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Cardinal Financial Company Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Cardinal Financial Company
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-855-561-4944
Overall average rating of 4.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 75 %
Had submitted for a home refi quote, this company responded with a great deal, was promised it would be done within 30 days, not just by the Junior lender but by the processor as well. provided all requested information and even paid out of pocket for some items (though I was told Zero out of pocket costs other than an appraisal) and it went beyond 60 days. Submitted an email nearly daily to get an update, also called the agents extension with no luck. Is this another Long Beach Mortgage company running around or are they legit? Another curiosity about this company is how can they be rated an 8.9 when the rating scale goes to 5? is that a marketing ploy too? Maybe upper management should rethink the sales teams customer service skills up to and including Client follow up.
Our originator Shaun was outstanding! Inwas initially concerned with working with an online lender and expressed my concerns. Shaun let me know he would be responsive and there to help us every step of the way. He was true to his word and always stayed in contact throughout the process. Shaun was knowledgeable, professional, friendly and even matched a competitive rate. I am beyond pleased with my experience. The online process was very easy to complete. Our processor Dawn was equally outstanding. She answered many questions along the way and made sure we stayed on track for a successful closing. I am grateful for working with the great team at Sebonic/Cardinal Financial and will be reccomending them to family and friends.
I was really pleased to see how much of the refi process I could do from my home computer including many of the required signatures. My loan closed on time, was fairly painless, and the communication with the lender was abundant. I highly recommend Cardinal Financial. I got a great rate and the loan servicing meets my expectations.
Worst company I have ever done business with, I applied for a refinance on my mortgage and was approved. But the reason I will never do business with them is because they fired my loan officer and forgot all about my loan and when I called to find out what was happening I got the run around every time. Worst service ever...
I had a great experience working with Cardinal Financial. My loan processor was extremely knowledgeable and helpful answering all of our first-time home buyer questions. I had all of my paperwork ready ahead of time, so the process was smooth and fast. Cardinal let me know the last few documents I needed in an extremely timely manner. We were able to close 2 days earlier than planned! The most important part to me was I did not feel pressured at all during the process. Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly.
My loan experience was very positive. In a rising mortgage market, I was hesitant to deal with an online broker on the other side of the country and I had read a couple negative reviews. As a result the rates raised by a quarter point but my lock rate and fees was still lower than I could obtain from my long time broker. I am now confident of Sebonic/Cardinal Financial and the process and would use them again.
This was my first time buying a house, Cardinal Financial and their amazing team made it easy. They were available any time I had a question and they were very detailed with their answers. My realtor was very adamant that I not use an out of state lender because they are so hard to work with, my realtor said she had never had a better experience working with ANY OTHER lenders.
I was in search of a Re-Fi when Cardinal called. The entire process was fast and easy. I did not even have to leave my house for the closing. We closed in 5 weeks! I highly recommend them. Impressed! S. Weaver
Going through a refinance is always time consuming and a hassle, but with Cardinal it was quick and easy! Every single person I dealt with in the process was professional and helpful.
I was Kearny of not seeing the loan officer face to face like previous loans but this experience was very easy and went very fast to get my refinance done.
I had an interesting work history issue and Cardinal Financial was one of the only companies willing to work with me. The were very professional and supportive throughout the whole process.
I was really impressed with how everything was done on time and efficiently. I was worried that there would be a glitch of some sort at closing, but everything was amazing!!! Loving our new home!
The easiest refinancing ever for me. Well defined and properly communicated quotes and clear documentation. No hidden fees and tricks. Best interest rate and closing cost which no other mortgage company could beat their offer. Closing cost and lenders credit were the best I could find during my research of 3 months for refinancing my home loan. Also they kept the offer even though the interest rate increased after two weeks of their offer. I surely recommend them for a trial. Nothing harm in getting a quote and comparing.
I have worked personally with this team for three homes that I have purchased, and each time the experience has been very professional, timely, and hassle-free! I would recommend Cardinal Financial to anyone looking to make their mortgage process as simple as possible!
The overall experience was simply great. Everyone we dealt with was courteous and professional and always responded in a timely manner to questions. Most of all, there rates were competitive and the fees were low. We would highly recommend doing business with them. Thanks to the entire team that assisted us.
Our experience with Cardinal Financial was fantastic. Our Loan Officer was incredibly helpful and made sure our process went smoothly. She went out of her way to get our loan closed in 17 days. Our friends and family could not believe how fast and easy the entire process was. The rate was by far the lowest on the market. We would absolutely recommend Cardinal to anyone looking for a mortgage.
My experience with the Sebonic/Cardinal team was fantastic! Chris Kinson, Brandon Wash, and Kelli Norton were all super knowledgable, helpful, and available whenever I had any questions. I ended up getting an incredible rate that no other lender could even come close to, and for that reason, I will be forever (or at least for the next 30 years) grateful to the team at Sebonic for making my home buying process so easy! Im recommending them to everyone I know!
Fast, friendly, and inexpensive. The online paperwork handling was great, and the 2 people we worked with were great about making and receiving calls, and were sensitive to the need to handle things quickly. Extremely low cost and the best interest rate we found anywhere. Will definitely be coming back on our next house!
I clicked on a link in facebook to look into the possibility of refinancing our home. I probably received 25 calls but the call from Amanda at Cardinal Financial was different. She seemed very knowledgeable and I liked what she had to say. We were able to refinance our home in less than four weeks from start to finish. I would highly recommend Cardinal Financial. We’re saving more than $300 per month!
This is my first time that I did a refinance. The Cardinal financial made this process very easy and smooth. The online application is very easy to do the loan online. The loan processor and loan originator are very knowledgeable and professional. Would definitely recommend this company for all of your mortgage needed.
Cardinal Financial gave us by far the lowest interest rate out of all of the companies we spoke with. They were readily available to answer any questions we had. We were first-time home buyers with little knowledge as to what to expect, and they made sure we understood everything. Nabria was fabulous and was extremely helpful!
Had a great experience using cardinal Financial. Cardinal offered by far the lowest interest rate and closing costs of any other company I contacted. Someone was always available to answer my questions and the loan process went smoothly and quickly. I would definitely recommend Cardinal Financial .
We decided to go with sebonic because we got the best interest rate out of the many loans we looked at, however we were a little worried about using an online lender. We were also worried since there were some negative reviews we found on other sites about sebonic and not being able to close on time. There were some mistakes made to the loan disclosures, but sebonic/cardinal were quick to fix them. We are in Maryland and we pay our taxes yearly, not bi-yearly like many other places, so when the disclosures came back us, they were showing the taxes as being doubled. This caused us panic because it made our monthly go up an extra$400 a month. We called and spoke to the loan processor and she realized what had been done right away and apologized and sent us an updated disclosure with the correct taxes. However, after the loan was sent to closing and the closing officer sent us the "final disclosure", the taxes were still incorrect and there was an old typo that the original loan officer had fixed earlier in the month. It was as if the closer didn't get any of the updated information that we had been working on with the original loan officer and processor. They fixed the problem quickly and in the end we closed on time and got a great rate. If you go with this company or any online company, I would suggest that you submit your paper work as fast as possible and double check each loan disclosure for accuracy. Our loan processor Dawn Gillespie was easy to get up with and quick to resolve our issues.
Mazda of Cardinal Financial first contacted me about my mortgage inquiry. I advised him I had good credit score, good loan to value, and house would apprise for 220K, with less then 50% being owed. I did have an unusual circumstance, and would need to be carefully reviewed. After 3 weeks of reviews, the loan officer in a text advised me the company had approved it. He asked me to pay for an appraisal and it would cost $500. I paid Cardinal Financial the $500 and put the appraisal fee on a credit card, and waited for the appraiser to call me for an inspection. Two weeks went by and Mazda (loan officer) said they were backed up. Then promised in another text his loan director would call me. Another three days went by and I called Cardinal Financial again, and was put on a long hold. Finally they said the director would call me right back. Over an hour later, the director called me and said they decided they are not able to do the mortgage. Cardinal Financial has not refunded the money for the appraisal yet, and no appraisal has been done.
If I could give a zero or even negative star rating, I would. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. I cannot stress that enough. STAY AWAY! Cardinal Financial's loan processors are the people your parents once warned you about. 1. Proper documentation was not given to me in the time allowed by law; 2. My loan was raised without my consent; 3. I was stood up on the closing date; 4. The structure of my loan as well as the funds I would be receiving from this loan were all a lie as when I contacted Cardinal to receive a date when the escrow reimbursement funds would be received, it turned out that those funds were not going to be received afterall. The title company and their representative also told me at closing that the funds would be received. In the end of a long awful road, I was taken for several thousand dollars. Learn from my mistake. Please. There are better companies out there. Cardinal Financial is completely unethical, untrustworthy and does not deserve your business or your money. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE or you can guarantee that you will be completely screwed over like I was. Read the reviews! It appears to be their practice or tactic to say to skip payments and you will receive your escrow as a refund. This is NOT true. Stay away and find a company that has morals. REPLY TO CARDINDAL - I have just forwarded to you several text messages from your loan processor regarding my loan and the amount I was to be receiving (even on the day of actual closing) that contradicts what you have stated below, including my attempts to reach Cardinal when I was stood up by your closing person.
Recently completed a refinance to obtain a lower interest rate. After many searches, Cardinal offered the lowest rate. Working with Ylber and Ashley was a pleasure. Both assisted me throughout the process and were extremely responsive to emails and phone calls. The paperwork process was an online breeze and the closing was extremely convenient - a date and time I chose - at home! I highly recommend you reach out to Cardinal for your mortgage needs. All expected fees were LOWER at closing. Excellent experience.
I would highly recommend Cardinal Financial and Jeff Williams. Jeff was exceptionally responsive, well educated in mortgages and what a straight shooter. Ask a question get a simple and direct reply. Jeff will tell you your options as well as be as honest as possible. Get all your ducks in a row before starting the process (paper work, estimated valuation, etc) to expedite the process ASAP. I was able to refinance my home in about 3 weeks even after getting a disappointing appraisal. Cardinal financial worked with me to get my goal savings and rate. Be honest and fair and everything will work out for you. I saved a ton every month, skipped two months of mortgage payments and closing costs weren't shocking. win win win!
Very fast to respond on email and were pretty quick to get the whole refi process done, but also professional in doing it.
Our closing process was extremely smooth! Such a chaotic time I was happy to have a relax and care free process. The processors and loan officer were very responsive throughout the loan process.
As the saying goes, buyer beware. I worked with Cardinal FInancial on a limited capacity in 2018 on an existing house refinance. I was assigned an agent from Cardinal FInancial after their constant solicitations to lower my interest rate. But more specifically an agent, from Cardinal Financial aka. Sebionic Financial provides erroneous information consistently. Once again this is my opinion based on facts gained by telephone and email conversations with an agent. Information such as interest rates. Information such as costs for services to refinance. Given the precarious position Cardinal Financial put me in I had no choice but to absorb all ancillary costs which I would not have done so otherwise. Quite the contrary, I would have run from this establishment and more specifically this agent. I also found this agent to be very unprofessional. She never responds directly to questions specific to the loan directly once the process starts, instead passes it onto a coordinator. This is specific to loan terms and costs aside from shifting paperwork (which I understand would be held by a transaction coordinator) Please be very careful working with Cardinal Financial, Aka, Sebonic Financial. Having completed this completed transaction, my mortgage has gone up significantly from what it was originally. I am now considering putting it up on the market as it's made it unaffordable. This is a shame and people as such and organizations as such should be stopped. Please, please, please be careful.
I had very good experience with Cardinal team and my loan process was smooth. Loan originator and processor worked closely with me and got closed my loan on time.
Very bad customer service. Were not able to get my taxes paid out of escrow account. There is no way to talk to the people dealing with taxes. I explained about my delinquent tax statements to customer service associates at least 5 different times and got no help. This has been going on for over 10 days.... Could not get much help from them. My taxes are seriously over due now.
We started our process with Cardinal and liked our loan officer Guy. After that we have been perpetually stuck in a document request hell that ultimately lead to us walking away and losing the money we had put out on the appraisal for our refinance. This company cannot get out of it's own way! They don't know what each other needs and it seems to change with whoever is working the documents. I think we had 4 different processors.
So my husband and I used this company to refinance our condo using the VA loan that they offer. Our representative, who took a big nasty dump in our bathroom btw(RIP), had let us know that in addition to lower monthly payments, the first two months we would not have to make payments. Cool, we filled out the direct deposit forms, so we wouldn't have to worry about late payments, etc. Thought everything was grand, until three months later we received a notice that our first two months had not been paid, and they were going to foreclose our condo. LOL WHAT? The first payment date listed on our contract was the first day our direct deposit was supposed to go through. So (1) Why did they charge us two months before the start payment date on our contract (2) Since we filled out direct deposit forms then the first two months would've/should've been taken out of our bank account anyway. Right? Wrong. Apparently they don't have direct deposit. So we gave our bank info to a women (Who feels comfortable enough to go number 2 in someones house she doesn't even know) to do what with then, wipe her BH? I digress, the excuse they gave for having to pay the first two months despite the start payment date on our contract was this, "You still have to pay the first two months, it's considered a period of time for you to settle into the loan." Settle. into. the. loan. Like its a GD chair. Let me settle into this loan because I'm just not ready to pay for it now, I'd rather it get backed up for months. Then pay it. SEND HELP SOS. We're still in the process of getting this sorted, but in the mean time I felt compelled to share how horrible this company is. Do Not. I repeat, Do Not use this company for anything, especially not if you're a veteran. Granted we should've read reviews and done more research but hindsight is 20/20.
Best Rate on the Market. This group was fantastic and got the job done. My experience of buying my first house was so much better/easier than everyone I know.
From the first phone call to receiiving the check in the mail my refinance was accomplished within 30 days which allowed me to proceed with my rennovations on my home. Great team!
I found Cardinal representatives to be very efficient, professional and trustworthy. I received the refinancing rate expected and I had all the support needed to overcome any refinancing drawbacks. 5 Star!!
Had a solid experience working with Cardinal Financial. If you are able to handle your side of a refinance (getting paperwork together), they give a great rate and processed my loan in the appropriate amount of time.
As a first time homebuyer I prepared myself for a frustrating, repetitive, unresponsive process resulting in multiple delays and lost time based on the purchasing process experiences of my friends and colleagues- my experience with Cardinal was anything but that. My loan officer, Joshua Heinz was responsive, professional and maintained communication with me throughout my search- over 5 months. He was never pushy or “sales-y”, and offered partner services for a realtor and insurance provider. My processor, Scott Riis, was EXTREMELY professional, explained the process during our intial discussion and was extremely responsive throughout the process without duplicative requests for information. There were no redundancies and if supplemental information was required he called to explain what was needed, why and provided specifics to ensure another request or requirement would not be needed. Cardinal had the most competitive rates and fees, closed on schedule and even prefunded my loan so that I received my keys immediately after signing at the title company. Choosing Cardinal made my homebuying process as stress-free as possible.
This was by far the easiest and smoothest refi we've ever done.
This was one of the best loan experiences I ever had. The rate and closing cost were competitive, and closed in about a month. Email responses from the team were quick. It takes a little time to get used to the website to upload documents but nonetheless it was fine. I would highly recommend the service.
Process was very fast and very easy. Loved that I was able to submit all my docs online and see the progress of my loan status. Shelby Allison, my loan originator, was awesome. Kept me continually posted on status, requirements, etc. My refi was funded in exactly one month to the day that I started the process with Shelby. Got a great rate as well!!
In December 2017, Cardinal promised to recompute the monthly escrow payment for my mortgage, if I submitted a receipt for payment of property taxes. I submitted a receipt in early January and a Cardinal representative acknowledged it, but Cardinal has refused multiple requests to recompute the escrow. Cardinal should recompute the escrow payment and refund the excess accumulation.
If I hadn't already been through two mortgages and a refinance I would have been completely lost with Cardinal Financial. They don't give any transparency into the loan process, they make mistakes and do not respond when you raise the mistakes to their attention (nor do they respond to emails in general), and they do not provide final loan documents within the federally mandated time window before your loan closes. I literally had to skip the original closing they had scheduled in order to get them to correct a mistake in the loan documents (which they sent the day before both the original closing and the rescheduled closing). This is by far the worst company I can imagine having to work with. Save yourself some time and frustration by going with a different lender.
As soon as I hit the send button I had a representative from Cardinal calling to discuss my mortgage needs with me. She was friendly, upbeat and full of energy. Katelyn helped us move through the process quickly and efficiently. Everyone knows how getting a mortgage can be a mental rollercoaster. She made it seem like a snap. Then Allison came in and helped us get through qualifying and the appraisal. I am very happy with our experience.
Very easy and straightforward refinance process. Our loan originator and loan processor were very friendly and helpful. In fact, all contacts we had at Cardinal were very helpful and took time to answer any of the questions we had. The process was done entirely online with the exception of signing the closing documents, but even that was painless as they sent a mobile notary to our house! I rated 4 stars due to some minor hiccups along the way, but overall I would recommend Cardinal Financial to anyone!
I'm all the way on the West Coast - They are all the way on the East Coast but from the loan application to the final signing, the Cardinal Financial co. took great care of me. Process was painless. Other aspects of the loan process (ie. Appraisal, etc.) was a nightmare, but they helped me wade through my options and it wasn't their fault the appraiser couldn't count bathrooms correctly or identify air conditioning units. Each person I dealt with at Cardinal was very professional and responsive. Highly recommend working with these folks. Best rates out there.
My family and I would like to thank Cardinal Financial for their professional courteous service during our re-finance process. We would highly recommend them to anyone in need of any of the services they might provide and are please to say we will reach out to Cardinal in the future for any additional mortgage needs.
I loved working with Cardinal Financial for my home mortgage. My loan officer and processor were extremely knowledgeable and walked me through each step of the process. I would definitely refer people to Cardinal in the future.
Sean Beaudry was amazing! He answered all of my questions and walked me through the document transfer system. Very user friendly and easy to use. Great experience overall!
I am a retired veteran of 20 years of service. I am a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. I wanted to refinance using my VA eligibility. Despite the fact that the Cardinal Financial Rep had confirmed with me in writing that I would have no out-of-pocket cost for my VA Refi, his mind changed once it came time to process the loan. Despite my request for GFE, I never received it and they unilaterally terminated the rate I had locked for 45 days, just short of 10 days. If this is how they deceive their customers into getting the loan, I want nothing to do with them and advice all veterans to avoid Cardinal Financial. They will also try to use another "veteran" to explain why they screwed you over, thinking that's going to make you feel any better... WOW!
I highly recommend Cardinal Financial Co. They completed my refinance so quickly with the help of Alan Acker. He was there throughout the process and held my hand the entire way. I have encountered some problems with the processing department, but when Alan and I discussed it he contacted the management resolving it that day. Alan returns calls immediately if you have issues. My refi was quick and painless. I, thank Mr. Acker for doing such a wonderful job because I know it was not easy.
My wife and I have closed this past week. I had shopped around for a couple of months and shorted listed 5 lenders. Sebonic was by far the cheapest/most competitive on the market (no lenders fee, and the lowest rate by far 3.125% at that time compared to 3.625% for the second cheapest). Being first time home buyers it was a bit scaring to jump in. Following the good reviews about Sebonic, we have decided to go for it. Nathan our loan originator has been fantastic from start to finish. Sebonic has honor all the conditions (low rate, no lender fees). The communication has been very good all along the process. Nathan and later Breena (loan processor) have provided very clear explanation and detailed answers to my questions. The process went very smoothly. A few weeks before closing, I received an email from Breena, congratulating us and telling me we were clear to close. Few days before closing tour closer from Sebonic sent us all the closing documents (124 pages) for information and review. Have time to read carefully through everything before closing is a good thing, and from what I heard it's not common. Finally, the day before closing I got a call from the Sebonic closer, asking me if I had any question left or need explanation on the closing documents. If Sebonic remains that competitive in terms of rate, we'll definitive use them again in the future (if buying another house). We definitively recommend them. Great rates, Very professional, and very effective.
Cardinal Financial was AMAZING. I cannot say enough how great they were to work with. Lacey Rhodes was great, she handled everything and made the process so smooth. She was communicated every step of the way. If you are considering a refinance or home purchase, Cardinal Financial and Lacey Rhodes will help you and make the transition painless. Amazing.
I spoke on the phone with Cardinal Financing specialist Nina Bell at 972-746-4459. She spent over 30 minutes on the phone trying to find me a better deal than I already had on my mortgage. When she could not, she came up with a way to save me money on the current loan I had! This woman has won my business forever. I highly recommend Nina, who loves her job and it shows, and Cardinal Financing.
Mark McKarihan and the rest of the team did a phenomenal job assuring that my refinance process was seamless and closed within 30 days. I would definitely recommend this company to others!
I hardly know where to start with these guys but if I could I would give then zero stars I would. Let me start by saying this was the third house my wife and I have purchased since the housing collapse and the first time we have dealt with a lender who failed to live up their commitments and either didn’t even make an effort to communicate what was going on or outright lied to us. I probably should have known to walk away from Cardinal when the process for uploading documents for the initial loan documentation was so antiquated. But the initial approval process seemed to go OK and I stayed with them. I guess the whole process went sideways when it took their appraiser nearly 2 weeks to submit his report and neither our loan processor nor the sales person could tell me what was going on. Then I was told we could close 72 hours after my wife and I signed a disclosure statement reflecting the appraisal. That turned out to be a lie as it took another 5 days before we were able to close. The only communication we received during this time was from the sales person who called me late on one afternoon to say he had pulled some strings and we could close the following business day, 30 minutes later our builder forwarded me an email where the loan processor had shut the document preparation process down because the loan actually had not been approved. So another lie that led to another day in limbo. In addition, while all these delays were piling up they were charging fees for extending our rate lock. Just to pile on, when we are at the closing the title company agent told us she had never seen a lender as difficult to work with as Cardinal, I guess it good to know we weren’t the only ones to have a bad experience. If you’re looking for a home lender, do yourself a favor and look somewhere else.
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