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Funding Merchant Source Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Funding Merchant Source
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866-866-0378
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 84 %
Working at Funding Merchant Source was a great experience.... I got support from all the levels of staff including the President and owners Marina, Roberto and Neal. Senior Specialist on the floor like Clifford and Colin were extremely helpful at anytime as well. I was able to increase my skill set while being comfortable in my skin. There is a demanding/ chill aspect about working here, which allows you to produce. I recommend this company to anyone that knows what it takes and wants to be successful.
Joe Kimmel and the whole Funding Merchant Source team were fantastic in helping me with a cash flow crunch that i was in. They found funding for me even with some current financial issues that i am dealing with. Joe was responsive and upfront with all of the info on the deal. I received funds promptly and was able to keep my staff producing. Their good work trickles down to my entire company and helped me to keep all of my people employed. We all are Grateful, Danny H
Quick friendly service getting funded. Agent worked hard to get us the best deal possible. Would recommend giving them a chance.
it was a new exsperience for me
Sam went above and beyond for us! Couldn’t ask for someone better to help us with the funding we needed!!!
Honest and spot on intergerity !
Tyler was very good at fighting for me and my company to get me the help I needed.
I searched high and low for business funding. Rates aren't cheap, and I knew that, but Lloyd and his people at FMS found me the best possible rates with the best re-payment options. FMS has helped me for several years now for various things and have repeatedly gotten me better and better deals. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my business funding needs.
I have worked with Joe on multiple loans over the last few years to help us with our cash flow issues with our seasonal business. I had used others in the past and I not once was comfortable or confident in my decision. I can honestly say it's not until you work with Joe that you realize he is different than most in the industry. I have never felt in all our dealings that I was being misled or taken advantage of. This year I was finally able to get a traditional loan from a local bank. I contribute that to working with Joe and securing financing that worked for us in previous years. Joe simply wished me the best and I appreciated that. I would work with him again and if I need to I won't hesitate. -Wayne M.
I have used several different places in the past for business funding, but this place has been the absolute best. Joe Kimmel and his team really stepped up and helped me find the funding sources I needed for extra money to help with taxes, inventory, and training costs. The process Joe led me through was easy, quick, and efficient. He really kept tabs on all aspects of the process for me and updated me on things I needed to do very quickly. I was quite impressed with the work he did for me, and the results were, of course, outstanding. One of the easiest funding transactions I have ever done. I will definitely be using Joe and his team at FMS again very soon. I can't thank them enough for the help they have given me and the ease of finding reasonable funding. Thank you FMS!!
Definitely focused on your goals.
While Colin is great to work with, there are some completely unacceptable lendors that are being used. I'm sure I can speak for most when I say no one likes to be spoken to in a condescending manner, nor would they like to be smarted off to on the phone. I understand that the method used to fund my business is not a conventional way to do things, however, it did seem easy at the time. This does not mean that another company owns me and my business. I would completely stay away from ML Factors if I were anyone looking to be funded. Also, they would need to understand that Funding Merchant is a broker and doesn't directly deal with the funding process. Therefore, there will be a larger amount of the loan taken out to cover their fees. The ACH fee is complete bullcrap. You're telling me that in 2018, no one has figured out a way to automate a withdrawal everyday? Right.....
I just want to say thank you to Funding Merchant Source and the entire team especially Roberto for going above and beyond to get my company financing we needed. They had the lowest rates as well as a package that was exactly what we needed for funding. Roberto was always there to answer any questions or advice and got it done so fast! Funding Merchant Source continues to follow up and has the absolute best customer service. Stephanie
YOU GUYS ROCK!! Harry and Philip are the best and were very helpful. I learned about other financing options for my business and they were quick to tend to my approval process and secure the funds based on my needs. I feel as tho I have a trusted financial partner that I can actually talk to and get a response or even a conversation if needed! Thank you guys again for being personable and helping me see that there are great people in financial services and there are some that are out to genuinely help. You guys rock :-)
Joe Kimmel was very diligent, punctual and delivered what he said he was going to do in a timely manner. I would recommend Joe to every business owner looking to get quick funding for their business without any hesitation. Thank you again Joe for all you have done for my company and looking forward to working with you again in near future Mehmet Panayirci Aegean Apparel Inc.
Fast, easy process
Joe's great to work with, clear and helped us arrange some strong lending relationships.
I have dealt with many fast loan company before I contacted Funding Merchant Source, other loan companies promised better rate and any amount needed but in the end disappointment is all I received. Funding Merchant Source gave me better rate and amount needed to grow my business. Joe Kimmel is the person who help me in the time in need, he gave me no hassle and was directly to the point. Definitely will be doing business with them again.
Everything has been great. The beginning of the loans initiation worried me with the repeated restarts and requests for more info then even at point of funding the pause and more requested info. But since funding no issues , and no worries. I would definetley use the same team again. Corey McCallum MCS Corp.
Very efficient and professional! Thank you!
Honest, reliable and great service
Very professional since the beginning process to the end. They even check up on you during the process with your business.
Everything they did is excellent on time.
Was a pleasure working with your team. They keep in touch to see how things are going, and are extremely helpful.
Wonderful company, would recommend them to anyone looking for funding!
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