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Consolidation Plus Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Consolidation Plus
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (888) 950-4829
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 86 %
I am so glad I decided to consolidate my bills. I feel a big relief knowing I will not have all of this debt to pay probably for the rest of my life. it's such a good feeling. I now have peace of mind. After being offered a loan to pay the debt off sooner even makes it that much better!
I have shared my experience already with people and will continue to. As to what a great help your company has been to me and my life. I am thankful everyday that I trusted your company
My experience with FDR has been very good.
They helped me get my life back on track
Nice work with you, thanks for all.
Fantastic customer service.
My car was so nice. She explained what my options were and made me feel that my financial goals could be accomplished. She followed up the next day to make sure there was no doubt nor questions that needed to be addressed.
Great experience! I would highly recommend!
This has been a very good experience. I would defiantly tell anyone who I knew was having debt issues to go through the same program that I have.
This is a wonderful experience, why? because it teaches the client to review oneself on the benefits that there a company willing to help a person to avoid filing bankruptcy (which put that person still at a credit risk for 5 years) If a company like yourself is willing to take on person (myself) to help them consolidate there bills. The person that your company is helping should take the time a try to show some type of appreciation in helping themselves. Your company has help me avoid many pitfalls of having bad credit rating and a life long debts. I have save myself at least over 70%. And my credit rating is in excellent condition. I will have to say your company work hard and many credit card companies know that they do not have to charge their clients that way. A lot of people say bad remarks about consolidated date companies that is does not work, I have to say either they do not check out the companies first or they not devoted in getting there bills pay off. Thank you
Very friendly knowledgeable and helps you understand all aspects
So far so good. Thorough explanation.
Very good good company I recommend them to anyone
Everything that was explained and promised to us .you guys have been true to your promise we are very happy
Customer Service is always there to help. Consolplus really allows you to get your finances back to a manageable level and takes away the stress of multiple payments. You actually make progress in reducing your debt!
Great customer service. Everything went smooth and well explained to us. Thank you
This is a trust worthy company that will help you to reach your debt-free goal with no strings attached. They keep you well informed every step the way.
Great company that really helped me when I had no where else to turn. Great customer service and an all around great program!
Consolplus has provided everything promised.
Works Great....thank you
Consolidation Plus has helped us see a day without credit card debt
I found them to be very compassionate and willing to go the extra mile for me!
Overall I have had a good experience. But I think there should be an option for a "skip-a-pay"or something like this. several of my other loans offer this option for those unforscene instances, emergencies, and place the payment on back of loan without penalty.the duration of the loan is long and no one knows what can happen.and need a quick money without taking a payday loan or high Intrest causing more debt.just something to think about...
Thanks to consolidation plus I am on my way to becoming debt free! I couldn't be more grateful for your services not to mention the staff. All very helpful.
I was apprehensive at first, but my agent Brianna Kelly was super patient, she answered my questions and explained verging until I felt it was the right move for me. She didn’t push me to make a decision just gave me the facts, numbers and allowed me to make up my mind. This process is not for everyone. But it has proven to be the best for me and my situation. Thank you!!
Very fast response, very knowledgeable staff.
The people that I had the fortune to work with, were outstanding. They helped me to resolve a lot of my money problems. They were quick in helping to get me on the right track. Again Thanks for all your help.
Excellant service and care.
Paperwork was easy to fill out the representative was thorough and explained the who process in layman's terms. Overall it was a very simple process in order to get my finances back on track.
Great support
Great company to work with when you are in trouble money wise
I was able to pay off most if my debt at once with only one payment to Consolidation Plus.
I had a lot of credit card debit and talking to customer service made we feel better. They worked with me to work out a payment plan that I could afford and I cancelled all credit cards. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get out of debt.
Best company I ever worked with.
Everything was very smooth and straight forward.
My experience with Consolidation Plus has been excellent!
I just wanna say that Consolidation Plus helped me get out of debt when I had no where to turn.Im glad I took a chance and called them,they walked me threw step by step and now im on my way to being debt free and my credit score has been improving every month.Thank you Consolidation Plus,and dont hesitate to take that first step and give them a call.
I finally paid it off !!!! man that interest was killer but I'm no longer sweating over it !!! Now to concentrate on my student loan !!!
If you ever have a credit problem please use consolidated plus they will help you anyway they can. They also keep you informed as to how your credit is going and how much debt you have left. You are never alone.
I really want to give them a lower rating than 2, but I am partially to blame for even deciding that this was the best move for me financially. I initially was a part of freedom debt relief and I had to pay a monthly amount was always on time and my credit cards were being resolved. The process however was quite slow and my credit was plummeting. In rolls this partner of freedom debt relief, consolidation plus saying they could settle everything faster which at the time seemed like a better idea. Let me be the first to tell you IT WAS A HORRIBLE IDEA! Now I am stuck with a 22.9% interest rate and paying way more than I would have if I would’ve just followed the Ramsey method. None of the interest rates on my credit cards were as high as what I am currently paying. This was probably the worst decision I could’ve made for myself financially. If they were really interested in helping people I am not saying there should be no interest, but obviously coming into a program like this you feel overwhelmed. I am still currently overwhelmed as over $500 a month is being pulled out of my account and the 17,000 I was loaned has barely gone down. Just deal with the credit cards, in the end you will pay the same anyway and you won’t have to worry about being stuck in a high interest consolidation loan, more stressed than you were before. Oh and they are not willing to negotiate lower interest even though you never miss a payment. They got me this time to make a decision in desperation but please if you are reading this truly do the math you will not end up saving as much as you think after all of the fees and the interest.
I am very pleased with the entire process the representatives I dealt with were very professional and understanding. I really appreciate the time they spent with me discussing all my options and informing of all the steps that would take place which was a great stress reducer. If you’re facing debt problems give them a call you will be glad you did.
Yes I am very happy to hear from you and yes I would recommend you....
very knowledgeable and courteous personnel.
I am vey pleased with Consolidation Plus and would recommend them to anyone wanting to get out of debt.
Excellent I would recommend consolidation plus to anyone
I would totally recommend Consolidation Plus! They've made it so easy for me to get my financial situation under control and I couldn't be happier.
Consolidation Plus made it easy to get the money I needed to begin negotiations to pay off my creditors. Now I will have an easy payment plan without the threat of collections and a clear end in sight.
Helped me to consolidate all my debt into one monthly payment with no worries
Excellent and great service
The process with Consolidation Plus was very easy! Now we’re looking forward to having our debts settled in the very near future so we can begin to rebuild our credit!
So far i have had a great experience working with Consolidation Plus. They have been very helpful with my questions and have been explaining everything well.
They help me get peace of mind and not worry about bill collectors calling me every day and sending me collection letters
So far they have worked well with me
I've been very pleased with service
I'm glad I was chosen for Consolidation Plus loan, which helped to expedite the debt settlement process and helped to make my debt-free future. Now I feel like more comfortable and without debt. I can't be happier. Thank you Freedom Debt Relief and huge thanks to your trusted affiliate - Consolidation Plus. :)
I wanted to say "Consolidated Plus" has helped me so much in getting out of Debt. My debt will be completely paid on in a little over 12 more months. I'm so thankful for all the advice and help they've given me.
Everything from start to finish went very smooth
Easy to deal with. Did a good job resolving my debt.
It has made my life so much easier. I was stressed out because I was over my head in debt. These guys made my life relaxing again. Highly recommend it!!
These people are the greatest people work with. between Consolidation Plus and Freedom Debt Relief they are the best people to work with if you have a problem with your debt. I think the world of these guys and will for a long time. Thank you very much to both companies.
When I first started into Consolidation Plus, I was very worried. But they assured me it would be fine. They were correct. It didn't take them long to settle my debts and get my credit heading in the right direction.
When you're in a bind, this is the place to go. They will help you every way the can and they make a difference. They find solutions, so you can move forward. I highly recommend them.
Very thorough with trying to answer questions and explaining program.
I would recommend this company to friends and family.
Satisfied with their service. They have not been in communication with me since taking over my account.
Tony took great care of me from the start to the end. Explained everything to me!
We have only gone through the approval process. So far we are very happy. Michael Moynahan was our rep. He is very informative, respectful and kind. We hope this good relationship continues as we go forward with the loan repayment as we work together at getting our debt paid and repairing our credit score.
I had a surgery unexpected, had to go on medical disability leave, and l called to let consolation plus know that disability payments were a couple of days different from my regular payment days and the representatives attitude was very cold as if she could care less and she also informed me of a two day late fee that was going to be charged. I did not appreciate it and no l will not be sharing this info with any of my friends.
They are more than willing to help. Very professional and friendly. I would recommend this company to anyone.
I appreciate their help and guidance in getting things done and making it easy for me to understand.
Very honest and helpful. Great people to work with
I was reluctant to start, but stuck with it and am glad I did. I'm about to cross the finish line and could not have done it without Consolidation Plus. Thank you many times. I have recommended you in the past and will continue to recommend you.
Great customer service, very friendly people to work with and always available to answer any questions.
Easy to get along with. No problems.
The whole staff has been very helpful
I was wallowing in never-ending interest, constantly stressed out and never able to get ahead. Thank goodness for Consolidation Plus. You saved me. I now can breath easy and I even have money left over. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Consolidation. You've made my golden years a lot more golden.
Kaylee Kilgore was very helpful. She is pleasant to talk to and informative.
They are fantastic
When such of a goal to be relieved of outstanding debt,along with a true commitment to be responsible for it- it is a pleasure to have Consolidation Plus, and Freedom Debt Relief as a team member to assist in accomplishing such goal! Along with all the hardships thatI have endured to find myself in the financial situation that I am presently in, I am assured that it will be relieved with the support of my mentioned teams members in a reduced amount time and savings of funds! Thank you for your guidance and support!
I am very satisfied with the help Consolidation Plus has given me. I have access to my account online where I can view my monthly statements and see how the payments are applied. They have been a great help in paying off my bills.
When I was having a financial hardship, Consolplus came to my rescue and set up a reduced payment plan that really helped me through my hard time. Thank You!
I am pleased to have your service and just wish I could just get caught up with my loan as I have let my finances get out of hand and am trying to get them back on track
I couldn't get a consolidation loan. I signed up with FDR made payments on time and got referred to Consolidation Plus. I got my loan and my credit history greatly improved. I'm very happy.
All is good thank you so much for your help. I can't wait for it all to be paid in full. It seems it's taking forever. Loretta Miesowicz
Helpful and effective Helped me get to a satisfactory solution for my debt consolidation. Easy and had great input from staff.
I’m not sure that im the person who should be doing a survey. I’ve only been on the program for a short few months. However I can’t complain, two accounts have been “settled “ and I was assigned a sister company to assist in paying the rest so I can move on to other level. Every time I’ve called the company I’ve been treated respectfully and friendly . Everyone has been polite and helpful. Can’t think of anything negative but all positive right now. I do have time to go which is why I’ve held on to the fifth star. ☺️ Today, thus far I’m a FDR satisfied customer.
Just signed up.... Keeping positive about situation
Consolidation Plus made it easy to pay off our credit cards without having to deal with each company separately. They saved us so much money, and got us on track to better credit sooner than expected.
We are both in our 80's. If it wasn't for Consolidation Plus, we would have never been able to pay off our debt in our lifetime. Our debt was reduced and the payment was manageable. Thank you, Consolidation Plus
An excellent program. I am very happy.
Ihave been with Consolidation Plus almost a year and all my bills have been 85% paid. They are a good company you can trust to get your bills pay off for good
Our credit score is starting to go up thanks for helping
They helped me get back on track
I would recommend this company to anyone. They really get in there and do all that they can to help you. Thank you Consolidated Plus.
I received an email from Consolidation Plus because I was enrolled in Freedom Debt Relief. A gentleman (Jordan) from Consolidation Plus called me to explain what this company was all about. He explained, in great detail, that it was a sister company to FDR. Basically that, if approved, the client could get a loan from CP and that the outstanding credit cards would be paid immediately instead of waiting the original time frame set up for payment of the credit cards. That was great news for me because having the outstanding credit cards paid off now as opposed to maybe 2 1/2 years meant my creditf score would go back to being in good standing. I was grateful for this opportunity.
everything was explained in simple english and any doubts were reassured.
am so thankful for your help in my time of need. It has give me a piece of mind to know my debt will handled before i retire,,, YAHOO
I appreciate Consolidation Plus for helping me get fully in touch with my potential money management skills. Love the process of debt reduction and credit score rise. Thank you so much for assisting me with debt relief.
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