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Approved Cash Advance Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Approved Cash Advance
Overall average rating of 0.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I am writing you about a problem I’m having with Approved Cash Advance. The store is located at 6157 Virginia Beach Boulevard Norfolk, Virginia 23502 Phone: (757) 455-8390 The contact person is Patti Williams. I borrowed $615.00. I made a $50.00 payment on July 30th. A $94.17 payment on August 14th and a $95.00 payment on September 23rd. The last 2 payments were sent to Patti via money order. The $50.00 payment was in cash. The remaining balance is $375.83. Even though the balance is $375.83 Patti Williams tried to withdraw $615.00 from my checking account creating an overdraft charge recently. She is trying to withdraw more from my account than I owe. I can’t pay all the money at once but have tried in good faith to make a monthly payment. On September 25th, the corporate head quarters was contacted. The contact person was Karen Swafford. Her address is Customer Service Department, P.O. Box 2038, Cleveland, TN 37320. Phone number is: (800) 611-9432. It was explained to Karen that Patti Williams the person of contact at the office the money was borrowed has threatened to garnish my salary and is calling me at work every day harassing me. This is putting my job in jeopardy. Karen stated that she would send an e-mail to the district manager, Nikki Rojas. Have not heard back from her yet. Can you please let me know who else I should contact in regards to this problem? Thank you. Timothy L. Allen, Jr. 520 Pinesong Lane # 302 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451
Every time I went in to park a payment with this company the rules changed. First they couldn't accept checks, the next time they stopped accepting debit cards, and did cash only. Every time I went in I had to wait 20-30 minutes to make a payment because their system wouldn't let them take care of more than one customer at a time. I have never been late on a payment and chose this place. It was closer to home. I recommend going to a reputable company that can handle taking care of their customers.
We borrowed a couple hundred each (my husband and I). And we have been good paying monthly til we got to the point where we could not pay anymore so we asked approved cash if we could just pay monthly til it get paid off. They said no. Of course we got upset. I decided to let it go by changing my phone number and my bank acv account. They have been calling my son looking for my husband and he had changed his number as well. I've told them to leave my son alone. We are 65 miles apart. Yet they continue to bother him which he has nothing to do with us. Those kind of loan will not set up a payment plan. They will not work with us. They are harassing my son. The manager is rude and disrespectful.
I got a cash advance loan. I got laid off so I called them to see if they would pay a little each month. ** says no. So now she is harassing my friend and telling her my personal information. My friend has called the Suffolk police department to file harassment charges. PLEASE STOP CALLING MY FRIEND AND GIVING OUT MY PERSONAL INFORMATION!
Scott had my car reposed for no valid reason. Every employee has a different answer. I made arrangements with Sariah, the store manager, to mail my payments in because I was moving out of state, but the car was to be left in Oklahoma with my son and his girlfriend. I went in the month before I moved and gave my new address and phone and have it changed by pay date because my husband's payday was change to once a month. Everything was supposed to be fine according to Sariah. My son got the car impounded. We got it out and I talked with Sariah and we made arrangements for my son to come in and make payments every two weeks to get the car paid off early, again, everything is peachy. I let her know that the payment was to be mailed friday, the 22nd, and I gave her my son's girlfriend's name and number because that's who had the car. That Saturday, the DM Scott, decided that the arrangements is not good enough because of Sariah's lack of notes and had the car reposed. One employee was very helpful and told me that Sariah put in the notes and she had just put the change of address and new contact of my son's girlfriend. I could not get Sariah to call me and the only way I got Scott to call was to find the corporate number online because the store does not know number. When I talked with Scott, he pretty much said that his decision was based on lack of notes but too bad for me. When I asked to get his manager's name and number, he refused to give it to me and said I would have to deal with him. This cannot be legal. I do not know what to do.
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