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Overall average rating of 4.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 67 %
The process was simple and quick. A representative reached out in less than 30 mins to verify my information and complete the loan process. My funds were received the next business day. Over call great experience and the website is very user friendly.
I had a seamless experience with my payday The representatives were nice and very helpful. I would definitely use them again if I am in need.
This man from MyPayDayLoan called and requested a payment of $160 to be received from a Green Dot Money Pack then a Supervisor would call with further instructions. The so-called Supervisor stated that an additional amount of $430.00 would need to be received from another Green Dot Money Pack and that was sent. Finally, I spoke to someone from Net Bank USA who stated that the IRS wanted $1160.00 and they would provide all but $500.00 of the IRS fee. He stated this was the final phase and after the $500.00 was sent through a Green Dot Money pack, $6160.00 would be sent to my account to be paid by at the rate of 160.00 a month. Then I was asked could I receive the money back that I already gave them, and he stated no, and that the money would be donated to a Third World Country charity if I did not send the $500.00. And I would still be responsible for paying the loan and it would appear on my credit report and would not be able to receive any loans for 5 years or more because it will be on my credit report.
Prompt and friendly service!
I apply today and the next day your money is in the bank
Ridiculous rate
Fast, easy and great. I really needed the funds for an emergency and this loan helped out. Paid it full with ease of the link. No worries.
Great but wasn't told have to wait for 4 payments before you can increase rates are a littke high no oromo cides
Get experience just have to pay loans off because interest is high asf .
Got what I needed and when I ran into a difficult situation they worked with me to get my account paid off.
I used mypaydayloan and had no issues. The process was straightforward and I was aware of the next steps well ahead of time. If you are aware of the process and need help short term, mypaydayloan can work for you.
Great place for a loan. I got my money the same day!
Awesome!! Very pleased with the sevice provided.
Great lender, speedy service!!!
When you are in need and have no where else to go, this is the place, extremely easy to apply and receive. I would use any payday as a last resort as they are very expensive and if you are struggling hard to get our of, but pay more than the minimum and get out as soon as you can.
One of the worst payday loan companies out there. their site is pretty deceptive and it doesn’t break down what you’ve paid towards your loans. you cannot sign into an account and view anything about your agreements. Don’t ever ask for more money than the one time cash advance they are not honest. The agreement looks easy enough but then they make you pay twice a month instead of once and the first payment is fees it’s not paying down your loan. Not recommended.
I like this Company !Fast and reliable! And most importantly the trust,I feel trusted on this Company
Terrible never using this again
I got the money I needed. It was fast and easy.
Individual helping me was friendly and knowledgeable. Process went smoothly.
Good people helpful kind!
We were contacted by this company regarding a requested short term loan. I was told that based upon my information, I was approved for $1000 payable over a year at $100 per month. I had request $750 and was told they could not loan that amount. Next I was informed that $150 would have to be sent to them via Green Dot to begin the verification process. Stupidly, we did this against better judgment. Subsequent to this, we were told another amount in excess of $200 would be required in order for the bank to release the funds to us. We were told that all advanced monies would be included in the check to us. Realizing we were the subject of a major scam, we declined the loan. Personnel at MyPaydayLoan told us that there would be a cancellation fee of $500 or they would place negative comments on our credit reports. It seems the only individuals they are assisting are themselves with the requested Green Dot card amounts. This company is radioactive and should be treated as such. A Class Action Lawsuit against all players involved should be generated.
I got one loan and made for payments then they called me saying I needed to make a payment arrangement and they called 2pm central time and 3pm there time so the took the amount I asked for all because I called and didn’t get a answer and tried to login and couldn’t but you can go to other things on the site. So they told me if I wanted my money back retake out the loan. REALLY now I retook out the loan to get my money back first time got an email to say up payment and couldn’t once again login so called and surprise I got some to help me. Now just this pass week I tryed saying up a payment and was o. Hold till the time was up so I can and could make a payment was told it was my browser messing up and next time try this and that I explained I wasn’t stupid I know what I’m doing and then asked to speak to manager the guy argued with me for 30 minutes then on hold again I hung up sent a email and no response. I’ll never recommend this to anyone and making sure this doesn’t happen to others
My loan was approved right away, and sent directly to my account. Will definitely borrow again from this lender.
Very easy experience. CSR was very helpful. Website is well put together.
Great service good communication
The loan process is quick, easy and simple. No problems whatsoever.
Great people. Great service.
Quick easy Process do not recommend for long term loan as the rates are pretty high they charge roughly about 30 bucks per every hundred borrowed. for me was great for emergency funds to get me through my next paycheck.
My experience was good my money was sent the next day.
Application never even went through. Submitted a lot of sensitive data to never even receive a response from the company as to whether I was approved or denied.
It was quick and easy especially the 2nd time
Excellent. Will be recommending to my friends and family
The staff is always kind and courteous
Have had no issues other than the call that i can't understand due to English being a second language
Easy ,convenient payday loan
Great company. Helps when you need it the most.
Easy and quick to use
Very good experience!!! Super friendly customer service!!
They were very helpful in my time of need. The staff is always courteous and professional.
I have had a great experience. The process was quick and easy to do online which is my preference. I’ve had to also contact customer service and the wait time was short and service was great. The online payment system is also very user friendly.
Very simple and quick. Great for emergencies. Haven’t had any issues.
The fees are a bit high
Their office was really helpful and thorough.
Cost way to much money to borrow your money,. I get it, but when you make it almost impossible to ever get caught up.
The call I got at 8pm to let me know I was approved was a bit sketchy but the money was in my account next day. $150 finance charge to borrow $500 was outrageous but I was in desperate need.
Timely and courteous !
Finance fees are a bit much for returning customers but helpful.
Its an okay app. But the interest rate is way to high ..they are basically crooks what they charge you to pay back. If you owe 500 and only pay 200 u still owe like 475 money just going down the drain if you can i would jus stay broke or borrow from somewhere or someone else once you get in these loans its hard to get out.
They are very dependent and are very good and helping you when you need a payday loan.
Even though the finance charge is unreal, it feels great to know that there are helpful agents who make the process smooth, pleasant, and painless!
They were there for me in my time of need without much hesitation. I didn't have to do much in order to get approved. I have and will continue to recommend mypaydayloan for short term financial struggles.
Great customer service! Easy to work with.
Quick response times
I got a loan for my payday loan it was in my account the next day very happy with them0
It's very fast and i got loan even with my less/bad credit score.
I would recommend this company if you need cash fast. Their repayment options are flexible and easy.
They are very friendly and helpful. Thanks for the opportunity for loan easy pay back opinion. Only problem is interest to high.
I have been very happy with how this loan has work and with the repayment options!
Got my loan to me fast and quick approval.
Quick and easy approval. Payments are always exactly what I was expecting.
Enjoyed my experience
I was very excited to be able to receive this loan so fast with nobody calling and boring me.
The process is actually easy! At first, I really didn't think that this was legit, but after doing my research, reading other reviews and really making sure that this was a legit program, I signed up. I got my funds quickly and they have been super helpful when it came time to pay off. I would recommend this program for those that are really hard on cash and you don't have any other resources. Budgeting your money is a priority, however there are those circumstances that come out of the blue and you don't have the additional funds to help. I typically don't like to use these programs, but I'm VERY thankful that they are available. Interest rates are what they are, but pay it off and move on.
Very helpful! The fees were reasonable also.
They have been very reliable
I had a emergency come up and needed cash fast. The application process was fast and easy. Thank you Mypaydayloan!
Last year my wife and I lost her father and due to the expenses we had to turn to Payday loans to make it through. One of them was The customer service is extremely poor to non existent. I tried calling customer service one Saturday and made 15 attempts and every time I would sit on hold and then would get disconnected. I was going back one day through my payments records and it came out that according to my records I owed them less than what they said I did. I called and tried to explain this and requested a copy of my account ledger and they told me that they could not and would not give that information to me. I called both my attorney and bank. Both suggested that I do a stop payment on the payment and then talk with them and once again request a copy of my ledger. I did this and then the stuff hit the fan. At first I was sent a friendly reminder and asked to call. The second email arrived a few minutes later and that was a little more threatening. I sent them an email and requested a written copy of my ledger and stated that I would not accept any phone calls and that all communication had to be written, this was a suggestion of my attorney. They still called and I informed them that all communications had to be in writing and that if they wanted to work things out I required a written copy of my ledger and they got very pushy about it. I hung up and about two hours later they sent me an email telling me that any and all written communications were copyright protected and that I could not share them with my attorney and any government agency and that if I did I was in violation of copyright law. This is funny because I am a photographer and know a little about this. They proceeded to threaten me and they quoted case law in their favor. Not once addressing my request for a written copy of my account ledger. Needless to say I am in it for the long haul and I have told them that I would accept a reasonable payment plan as long as I could see a written ledger of my account and that has not happened. I plan on filling a complaint with the State of Nevada and I will file bankruptcy and make sure this is part of the case..
The amount of payback is not so bad.
Simple, fast and no hassles!
I went to my pay day loan company during a very difficult time and I received professional and confidently service from customer service representatives that were very warm, freindly and knowledgabe of the services that are being offered.
Was quick and easy to get a loan. Was slower for deposit into account compared to other loan companies.
I’ve used plenty of payday loans in the past, not proud of that btw. This company was by far the easiest (and fastest) to deal with. I didn’t need to speak with anyone or send anything. One and done. I also think it’s cool that they offer a payment plan. It helps make the repayment a little easier on the pocket so you aren’t stuck in an exhausting “pay and renew” cycle.
I had a great experience!!! They are fast and easy and will help you through the steps. They answer your questions quickly!!
GREAT Customer service had my money exactly when I needed it the most!!
Mypaydayloan is wonderful they help me out with my emergency i had , they are so under standing . They will help you
Very helpful CS Reps
fast and quick, very simple and easy
Very fast process, but representatives need more thorough training.
No reservations and great company
Low finance fee and money when I needed it.
My has always been there in time of need for me with no hassle, I certainly recommend any one to give them a try
Best ! Best! Best!
they give you time to repay the loan - awesome
Very nice friendly and professional Thank you for working with me and have a bless day.
They are very trusting liad company......very understanding
Great experience. Customer support was very professional and the process was easy.
I had an unexpected bill that came up didn't have the money and I went online, and found myPaydayLoan online and gave my information and I got the money that I needed from them without no hassle
My PDL came through for me when I was in a pinch. Thanks
Always great and exceptional service!!
Excellent service and rates, I would definitely recommend this company.
I got the loan quicker than any other loan company. I cant access my loan online. I called to check how much I still owe after five payments totaling more than i borrowed snd i owe more than i got on the loan. Do not use this company!!!
It can be an expensive loan if you continue to only pay the minimum. However, it is convenient and helpful when needed in case of emergency.
It was an easy and quick process. Money arrived on time with no problems.
Easy to use Good communication
Great customer service!! Very friendly staff!
Even worse, they respond here to nearly every review, but never reach out by phone to someone like me whom they call a “long standing customer” ... right... I got one loan, it took me forever to pay it back, and I paid back more than double what I borrowed. There are good payday loan companies out there, but beware... This one is a SHARK. See my initial review.
Such a wonderful company to deal with!
This is an amazing service. Customer support is incredible!
First I was skeptical but they are legit and professional
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