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Borro Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Borro
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-788-6809
Overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 75 %
i needed money to do a business deal. contacted borro, a charming lady came to my house to pick up my watch collection, and £36k was with me later that day. i paid back a few months later and a courier delivered to my house. i am just using again hence the review........
Two years ago after struggling for a several years and bills to pay I had what I thought were no options and desperately needed to buy more inventory for the Christmas selling season. It was the 11h hour and as I googled loan options on the internet (since my years of a banking relationship had failed me) I stumbled into Borro. Within TWO days the money was wired to my account and available to purchase inventory and that loan helped me move forward. My profits that season weren't enough to solve all my problems and I used their service two subsequent times using different collateral. I am pleased to say that my business is now generating increases over the previous year, bills paid and I have the funds to be my own bank. If I had not gotten that small cash infusion from Borro at that particular time I'm pretty sure my business wouldn't be where it is today. The staff is absolutely amazing. Everything was conducted with dignity and professionalism. There were no hidden fees. I find very few things today "as advertised" but Borro certainly met and exceeded my expectations.
Was highly satisfied with the service - levels of communication excellent and speed was great
I already have items pawned with Borro bit in this occasion I wasn't satisfied with the amount offered so requested my items back. 6 days later I'm still waiting! They at first blamed the Easter holidays then admitted they had made an error - why not do this in the first place, mistakes do happen! I've now lost faith in them. It seems that when you contact then they get your jewellery picked up fast but when you want it back it not very quick at all. Disappointed!
the staff at boro are very pleasent and helpful, and alway professional.
I needed funds for school fees, they collected my assets the same and the funds reached my account that evening. My only critique is that the website was a little tricky to navigate, other than that a great and efficient service.
I needed to raise funds to pay an urgent tax bill and used a collection of jewellery and one watch to do so. My lawyer recommended me and I was a little nervous but I was impressed with the service overall. A very efficient team who clearly have a strong understanding of these types of items.
I didn't exactly get the money in 24 hours like they say, more like 48 as obviously I had to send my valuables in first which took up a day. But once they received them the staff were very effiecient, helpful and knowledgeable. It felt like I didn't have to lift a finger and I got my money soon after
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