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TransformCredit Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: TransformCredit
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 4704356300
Overall average rating of 4.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 79 %
Definitely Excellent Service, fast and Security and seriously thank you
Great process. Received funds in 3 days
So far so good, this is for real! So happy i finally got a loan online and it was auctually simple for me and my guarantor.
There just like they say. Get a guarantor and get your loan fast, quick, and easy. I thought it was a joke or scam but it’s not. Thank you
This company is very on point, I like the way in which they do business. The only thing that this company needs to improve on is there phone system, the wait to talk to a person is alittle but to long at times. But with that being said, it is worth the wait.
Very honest and straight to the point. No games or gimmicks. Very true to their word
Helped a great deal!
I have had the worse experience with Transform credit. First off I am very happy that other people had great experience with you guys but my experience was not good. They told me I was qualified and my Guarantor was qualified. They had me wait for almost month with different stories every time I called only for them to tell me that my Guarantor is no longer qualified and have the nerve to tell me find another guarantor after giving me the run around. I had to go and get a loan from someone else and I got through with a breeze. I wasted almost a month with Transform credit. First off I am very happy that whoever got through with transform credit did get through.. But I got through with more than transform credit was giving me and they were up front and truthful and did not give me the run around and the money is going directly in my account and not no one else. I got through in one day. Thanks for nothing Transform Credit.
They we're very nice and helped me a lot.
Very helpful and informative. I would recommend this company to anyone!
The customer service given by JaLisa was excellent, friendly, informative about loan, answered any questions I had. Thank you JaLisa for your help and thank you Transform Credit for meeting Jennifer's H need. Thanks Jackie
They were very nice and got on my loan process very fast great customer service
Great customer service. I would recommend this company to family member and friends.
My dealings with Transgorm Credit was too good to be yrue in yetms of straightforwardness, politeness and I thought honesty. However, I got this loan to payoff a prior predatory loan. It turns out that their interest rate was twice as much as the predatoryy loan. Glenn Coffey
Had no problem, excellent service. I will recommend this company to all. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you.
The process was great. The only downfall were the customer representatives' level of enthusiasm, willingness to help, and friendliness. They were NOT the same. The quality of those factors will depend on which rep answers your call. But the process was superb!
These people are very nice and they are truly about giving and helping people with second chance lending
12/14/2018 I think this unique service is very useful and provides financial options for a segment of the population that is underserved. The 3 business days required to receive the loan after approval should be 24 hours at max instead. That is the only area of improvement that I think needs to be addressed ASAP.
Without a doubt I would recommend them
I would give this company 5 stars. However, I don’t like the policy of depositing to the guarantors account. Otherwise, very good company and very easy process!!!
Fast and easy to work with!!
Everyone I have spoken to has been very nice. I am still waiting on the funds to be deposited. I was told that it should be in the next day or two. I've also been told by the end of the week; funding has not been within 24 to 48 hours from loan payout notification. I will change my review once the funds have been deposited.
The service was great and efficient.
Thanks alot this loan really help me out. I'll recommended thus coz. To all my friends
Best loan company out there
The process was quick and easy. I truly appreciate this second chance at rebuilding my credit.
Professional staff. Friendly and considerate. Thank you
Transform Credit is absolutely wonderful. I have good income but poor credit due to a divorce. This company was willing and able to take a chance on me and grant me a loan. The customer service was top notch. Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable representatives. The overall loan application and approval process was fast and easy. I will definitely recommend Transform Credit. It sounds too good to be true BUT it's not!!! Fortunately, Transform Credit is just an excellent company providing an excellent service! I would highly recommend Transform Credit to anyone looking for a loan!
Mary was really helpful. She needs a raise or something lol
Customer service was awesome and patient and helpful.
Easy process and very courteous employees
All. Good. 5stars. Merry. ChiratmSs. To. All Transformcredit. Betty good 5
The representatives that I spoke to were great But Antoinette was awesome she was very straight to the point and helped me to understand and very polite. She has great customer service and Because of her I would refer anyone to TransformCredit. Thank you Antoinette
Everything went well with me and they really helped me out!!!
I am very pleased with this lender! Everything went accordingly as stated with representatives. Thank you!
The entire process went well.
I applied for the loan and while I was approved was never spoken to. They spoke to my cosigner thru the entire process. They had all my info and never communicated with me. They deposited the funds in his account but withdrew the payments out of mine. It was a hassle to get the loan money in my account out of his because of this. I am important enough to get the money back but wasnt important enough as a customer to talk to during the funding process Reason told to me was to ensure I would pay back but you have ways to ensure you get your money back thru court, garnishment etc. If it would come to that. Not good customer service-I felt suckered.
Although the customer service reps are friendly, I keep getting the run around about my loan being paid out. This process has been going on since 1/27/19. After the verification phone call with the guarantor takes place, the website states loans will be paid out within 24 hrs. I still have no funds and every email and phone call I make says it will be an additional 48-72 due to processing delays. 48-72 from when???? Its already been way over 72 hours. This money is needed for an emergency and I am getting down to crunch time. I am relying on this company to help me and I am getting nowhere with them. I have done everything that was required, now please do your part of this agreement. Please pay out the loans as guaranteed on your website instead of just continuing to tell me my loan is in the final verification process. I am in dire need.
Told me my funds would be avaible one business day (sister received the text). 3 days passed and nothing, and then I call on a Monday, they tell me my funds will be available the next day. STILL not there, then I call and no one can help me figure out when I’ll actually get the funds. Horrible horrible service in my opinion. I had to call to find out there has been a delay- no one took the time to inform us. Would not recommend if you need funds fast.
Very nice agents..easy to navigate loan process..glad i was able to find them and get a much needed loan.
Longest game of back and forth calling. They needed more documents after saying everything was finished then didn’t call me or the guarantor to let us know they needed more documents . They said sorry for the back and forth and said they will rush it to have it in my gaurantors account by Thursday and it’s now Saturday and the bank said they haven’t seen anything even trying to go into the account. Not happy at all. I had to sit there and talk to my guarantor out of backing out because he started to think it was a scam. Especially when I called I could barely hear them talk because I heard echoes from the other person on the phone
They need to get there act together we called and the guy said evweything was fibe waited 2 days fir it to clear as instructed and it didbt clear so had to call again got a eomen that was rude and said that yhe payment still wasnt put in. The card on file was wrong.
Great customer service and excited to do business!
Easy to us I think I lik
I want to say that even though it was a long process the staff was very patient and courteous. I am a happy camper right now!
Amazing process. Quick and easy, Jalisa was very very helpful and was always willing to explain any question. It was also super fast. I had my money in right away! I would recommend this to anyone with less than good credit even bad credit to help you get back on track. I also understand the high interest rate, they are going out on a limb. Thanks so much for the help!!!!
JT is an amazing representative, he supported me and my best friend to the best of his capabilities.
They are fast and professional
All customers service representatives were very welcoming, polite, curtious and handled any questions and concerns I had in a timely matter. I was very pleased with the over all customer service thank you
From the beginning of the application process to the finalization of my loan, I was surprised at how easy it went. I was already dealing with an emergency at home, and the ease of it all and the customer service I received was 1000 0/0 the best. I definitely would recommend this company.
The customer service reps and loan officers was very efficient, knowledgeable and professional! They are an asset to your company!
I have used Transform Credit and was very pleased with the service from the representatives. Ms. Jalisa helped me through the whole process and was absolutely amazing! I appreciate everything she helped me with.
This is the most inept company I have EVER dealt with. From the lack of communication and rude customer service to giving me the runaround with my guarantor, this company is a mess. This process has gone on for 2 weeks, I was told I was approved and the money would be in my guarantor's account on Tuesday - yet the same day within hours, they called back and said it was denied. How do you approve someone and then deny them? I do not recommend this company - they will give you the run around and by the time they decide to get to your account - it will be too late.
Anytime taking out a loan can be scary. Everyone I talked to was wonderful and very helpful. I like how everything was upfront and nothing was hidden or unsaid. I am in a very difficult situation so the fact that this was easy to understand definitely made me worry about less and I am able to deal with my issue without any additional worry. Granted I haven't made my first payment yet or no problems have arised, but, I don't foresee an issue at all. I highly recommend this company.
Courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, & timely.
Great Company. Helped Me Out when I was in a very rough situation.
Easy process, informative customer service.
Quick and easy application. Didn’t think I would be able to get a loan. But with my guarantor I was able to get approved for low repayments!! Would recommend this company and service to everyone!!
I really had a nice experience with this company, I would definitely recommend them to my friends. :)
Excellent customer service and go out of the way to help you
Service Team was great, process was thorough but as advertised. Rates and terms are great.
awesome people to deal with got the money today 5star all the way
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