they must verify your identity to make sure you're not one of them Al Qaedas or a Siberian teenager. The phone numbers they use are cloned from unsuspecting number banks and they will never leave a trail that can be traced. Don't waste your time reporting this to any authorities. They ** and can't do anything about it. LMAO @ people saying "The FBI is coming". No, they're not. ANY DEBT COLLECTOR MUST PROVIDE YOU WITH WRITTEN PROOF OF THE DEBT. This is very important, so let me repeat that.ANY DEBT COLLECTOR MUST PROVIDE YOU WITH WRITTEN PROOF OF THE DEBT. Do not provide them with ANY personal information and don't even confirm you are the person they are looking for. Simply tell them to send you written proof to the address they have on file for you and you will review that proof and respond in the appropriate amount of time. Any debt settlement offer they try to give you over the phone is not valid unless it is also in writing, so don't agree to anything unless you see it in writing. An email does not constitute 'in writing'.
I'm very hurt today. I just got paid and I was trying to get a loan. This guy name Austin ** had me to go to dollar general to buy moneygram for 150.00. I did that this morning. So they got the money and they was going to send it to my bank but something happen so I call the guy back and he said "I can do it through moneygram" but they want 200.00 more. I told him "I don't have it". So they call me a liar and that I don't really need the money and they yell at me. And they said to me if I really need the money give them 200.00. It was horrible.
I was very skeptical on why this company needed to verify my funds with cash and not a bank statement like most lender's do not ask me to go to Walgreen or CVS Pharmacy. My agent was also very pushy and way too anxious for me to get that money and get to pharmacy. Thank God I knew that was all wrong and no lender ever does that ever!!!! I have no idea how they are getting away with it. They were offering me 4000.00. So it’s a shame they take advantage of people who need help and don't have good credit and take their money as supposedly the first payment!!! Shame on them!!! I’m glad I knew it wasn’t right and didn't get a penny from me. Don't deal with them, it’s a scam. Don’t go to store and load any money on any card. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. THEY EVEN TRIED TO CONTACT ME THRU 911. No kidding. I blocked them and they used an emergency number to get to me. YIKES!!!
Nancy ** called my office on Nov 7, 2011. She left her name and number. When I returned the call, I got Officer Jason **. He stated that I got a loan from US Cash Advance in July 2011 and I had not paid it back. I have not used your company. I do not owe you anything. He also stated he had sent me several emails. It’s not true. He told me that my license was suspended with Department of the Army until I pay the money back.
So I received a few text messages from someone by the name of David ** and purchased an 86 dollar iTunes card then gave the card info to Mr. ** and they proceeded to tell me it would cost me 125 dollars for the insurance of my loan amount. Was told upon payment my account would be credited 5400 dollars? I realize I have been scammed and am out almost 90 dollars. I just hope someone else doesn’t fall for this. The number that called me was **.
I was called at (815) 5663404, Illinois. Add to contacts call forwarding call screening. Sunday | September 8, 2014 | 7:27 pm EDT | 15 minutes 12 seconds. Trying to do one of those cash advance loans scams. As soon as they said I had to buy a money pak card or something like that I knew right off it was just a scam. Wish someone could do something about them. They have scammed a lot of people and would like to see they pay the price for their dirty deeds.
Wish I had read this website first. I had filled out many loan applications online and everyone calling back wanted to have you Pay a fee first. These folks finally called and I unfortunately gave them 180, 210, 262 and 262. After they said they tried to deposit in my account, I was supposed to have a 500 balance to get it. Then they said Western Union AND supposedly a gentleman from WU told me I was in bad name with them and need a card of 250 balance to get funds released from WU. I called my bank and an attempt was made to deposit in my account and my account was not on hold. They still have not released a mtcn number to verify funds ready in my name. An expensive lesson in fraud. Do not ever buy green dot cards to get any loans or materials.
I believed them 'cause I had been speaking with money bee for a few days which may also be a fraud/scam and they told me an adviser would be calling me to finalize what I was approved for. Well the guy that called knew all my info I had given money and the amount I was approved for. They deposited a test deposit to be sure my bank would accept then had the rest of my loan on hold. I could see it on hold in my account after I paid bills bought things my 2 year old needed that. I hadn't had the extra money for they withdrew all money and my account is now way overdrawn.I reported to state police ftc and others. I hope these scammers are caught and punished for putting poor people like me through this. I only went through because I have bad credit were I had been. Off work for over 2 months for health issues and my credit score dropped dramatically. Never ever accept a call from Cash Advance USA or names of Mark ** Kevin ** Charles ** or William **. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Now I am more in debt than I was and I have a child to raise and there's no help for me. So thank you scammers. You ruined my life financially!
I received a threatening voice mail from some mid-Eastern accented guy about a lawsuit. I called the number back. He had the last 4 of my SSN, bank name but wrong acct #. He wanted to out talk me so I listened to him say a lawsuit against me was being filed for theft, check fraud and some other stuff for monies I never got from them. After he finished threatening me, he said I could speak. I told him some facts: I am a degree graduated PARALEGAL and I was reporting his company and USA CASH ADVANCE to the Attorney General Office in their state and mine wherever their business license is. He hung up. Lol.
I wish I had never heard of these thieves. They sold my banking info to as many as they could. This started calls every 5 minutes from every scamming shark out there for the first two weeks. Even 3 months later I still get calls daily. Most of the calls are from disposable cell phones and most have a deep Indian accent to the point you can't understand what they are saying. I get threats all the time they will charge a fee for not taking the loan. After fighting withdrawals from my bank, I eventually had to close my bank account. I would get illegal ACH charges to my account, mostly from Russia, China and India.My conclusion is, this is a criminal enterprise. The scam always starts with buying a debit card. You can kiss this money goodbye. The debit card they have you buy gives you no access to your money on it. Call the debit card company to learn this is true. Be aware of anything called Cash Advance.
Same as others. Email sent saying was approved for amount, how many months, and payment. When contacted the person from overseas and very rude. Would not send to an account. Only Western Union and wanted 200.00. When ask only way payments could be made was Western Union. Someone needs to do something with these people... Justin ** is name. Used phone number 850-615-1079. Shows in Panama City, FL. Hope this is useful in stopping these people.
There a company name Cash Advance USA is full of **. They send me a email on friday 2/5/16 saying they going to hold my taxes because of a loan they "quote:" gave me back in 2012. **. They are a scam. The person Daniel accent is very very thick - can not understand nothing he say and he was getting nasty yelling when I ask him about all the information I said if you are a lawyer you can provide me with some detail. He had nothing to say and started yelling saying I need to pay a. There going to be a warrant going out for my arrest and case was download (610) 990-6104 (347) 434-4435... Don't answer the name - is a lawyer. Scam!!! Please people please don’t provide them with no information. Scram.
I received a call from ** on my work cell phone. When I answered it was a man of Indian origin who said he was calling from Cash Advance USA and wanted to offer me a loan. When I asked him how he obtained my # because I didn't request this information he started screaming at me and called me a filthy mother **, dirty **, and told me to go ** myself. When I called Cash Advance USA to inform them that one of their employees did this, the lady I spoke to said "he is not with our company" not sure how she knew that, so when I asked her if I could speak to a supervisor or get a # to their corporate office, she said "WHY"? I explained that if this guy is ripping folks off, using their company name and is not an employee and the real Cash Advance USA knows about it and does nothing they could be liable. She hung up on me. These folks are the worst kind of scum. Either this guy IS in fact an employee and they are covering, or this company REFUSES to do their due diligence and make sure that they are not being misrepresented and doing what they can to prevent someone from getting ripped off. This company and this person impersonating this company should be held accountable. At the VERY minimum they should be fined heavily for bad business practices. Why doesn't the BBB shut them down? In looking at the BBB's website, Cash Advance USA is NOT BBB accredited, and in looking at ALL the Cash Advance USA locations listed on the BBB site, they have a combined total of over 79 complaints on the 1st page alone.
I received a call from a person claiming to work for Cash Advance USA. This person told me I was approved for a 15000.00 loan. They would need to verify I'm me. After we did so he told me that I would need to speak to his loan officer who would want to verify some information. This so called loan officer told me he need all my banking information including login and password information in order to process a check in my account. I said "no thank you. I would pass." Then he told me to go to Western Union and pay 275.00 dollars and they would wire me money. I hope this helps someone and these people get caught. I hate to see people tread on this.
I had received a call from "Mr. ** " he is an agent for Cash Advance USA. He has told me I was approved for a 5,000 loan. All I needed to do was get money on a green dot money pak. I did so and then next thing you know I needed to do it again but this time it was 175. Needless to say I am so in dire need of the loan I believed them. So I tried they came back to saying I needed 197 followed by 495$. After arguing with the "manager Mr. ** " I was told without paying the 495$ I would not be able to receive the funds. And also am not able to get any of the money I had paid back.Please please stay away from this company. They are just screwing people over and not giving a care in the world about it. Please read all the stories because they all have the same storyline and say that this company are scammers. Protect your hard earned money. Hope this helps. The number that called me was from Chicago Illinois **.
This place is a scam. Went to go and get a loan and I asked for the supervisor and it was the same guy. Don't ever fall for foreigners at all. What a joke. I am calling the police down in GA and TX and contacting the Attorney General. They tried taking money out of an account that is my mother's and said it was an error but when I confronted them they called me names and I didn't know what was going on. So I closed all the accounts. Joke is on them.
THIS IS A SCAM!!! Someone called Tim ** emailed me asking me to pay the $300 I owe since 2014. He was not even able to give me a phone number where to call. He send me an invoice for me to sent a check or money order. Just be careful. Don't send any money. They are scammers.
My story is the same as all the others. Never took out loan but being threatened with jail if I don't pay.
I was contacted today at my place of work by a "legal department" who claimed to represent Cash Advance USA. First off, I was embarrassed to have to take such a call in front of co-workers. Having nothing to hide, I took the call since it must be a misunderstanding. The man quite bluntly stated a judgment had been made under my social security number and that I must be willing to settle a debt that was in my name or else, legal proceedings will be taken against me. He rattled off my complete social, address, place of work, etc. He had the goods on me. What he didn't have was any solid evidence to back up his claim. He said regardless of my own bank statements, he had proof I took out a cash advance loan back in Dec 2011 for $300. "No way", I said. I need more than just a stranger's word on that!Well after refusing to divulge any information, I told him they will have to mail me in writing all the details and transaction numbers, who authorized the said transfer, etc. He hung up, but not before I got his number. 5 minutes later, it dawned on me what was happening so I called him back. This time, I tried getting as much info out of him as possible. I said in order to make payment, I need the company's address, license number, etc. All he would tell me was they are in Georgia. Georgia, as in the USA? No response. Then he hung up. I called right back and got no response, I mean no machine or anything, just dead air. So I gave it another 10 minutes and finally, someone answered. It was a different person and I called from a cell phone this time just to throw them off. I acted like a potential customer and simply wanted a street address for my records. "What is your name sir?". Mind you, every person I talked to had a heavy Indian accent. For giggles, I told him my name was John Smith. I heard a few giggles in the background and yet again, got hung up on. That's where it ends. Just like everyone else who goes through this scam attempt, I failed to see the obvious signs like quickly threatening legal action, not having detailed info or even an exact date of any transaction. The biggest thing was the fact that I know I never failed to pay a loan back or even took one out in the first place. They move fast and prey off your fear. They have just enough personal info on you to appear legit, but when you lead on that you suspect anything isn't right, they cut ties right there. There are other fish in the sea for them to catch.
This company is a SCAM!!!!. Pre-paid card, bank info, what ever you may use, don't give them access to any of your account's. Read about them online. They robbed me for $100. When dealing with the internet, remember it is NOT smart or safe. Surveys Online? Nothing is safe! Don't do surveys. This is how this illegal company's set you up to a victim of their SCAM.!!!!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM !!!!!!
I just had a wonderful time jerking these people off. They've been robocalling me a couple of times a day for some weeks, so I finally decided to call back and really piss them off. No legitimate company calls you to offer you a loan - you have to call them and actually apply. Anyway, these jerkoffs kept hanging up on me so I kept calling back - 15 times before they finally blocked my number. I then used another phone to call again and pretend like I really wanted a loan.I told the guy I wanted $20,000 and he asked how much I made before taxes each month, so I told him maybe $300. He then wanted to know how I thought I would get a loan with only making that much a month. I replied that since they had called me, they obviously already knew how much I made and yet still offered me a loan. He then said I could have $2000 and wanted to know my bank routing number. I gave him the number of an old account that has been closed for some time, and he really got pissed. He eventually hung up on me too. I only wish I could have recorded this for YouTube.
They called saying that I owe $830.00 for a debt that was not paid last year. I have paid all the payday loans that I've taken out. He said maybe, but my funds did not go to his company. He told me about threats of contacting my job, taking me to the court, threats of fraud charges on me, etc. I have until 1:30pm today to call him or else, I'll be in trouble.
Received an email stating that this would be the final notice (first contact I'd ever received from or even heard of this company) before they went to court over a cash advance loan (which I have never done with ANY company) of 300 dollars which was supposedly overdue and with interest, now close to 900 owed. They refuse to provide documentation of "me" taking out this fictitious loan. I informed them that if they pursue the matter I will be countersuing for damages to my credit rating as well as court costs. I am hoping they do not pursue the matter, but I refuse to be scammed and just settle, as they suggest. Need to fight these scam artists who think they can scare you into a settlement just to avoid the hassle of defending a fictitious claim.
In last 12 months I have received repeated calls from Indian accented people calling and leaving a callback # for cash advance, #'s are all Chicago #'s. **. I have called back and asked to be removed from call list. If I get another call from same # I put it on my reject list. They switch to next # on list. Last call was 1/11/19. I realize they are probably not in Chicago but how do I stop the calls... My 100 # reject list is full. I like the no answer silence for 10 seconds the best. Then call # and it is no longer in service #. Love modern conveniences.
All of a sudden I started getting threatening emails from someone stating that if I do not pay an unverified debt that charges would be filed on my name and social security number. I replied back to the individual who emailed me and a demanded that they no longer contact me and that I was submitting a complaint to the CFPB and my Attorney General. They then replied back to me with the name, partial social security number, mailing address, phone number and amount owed of the person they believed to be me. I then sent the email to my Attorney General with my complaint.This individual called my mother-in-law telling her that I have a warrant for my arrest and if the debt is paid they will reconsider the warrant. They tried scamming her into paying this fake debt. I do believe it’s against the law for Cash Advance USA to reveal any identifying information to any individual they cannot verify as the person whom owes the debt. They sent me someone’s complete contact information with partial social security number, not even knowing I was the person they presumed me to be. This company has violated the rights of this person and has broken the law and they need to be held accountable. This is not acceptable behavior nor will it be tolerated any further, the threats to me and my family will stop.
I never had a loan with this company. Someone called and stated that he will file legal charges against me including, but not limited to, garnishing my check, freezing my bank account, and having the police come to my door to arrest me and getting me fired from my job. He has a very thick accent. It was hard to understand the company name but I think I got it right.
I just got scammed by these people. They said I needed to pay $220 for a downpayment. So I went to Wal-Mart and sent a MoneyGram. They wanted me to call back with the reference number and then they told me I needed to pay another $430 for taxes. I went to Wal-Mart again and paid that through MoneyGram. Once again they wanted the reference number. They said my money would be there in 20 minutes but then told me there was a bank wire fee of $699 and that the "IRS" agent would contact us. Right then I knew it was a scam. The guy even swore at me and pulled the race card. We have now contacted a lawyer and now they have the feds now looking for them. MoneyGram is nice enough to track the two MoneyGram orders and refund us our money back. DO NOT GO TO THESE PEOPLE!!! I've also contacted LifeLock and closed all my bank accounts to make sure nothing more happens.
DO Not use this service. They will falsely deposit money into an unknown account and you will never see the money. However, when it's time to get paid they suddenly have your right account number. This is a scam. If you need quick cash go to local offices. This place needs to be shut down and fined.
They are all like from India or Bangladesh. They are thieves. They say that they work for Cash Advance USA. They just keep asking for money money money and then after that try to turn it around and blame it on you that you can't steal from them. Crooks. They don't deserve any sympathy. They don't deserve to be living there. A bunch of Thieves. A character name David. Another one meme Alex **. Another one named Michael. Don't even give him a benefit of the doubt. They don't deserve nothing. This guy named David swore on his mother's life that I will get my loan and it was all a lie. They stole $600 from me.
Cash Advance America called me up and said I was approved for a loan. I said "ok." First they asked me for my checking, Routing numbers name of bank then asked if I had online Mobile banking. Stupid me. I gave them all the information and to get to the point they deposited counterfeit check into my account and the bank closed my Account. Now what can I do? Please help.
This guy with a heavy Indian or Middle Eastern accent continues to call me, telling me that I owe his company $300 for an outstanding payday loan that I supposedly took out back in December of 2010. When I asked for them to provide me with written documentation of this loan, he refused. He continued to threaten me with a lawsuit on this loan. There is no outstanding loan anywhere on my bank statements from that time period. His company's name doesn't appear in any of my records. I have filed a scam report with the FBI.
This has been the worst experience I've ever had. I really don't do online loans but I was in need of quick cash and I was match with this lender who took $80 from me and then tried to take 75 for a fee and when I called and told them about themselves they hung up, really worst experience ever!!!
Cash Advance USA in South Carolina / phone **. I applied online (don't know the URL) for a loan... was approved for $5,000... had to give them my online banking info (which I did - I'm an idiot); they made a deposit into my account, which I had to return to them by buying Google Play cards. The bank rejected those deposits, leaving me in the hole. Awful experience.
I was called by Jason **, was told that I was approved for a loan of 2000.00 and my payment would be 189.00 for 12 months. He begin tell me that the government has some new rule where you had to show good face before they could release the loan. The good face amount was 150.00 and that would show that you will pay that amount every month. Once I got the money put on a card and in 25 minutes, he would release the 2000 plus the 150.00 good face money.
I was told that I had to send 500.00 to get loan as security then another 420.00 for fees and would receive my loan in 2 hrs. Now I have an empty bank account and the people been very rude to me. I am very broke and very hurt that people will do this to you.
Don't trust this lying ass people and don't give them no money or information on yourself. And it be the same two people making up names and talking to you crazy and hanging up in your face and then call you all week. I need to call the BBB asap.
This man, who calls himself Douglas ** called me at work on December 14th 2010 and left a message that he was going to send someone after me and my supervisor and my references to arrest me for a crime if I did not return his call. When I got the message, I called the number and got a woman who calls herself Tracy. She said that she was his supervisor. When I asked her what this was in reference to, and where she was calling from, she told me not to interrupt her or else she would hang up. She went on to say that she was calling from Cash Advance and that I was being charged with a crime for an unpaid Cash Advance that was received last year. When I stated that I did not received a Cash Advance last year nor did I default on one ever and started to ask questions such as dates this supposedly occurred specifically and what bank and to give me more detailed information, she told me not to say anything else or she would hang up. I asked her again for this Douglas ** and for her company's name and she hung up. I called back several times and she refused to let me speak to Douglas **. She even resorted to just say no when I called for him and hang up. They stopped answering on December 14th 2010. On December 15th at approximately 10:30 am, I received another call at work from Douglas **. I began to ask him who he was and why he keeps harassing me and he stated for me not to question him and listen. He said that this was about a cash advance from last year. Again, I told him that I had not requested a cash advance last year and I have never defaulted on any loan, he said that since I would not listen to him he would put his attorney Jeffrey (no last name) on the phone. When this man who called himself Jeffrey came to the phone, he said that he was going to send the FBI after me, my supervisor, and my references for this payment. Again he would not give any details and said that it was last year and that I did not need to know what day. He then said that he was going to make me lose my job and hung up. I tried to call back again, and Tracy answered again, asked my name. I told her who I was and she said no, I could not speak to Douglas ** and hung up the phone. If they keep threatening me with arrest and calling my job, I can lose my job. I have no idea who these people are and they have my ss number, address, place of employment. This is a very stressful situation and also identity theft. Please help me find these people and possibly prosecute them for this. I work for a law enforcement agency and they are in no way threatened by this.
If I did not pay the amount due, I would be jailed on 02/27/13. At first I told them they were scammers, but the calls continued. I have a very close friend who is a lawyer, so he said, "Go along, act stupid and innocent," and get as many numbers as I could. So I did. I acted as if I could get the money, but I had to know how much and I would wire it to them by 3PM, 02/27/13. If I paid by then, it was only $686. If I delayed and it went to court on 02/27/13, I would have to pay $4,686. I carried on telling these scammers my mom would give me the money ASAP. I also have only had my droid for 6 weeks, so number is pretty new and unlisted. But what cranked me is they know my social and where I banked.The sheriff's dept were happy to have all three numbers and my bank took care of anyone trying to remove funds from my account including replacing both debt and credit cards. Thanks bank! So I had to change my number, go to the bank on Friday when I get off early and put more security on my accounts. They scam and we have to run around trying to protect ourselves. What is Cash Advance USA doing about this? Not one damn thing! So Cash America USA, you need a team of lawyers, fake clients and try to resolve this. Not me! Get on it. It is not stopping and legit customers of yours are having to double pay, not pay or file bankruptcy. Not good Cash America.I was able to give the fraud department three area codes by then. California, Washington State and Pennsylvania. Use caution, go along, get numbers and call your local police or sheriff's department! Then tell them you hired a lawyer. Call them ASAP. Just look in the phone book, get the number and fax number. They will drop you like a hot potato. I do have a lawyer should I need one, and free. High school buds!
I keep receiving emails stating from a debt collection agency regarding an outstanding loan with Cash Advance USA, a parent company who they claim they also own several related companies. I need to pay $400.00 right now on an owing balance of $1,488.91 and if I do not pay the $400.00 within 3 hours I will be responsible $6,000.00. If the arrest is released then you won't get arrested. Please as other has stated do not fall for this scam. I have replied to them and said I want proof that I did the loan with one of their companies and when. I told the debt collector representative that I was not going to send any money till I got that information from Cash Advance and I will send them a copy of their email to me as well. These scams are serious and please do not send your money.
I received a phone call from a Captain ** from police unknown and then refer to the federal claim, only given me 20 minutes to get the money and deposit it. She said that a warrant was going to be issue for my arrest if I did not get the money in an hour. To resort to these scare tactics are mean and cruel kind of tactics, they didn't even want to work with me in resolving this matter.
Got a call today, 312-248-2234, and answered to hear that I was preapproved for a thousand dollars loan, and just call them back at same phone number. I called back, they answered Cash Advance. I asked "Do you have a web site?" I like to see how professional or cheesy a site is, as a place to start, in looking at a company. If their site is not professional, then neither are they! I even look for typos. Well, the guy just hung up on me. So I started researching (yes, I can use a grand or two this month), and found all of these reviews. Thanks to all of you for sharing. They are, as I suspected, scammers. I feel bad for people who gave them money, or got bankrupted by them. I have an account on the Do Not Call Registry on the FTC web site, and I will be filing a complaint against this very dangerous company today. Yes, the caller had what sounds like Indian/Pakistani kind of accent. And folks, just know, they can call from anywhere in the world and make it look like they are inside the USA with bogus numbers. It's why they are so cocky and seem fearless. Our money could be supporting more than just criminal phone calls.
I just received a phone call from a gentleman saying that I owed a payday loan to Cash Advance USA! I have never had a loan with them and I told him that! He told me I would be arrested within the hour! I hung up, called my local sheriff's office. They told me if this person called back to tell him that I reported him to the police! The gentlemen called back saying that the police were on their way. I told him what the deputy sheriff told me to tell him and he told me to have a nice time sitting in jail and hung up on me!
I have been contacted by phone recording saying I am approved for a loan up to 1500 dollars. First of all I have never heard of this company and I have not given anyone my social security number or personal information so I wanted to check the phone number they called me from and I found this site with all the people that have been scammed. So sorry to hear of your loss. Just remember a legitimate business dealing with money will never randomly approve you for a loan when you have never contacted them.
I received a phone call stating I was approved for a loan for $10,000. I told them I didn't need 10,000. Just do the loan for 1,500 which would be paid back over 12 mo. at $135/mo. They told me they needed to verify that I could pay the first installment of $135 to put it on a MoneyPak and all they had to do was verify the funds and the money would not be touched!!!! After that they put me on hold for almost an hour saying they were processing the loan and the money would be in my account within an hour. They came back and said it was a black mark on my credit and the funds were blocked because I owed a loan that was not paid in full so the credit bureau blocked the 1,500 and the 135. They gave me the number to the so called credit bureau they said I owed for a loan that I didn't pay off. I told them I didn't owe any loans and what company did I owe. They couldn't give me information on that. Then they said in order to remove the black mark I needed to pay 128 and they would remove it within 15 days and my credit score would go up, then I could do the loan and the 1500 plus the 135 would be deposited into my account. When I asked why would the 135 be deposited into my account when it’s not supposed to be touched they said because if I go to check my balance on the MoneyPak it will say 0 balance because of the block from the credit bureau. I knew then I was got. So yes they got me for 135. Stay away from MoneyPak scams and Cash Advance USA.
After reading some of these reviews, I remembered my experience with this agency. A couple of weeks ago, a guy with a heavy Indian accent called me claiming to be an attorney. He proceeded to tell me that Los Angeles Police will be at my address (he recited it) to arrest me for not paying a loan out yet. I explained that it was his lucky day since he'd just happen to be talking to a former law enforcement officer who knows the REAL law and that if LAPD show up at my house, he'll be working for me for the eternity of his life after I've sued him and his employer. Of course, I spoke in an angry voice, since I knew that he was obviously fake since he never identified the law firm. Suddenly, he became apologetic with me. I told him to send me the information because I need documentation before I can send any type of funds. He tried drastically to explain himself further but after saying what I had to say, I told him to have a GOOD DAY then hung up. PEOPLE.....BE SERIOUS....No matter if you need a loan of $10 or $10,000. Use your common sense. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SEND MONEY IN ORDER TO BORROW MONEY. If they ask for a Green Dot card, Western Union/Money Gram transfer, check, or whatever. It's a DAMN SCAM.
Soo of course I applied for a loan, was redirected to several different lenders and got lucky with Cash Advance Loans! I was told by ** that in order to receive $2000 loan I was approved for, there was a $149 processing fee! Okay cool, my credit isn't the best and this will be a security deposit. I went to the nearest location that had MoneyGram, and there was a problem with the T-Mobile PP Visa. It couldn't exceed $117.85 so this ** named ** ("the manager") told me to pay it and the $31.15 would be added to the 1st month bill. As soon as I gave her the reference number she told me that a system wouldn't accept it, and it needed to be the full $149! I then sent the $149 and was told I'd get back the $117.85 + $149 = $266.85 plus the $2000 loan. Sounded really good so now that she has the reference code, I am transferred over to a **, who said he's a representative of NET BANK (lies) located at 4350 La Jolla Village Dr, Ste 140 San Diego, CA (lies)! ** than tells me there is $288 transfer fee in which once I put the money onto the PAY POWER PP VISA, the $2000 loan plus the $288, $149, $117.85 would be in my account within the 15 - 20 minutes! I patiently waited to check and see if the $2554.85 ever showed up! I shortly get a phone call stating that the name on my bank account does not match the name on the moneygram receipt! I then lost it, I asked to speak with the manager ** name is now "**" (lies), they all have American names with the thickest Indian accents I've ever heard! I've now spoke with the "pay power", "t-mobile", "Net Bank", "moneygram", "California Department of business oversight", "The FTC", "my bank", and also is filing a police report! THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED ASAP, they robbed me for my entire paycheck and something needs to be done.
I just received a phone call about 10 minutes ago from a person with a thick Indian accent saying that I owed Cash Advance USA $475.00. However, first I received a "911" call to my cell from another person (female) with a thick Indian accent stating she was with the Illinois State Police Fraud division and that I needed to call back this number 646-396-5702. I did call that number and never got an answer. The person named Rahul ** called back claiming to be from this fraud division. He threatened that I would be arrested because I didn't pay back a payday loan, of which I don't have with this company. I asked why I wasn't contacted in writing (as most legitimate) legal/attorneys do when you have been turned over to them or a collection agency. He explained that I would get a summons to appear in court unless I could pay $125.00 today. I told him I would work out payment arrangements and said that he couldn't do that. After reading the comments on this site, I realize that this is a scam. I do have an account with Credit Karma, of which I will close down today. Don't be fooled by these people with these "thick" Indian accents. I live in the state of Illinois and Illinois has very strict guidelines and policies for payday loans/lenders. Please report these people to your State's Attorney's office and anyone else. They are very rude and persistent. DO NOT BE fooled or harassed into sending any monies. By law with any payday loan, you are entitled to enter into a repayment agreement without interest or late fees by law.
Fraudulent loan company making harassing phone calls! Asking for Hillary ** with thick accents. When told there is no one here by that name, they offer you a loan. Told them to cease and desist after more than 6 calls in an hour. Asked to speak to a supervisor. "Jack **" gets on the line as the supervisor and apologizes, but the office continues to call. 14 calls since 9:30 am. 4/29/14, I was able to retrieve several numbers from my switchboard. I called them back and began to ask questions regarding their business and location, to which the man who answered replied "We will stop calling." They call from many numbers and claim to be at an office in Los Angeles - **. Do not give them any information! It is a fraud!
Some foreigner keeps calling my phone, telling me or my wife that we owe money ($5 to $700) to them because of my account with Cash Advance USA. I don't have an account with you guys and never took a loan out (maybe an application). His alleged name is Mark ** and his phone is **.
Someone from the Cash Advance USA office keeps calling my private line telling me he wants to have sex with me. He is primarily calling from ** but also ** and **. He has an Indian type accent. I have recorded his calls. Does anyone know how to stop this? He first called offering to give me a loan, when I refused he started immediately calling me back. Does anyone have a corporate number to call? I have friends in the force I could ask to assist but hate to do that. This jerk should be fired, using his employer's phone to make obscene phone calls. Any ideas how to stop this? We keep blocking the number and then he calls back from a new one.
I have been contact by these Indian accented crooks from 312-788-9647 claiming they are from Cash Advance USA saying I have been approved for a loan of $5000. I was in need of some funds so I talk to them to see what they are up to. They asked me for my bank routing number and bank account number to transfer the fund to. When they ask me to purchase a money 'voucher' to verify $300, I know it's a scam. I've been trick once before. When I point out their scam, the guy on the other end start cursing and berate me with all kinds of profanities...Then today, someone from 646-499-4974 also with an Indian accent called, claiming he is from Business Finance Department, to offer a loan of $10000, try to get me to provide my bank information again. When I ask if they would require a cash voucher etc, he said Yes. I point out their scam again. Then this guy explode into another round of dirty profanity, worse, he kept on cursing as long as I don't hang up the phone!!! Can someone DO something about these crooks! They are scumbags!!! They have no sense of righteousness. They have no respect of the laws. They need to be brought to justice!!!
Don't go to They told me to get a prepaid card and put $500 on it and they would not touch it and to call with the card number when it's done. I did this and what they do is steal the money off the card and tell you that they need more money. I'm now dealing with the police and courts to go after them. Please people don't do it. It's a scam. It really is. I learned the hard way but want to keep others from getting scammed. You never pay to get a loan and I should of went with my gut feeling but all I seen was $5000 in my head and now I'm out $500. I will get you guys. They go by diff names Shawn, William, Danny and James **. Don't trust any of the
These people will not quit calling me. The first day they called it was about 10 times! They kept saying I was approved for a $4000 loan, but I needed to get a green dot card with $200 on it to prove I could make the 1st payment. I told them if I had $200 I wouldn't be asking for a loan. They keep calling me about 2 or 3 times a day, even leaving messages still. I told them Monday, I wasn't interested & today is Thursday & they already called this morning! Most of the time it's from 813 area code or 213 area code. I don't give money to get money. I did that once with someone else a few years ago, lost $1000! Not doing it again! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY! After reading about 15 reviews on here I'm glad I looked them up & haven't.
This past week and a half I got a email from Michael ** stating I got approved for a 1500 loan and the money would be put in my account within 24 hours. I thought alright great. Cause I needed to get my car out of the shop and have money for my kids so then I filled out the app and everything. He told me he needed my bank account information (note the only bank account I use is green dot bank). Well my phone has been out of minutes so he tried to call my work and got extremely hateful and rude when they said I was not there.I have never filled out a personal loan application before but I knew for damn sure my mom and dad never had to give a loan person their bank account login and password. So when he asked for mine I asked why he needed that to transfer money to my account and no reply. Well I told him that I was not about to give him that much more information that he didn't need it. He then said "Miss Jessica I told you we can't transfer money to a green dot bank account." I said it is a bank so what's the problem and told him I would not be using this company for a loan and for him to lose my information! He then got very rude and asked for a picture of me cause he wanted to see me. I told him to go straight to hell and lose my information. His reply was "** you." When I said your real mature for someone who works at a loan company he became real angry and went on and on about how it was wish to ** me real hard. Like seriously dude.Once I told him he was nothing but a scam artist and to go back to Afghanistan cause we sure didn't need him in America he started to call my cell phone being rude and hanging up. At this point my boyfriend and father of my children was highly pissed! So the last time Michael ** called and saying nasty and rude things to me about my family and myself and hung up my boyfriend called the number ** and started to treat this dude the way he was being treated. Michael told him that all us Americans were racist. Haha. Like really you wanna be big and bad you can't play by the end of the many many phone calls and messages my boyfriend left. Cash advance has not called or emailed me at anymore. So beware they are a scam scam scam!!!
I've gotten an email stating that they were going to send me to court and other various threats. When I asked about what it was they said it was for a loan for about 785. I have never got a loan for that high an amount and not from this company.
I am a single mom, needed help with a very high electric bill. Had $230.00 of it but these people told me that to get the loan, they needed me to send them that money and stupid me I did. Then they told me that they were going to pay off my small payday loan and put the money back in on the loan they were going to give me so with that borrowed $385.00 from my mom and told her as soon as the money was deposited, I would get it back to her. Well I got a call and was told the money had a hold put on it by IRS and I know that I don't owe them. They said I needed to get the $619.00 so they could pay IRS and get the money released and I said I don't think so and that was the last I heard and I still owe the $385.00 on payday loan. They did not pay it. And of course all done by Green Dot card.
I got an email today from "Cash Advance" saying I owe them money. NEVER EVER borrowed money from them nor anyone for that matter... but they were saying I owe them $775 and I had to call them within 4 hours or I would have a warrant out for my arrest. I know it's a scam, how do I make it stop???
I do not owe these people. They go to class or, get your information and they act like you have a had a loan. I have not had a loan in 20 years, they can keep it up and I will sue for harassment. I am tired of these people trying to scam me. There is definitely something needs to be done about them. I had one removed from my credit report. They need to quit prying on people. Something needs to be done.
I kept receiving phone calls from this number. When I was able to finally answer my phone, a man with very broken English told me that there was an affidavit against me for a loan from Cash Advance USA that I had never received. He said that he was from a law firm and that there were fraudulent charges against me for a loan totaling $1,425. I told him that I had indeed applied for a loan online but had never received or confirmed a loan. He would only tell me that the loan provider's name was Cash Advance USA and would not give a phone number or address for them to see what this was all about. He just kept threatening me with jail charges and had all of my information. I'm not sure how to go about handling this situation.
Within the last week, I personally have received at least 50 phone calls from a company that claims to be Cash Advance USA. The people I have been talking to have accidents of people who sound to be from India. They call me and tell me I have been selected to receive a personal loan ranging from $3,000 to $15,000 and every time I have told them I am not interested and to take me off of their call list. They have continuously kept calling me and I told them if they did not stop I was going to go to the police. They told me they were going to keep calling me and to go ahead and go to the police. I went to the police department and filed a harassment claim. They told me to contact the Better Business Bureau to report them but upon speaking to the Better Business Bureau they said there isn't much they could do for the situation and they provided me the number to the Federal Trade Commission. Upon speaking to them they asked a series of questions and asked for the phone numbers and any other information I had about the company. I stated it to them they were calling me off of different numbers all over the United States and what they had told me about how they would not stop calling me in to go to the police. They said they would check into this situation for me and gathered some contact information if they had any more questions. They said they would be providing these numbers to the government National and state-level as well as local law enforcement. They were the most helpful people I have spoken with about this situation. I highly advice anyone dealing with this company to contact them and let them know what's going on. Their number is 18773824357.
A woman named Amy ** emailed and sent me a text that I was approved for $4000. Now I didn't need that much, but I called. Amy had a thick accent like from India. After straining to understand her she said it would be $250 per month. Not too bad I told her. But the catch... She wanted me to send them money first then they would deposit my money. What? She called it "insurance". I told her no and not to ever contact me again. Be aware of this company.
My name is Yvette ** and I was just scammed by USA Cash Advance. This man was calling my phone and told me I was approved for a 3000 dollar loan. He kept on calling, he told me all I had to do was go to 7 eleven and get a voucher to show I can pay for the loan every month. He told me I needed to show I can pay $150 so I went and got a moneypack for $150. He said he was not going to take my money and he did and told my 3000 dollars would be in my account by Monday when it was only supposed to take 15 min and this just happened on 9-29 -14. Somebody needs to stop this man. I did not have money scams like him. He's playing with people and their kids. He needs to go to jail and give people back their money he has taken.
Was contacted by a middle eastern man and applied for a loan. I stupidly put $150.00 on a "moneypak" card to "prove" that I was capable of paying the loan back. I was then told that I would have to give them another 150.00 to finish the loan. When I did not I was told that I just lost the money. The person originally told me his name was "Mike **" but after complaining to him about the money, I asked his real name, he told me that it was "Osama Bin Laden" and further told me to "catch me if you can". These guys are straight up criminals who will steal your last cent. I can't believe they are allowed to continue to operate.
Tried to get a loan that they said I was approved for and after I provide I could make the first payment and countless calls asking over and over when I paid the money they became nasty and started calling me names as well as said that he really was in a foreign country even though it says New York area code. This is a scam. If they call you and they sound like they are from Pakistan. It's a scam.
These specific individual at different times have called at least 20 times within an hour time frame accusing me of not re-paying a cash advance loan. Then when asking them how this is possible or that I did not take part in such things they threatened to file a law suit against me. Then when I told them that I would not pay because I did not take any money and did not have anything deposited, they said they would get an arrest warrant and have me arrested if I didn't pay the amount of $695 to settle out of court. I am very upset and confused at why they would harass me. How can I make sure they are not using my Social Security Number or my bank info?
He said there were complaints filed against me and I needed to pay before they entered it into the system.
5 years ago we asked about a loan, decided not to, and called them and told them that we did not want one. Been calling me and my work for several weeks straight and then quit. The next year comes and they do it again. Then started threatening us with a Sheriff John ** etc (the sheriff sounded like he was from Pakistan or some middle eastern country). Our work finally threatened to sue them if he didn't stop. Haven't heard from them in awhile then my wife gets an e-mail from them threatening with lawsuit again. We have never received any money. No paperwork was signed by us. I know that there cannot be any cashed check anywhere since we have never gotten any money from them. Please can you help.
Was told I was approved for a loan, was asked a lot of personal questions. I told him if he had my application he already had the info. He knows my bank info, SS#, and other info. Was going to take the loan till I read all the posts. Thanks, but the strange thing was I had a phone call from someone stating that I owed them money which I knew I did not. Was going to be arrested, etc. until I told him I had called law enforcement so he hung up. This happened before Cash Advance USA called me.
I applied for a loan online and like many of you was told I needed to get a green dot card for $250.00 then I would get the loan put my $250.00 back. Of course this didn't happen and they asked for more money which I refused to give... counting my loss. I've been receiving calls from a man with an Asian accent threatening to take me to court. Today I received an email stating that I am under investigation for fraud and will have my wages garnished for not paying a loan I obtained from their company. I have never received a loan from Cash Advance USA so I know this is a scam but I'm wondering how we can stop these people from contacting us?
I received a phone call from what I thought to be Cash Advance USA. ** telling me that I was approved for a loan of $5.000.00 to $15,000.00. I told him I was interested in $3,000.00. I was asked for a credit card number for them to add on an amount to validate the loan, which they did do. After the cardholder placed a 7 day hold on the money, the money was sent back to the sender as a scam. The next day, I received another call from what I was told was the lending club that was verifying the information they had on file about me and it was my information. Once again, I was asked for a credit card number for them to add money on, except this time I called them a scam and was hung up on.
I just got had, I knew in my heart I was being scammed. Too good to be true. I gave them money I didn't have to spare. How stupid I feel. I wish we could get these scammers. They need to be in jail. I wish I listened to my heart. Now what am I going to do? Never ever put money on a MoneyPak.
I received a phone from a James **. He called and left a vm advising that I had a legal complaint against me and that if I didn't call back promptly that I would be arrested and that they would send my employer a letter in black and white and have me terminated. So I called and he said that he was from the Legal Affidavit Department out of New York. He even gave me a case ID number of **, that I have three charges against me. When I asked for the web address he said just put in USA Cash Advance. Also, when I said that it was a fraudulent call and told him that I couldn't get arrested for this and that he couldn't have me terminated, he said, “Yes I can” and I am going to jail and hung up.
I have been receiving calls since last Friday from Cash Advance USA legal team first saying I had an outstanding loan for 300 dollars but now they are saying I owe 400 dollars and also said if I do not pay I'm going behind the bars. This is what Alex ** and John ** have said to me in their Indian accent, which happens to be the same person. They have called my job and harassed me and my cell phone. I've never took out a loan with Cash Advance USA. I just want it to stop.
Being threats to be arrested for money laundering. Never received any money. Told I was going to be arrested and going to prison.
So someone from a (312) 878-9025 called me and stated I was approved for a loan for 5,000-10,000. I asked him, "How did y'all approve me for a loan for that amount just out the blue." He stated I was selected. I notice he was in a call center with a lot of people with the same accent. I call it the SCAMMER ACCENT... It sounded good b/c I need a new car. However I'm not dumb. I didn't give him any info. I asked was this a legit company, he stated yes. However after reading some reviews I'm glad I didn't fall for it. I hope this helps someone else out...
My daughter called Cash Advance USA trying to get a loan to fix her car and they approved her for loan but first she had to pay a 500 dollar fee with a prepaid card to show that she could make payment. Then the funds would be put in her account. After that they called her and had her pay a $70.00 fee. THEN told her the money would be put in her account. Called her back after that and wanted 220 dollars more for more fees to release the money. Then she called me to find out what to do and I called them to try to stop the process and they said there was nothing that could be done. That she lost the money because she could not meet their requirements for the loan. Then they laughed about and said they got her money in their pockets now. Do not deal with these people, they are using different numbers 312 912 7205 is one 217 960 6265 is one and they are all in the same room ripping off everyone that is trying to get a loan through them. They must be stopped. I am going to file a complaint with the PA Attorney General on Monday, this has to be stopped. It is a scam. Stay away from them. Try calling the numbers provided and see how they get when you tell them it is a scam what they are doing.
I just received an email stating that I took out a loan for 300.00. Asked them what the account number was and if I could have a copy of the agreement and they said no that this was going to court. I asked for the case number. They gave me a fake number.
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