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SnapCap Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: SnapCap
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-964-9077
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 89 %
Franklin M. was my loan officer. He went above and beyond in helping to navigate the complex process. His optimistic charm, professionalism, and dogged efforts to help were amazing. Some of the aspects of the process were a little challenging and stressful, but Franklin made it all work smoothly and was always available to help even when we were waiting to get approved and things finalized. Simply put, Franklin and SnapCap are amazing!!!
I was very pleased with the service from start to finish!!
SnapCap gave me a great offer that helped my business purchase inventory at a discount. My account manager Jonathan was very helpful throughout the process!
The SnapCap representative I worked with was very responsive and answered all of my questions in a quick and professional manner. I'm very pleased with the overall experience and would be happy to do business with them in the future. Great company!!
the process was smooth and my business agent was excellent with all of the paper work that was needed and he came back with great rates to get my business!!!
Wonderful company. Nice to talk with a direct lender that's so transparent. That's all I was looking for! - Leslie
Excellent company with great rates and service. Very simple and easy process!
What impressed me the most was how much better their rates/services were compared to others we have used in the past. So many lenders dont even have a management team on their site... I will definitely use SnapCap again.
Quick, no pressure and very professional staff.
I had the pleasure of working with Austin. He helped me get through the loan process quickly and easily. He explained all details fully and was extremely helpful during the whole experience. I would deffinitley recommend Snap Cap to anyone looking for business loan!
We reached out to SnapCap after being turned down from our bank for a small business loan, even after proving to the bank that we were in fact a super solid business doubling our annual revenues every year for the past four years. We also are debt free and own all our equipment out right with no liens. We needed a small influx of capitol to get us through the slow season and pay some huge insurance deposits and make some much need improvements to our assets. SnapCap came to the rescue, but not without jumping through some hoops that were to be expected. It did take a little longer than advertised but it may have been due to the fact that we are a business model they had not worked with before. So it took a bit, but not more than a week, to get them all the info they needed to approve and fund our loan. We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with SnapCap. I highly recommend Ben Whitman and the entire team. I truly believe they really care and feels like a relationship that we can build for future success when unexpected monetary obligations pop up or things get tight.
Quick, easy, and efficient. Sending over the required info was easy. You have to verify your identity, but that makes sense...who would lend you money without knowing who they're lending it to. This was way faster than I thought possible.
I have done many reviews in the past and I like the feeling that my voice is being heard. It gives me an opportunity to give my feelings and thoughts about different things and ideas. More companies should use this available outlet to get the opinions of the people that may or may not like their company or product.
We have been in business for 10 years with growth every year. Recently hitting bigger cash flow bumps. We approached Ben at SnapCap and he really made the process easy. We wanted to be conservative with our first loan with SnapCap. The nice thing is that Ben supported us and was very clear about the repayment schedule. I am still amazed how professional and easy this process was. I would recommend to any business that needs funds quickly. I am looking forward to a mutual funding Partnership with SnapCap in the future. Thank you Ben!
I was just typing the application in (didn't even submit the documents yet), but SnapCap representative has already called me back and after short conversation I was pre-approved. Underwriting process was smooth, funds were transferred in less than 24 hours from the application. Snapcap team works extremely fast. Rates are fair and also they provided me fees discount which was nice. Pretty happy with my experience overall. Will probably use this company again if I ever need fast funding.
SnapCap makes the entire process of qualifying for funds easy and fast. The entire team, from Ceyda, my dedicated representative, to the people on the underwriting team, are courteous, friendly, and focused on making sure that I understand the repayment terms before funding occurs. I never feel pressured or rushed, and with their process being so simple and straightforward, I never worry about funds showing up later than I need them.
So far, I have had a great experience with SnapCap. They were very informative and upfront about terms and options. The turnaround was almost instant. Placing the loan agreement in place was practically pain-free.
Perfect company for loans and financing.
Everyone at snapcap is so friendly and willing to help. Great bunch of people that aren't like a big corporation after your money. They add a personal touch and make the process quick easy and enjoyable.
Great customer service. Easy to use
The experience with Lending Tree was very informative. Trust me, if it wasn’t for the customer service, I would not have gotten through the needed paperwork. Walter Hodges was great to work with.
Got my loan approved quickly. Would definitely recommend using their services to a friend and would use them again.
You can get pre-approved very easily and the website was so easy to navigate through. It answers all your questions and you can get money quickly!
They offer an alternative loan source. If you get denied an SBA loan check them out!
Snap is a great option for those small business owners to get real funding quickly and when they need it most. I couldn't see a bank working that quickly to get my funds in as short as 48 hours.
As a small business owner looking for alternative ways to gain capital and grow, i was very skeptical of on-line lending. My experience with Snap-Cap, and especially my loan officer far exceeded not only my expectations, but any and all customer service i had ever experienced! The honesty, help, and follow up I experienced has built for me, a life-love relationship with this company
It's customer service, professionalism and follow up that will always be the foundation to a satisfied customer. All in which we experienced with Snap. Thank you for helping our business grow!
It sounds very promising and worthwhile to look into
Listen. if you have never read a review please read mine.Times have changed more rapidly than anyone is able to keep up with.Time is Money! If you think CONVENTIONAL LOANS still work, You probably will be out of business sooner than later. There is NO WAY any of the so called SBA Lenders are ever going to give you a loan that helps YOU! I had attended seminars,functions,talked to lenders face to face for Y E A R S ! All the while trying to run my business,family my life. When all options were really no options at all I thought, Well you can stay the status quo or you can take a chance like you did when you bought your business. & years in?? 8th going pretty well. Will need to expand. My loan officer/consultant turned me down the 1st time but took the time to "Explain Why". Here is what we are looking for,here is what you need to do, you are close but we don't feel comfortable. She was honest. Told me she would check back in a few months... Guess what? She Did! I was funded within 24 hours.We are taking the next step to GROWING OUR BUSINESS. Are the rates competitive?? NO but what is a 2.5-3.0% rate from your Local bank mean IF YOUR NEVER GOING TO GET IT!? If you have been in business,have a serious business plan,AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Take the time to Understand you need money to make money. If you are looking to start a business and have no idea what to do, Well maybe you should go somewhere else. Our CPA thought is was consistent with our goals. Told me we could write off the interest,build business credit,hire 1 to 2 employes.With the forecasted revenue generated we would be more than fine. If you are using these funds to bail yourself out(my opinion... BAD IDEA) I understand business.I understand the 21st Century business. These folks worked for me... better yet they worked with me. 5 STARS. I will be back Shawn Laffey
After applying for a loan thru Snapcap, they were unable to get me the funding I needed. Since I use much of my cash intake to buy inventory, my deposits show less than my actual income which in turn lessened the amount they would finance. I can understand anyone wants financial proof that I am actually bringing in $X amount but, I feel they didn't take into any consideration my actual sales reports thru Square's sales reporting.
Working with SnapCap was great! David was very helpful and made the loan process very easy. I would definitely recommend their services, they know what they're doing!
Really fast and easy to work with. I wasn't expecting everything to go so smoothly. Much less trouble than dealing with my bank.
I've used this extensively to launch my freelance projects and entice investors. When you have partners like SC your projects and passions become very lucrative businesses. Sincerely, JD
C.Moynahan. Was the best loan officer I have ever spoken with regarding a possible loan. He was very responsive and a great listener. His focus was on the client and their specific needs.. He followed up with me on each e mail as well as the phone..I was not expecting that kind of service. He was clear and consice which helped me through the loan process.. Although my loan was outside of their normal business lending scope, he took the time to refer me to someone in my area that might possibly be interested in a real estate bridge loan. I would recommend Colin without a doubt. He is very communicative which makes the loan process seamless. I have done business with many bank loan officers over the years, none of them come even close to Colin. I will do other loans with them in the future, because my experience with Colin was so positive. That is really hard to find in the business enviroment that we have today.
A quick an easy process to complete
Helped out a lot! Very easy to navigate. Just what I needed. Thanks SnapCap!
very interesting
This is by far the best service and performance I have received from and lending company! Professional and courteous, willing to help and move forward fast. Austin kept me up to date with the process, and the terms and deal was much better than my previous lender. I am excited to keep working with Austin and SnapCap!!
From my initial application until the approval, everything was done in a quick and honest manner. Try it and I am sure you will be happy.
I thought when I got this loan from my sales person at Snap cap that this was going to be the best thing going. I have been with several other companies over the years, but this by far was the easiest process that had ever experienced. I initially was not able to get the exact amount of money that I needed. I was told by my salesperson at that time to take the loan and then call back in a couple of months and see what could be done to get what I needed. So now it has been two months and after calling four times and that same sales guy never even bothering to return any of my calls I finally get him on the phone and he tells me that my memory is bad and that he never told me that. I would not do business with them again because they are only interested in one shot deals and not maintaining long term customers. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!! So if he didn't remember the first untruth that he had told, he should have taken the responsibility and not have blamed his inability to remember what he had initially said. Hope you find this review of the company Snap Cap helpful.
The most unprofessional business loan experience we have ever had. We completed a full application, which included uploading thee months of bank statements. We were told that we should receive a response within 24 hours. We never received any follow-up. After over two weeks emailing the account executive, and not getting a response I called to request a new account executive. The new senior account executive noted that she was sending our file to underwriting right away and will call me back within two hours with a response. She never gave me a reason why our loan application had not even been looked. Also, she never called back that day, but instead sent an email the next morning. Again, really bad customer service which indicates a stunning lack of professionalism. Initially, we decided to go with Snapcap because they are a Lendingtree company. Big mistake! I find this absolutely surprising that the leadership at Lendingtree has any idea of the type of people that they have running this operation. When we called Snapcap after not getting a response for over two weeks the senior account executive answered the phone like I was calling her dorm room and disturbing a party. There was a group of people loudly engaged in personal conversations in the background. I could clearly hear their conversations. I really couldn't believe that the people with whom we have sent our confidential financial business details are running this place like a garage startup. We have been in business for over 13 years and have never experienced anything like this lending experience. Fortunately for us, we already had received a six-figure business loan from another highly reputable lender and weren't desperate for the money. I would strongly advise any small business to steer clear from and seek funding elsewhere. The runaround, lack of professionalism, and a clear lack of process and understanding of the needs of small business owners are not worth you wasting your time.
No company compares to the rates, terms and service of SnapCap! I was so glad I found them! No tricks, gimmicks or hidden fees. They have the closest thing to a real bank loan without the long drawn-out paperwork and waiting time. Quick and best loan out there. Thank you SnapCap!!!
SnapCap is just what i need for opening the business i have always wanted to open. i have had 2 patent companies look at my invention and they say it should really take off. SnapCap, I'm sure would loan me the money to get the business off paper and onto production. And if I need a bit more to cover some unknown need, SnapCap would loan the money for that too. It is Quick and the forms are easy to read and comprehend. I would definitely look into this company!
I needed some capital quickly for a big inventory purchase and SnapCap came to the rescue! I knew a bank would take too long, but SnapCap was able to get me funded the next day! Big shoutout to MacKenzie and Greg who guided me through the process; they were very clear with how the loan would work and I appreciated that they really took the time to understand the needs for my business. Its great to have a relationship with a company that I can trust.
if you need any kind of help there's one name you can trust in and that's TRUSTPILOT.GO FOR IT,YOU WON'T LOSE.
This company is so awesome! They offer alternative lending to people like me! There is not much emphasis on your personal credit, you don't have to have collateral, there is a 48 hr turn around. It is just simply amazing!
Initially I was skeptical of online lenders but I spoke with Colin at SnapCap and he was so professional. I never expected such a smooth, easy process to get approved for a business loan. Everything was done same day and I thought that was amazing. This couldn't have been more convenient. Thank you!
Entire process was quick and efficient and easy. It didn't take much in the way of paperwork and the various personnel involved in the process are very knowledgeable and quick to respond. It took me a while to understand the numbers but they were patient and made sure I understood before we proceeded. This is the first business loan I have ever taken out but they made it a pleasure. Would definitely recommend SnapCap.
This company sounds like they're very helpful to small business people! Sounds very promising for a bright future for your business!
SnapCap were fantastic. After my first call I knew I was talking to the right people.
Seamless. Very professional. Highly recommended.
I didn't expect SnapCap to be different to other lenders but their customer service was by far the best I've seen in this industry. Chris was so fast to answer all of my questions. Every time I called if he didn't pick up on the first ring he'd call back 5 minutes later. I could tell he had a genuine interest in my company and it's growth.
If you've ever want led to take yourself or your idea for a small business to the next step, look to Snap Cap for financial assistance. Great people to work with and the experience was way better than my meetings with banks and small business lending offices.
Talked to Robert on the phone. He was sincere and most helpful. Excellent experience.
I would not only recommend this site to friends but also to family and others.
Great employees on the front line ..are what makes a company stand out. Two employees that stand out are Greg and Colin they both went the extra yard to help me. They were personable and helpful asking the right questions so I didn't have to waste my time going any further. After realizing I already had a loan to a company similar to theirs Colin suggested I go for a 0% interest credit card because of the people in similar situations did the same thing. even though he wasn't going to make any commission off of me...he still went out of his way to help me that speaks volumes about integrity.I'd highly recommend Snap cap... great people to deal with and reasonable rates
It was quick and easy Collin was so helpful
it was easy process
The process was so streamlined it couldn't have been simpler. I'll definitely come back to SnapCap whenever I need funds in a hurry. AB
I have been working with Colin at SnapCap for close to a year now, I contacted him last week to see if we could look at new funding options to keep our business growing. Withing 5 minutes of sending the email he called me. He called me back the next day and had gone above and beyond what I had asked him to see if he could do for us! He was able to work with his underwriting department and do something for us that no one else could. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Colin for all your help and being a part of our growing business! Alexis Owner of Blingin' Buddha
very helpful, just wished i could have gotten more, but the plan is set up to try for more after two months . thanks ron
hi all fri and all my product owner now everything i want to say i really thank u all there so much now and can i ask u ? how can i get my money tov please tell to me now because i want to know
Great assistance - fast and reliable - kept me informed the entire way through the process
Snapcap helped me when the banks refused.
SnapCap provided quick and easy capital for my business. I was extremely impressed with their ability to provide funding in as little as 24 hours after I had applied. I will most definitely recommend SnapCap to any business owner looking for quick access to funding.
Couldnt have been happier with the overall experience. Thanks SnapCap for a fast and professional service!
Very bad business, very rood people and unprofessional...
very easy to work with, clear and easy to understand!
Quick and easy. Great job.
Extremely quick response time. Rates were a little higher than had hoped for but the customer service was excellent. Ben was extremely helpful and answered my emails in a timely manner and was quick to get us approved.
Had/having a great experience with this company. Needed a loan fast and they were able help and explain everything in a way even I could understand. Would/will definitely do business with them again!
Really Helpful company. They were able to answer all of my questions and never complicated the process. I'll be recommending SnapCap to other business owners looking for a quick loan solution
I have been looking for a great credit card to replace the one I currently have from my local bank. I have also been thinking about starting a small business but did not think I would qualify for a small buisness loan. A friend told me about After checking them out online, I was sold! On both the small buisness loan and the personal credit card there is an introductionary promotion where there is no transfer fees on the credit card and there is no ARP and 0% Annual Fees for 18 Months! There qualifying requirments are so much better than that of your typical lender and everything is done online! Now I can actually think about starting my small buisness where as before it was just a dream!
I've had multiple loans in the past and this is by far the best rate I have ever seen. Wonderful company to work with!
enjoyed to fullest
Snapcap came up on my Facebook feed one day at a time when I was looking for funding to continue the growth for my business. I submitted a small form and the next day I was in touch with a representative from Snapcap who I felt really wanted to assist me - Austin Prusak. I have been bombarded by sales calls from other companies and I felt that is all they were - sales calls. Mr. Prusak helped me understand why Snapcap was different from the other companies and was able to get me approved at a higher loan amount with better repayment provisions than the other companies. With my admittedly lower credit scores, I am very happy with the final outcome, giving me some relief on how to smooth over my cash flow and allow me to invest in my business. The funding process was smooth, and without a lot of the stipends that the other companies were requiring. I recommend using Snapcap if this is the type of lending that your company needs to utilize at this time.
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