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CapCenter Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: CapCenter
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 968 5844
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 83 %
The zero closing costs sound too good to be true but it's not. Everything is seamless! It was a completely stress-free experience. Everyone who currently has a mortgage needs to refinance with CapCenter.
I have used Cap Center three times now and each time has been the most pleasant, professional, & easiest experience! I would highly recommend them! You just can't go wrong! Thank you Cap Center!!
What a wonderfully efficient cost saving process!!! Would highly recommend Center to anyone interested in refinancing or getting a home loan! You will be completely satisfied and beyond!!! My loan consultant, Natalie Richards, was like having my best friend help me through the process! Steering me in the right direction and looking out for my best interest while providing me with the best product! All the while communicating everything expendentully throughout the process!
What a great experience....this was our sixth loan we've done through cap center.
Fast, knowledgeable and courteous.
Great service and smooth processing.
Extremely simple and efficient process Highly recommend
Highest possible review!
Closing costs are rebated at closing, not waived. You will pay all of the charges, fees and costs in advance. CapCenter insists on using their own service providers. In both our case and another family members the appraisel came back well below market comps and tax assessments - raising interest rates and requiring PMI. We were fortunate enough to have the financial wherewithal to assess the end costs, took our lumps and walked away going with another mortgage provider that appraised our home ~$75K higher. My family member wasn't so lucky. They couldn't afford to lose what had already been paid and ended up locked in an unfavorable loan. I find CapCenter's bait-n-switch rates and misleading advertising regarding "no closing cost" loans almost as reprehensible as their predatory lending practices.
I was in a situation with a variable rate loan and needed to change to a fixed rate loan. I had spoken with other companies and the end result showed that the closing costs would have put my principal amount owed back to where I started from 6 years ago! Then, I heard of CapCent and made the call. I spoke with the nicest woman who explained everything in detail to me. I then spoke with another employee with an office close to my house who was extremely pleasant and took me through everything with a step by step explanation. At closing, we had to pay $148.75 TOTAL! That was it! My principal amount is still what it was with no closing fees added, etc. We got this done in record time.....great workers and an easy process for us! I am so thrilled that I heard of CapCenter.... Things went great and I can't begin to tell you what a help this process was with CapCente employees and their program! THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Capcenter completely demystified the home buying process for me. I could ask questions at any time received fast and comprehensive answers. The real estate agent I used through Capcenter made the process enjoyable and easy, and I really felt like I had someone looking out for me. Highly recommended.
very helpful and extremely nice to work with
Great Communication and follow up. Closing was painless.
I highly recommend using CapCenter over any of the large BIG banks for your home mortgage needs.
I submitted my all documents but they that time my rate is law and very last time they say you HR not giving me employment document . But this is story. They not contact me to make progress easy. They taking longer time and they rise interest rates . They changed couple hundred dollars in my account to no reason. I'm not recommended.
Our experience was great. The process was fast and went smoothly. We especially liked the electronically uploading of the required documents which made things fast and easy. Their commitment was fast, their execution flawless.
Good loan service, seemed a bit busy near closing Still overall an excellent company to deal with.
I just went through a re-fiance with cap center and have only good things to say. They were fast and able to answer all of my questions. They got me the best deal.
My experience with CapCenter has been only positive I utilized their service once for refinince and a second time for buying a house. The people at CapCenter were helpful during the entire process in explaning the many questions I had. I never felt pressured into buying or locking into a specific rate as I did while contacting other lenders which at the end did not have the best offer that I got with CapCenter. All toghetger to me it made the stressful process of shopping for a loan very transparent and easy to understand. I would go again with CapCenter if another House Buying experience is in the future for me.
I was in the market to refinance my 30-year to a 15-year mortgage. I got quotes from Quicken, LoanDepot, Cardinal, and Lendingtree and was just about to set my closing date with Quicken (because they held my 30-year mortgage) when some friends implored me to try CapCenter. I did... and I'm glad I did!!!! They saved me over $3,000 in closing costs and $35 a month on my mortgage payment!!! Their zero-cost interest rate was just as good as the one that Quicken was charging me 1.25% for! When I think of how much money I've lost by using Quicken for my last two refinances makes me sick to my stomach. I'm 53 years old and intend never to have to refinance again... but if I ever do, I will use only CapCenter. And they will be tops on my recommendation list to everyone!!! Thanks CapCenter!!!
The most professional and easiest closing ever.
Have used them 3 times to refinance my home and each time they were professional, fast and thorough. The no cost refinance is absolutely true.
Was very happy with CapCenter and would not hesitate to refinance with them again..... though I think I'm set until I pay off this house. I can highly recommend them!
Very easy to work with, entire refinance transaction was smooth and stress free. Would definitely recommend.
Great job .. refi was easy and as promised .. what I liked most -no surprises
Great service, great product!
Everyone was very nice and the whole process went very smoothly
I was skeptical of the “no closing cost” claim on CapCenter’s commercials but found it was true. It saved us quite a bit of money we’d have spent with other companies. The loan arranger was very helpful and took care of all the VA paperwork for us. They kept us informed and were constantly in contact to ensure the loan process went smoothly. All in all using CapCenter was a very good experience.
I spent about 5 or 6 months talking with CapCenter regarding my specific loan situation. It was their guidance, their work and their willingness to go above and beyond that made my loan possible. I have never worked with any company that has so many employees willing to do whatever it takes to help their customer. A special shout out to Production Manager James Anderson- as he put up with my 5,000 emails over the course of MONTHS, and did everything possible to help me. I truly appreciate it!
Received an excellent rate, outstanding service and closed on loan in less than three weeks. Could not have been more pleased. Saved over $4000.00 in closing costs.
CapCenter made the refinancing process very pleasant without any stress or pressure. I highly recommend CapCenter.
They made the process seamless and easy. Hunter and Cyndi were great to deal with.
We’ve used CapCenter for multiple home purchases and every time we’ve had a great experience.
I used CapCenter to purchase a 2nd home. They were extremely attentive and punctual with communication. Jimmy and Hunter were AWESOME in helping get all my paperwork ready for closing. Even through hiccups, they both went above and beyond to call people on my behalf to ensure we were ready for closing. Awesome company - just wish I had taken advantage of using their realtors (which is new) in addition to the loan side which would have saved me even more money. Use them!!
Easy, efficient, with all questions answered promptly. It was a breeze refinancing with CapCenter.
Excellent on every way
I recommend CapCenter to my friends when they mention a refi of their home(s)
Excellent responsiveness and service. Web experience and document upload process was seamless and easy to use.
A smooth, efficient, and professionally-run process from start to finish!
Everyone I met was very efficient and had a great attitude. All was done in a timely manner. We are very pleased with CapCenter.
All went well, easy without surprises.
I've refinanced with CapCenter twice now, and both experiences were positive. The costs were minimal and the closing always goes smoothly. Every loan professional that I've worked with has answered my questions promptly and accurately, and I'd refinance with them again and again.
Great company to work with. Competitive rates and an easy refi process.
Very Satisfied with CapCenter. Very efficient and professional. Would use again.
Don't bother if your home is anything but a suburban, cookie cutter house with lots of comparables readily available. My home in rural central Va. appraised in 2013 for $300k. I had a $16k building constructed on the property this summer. CapCenter's appraisal in October 2016 came in at $235k. I would not recommend CapCenter if you're looking for anything but the lowest level of customer care. They would not consider my request for a second appraisal.
Easy to upload documents online and great help over the phone when needed. I have and would recomend this company
We had a good experience with CapCenter. Fast service, easy availability of representative, no hassles.
That's why I'm a repeat customer!
5 stars: Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone and I already have. Can't wait until the interest rates drop so I can do business with you again!
Great experience, no issues with the individuals we interacted with during the refinancing process.
From start to finish, my home purchase and financing experience with CapCenter was flawless. My loan consultant, Wes Keating, and my real estate agent, Will Rinehardt, were awesome, helping me to navigate through the process and promptly answering all of my questions. I highly recommend CapCenter.
Not the lowest cost by far. Advertise no cost loan but then have a random charge of $3500.00 and .650 % higher rate than the average. When I told them, they wanted me to send them the lowest offer to see if they could get management to lower the rate. Nice people & good communication. Just too expensive.
I had closed with CapCenter like 3 or 4 times now and every time they excel in their approach and service and stay focused till the end
CapCenter made refinancing my mortgage very easy and painless. I was able to refinance at a significantly lower interest rate.
My wife and I just bought a home with Cap Center and it was a great experience. Having both previously purchased a home, Cap Center's process was way easier than our previous home purchases. I would recommend them to anyone, either buying or refinancing their home. And when they say no closing costs, they mean it!
CapCenter was very easy to work with and the customer service was excellent. They kept in contact with me and I was informed the whole time. I would definitely recommend CapCenter and use them again.
Got the job done but we had to jump through lots of hoops
The whole process was smooth and stress free.
Great experience with CapCenter!
This is my third time to use CapCenter for a loan and once again, they have exceeded my expectations. Not once did I have to call them and ask them to do anything. They stayed on top of everything every step of the way.
Refi was fast and easy. Document upload online kept us from having to make any trips to the office. Closed in under 25 days from click to close. 2nd time using them and always a pleasant experience. Highly recommended. Customer service is quick and personable. Having a dedicated team working on your behalf is reason alone to stay away from the big companies out there. All my questions were answered immediately.
Cap Center makes the mortgage process fast and easy...everything is handled digitally, they are quick to respond to questions, and the process is simple to understand. We've used them twice and would go back without hesitation.
Quick, efficient and very affordable!
The loan process was as easy as it could possibly be.
They are fantastic to work with! Everything is streamlined and they make it easy. I recommend them to everyone.
It took one extra day to receive my cash out but everyone in the the company was hands on. Job well done! Thanks! Big 5 stars.
I was told there were no issues with my appraisal and they were quick to want to lock in the loan. Little did I know this meant I was locked into the agreement and associated costs as well. Then suddenly there were problems. The loan officer continued to arbitrarily change the conditions of obtaining the loan throughout the process. When I asked to show where this was written in the agreement or State code they would not give me a straight answer. So to terminate the agreement I was going to have to pay all the fees. When I did comply they changed requirements again and I could not make the necessary changes to the house within 30 days so I had to pay a penalty. I would under no circumstances recommend this company. You can tell a lot about a company and its credibility when they send you a customer service survey, you fill it out with bad grades and they don't bother to contact you.
We have used Cap Center to re-finance several times and they are always quick, professional and easy.
Best rate we found! Everyone at CapCenter was friendly, professional and walked easily us through every step of the process.
CapCenter was the best.
The process from start to finish was excellent. Everyone was so helpful. I closed within 21 days which is very rare for any company. They know their business and I would recommend them to any and everyone.
I've been through home purchases and refinances 7 times and CapCenter is the only place I'll ever go again. Polite, understanding, and totally willing to walk through every step explaining all the way through. Also provided the best interest rates ever. Thanks CapCenter!
This is our second CapCenter refi. Will use CapCenter again if rates go down.
Great experience from start to finish!
Fantastic experience - quick, simple...great all the way around!
Easy to use and up front with all fees and costs involved.
I have financed and refinanced a mortgage with CapCenter. Financing the original mortgage was easy, even though this was after the housing market crisis and the regulations were more stringent. The refinancing was much easier, although the closing attorney was less friendly and more perfunctory. This is an amazing company, whose employees are client-centered and dedicated to getting you a great rate.
Great experience and staff. Used them for purchase 7 yrs ago and now refinance and never had any problems. Would highly recommend.
I found CapCenter to be honest, easy to communicate with, professional and true to their word when they said: “No closing costs.” I have received 16 mortgages for rental and personal homes in the past 36 years. CapCenter was by far the best. They will receive my highest recommendation.
The pre-closing and closing process was very professional and helpful and I would recommend them to anyone seeking to refinance or get a new mortgage. Unfortunately there were issues with insurance that had happened the day of closing. When I tried to contact Cap Center after the closing, the person I spoke with accused me of fraud and was less than helpful. Fortunately the loan was sold quickly and the new loan owner quickly resolved my issues and I was able to cash the check from my insurance company.
Very efficient process, clearly explained and necessary documents clearly requested and easily given by uploading to website (instead of tedious and unreliable faxing. The whole process was excellent from beginning to end. I could not be more satisfied. No closing costs at an excellent rate.
Second time I have used Cap Center. They make the mortgage and refinance process easy and seamless. It has been a pleasure using Cap Center and I love that there are no traditional closing costs! I'm a fan, for sure.
We've used Cap Center twice and been very happy each time.
An extraordinarily easy Refi experience. Easy to work with online and the closing process was great.
Quick and easy loan process. The documents needed were mostly already in my possession and it was easy to upload them to the loan processor. The whole process was quick; I closed 16 days after applying for the loan.
Best rate and lowest closing costs of the 4 companies I shopped with. Truely no added closing costs othet than taxes, and escrow. Process for a refi was easy. The only hiccup was the closing costs at the day of closing was higher than estimated which caused some momentary confusion as to why resulting in me writing a personal check for the difference. My only complaint is that I never heard back from the account manager as to why there was a discrepancy, which I believe was a miscalculation in estimated vs actual closing costs. Ultimately I was happy with the process and would recommend them.
Wasted my time with a lengthy process but still Failed to close
I've refinanced three times with CapCenter and would recommend them to anyone.
have dealt with CapCenter in the past and hve no complaints, but this time had a hard time getting my consultant to reply to emails and voice mails..Other than that is was all good.
My recent home refi was conducted quickly and with no difficulties. The staff with whom I worked were pleasant and knowledgable and quick to answer all questions. Closing was smooth and painless. A very pleasant experience that ended up cutting my mortgage payment in half! Highly recommend!
great experience, very detailed and efficient with online processes and execution of data transfers, etc making it easy to move the mortgage approval process along. was able to lock my rate >30days out at no addt'l cost and closing went smoothly.
We did a cash out refinance with CapCenter and could not be happier! The process was quick, easy and straight forward and everyone we dealt with was extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful. No hidden fees or surprises. We refinance from a 30 year fixed to a 15 year fixed, had CapCenter pay off our line of credit, and we took the remainder of our 80% equity out in cash to pay off ALL of our bills (cars, credit cards, and student loans)! We highly recommend CapCenter!
Friendly, fast, efficient and painless refinancing. Couple that with low rates and zero closing cost why go anywhere else?
Loved working with Capstone, I would recommend this company to anyone, James was outstanding to work with! He was always helpful and returned any calls right away if we happened to miss him when we called. Highly professional and competent.
Great company, smooth transaction and everything went exactly as expected. They are knowledgeable and explain everything throughout the process. This was by far the easiest and best mortgage transaction I have ever completed.
Nobody can be these guys
Awesome company, refi went quickly and no closing costs, can't beat that.
I decided to refi my mortgage and chose CapCenter, which turned out to be a wonderful decision. From the initial contact to closing: two weeks!!!! It was a breeze to do business with CapCenter and all the people with whom I had contact there were extremely professional and helpful. Cannot say enough good things about CapCenter and the ease of refinancing my mortgage.
thorough and quick
On the buying side everything went very well. On the selling side it was pretty annoying. I think it was more my buyers realtor that made things hard. No notice when coming, or saying wrong times. My selling realtor did a great job advertising and house had several offers after 6 days. It was just hard knowing what was going on. I think the realtors just didn't communicate well. I really think it was more so the other company though. Still, it was irritating.
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