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Money Mutual Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: MoneyMutual
Overall average rating of 3.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 44 %
I saw the commercial on TV and called the 1-800 number. The customer service was very consistent. I had my money in no time at all. They offer all kinds of loans for all kinds of things. My repayment options are taken out on a monthly basis which is better for me. I can pay. The additional fees is not too bad. It's almost like going to an Amscot in paying them back. I would recommend them to family and friends.
Seemed insightful on their products and services and were very appreciative of my business do it seemed. I probably would return as a customer in the future if the time were to occur that I may need their services again. I only received a payday advance or borrowed against a future paycheck that I would receive about two weeks or so from the date that I got this short term loan. I feel two weeks was a reasonable amount of time to pay back the loan that I got from however the rates of interest could have been Lower than what they were.
After signing up all it does is forward you to shady payday cash advance and check advance places that are impossible to ever pay off. Since they have your personal info on file they can take what money when they want without permission. STAY AWAY!!! IT'S FALSE AND A CON.
Rip-off and a big scam. I took out a $500 loan and they have been charging me $90 interest along with $120 per month. Checking my account I've already paid $850! And when I called them, they told me I had another $360 to pay off. So all together, I'm paying $1,300 for a $500 loan. It really isn't fair that they’re doing this to me and there's nothing I can do because they said I should've read the contract, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I'm paying this much. Also, if you don't call them, they'll keep renewing your contract.
Their customer satisfaction department is the best. Really discussed the pros and cons, was very knowledgeable. Made sure I was satisfied. Didn't push but merely asked important questions. Also, customers care handled all my questions so that I understand the repayment option which took skill on their part to explain. There is no hidden fees so you don't have to worry.
I did a search for 100% guarantee loan approval and your site showed up in the search. I filled out the form you had online and was taken to a few different offers, all offering 100% guarantee approval. Your site and the ones that you suggested all turned me down. 100% guarantee approval mean that no matter what the person applying is lent the money they requested.
The Best Lender Matching Service! I had an emergency, unexpected expense pop up. I heard about online pay assistance so I began my search. Money Mutual was THE ONLY one who matched me with a lender! The others kept throwing me in a circle; multiple emails leading nowhere! I appreciate the accuracy, speed, and assistance I received from Money Mutual! Please try this first to avoid unnecessary false leads by the others!
This was a complete rip off. Nobody helps you. You can not speak to anyone. They continue to take money out of your account. Had to finally after a year close my account. Not sure what extra services but I would not use a payday loan ever. It works for short term when you need the money but cost way too much in the long run. Your principal never gets paid off just the finance charges. Will charge you ridiculous fees. Never seems to be paid off. It is a crazy amount of fees. Never get a payday loan.
My husband and I were looking for a loan for our first time buying a home of our own. We worked with Linda and she was the nicest most attentive agent that I have ever worked with. She helped us find a mortgage that would work the best for us. The extras were so great! Linda really worked with us to help us find a mortgage that would work with our budget. She also helped us figure out the best plan to pay everything off on time and maybe even early! We have never been happier! The repayment options are so great! We're finally going to own our own home! The additional fees are so great!
Their customer service is AMAZING! They are there when you need them, ready to help you out. They are friendly, reliable and best of all, they care about you as a customer. They do not have too many extra services, but the ones that they do, were extremely helpful to me, and I am sure they will be to EVERYONE else. It was so easy to pay back the loan I took out. Their customer service was there ready to help, and they have plenty of repayment options that are easy to understand. There are not too many additional fees. However, you are not aware of them, since no one explains to you what is an additional feature and what is not.
The customer service was very nice and it was an easy transaction. The person I was talking to was very helpful and told me more about the progress. Well it really wasn't much extra service. I just wanted to get a loan and they help me very much about getting it. SO I am thankful that they did help me out a lot. They were an easy progress and they told me much about the repayment options and that I could pay on didn't times so I don’t have to worry about being able to pay fully I didn’t had to pay any additional fees. I was able to pay everything on a timely and they were okay with me paying small payments so I am glad it worked out.
Paid $1,935.18 for a $575.00 MaxLend loan (including the fee). Please? Don't do it... no matter how desperate you think you are... if you get into a bind, these people are not the ones to be played with!!! On December 24, 2015 I willingly borrowed $500.00, knowing that I'd owe MaxLend $575.00 after MoneyMutual referred them to me based on my request for a short term loan. So, after they contacted me I made a few short term loans and repaid them on time from MaxLend. But when I didn't repay my last loan (3/3) on time in January 2015, I was informed that my new balance was $643.77 (Principal of $515.00 + Interest of $128.77) + $80 late fees due that day and an additional $40/day that I hadn't paid the new balance off. Then it was explained to me that if I made a payment by March 13, 2015 of $213.77, my new balance would be 537.52!!! WTF? So by February 18, 2015 I had made $431.31 in payment but my balance due was still about $718.00. Then on February 27, 2015, after paying $203.77, my bill went down to a whopping $643.77... Doing the math, yet? Yup, I only paid $75 towards my original fee of $575.00 after 2 months of 4 payments adding up to $621.32. I won't continue to bore you with my payment schedule, but I finally got this pig off my back in June/July 2015 with an extra $1,360.18. If I had that kind of money to throw around, I damn sure wouldn't be giving it to them. I'll never borrow from them again. There are other companies worth your hard earned dollars for the quick loan so keep searching. But this Indian sovereignty is a shark.
Please no one should take money from Money Mutual, they are thieves. I took $300, they told me I would do $90 payments with a $90 interest making $390. I checked my account only to find out that they've taken a $90 payments 6 times making $540. I called them only to be told that, "Oh, the $90 payments is only for finance charges," and that I still have an outstanding $390 to pay back. Meanwhile, I have made payments of 540 for a $300 loan. My question is who give companies like Montel Williams Money Mutual the right to steal from poor middle class people this way? How can these type of companies be stopped?
I like that they are an reliable company that cares about your struggles and has a patient and very trustful customer service and system. I also like how they walk their customer through the process when talking on the phone. It's very great and helpful.
These people are crooks! I took out several pay day loans to get caught up a few bills and once I thought I paid them all off entirely, I really didn't not knowing that my payments were going only to the interest and not the actual principal balance. This company should not be in business at all and they link you to these loan companies that charge you an arm and a leg just to borrow a small loan. It's ridiculous and I will never do business or borrow from these crooks again. If you don't pay back the loan as scheduled from these people, they will forward your account to an outside collection company who will threaten you to court and want to charge you all those court and attorney fees, but thank goodness I never had to go to court. But Please avoid these people at all cost if you can.
The company needs to be careful who they are hiring. It seems like they just hire anyone to handle clients and these people don't have much training. They don't treat their customers with respect. They were going to charge me extra fees just because I was a new customer. If I was someone who was always late on my payments or something I would understand. But being new you should give me a chance. I ended up not even using the company.
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