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CreditNinja Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: CreditNinja
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 855-646-5801
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 76 %
Great communication !!
This is a great company that approved me for a loan even with my bad credit.... They know that I have been at my job for 29 years and I am responsible ... Thank you...
Fast easy, thorough.
The customer service was rude and didn’t want to help me with my request. I tried to pay my loan off 6 days after being funded and they told me i have to pay an additional $870.00 plus some interest for a 6 day loan. I tried to explain about the refunds stated in the contract and they told me i was completely wrong and could not prove it in the contract. Horrible business and if it wouldn’t go on my credit i honestly would only pay what i borrowed and not pay the rest. Never will i recommend this company to anyone else and or will i ever get another product through it.
At first I didn't trust it, then had issues with bank info took about a week to get fixed...I did get my loan in two business days.
The process was easy and they were able to get what I needed when I needed it.
The first month’s payment was taken out of my checking account just 8 days after I received the loan proceeds. While it was pointed out to me that the payment schedule was in the loan agreement (not prominently displayed as claimed by the customer service person but in regular type in so many pages), I did not get a notice of payment due a few days before which I usually received from other lenders. In any case, 8 days was too soon and completely unexpected. The customer service person would not even listen and would talk over me as I spoke on the phone to explain my situation. Since I did not expect the payment to be due so soon, I did not provide for it and it messed up my finances when it was taken out of my bank account.
Easiest application process I’ve ever been a part of. Was actually surprised by how effortless it all was.
Excellent service, very easy transaction
good customer sev.
It was an easy proccess to go through. I was approved quickly and got the money I needed. TO me, they are very trustworthy. Consider them when you need a loan
Very good and was ready to help when I needed it
Fast and pain free process. When in emergency this is what should happen
everything was so easy and fast u get u money next day no problems thank you
Excellent customer service and very fast renewal and refinance options!
I’m so thankful you approve me for loan it helps a lot
The best lending experience ever!
It was good butt it did take longer to get the loan not sure why
You guys are awesome always fast and efficient when I have needed your help..Thanks
Thank u credit Ninja for trusting in me.
The approval was quick and process simple!
Came thru when I needed it most!
Great lending service
They was there to help me whén I needed it
I love this site,,I was treated with respect and given the chance when no one else would
made it fast and easy
Easy procees
They have best rates and super fast deposit, I recommend to everyone. Grace Guillen
It was quick and easy. Thanks for the help.
Didn’t have to talk to anyone. Simply signed, and waited and I got it! Thanks! Huge relief.
Thank you for being there for me at a very important time
You guys are the best. Honestly your application and procedures were so simple to fill out. Time wise was seriously the fastest loan I've ever gotten. It was all so simple. So fast and so easy. You came through for me at a very difficult time. So thank you so very much. I recommend Credit Ninja to everyone!!
I utilized the chat assistant. The representative didn't even respond to my question that I needed answer about my payment due date in order to make sure my payment would be on time and the representative just ended the chat without even answering my question. HOW RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL.
Very helpful fast and convenient
You saved my financial life! I was out of town blowing money for whatever reasons but enjoying family time. However, money got so tight the fun of it went down because $$ was running out. I made a quick application and the process was too easy. Nobody ever called and drilled me over my personal criteria. The money came the next day and my trip blossomed all over again. Thank You, CreditNinja!
Great to work with and fast.
BEWARE that the origination fee is more than you borrow. They are a broker and not a lender. The contract states that there is no prepayment penalty but of course this does not apply to the origination fee. A $700.00 loan cost me $1800 plus change. No thanks. I will take my business elsewhere in the future.
The whole process was very smooth and fast.
So far I’m happy with Ninja they got my loan processed quickly and for that I’m thankful.
Great service, hassle free, not complicated at it
Easy loan terms, and affordable to payback
I had a really great expierence. Thanks alot
Looking for immediate delivery of funds this company rocks!!!
I was in a bind and needed to some last minute wedding things. My wedding was in 3 days. I went came across CreditNinja and decided to give them a try. I was very impressed on how quickly this process went. Within a matter of minutes my application was submitted and approved. The funds deposited in my account and were available to me the next day. Thank you so much CreditNinja
You guys are good and very nice.
When you get into a situation where you need money fast this company is the best. You can give them your application and then you’re either approved or denied and the monies in your account the next morning.
approved 3 days ago , but don't get my money until the 22. Everyone else I have gotten a loan from have token 1 day to get money.
The process was extremely simple. I did everything online, even bank verification. Honestly it was the most proficient loan process I have ever experienced
Customer service was helpful nice and friendly. Thank yoh
easy to apply and fast results
Great loan. Easy loan process.
Loan funded overnight. Excellent customer service!
Very fast service with friendly customer care.
After you're good with a loan they do not allow another loan, never getting a loan here again.
]It was quick and easy like my cleaning dental appointment!
It was easy to apply.
Great company and friendly people. Thanks For the Loan.
awwwsome and fast with the funds into my account
You’re company is great. You approved me at a time that I really needed some funds. You’re truly my Christmas Miracle. Thank you Credit Ninja!!!
I would reccomend this company over and over again
very good, thank you!!
Fast and prompt and very courteous customer service. Money was in my account the next morning.
Thank you so much for helping me get the money i need and their was no hassle or anytime that i had to wait longer.
They took a payment from my account and I never authorized now i was forced to put my account on freeze because this is my first time hearing about them so upset I'm unemployed so why would I even get a loan I rather loan from family instead of that company unsatisfied I mean I want to know how much this loan was for.
It was easy to get the loan and the payments are great I do not have to think about anything it comes right out of my checking account an pay days
Yes, very smooth. Not a lot of paperwork or emails or calls. Nice job.
1 star for the easy process of the application. As I am reading all these happy customers about the loan process and customer service that are helpful, I am here wondering why did I get the crappy customer service people. When I wanted to reloan, I had to wait 3 days for their end to process the payment when they already took the payment and it was not pending on my bank, it was a completed transaction. Another thing is when you finally reloan they take it out within 8 days on some random day. Worst customer service ever! Every time I call or chat online, I get the same lady that sounds like she hates her job and doesn’t give a crap about customers and then all I see is “we cannot do anything about it” what can you guys do besides answering phone and clicking buttons???
No complaints whatsoever, team very efficient, very versed, makes you very comfortable, highly recommended. They believed in me when others said no.THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
Easy to work with. Just charge very high interest rates. Best to try to pay off a loan with them as quickly as possible.
Thanks for being there for me when I really needed some financial help. I will always appreciate you for the services that you provide.
the service was pretty professionally didn't think i could get a loan.this really came in handy when i needed my medication.i will continue to do buisiness with credit ninja for my loan needs
Ninja is courteous and easy to work with.
Fast and easy application, thanks for your help
It was fast and easy and professional.
Good company no problems
Creditninja is an amazing company and I would and will recommend it to my friends and family
Best loan option for poor credit!
They help you out
Thank everything was super easy to do online. I will recommend .
Says it was gonna be paid in payments first payment was due today and they took all our money from the bank and left us negative 200 bucks bad company bad employee's they tried to say it was our fault
My experience with CreditNinja has been great in regard to my business cash flow, meeting the need of our company. Thanks again CreditNinja. Thanks Robert T. Jones Hustler's Hauling & Backhoe Service
Totally worth it if you are in some debt and need help. Extremely lower Fianance Charge for the loan and for me that matters a lot! Next is lower APR. Hands down this company is better than other online loans
Saved my butt big time I'm so greatful and the process was so Easy I'm in love
They gave me a personal loan and I'm thankful when I needed it the most. The only thing that's bad is the interest rate so pay back as fast as possible
So simple to apply thank you for helping me through this tough time.
I was so surprised that credit ninja worked quickly and p rofessionaly to approve my loan. I'm really impressed with their quick action and would gladly refer to family and friends.
yes i would it was easy and fast to apply and got a quick response
Credit ninja was great in customer service and helping me with approving me a loan so hands up .
It took 4 phone calls to get a pay off! Bad business just collect a few extra bucks
Great no fuss or hassle. Applied on Friday and money was deposited by Monday morning. Didn't have to talk to anyone all was online, process took all of 10 minutes. Would recommend.
Poor my experience wasn’t a good payment was chaotic and had to call credit ninja a few times to straighten out
Calls answered and information given. Representative seemed friendly and informed regarding their policies.
The customer service agent Schnell Y was very pleasant to work with.
Fast they were really polite and quick on the phone and gave me satisfied information
I wasn't trying to get the money from them but they saw I needed it& it was there the same day.
they were really nice and fair with me.
Simple, straightforward application process and fast funding.
If you like setting up your correct pay but having CreditNinja debit them earlier than they are supposed because their system failed to recognize my actual direct deposits, and being treated like it's your fault then sign the heck up! If only the email thread with their support team didn't have personal info in it, I would post that for you to see how they treat their customers. I regret getting involved with this company BEWARE!!!!!
Overall I’m very pleased with how quick and easy it was to get the loan I needed.
I wouldn’t use credit ninja again over some of the other online loans I use , I paid back ninja in full 2,500 my first loan within a month plus alll the interest no problem ( on time every time) and when I needed a loan a second time I was declined ? When the other company’s simply let me click a button to re apply with automatic acceptance since I pay back so fast and good , know your clients, we are paying back a lot , that’s all bye - mark
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