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MyChargeBack Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: MyChargeBack
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-350-8030
Overall average rating of 4.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 74 %
Very happy with their service. They got my money back!
To Team Mychargeback. Much thanks! Posting this after 7 months we got the payments back into my account, now finalized. This is accomplished after big amount of tears…work and toil from me and your team. My hat off to the team and respect is deserved. Cheers!
I can't say enough good things about MyChargeback. From the moment I called them I knew I was in good hands. They explained at the start that almost everything depends on my bank (which I already knew was going to be uncooperative), but they certainly gave me a lot more than the 100% effort they promised. My recovery agent at MyChargeback simply wouldn't give up. After much effort with my bank, the bank finally agreed to raise my dispute. MyChargeback was able to convince them for one simple reason: They know more about chargebacks than the bank does. They had no other alternative. Thanks guys, and hats off to you.
My experience with Chargeback was excellent. My rep, Eli W, was efficient, productive, affable and received 70% recovery of my money lost. I believe Eli recovered 100% of my except for the arrogance and inefficiency of the the unproductive bank. 5*****
Mychargeback help me professional and quick service with help along what I needed to do by getting my money back from GFC investments. I appreciate eveything they done for me, true and reliable. I had invested and as soon as I did I realised I had made a mistake a huge one, and I called my bank telling them I had invested and realised it is a scam, and the bank told me there was nothing they could do. Thankfully I seen Mychargeback on internet and ask for there help and within 2 months I had my money back, by the help of Rory Murray and another gentleman Markus. I was worried that it was another scam, but I quickly went to the reviews and seen good reviews, because I went on to reviews on the GFC when I already invested and couldn’t find any good reviews only saying it’s a scam. So I acted quickly. And in the process of mychargeback helping I tried withdrawing my money from the platform GFC set up for me. It would only allow me to withdraw $100.00 dollars in a week and the 3rd time it had been blocked from further withdrawals. It only allows you to withdraw a tiny amount for you to continue your trust with them as they keep you on a peice of string to when it is to late for you to gain back your money. Scammers are professionals at gaining your trust and such nice people, but believe they are not they are great hypocrites at stealing your money from you, don’t be fooled anything that is to good to be true. Is to good to be true. And that what Mychargeback learned me and with there help and speaking on my behalf also writing letters and there knowledge and expertise wow A special thanks and greatly appreciate Mychargeback great and professional work!. With out them I would have been the loss of my money.
MONTHLY STREAM 1 : Im a fraud victim of 24000 Eur by a broker 2. I wrote to these guys mychargeback, told them what happen, they said i cannot contact the bank, else the case will be doomed , i did for advise because who to trust. ( i got advise nothing else) 3. I payed half 495 US 6 July , texted all the email all the info about Broker and when i created the broker account and so on ,what mychargeback needed. 4. They wrote i could contact them if i had more info about the case at the given mail i was introduced to, so i did (24-48 hours waiting) the 11 July and yet still no answer on several mails..... even spoke with their chat robot Emma . 17-07-18 1.The SC manger called me today + 1 guy and explained , what they already have send me in an e-mail about how long it will take(After i payed). 27-07-18 Be aware this process takes time, even if they write it can take up 10 days depending on the case. I will suggest others , to pay 495 US, even if you are desperate to get your money back, security first. ( Mean while they can prove them self & you can search for more information about mychargeback if you not are 100 % in on it ) when the writeup is done, ask for at review or a snip of it and validate the given material. Then pay the second half, when thats done you will have to wait 3 -5 days more(patience is important! because, its still humans dealing with the case and they have to prepare, for a responses that the bank, and the broker might answer with , even if mychargeback deals with ppls like you & me every day.) after second payment, you will have a personal mychargeback contact and the rest of the journey will be with him, and the team. We are still in process of the transactions just a little late , after my opinion. m charge back send me the required info for making a case on all the disputes on the card transaction, waiting for info from my bank. The wire though is another case for itself: remember you have to pay a sec prize for that since its wired , and can only be tracked with a detective. So here we are again . 19-11-2018 I contacted the pers who is taking care of me, like 2 time the past 2 weeks still no answer .. I got answer on the credit card part - NETS who is taking care of th payment solutions - decided that since the scam company, they delivered what they wrote on their home side"actual service". NETS doesn't find it suitable to chase such a case when all the evidence is in front of their nose... The wire transaction is still getting investigated, meaning that I'm doing a with drawl through my bank and i have to pay for it . So i payed mychargeback around 3300 US for it all 1500 for the card service which I'm not sure is gonna get saved … + He is not responding after 3 emails. and 1800 for the wire since they have to put an detective on it, But atm Im doing the research , i haven't heard from mychargeback what they are doing, if they found the money or what so ever . + i have to pay for the back trans action from the bank wire aswell. I lost 27624.27US and i used 3300 +/- on my charge back = 24000+/- i cant disagree with you guys , you used allot of time maybe maybe not .and delivered every piece of material according to my case … Gotta give you handshakes for that ^^ But the last part here is a bit of edgy for me, its like they are fading away. some times hope is lost .. . ALWAYS BE CAREFUL Link for validating mychargeback icis corp - catill LLC yahoo - finance . mychargeback Forbes magazin-Crack down on boiler room BBB- Mychargeback LEGIT FOR NOW
Five Days after my Bank, based on the information Mychargeback has prepared for them, my previous Trader refunden my deposit. Excellent job and background preparation from Mychargeback. I highly recommend them.
Where do I start, I wanted to get into trading and learn how to trade. I started with scammer who were very honest but there brokers had no experience and lost me £5500 within 3 weeks. I was very mad and I decided to say away from trading. Two week later I decided to do something about it because it was a lot of money to let go. I spoke to the Broker Complaint Registry here in England and the connected me to My ChargeBack. After telling them my story, MyChargeBack started doing their research on my case. Within 4 week, I was about to get some big result. I received an over of £3500 originally but I didn't take that amount because Mychargeback told me I could get more. I contacted Scammer and they offered me £4500 which I took. I am writing this because I want everyone to fight back against these scammers and try to get your money back. I would recommend MyChargeback because they help you get results quickly. They are amazing and helpful in preparing all the files and emails you need to send to the bank. They made it very east for me. Thank you MyChargeBack
MyChargeBack got 100% of my money back after being scammed by one of these Binary Options traders. The bank (one of the major in South Africa) was not willing to help nor did they understand the problem. The MyChargeBack team pulled it through. Expensive but without them it would have been a 100% loss so no regrets and very grateful for the assistance.
I would have gave them two stars because everyone was very polite but I want people to know my experience. I live in the US. I sent wire transfers to two separate banks. Neither bank responded. If you live in America there is no just thing as a wire transfer recall. The banks do not care. I wasted $2000 for a generic letter that they put info into but use for all their clients. One of the letters they made mistakes on. I definitely feel like I payed WAY to much. They were nice people but I think they are very busy and have lots of clients. For me just a waste of my hard earned money. If you live in America. Don't waste your time.
Adam G was my salesperson, very positive sales pitch after loosing over 7k to scammers Markets trading. Scott and Eli picked up my case who I found to be professional who gave me confidence that i would retrieve my money. The end result my bank declined to support chargeback quoting MasterCard do not support these claims rendering this business proposal a non starter. I challenged Eli who advised I speak to my salesman Adam. This is where all communication stopped. I mailed Adam half a dozen times to see if there were any other options yet I never received a reply to calls or mails. So on top of the 7k lost to add insult to injury I lost in excess of £750 to my chargeback too. Very disappointed.
Professional courteous and reliable who hold your hand at every step with positive results.
i opened a case more than three weeks no answer i don't recommend !!!!!
Very professional service, I would have no reservation in recommending this Company and their advisors to anyone.
I am writimh because i am at Norman help mee. Only that is problem my bad english.
During the funds recovery process: The staff were friendly and yet professional. They made it a point to enquire what would be a convenient time and date to ring. This was very crucial due to out different time zones. As such their calls were not a nuisance, and accorded me the chance to talk in detail about my private financial situation with the privacy it deserved i.e. away from my work environment. Communication: I have received regular updates and prompts in a professional tone. Handing-over: It was made clear when one staff's role ended and I was handed over to a different staff member. So it did not feel like Ping-Pong. ON-GOING: After paying my final fee to MyChargeback, my bank has now re-debited my account the total amount recovered. Although this puts me in a very precarious financial situation, I have contacted MyChargeback and hope for the same quality of customer support to resolve this matter.... to be updated......
My ChargeBack were as good as their word we would have no problem recommending them unconditionally.
I am happy with the service.
As I was scammed by Greenfields Capital for about 15000$ I contacted Mychargeback. The only thing they did was to send me a lot of documents that I should send to the bank, a couple of weeks ago they called in a threepartscall. I was not allowed to listen, but nothing happened. I Have tried to get the fee 1000 USD back without result. Now they say that they have a cace against Greenfield in the court and want me to put another 1500 USD to them. Sorry but first of all I dont have the money and second I dont trust them anymore
i think my chargeback are a good company,but they seem not to have the personal to reply to emails
I had no idea how to proceed after being taken for a large amount of money by Binary trading business ( these seem to be just a rip of scam businesses offering financial advise on stocks ex ) charge back was able to help me retreve my money back
Very professional, efficient and trustworthy! When my bank said there was no chance to claim back - they saved my finances - every cent back!
I was thrilled to receive a substantial refund of the ill gotten gains of the OT Capital. company. Chargeback prepared a compelling case for me to submit and guided me all the way to successfully present my dispute to gain the refund. Thanks, My Chargeback. Allan
I was very grateful for the service and the expertise exercised in assisting me with this fraudulent encounter with S2Trade. Ny only concern was the high percentage required from the recovery assistance. I felt it was too high however I’m grateful. Amoryl Ashe
I am not embarrassed to say that six months ago lost well over 70k of life savings to my broker when he traded it away. I was more than devastated and we had no idea if there was sense in fighting continuously with them. I did reach to mychargeback once over the shock, anguish and anger! My case was handled by them with me and my bank. Most of my money is back and Mychargeback (excellent) persisted to fight for me throughout. thank you.
I highly recommend that people make use of this company to recover funds from internet scams. Their rates are reasonable for the efforts that they apply on their clients behalf. If you think that you may have been scammed then you probably have. If it appears to be be to good to be true then in high probability it is a scam. The sooner you realise and get help the sooner these people can assist you.
My charge back did exactly as they said they would do! They helped me recover stolen funds from a binary option firm called MIB 700. They were very professional and helpful to ensure a successful attempt of the recovery of these funds. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has been scammed by a fraudulent trading firm.
After being scammed out of a substantial amount of money by a Binary options company, I was at a loss of what to do next, I did some research into finding a company that can help in reclaiming my stolen money, and ''MyChargeBack'' were the top company to go to for help. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking to try and get their lost/stolen money back from a Binary options company, or even from the Stock market. Their service is very professional, and a very friendly, experienced team of people who listen and understand your situation, will help guide you through the whole process of reclaiming your lost money, with absolute ease and under no pressure whatsoever. So if you are looking at trying to get your money back, ''MyChargeBack'' are the ''top'' company to pursue. They won my case, and I got back my stolen money, I couldn't have done this without their help, and cannot thank them enough! ''MyChargeBack,'' don't think about it, DO IT!!
MyChargeBack provided a successful resolution to a credit card fraud I experienced and was able to get ALL my money back. From start to finish, they were wonderful to work with, very professional, did everything they said they would when they said they would. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone in the same position I was, with no other recourse through typical credit card fraud means. They truly know their stuff and I couldn't speak more highly of them. Absolutely the best and provide results!! 10+!!
found them very helpful and very attentive. I could not recommend them enough
They prepared a fantastic document to present to the bank and after the prescribed time there were no issues and I got my money back.
Fantastic support after being scammed by broker. Best to contact them already before you undertake any activity to complain. Specific concrete recommendations how to formulate complaints so that they are targetted to exactly the legal formulation which will enable a claim for compensation to be made. They also address a variety of issues including how to raise a dispute with bank, negotiate with scammer, and even in-depth how to get even scammers bank to approve your claim. In addition MyChargeBack has been generous in explaining how scammers operate. I highly recommend this company. Not suitable for very small investors. I was a bit dubious at first whether to invest more funds into an organization that could well be just another scammer but I can assure you that the service I have obtained ranks very high above any I ever received from lawyers and other so-called advisors in other sectors. Thank you MyChargeBack for all your help, advice and everything that you have taught me :)
I would like to thank Mychargeback to help me get the refunded money which I thought was seriously binary trading. But it was only fraud. Their help with documentation was absolutely necessary to take these scams So if you need help, contact them before you start talking to the bank for a refund. I got back my money thanks to Mychargeback.
The representative who handled my case was pleasant, polite and efficient. He handled the difficult telephone conversations with the institutions I needed to contact, and resolved my issue in a timely manner. I would recommend MyChargeBack to anyone.
Ok I’m in the uk and I was scammed no Other word for it by trader vc beyond investment do not use ppl ! in the tune of 24k I got touch with Bank who were useless until I got in contact with my chargeback they were very helpful and for a set fee I manage to recover 40% of money back so far , I am still with them trying to recover rest it’s worth contacting them if u are in similar scenario. They are a professional company highly recommend. Fiz r uk
Long long story...I am not detailing here the events which took place, like some other people. Bottom line, I didn't get my money back, but I am not dissatisfied. Guys you did a good job trying. Would have been a complete waste of time without you. We lost but no complaints.
From our experience we are so happy we found my chargeback they saved as from losing everything we work for our hole life. The guys worked so hard to recoup our money we counldn't be any happier.
Having been scammed and nearly lost $7000.00+, I can't rate MyChargeBack highly enough. I highly recommend, that if you have been Conned/Scammed or invested in an opportunity that sounds "Too Good To Be True" or whatever you want to call it, then MyChargeBack should be your first point of call. The professionalism, courtesy and respect this Company conveys to it's clients is second to none. The correspondence sent to the rogues was nothing short of Awesome, nothing like I could have written and they most certainly know their stuff. I eventually received all the funds that I had invested in the rogue Company, thanks to MyChargeBack and their amazing staff. AWESOME - 5*+ - Thank You Very Much...
To whom it may concern. I have been a victim of a fraudulent internet site that was claiming to be trusted on line broker firm. After defrauding me for over 5000,00 EUR my account with them was blocked & I have had no access to my account on their site & no way of retrieving my funds. Once I have connected my self with Charge back team. they have guided me through the whole process & successfully recovered most of my funds. Stellar customer care rarely to be found!
Highly professional, reliable and successful team. They managed to get my funds back from a scam online investment company!
MyChargeBack were my knights in shining armour. I couldn't have asked for better service. These are the people to trust.
With the help of MyChargeBack, I was able to recover 100% of my VISA credit card payments made to a scam platform offering CFD brokerage and investment services. Am very happy with their professional service and the fast turnover of my case. MyChargeBack has excellent staff and a good IT environment supporting such reclaim cases.
I was scammed by Forex online investment .I was promised to have a good return of investment if I have to put more money.Expecting that I am doing a good favour to myself I did not realised that those scammers are sqeezing me of my hard earned income.Luckily mychargeback helped andguide me recover all of my money .Its a complicated process but its worth a try.At first I was skeptical about mychargeback but then I am telling myself that if I will not try I wont be able to take my money back.The case was submitted in July but then the bank informed me that they have not received all documents that was sent to.I resubmit again in August and it took only over 2 months to put the money back in my credit card. Im happy to recommentd my chargeback to those who have been through as me.By the way the money was almos £7,000 that was refunded back into my credit card.
After this, I'm very happy. Mychargeback results are difficult but good. It took a long time, but I can not complain about it. I appreciate the fact that my chargeback team has presented my case well to my bank. I worked there for many months because my bank did not understand anything correctly. We had to wait for hours for various calls, BUT it was nothing. My bank filed my case and it was Mychargeback's help, which is why I received a refund. I would also like to thank you because I was warned be careful with talk to my broker and be clear as possible during the process in the bank. (I've been called and still getting phone calls from brokers and asking me to trade again.) My Chargeback job well done! I was helped to get back a lot more money than I should have ever lost!! I was embarrassed and felt quite stupid --- after I figured out what happened when I first called My Chargeback --- but they said we can fight it if I want to fight it. And it was fight with my broker and with my bank and it ended finally. Fight against brokers continue.
very fast professional help a pleasure to work with
Professional company and staff who helped me through every single stage of my claim. Would highly recommend this company.
I get my money back, thanks for your great support.
Noriu padekoti MyChargeBack uz ju profesionalu darba nuo pat pirmo skambucio iki sekmingo pinigu grazinimo.Buvo grazinta gana didele suma is jau uzsidariusios scam firmos (po metu ju dingimo is eterio) Aciu I wish to say great thank you for professional team of MyChargeBack.They have helped to return rather a lot of money from one of scam office.. Big respect for your team quality.
I am very pleased with the service that I have received from mychargeback. Very professional and have managed to recover some money to date.
I’d been scammed via a bit coin investment and was getting no where with my own bank. I found an advert for my charge back and was called back quickly and explained the nature of my concerns and I was reassured and told I had a definite claim. I was supported all the way and even to ring the bank and chase them for my monies under the chargeback scheme. It was a huge relief when my monies were returned and I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services as sadly these frauds are becoming more and more elaborate :-( Thanks so much
very professional,friendly & knowledgeable.the recoverd my funds ,excellent.highly recommend
Recovered money for me that I thought was gone forever. I could not have done this without them. They really know what to do. It was a process but well worth the time and effort. Was apprehensive at the beginning but they proved to me that their service was for real and they did help me recover over $ 15,000. WOW
Good service, they got me money back i thought i would never get myself
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