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Behalf Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Behalf
Email: [email protected]
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 83 %
I had no credit when I open my store to get inventory. And Behalf took a chance on my company and now I got credit I can use when I need to order parts with and reasonable payment
This company is horrible for one friken reason it makes you excited you are approved for $10,000 -50,000 dollars and you get excited here it comes thay pull a hard inquiry on your credit after thay hearted your credit report thay will just make a new credit pull every time you use it and wont even except you!!!!!! So subtotal=thay hearted my credit and no money note: i raed a review before and i didn't believe the review BUT NOW I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Behalf has enabled me to grow my business where I would not have otherwise been able to. I love this!
I think we have never spoke to someone on the phone. We had been making weekly payments by automatic payment and we get an email saying that we were delinquent and had not paid in months. We responded saying we had been paying $100 weekly for the last 12 weeks. Nothing no reponse no apologies. Then we kept getting emails saying we have a nice amount of money available so I have a vendor send me an invoice to get product. They decline the transaction. And of course you can't talk to anyone they also did a hard inquiry again on my credit without permission.
We have been a Behalf customer for close to or over a year now and still have VERY limited purchasing power through them as a lender. We have NEVER had a payment declined, yet I cannot understand how our credit line is determined. Otherwise, they deliver what they promise as a lender. Payment to our vendors is prompt and payments are debited from our bank on the day they are scheduled.
Super easy to get an account. Very convenient to pay vendors. Great way to to manage account online.
Be careful, they will cancel your account without notice. All the reasons they gave me were untrue and could be proven so. Every time I sent an email (can't get in touch via phone) they simply said "refer to the previous email."
Never recieved a reminder that money will be pulled out of the account.
Definitely solved a major problem I was always facing when inventory was needed. financing available effortlessly. I am very grateful that someone finally understands a common problem small businesses face and provide helpful solutions. Thank you BEHALF, you are really helping me grow my business by being more stable, less stress, and more reliable.
Thank you so much for helping me get my business off the ground!
Behalf has helped me tremendously with my cash flow!
Great Company!!
They have great customer spending awareness. As our competitors slimmed down and we needed an edge, behalf stepped in. My other credit companies did not recognize the amount my company was spending monthly and did not raise our credit line. Behalf saw the trend and increased my credit line from 10k to 50k overnight. That pretty much won me over all my other business credit lines. Since then, we have grown immensely since switching over to I have no doubt that this is the company that deserves my business. Good rates with many options. Good job fellas.
I used to really love this credit line when I first got approved which has been over 2 years now. However recently I am just frustrated with the process. I just paid off my balance which is just also a hassle to do, since you have to contact someone to get a link sent, but anyway my main issue is I have my full purchasing power of $500 and I want to make a purchase of $300 and they keep sending my request for review! After two years of using the same bank account why are you verifying the bank I just used to pay off my balance! This is so annoying and embarrassing as a merchant I am trying to run a business and every 5 min I am being re-verified, or told I lost my credit line and then I get it back without any explanation. I am just really not pleased at all with the constant changes. If you don't want me to use the credit why do you keep sending emails about how much purchasing power I have. And continue to verify my bank that is already verified the same account for 2 years. I do not recommend anyone use this as a main source to run their business totally unreliable. Customer service is very hard to get in touch with. No one ever has the answers you need either
Behalf has been an ENORMOUS help to our business! Their Line of Credit has helped us stay current with our vendors even when we've had dips in our cash flow. Very fair rates and simple to use interface that keeps improving!
They have been truly great and flexible with us, very fast and easy customer service with positive experiences all around
As a small business we appreciate the smallest help and with Behalf its beyond the most helpful for our business.
A great way to pay vendors without having to worry about cash flow for your business.
When my brother and I opened our business about 2 years ago, nobody would give us any loans or financing without insane rates. Behalf checked my personal credit rating and extended us something around $1300 in credit, which was all we needed to start growing our credit and buying parts that we would turn over every few weeks. Today my limit is in the tens of thousands and my credit has grown greatly. Behalf is straight-up, completely transparent about their service fees, and very easy to work with. I give them 5/5 stars and would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs to make purchases for business that they can't do with their cash flow.
Impeccable service.
Excellent service! Behalf has been an excellent way to make sure I have product on the shelves and still have cash to work with at very reasonable rates. I recommend Behalf for any business whether starting up or well established.
888LOTS is an addicting website for bargains!! It’s like a treasure hunt, a race to find the best deals before someone else beats you to it. I also am very satisfied with their customer service. Mr. Jim Fazio, my sales representative always answers my email inquiries within minutes. They were very professional when I had to return items as well.
Behalf has been a great service for my small business. They saved my skin quite a few times. thank you Behalf!
Behalf helps me secure the products I need at a rate I can afford!!
Wouldn't have done it without you. Thanks for the amazing service in building our business. A Satisfied Customer
The service Rep was well and put up with my short cumming very well. The site that was sent, told me nothing. MW Jones
Behalf has been a life saver to my new, small business! I have been able to purchase the inventory needed on fair terms. No hassle, no fuss. So, I have recommended them to vendors I work with and most of them are now all signed up with Behalf too....making it even easier to get what I need to grow my business! Thank you, Behalf! ~Melanie B
Behalf is Awesome my name is Brian Lollie Founder and CEO of BL Digital Enterprises & if it wasn't for Behalf and their Awesome Staff truly my Business wouldn't be moving forward. BL Digital is a rather new company going back 4 years now and behalf have been right there supporting us thru the bad times and good times. These Guys have delivered their word with trustworthy actions. I'm recommending these guys to any small base business Behalf is the truth. I'm living Proof due to (2) Hurricanes my business went thru and these guys had my back thru the rough times therefore, thank you so much I really appreciate it. Reading this Review I'm posting you'll be a damn fool if you don't at least try these guys out. because you know what BL Digital Enterprises is still in Business and we're Doing Well growing our Company with the assistance of Behalf.
They've been a great help for me getting a company started.
Been great, really helps with keeping our Biz going!!! Hard enough being a small Biz & getting credit lines to keep operations going, this helps out a lot!!!
We enjoy being a part of the Behalf program. The purchases we have made could not have been made with out Behalf. They have help grow our business and at a great rate. We have recommended Behalf to others and look forward to working with Behalf in the future.
Great business partner. Only wish would be for a quicker new vendor validation. Other than that....they have been amazing.
Hard to make immediate purchases.
I have and will continue to recommend Behalf to fellow business owners. Their process is easy to use, and a great option to help control cash flow in your business.
money for your bussiness, no questios, no difficulties
This company very reliable. I will recommend in a heartbeat. Thank you very much. You are awesome.
Behalf has help my company grow in so many ways. Because of Behalf not only has Konedu Home Care able to grow it's inventory , able to build credit profile. Thanks for trusting our company! Carie
Highly reliable source of funding and at a very reasonable cost, a cost much cheaper than bank overdraft fees.
Slow to respond to emails and calls. Short or feel like a bother when you have a question. Give incorrect info to vendors without discussion with us. Terms are fuzzy, how do we get better or longer terms. It is a mystery. Automatic emails are generated that do not apply in all cases. Should at least appear to be concerned or helpful
Rick in finance has been Great !. Easy to work with
Innovation at its finest. Behalf Allows us to pay our vendors quickly and seamlessly.
Its great! I love it. Very fast communication and online response!!!!!!
Absolutely the best partner in business. Behalf has always been of assistance whenever is time to pay my vendors across the United States. Behalf has never let me now. They deserve more than 5 STARS*************
Excellent team, great service. Easy to use and quick.
Great Company. Excellent service!
very satisfied with the repayment plan so far!
Set up and processing payments is fairly easy but being able to communicate with a person when there's a question is sadly lacking Behalf needs to have a customer service line that is answered by a human being when questions arise Considering this has to do with payments to vendors and a company's reputation the inability to speak with people live is horrifically lacking
Excellent, perfect for my business. Great Terms, great customer service.
Behalf is the BEST !! they have helped our business grow, the finance our phone inventory !!!
There were many times that I counted on Behalf for my business and I can't thank them enough for being there. The fees are reasonable and service impeccable. It's a must have for my business!!
The worst communication in any business I have ever encountered. No body ever answers the phone. There 877) 943-9962 number is always a message center and nobody ever calls you back. Try calling it and you will see. I have a $50,000 line of credit and will never want to do business again with this Institution again. Its a joke. I have on going issues with them and when you email the support they say they will get back to you in 24 hours. Not once have I got back too.
Great resource to assist with business expenses. Thank you.
Excellent Support , great Team
Affordable financing Behalf is my main method of payment for my business Purchase, they offer easy weekly payments, I'm very happy with this company.
Best financial institution for your vape store good services fast and cheap
From a small family business owner on a very tight budget, Behalf's short term financing options have been incredible in allowing us to concentrate on building our business without the burden of high interest rates. The process is extremely simple along with a staff that's extraordinarily helpful and responsive. We recommend to all, A+ Jim and Karen Get A Grip 123
Behalf has been an excellent partner and very responsive to all service requests. This service has allowed us to effectively manage cash flow.
I started with Behalf buying from an out of state farm and Rick has been awesome ever since. I believe we have been working together almost 2 years now. Thank you all for your help. Keep up the awesome customer service.
Great service, helps with your business cash flow.
They have been great! Good customer service but expect delays in response sometimes.
Easy to use, low cost.
Best service for B2B!
I recommend this company to everyone I meet in business.
I do wish that I could do orders for less than $300 sometimes, but Behalf is the only reason I still have my shop up and running!!
Quick financing option, reasonably priced. Easy to initiate payments to vendors. Would like the option to extend the payment time frame beyond 90 days and would like to have some flexibility on when payments start.
I've closed two transactions now error free. Just a click and the transaction is done. Can't say enough good about this. Makes doing business simple.
Most everything they do is via e-mails. However, they are not always easy to get in touch when it comes to the phone
I opened an account with Behalf over 2 years ago, and my Online Retail business have grown by leaps and bounds. After being turned down by other companies, I decided to give Behalf a try. The process was extremely easy, and with the addition of the Virtual Card, I have more buying power and can use Behalf for freight cost as well as shipping labels. The result is more cash flow for my business. I would recommend them to anyone, and already have.
With a decent credit line, I do not have to go to the bank to do wire transfers and I have time to pay my merchandise off.
I have found Behalf to be fair, honest, and very helpful.
One of the best credit card I can keep keep me on my budget it is the best
Good customer service, but even better versatility. They almost always approve your vendor orders and I absolutely love their flexibility of terms.
So Far So Good ! I got approved within minutes and got the funds the same day that I applied. They have trusted vendors list that can receive a payment from Behalf in as little as one business day. I wish they would have a higher credit limit !
Behalf is a very convenient ,flexible and easy payment arrangement.
Great customer service, reply fast to email. Need an 800 number though. but overall awesome service, would recommend to anyone.
If you have a small business and want to grow BEHALF is your answer. Since we were introduced to Behalf, it has allowed us to manage our finances and at the same time keep our inventories up to date. Now we don't have to choose whether to pay bills or buy inventory. Moreover, the weekly repayment idea is very helpful and attainable.
I love behalf it has made a big difference in my business. Just knowing there is a company that stands with you with your business needs. They are fast acting . when you send an email they get right back to you it doesn't taken them days to respond to your needs.
I like it best as it is honest and to be trusted altogether.
Behalf help me a lot for my business good job behalf
Very fast response .. and easy to deal with thank you
Very limited info. on rates & repayment options. No one to talk to. Replied to an e-mail sent to me to get more info and couldn't get any. I don't sit at a computer all day so e-mail communication isn't very efficient for me. Give me a contact person with a phone number! This whole review process is a joke also. Just saying.
I've been using it for years
Supper ( Excellent )
Behalf is here when you need it! It is always on time! It's a lifesaver! Thank you for being here for me and my company!
They are extremely customer service driven. They haved helped EVERY TIME I ask
Behalf has been a huge asset for our business. It's easy to use, has low fees, and great support team. Behalf has allowed our business to buy bulk inventory that saves us money greater than the interest rate charged. It's a no-brainer.
A great way to pay for business items - easy to set up payment plan!
As a new business owner, it was very helpful to have a partnership with Behalf. It not only helped with some initial expenses, it was a great way to establish credit history.
This company is great. Easy to pay my vendors and my payments are flexible.
We had a few kinks in the beginning while setting up our accounts with Behalf, but no matter what the problem, they were very accommodating and responsive in getting things going smoothly. If I have a suggestion for a different way to do things that would make it easier for us, they figure out a way to do it. It has been very handy having them to fall back on during slow cash-flow times. A great service.
Just needs to improve reporting....
Love that we have this available to small businesses to use for purchases from our suppliers. Website is easy to use and see our balance. The only thing I would like to see different is when we use a vendor that is not on the list we need exact amount with the shipping from Co we are purchasing from and that is not always easy with some companies, would be nice if they could have like a pre-approved cc that we can use for purchase without having to wait for them to load the amount on the virtual card. Still worth using for small businesses that don't always have the cash flow during the slow times.
Straightforward love their service and options, Thank you.
they are great for our business.
Yes i would recommend this company
Behalf helps me budget my expenses and spread the payments over time to make them more affordable!
Behalf is absolutely the best for financing your business big or small! I will be with Behalf as long as I'm in business. Thank you, Behalf!
Very great and flexible rates and you don't have to worry about keeping up with payments.
Cust service is prompt and courteous
Helped us increase our product line and bottom line. Fast and easy funding. You choose your pay back installment plan. Great short term rates perfect for those "unexpected opportunities".
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