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The Business Backer Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: The Business Backer
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866-615-4747
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 79 %
A night-and-day difference in the quality of company compared to many others. Business Backer is professional, understanding, and most of all, informative. This is the place to go for funding. Not one of those pushy lenders that calls you every minute of the day and night. They work with you on your schedule, without any hassle and without the "push" that many lenders have.
I’ve funded with Business Backer three times. Their process is simple and funding is quick. Every person I’ve worked with has been helpful and very friendly!
We have used TBB for many years. Every time, their service is on point. We receive the desired results in a swift and simplified manner ... EVERY TIME! It's 110% true ... where the banks say no, TBB says how much, how fast and YES! Thanks for helping us through our growing spurts BB !
I've been treated very professionally and Finance came quite respectively easy and the pay back was extraordinarily satisfactory with my daily income ..look forward to doing business with them again and the future Thanks Mike Blohm
on a personal level i cant thank ryan fogle enough for working with me on this amd overall expirience has been awesome so thank you
Here is a company that goes beyond the norm and is really there for you, not just says they will be. We are located in Florida and after the recent hurricane they stopped deductions of the loan for a period of time in order for us to get back on our feet, we didn't ask for this but it was greatly appreciated. If I could, and if they were willing, all my capital loans would be with this company!!
The Business Backer was beyond patient, and bent over backwards to help us, if you're lucky enough to get brian! It was a great experience!
We own a gym in a resort area, which gets about 2.5 million visitors from Memorial Day through Labor day. The rest of the year (9 months), our business is driven by a very small population. Business backer made a short term loan very for some CAPEX spending prior to our busy time, very simple. They were responsive, professional and very fast.
Great company to do business with , No promise's made without them coming thru. Ryan was great to work with and really help and went the extra mile.
Business Backer has worked with my business providing a loan to purchase inventory. I had a few setbacks and they have worked to keep my loan active. The customer service especially with Annette has been a godsend and I am grateful for all she has done on behalf of business backer.
Get approached by quite a number of small business lenders. Just found them to be up front and responsive
I Don't Know yet! Too Too Early to tell
Quick and helpful but rates are very high!!
I've funded with BB several times over the last 5 years. Mackenzie has always been super to work with to get funding. Their process is simple and funding is quick. The way short term business funding should be !!!
Business Backer made the funding process seamless. Phil was a pleasure to work with. He is very professional and worked to get our funding turned around within a few days.
Great People To Deal With! Thank you Josh and Mackenzie for swift results and a great experience! Josh was very helpful and never tired of my questions. He was very knowledgeable about his company's product, was never pushy and explained everything in detail. Donna and Mark Nelon MN Logging LLC
very confused
Fast, Easy, Efficient, Trustworthy! What more do you want! My Peace of Mind.
No hidden fees all info up front - flexible payment schedules - Will be back again thank you for helping me grow my business.
Just a great company to do business with, the process is painless, smooth and transparent. I have been with them for several years, and the above is what keeps me coming back.
The team at TBB is highly efficient and well organized. The process is easy. Often "vendor flags" show up, and it would be nice to have more clarity on this; but, not a major impact.
Business Backer has been wonderful however my broker Tony Rogers was an absolute liar, cheater and any other adjective I would prefer not use. Use Business Backer just STAY AWAY FROM TONY ROGERS. God helps those who help themselves, I hope Tony goes to church !!!!!!
I found Business Backer to be easy to work with however I only gave an average rating. I wont recommend them to others because I find the quote system to not be consistent. Every time I call for a quote it seems to be at a different percentage. Reasons offered are too soon from other draw, or something else. Return customers that have proven themselves should be offered a better rate.
What a wonderful, pain-free experience; not something I would say about banks these days for sure!! You were a delight to work with Shawn Galley, you responded timely and courteously to all our questions and made this process very smooth, TY!!
You did not disclose all the costs associated with the loan until after we accepted it. This is really not acceptable. The only reason I'm rating you a three starts is that I got the loan quickly.
Working with the Business Backer has been an amazing experience through and through. Both Adam Alvarado and Mackenzie Husa have been a pleasure to work with and speak to. From the first interaction with Mr. Alvarado and Mrs. Husa, we have been met with nothing but personable, compassionate and understanding people. I would highly recommend the Business Backer to anyone who is looking for a 5 star service when it comes to company funding and or any type of funding.
We requested a loan and we submitted all the paperwork for underwriter approval and it's been 3 weeks ago and counting, we email asking for update and still no reply. Now make me worry are our financial, bank account, social security number on their hand without a clue, maybe goes to shredding machine...
Great, But I would like to have a cheaper rate, Other than that, its great
Everything went smooth..Good people..Very quick process...
I love their business model. They are very progressive, easy to deal with. I love the upfront honest approach
The worst experience I've had in business, what was spoken on the phone was different from what they sent in the contract, you can review the recordings.
The Business Backer has been an invaluable resource for our company's growth over the past 5 years. The most important factor has been having an Advocate representing us on our behalf. Mendy Fisher has taken the time to get acquainted with our team and understand our business, resulting in a 5 year relationship which continues to strengthen. When traditional banking doesn't understand the market that you are in; the simplest response is always "we can't help you". Having an advocate such as Mendy, can literally be a "game changer" for your business. Whether you have small or large funding needs; call The Business Backer and let your advocate go to work for you.
I had an Excellent experience with The Business Backer!!! Jason, my consultant, educated me on my situation and options. He truly went above and beyond to help me and made me feel extremely comfortable in the process!! The Business Backer was the PERFECT fit for my situation!!! I highly recommend this company!!
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