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Overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 50 %
If you find yourself in debt and just want some more information, is a good place to go for easy to read information and calculators to help you figure out the numbers for your own personal debt. It's design is very easy on the eyes and is professional without having an overly professional feel to it. They provide a link about how to get out of debt which is loaded with information and provides loads of debt consolidation calculators. If you want to know where you stand or what your future might look at, this is a good website to start with. gives advice on how to reduce debt. The advice was not really all that informative, lack detailed descriptions and did not really tell you anything you already did not know. Don't spend money is what this site is about. If you already did, then pay it off while not spending any more money. is a great idea. It takes everything you would find on different pages and combines it into one great site. All the questions I had about debt consolidation were answered there. It is a professional site with accurate information.
This site had a lot of useful features, namely that had all the necessary tools needed to help calculate getting out of debt. Overall very useful and much needed today.
This site doesn't make you sign up for anything to get information. They allow you to get the information you need in a clear, quick manner. There are links to help you out as much as you need, if you need to contact them it is easily laid out for you to get contact information, and it flows in an easy to read format. There are not walls of intimidating text, there are info graphics broken up by small paragraphs of text allow you to read and understand easily. effectively has all the tools you need to consolidate your debt and repair your credit. I found the website to be laid out in a manner that was easy to navigate. The videos although a bit long were pretty informative. All in all is a great start for those wanting to clean there slate.
If you ever have questions and/or need expert advice, I strongly recommend that you visit at your earliest convenience. From my personal experience with this site, I can confidently say that it helped me in more ways than one, not to mention, I discovered facts that I never knew before going to this website. is great, in that 1) it answered questions and improved my understanding about debt, 2) it gave me options on various solutions to decreasing debt, and 3) it provides links to other reliable pages regarding debt, such as Debt Consolidation loans. I assure you, you will never regret visiting has links that will take you to debt consolidation loans, credit counseling, or debt settlement. That is a good feature because they're all right there on the homepage. I really like that there is a debt consolidation calculator. There's also related links on the side and I like that they're very helpful. seems to be merely aimed towards a 'niche' demographic, those who don't know of larger companies, or who are merely associated with people who might run this site. The page is simple in theory, but the site is clogged with ads and info-graphics that don't neccessarily clutter the page, but clutter the mind. There's nothing personal about the site, no cohesive element, just friendly bits all over the place that don't seem to convey an overall 'personality' to I wouldn't recommend it.
The article "Four Keys To Getting Out of Debt" found on is an excellent starting point for anyone in debt. It's a relief to finally something simple regarding such an overwhelming problem. I like that "Four Keys To Getting Out of Debt" is not excessively lengthy yet contains informative and practical information. Unlike most online debt information, the statistics used are actually reassuring and helpful.
I just started looking through and it's got a ton of great information. The article on "How to Get Out of Debt" in particular is really comprehensive. It covers many different aspects of debt and credit, and provides a lot of links to helpful resources. I especially like the infographics they use, which make it easy to get a good impression of statistical data without getting buried in the numbers. If there's anything negative to be said, it's that there's so much information it will take a while to review and check out all the links, but it's definitely worth it if you want to get a better handle on how to deal with debt issues. gives good information on how to escape from debt. it teaches you about consolidation your debt into one sum to save money. It also teaches you about bankruptcy, and the laws with it. I had zero idea of what to do with this debt, and now they helped me learn some options!
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