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Allied Cash Advance Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Allied Cash Advance
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I went to make a payment at the office I normally go to and saw them packing up furniture and office supplies. When I ask them, they said they were renovating the office. Then I go to make my payment two weeks later and letter on the door saying that they are not going to have business in Colorado. So for the last week, I have been calling both numbers that were on the door 1-877-716-1115 and 1-866-560-0678 and left message after message and no return call. Then today 02-03-12, I got a hold of Adam who gave me website that does not even exist **and now cannot get anyone on that number again. I sit here and wait to see what happens. I am so afraid they will take money out of my checking account. I will no longer do this again.
I filled out an application for a payday loan approximately three weeks from today, October 18... I was in need of the money for moving expenses even after family members disagreed. So after I was contacted by numerous companies saying I was approved, I went with Allied Cash Advance after numerous calls from them. I spoke to a representative by the name of Helen **, location in Seattle Washington New York. She goes to say, "You're approved Ms. ** for up to $5000 lowest amount $1000," so I went for $1500. She tells me I would need to pay $183 insurance to show that I can make my monthly fee of 115 dollars. I believe. She goes to tell me repeatedly that I would receive it back with loan amount. She tells me I need to purchase a green MoneyPak card and add the $183 in funds onto card. After that she said to call her to give information and after I will be receiving my funds. After doing so, she tells me to stay online or when she transfers money, she will give me a call. She never called and when I call, she says, "Ms. **, everything is good but you will have to pay $250 for state to state taxes and fees." I go to say, "Ms., I don't have that kind of money. This is why I'm trying to take out a loan." She patronized me by saying she understands, now trying to fast talk the situation at hand.I further explained to her that she should have explained all of this information before any money was transferred from me to you and your company. She says, "I understand since I didn't explain to you. I can see if I can get amount waived." She comes back to phone, says she gonna pay on her part $150 and me $100 since she didn't explain beforehand. So I persisted in telling her that that's my last money. She says okay over and over and says after that 15 to 30 min., your funds would be in your account. I proceed to get the MoneyPak once again, this time around for $100. I call her and give her info now out of pocket of 283 dollars. She says again to wait 15-30 min. and doing so I did money. I call, no answer. IT was a Friday. Figure they were closed. Monday morning, called numerous times and then got lucky. Representative by the name of Oscar answers. I explain to him the situation and he tells me if I want cancel. I tell him yes. He says he's gonna take info down for a Western Union transaction of my refund. He takes it saying he gotta go through something in financial department. He called me back with a number needed for Western Union. He called back, didn't get call. Then when I speak to another rep, to my dismay, they were still trying to proceed with application. Time after time, I'm telling them I don't wanna proceed. He tells me very bluntly and rudely, "This is why I don't deal with your type of people." I reply and say, "What type of people might that be?" I say, "That's very rude, offensive and unprofessional to your clients. Don't you think..." He says, "Because you keep blah blah blahing," not letting me speak. I say I'm gonna report your company to attorney affairs. He hangs up. Today I call to speak to manager to still try to resolve issue. Same thing not good outcome. He tells me my refund will cost me 110 dollars. I said okay and he tells me to my surprise, it has to come from my side so basically he's saying I have to give him 110 dollars to recurve my money of $283 back from them. Bottom line, scam rip off. They need to be reported and sued. Is there any way I can take them to small claims court to get my money returned? This doesn't make any sense at all. Hard-earned money down the drain for what, they are rude scams and everything that goes along with it.
When I called the office on 3/4/17 to ask for an extension of my loan payment until 3/20/17 I was told that was o.k. On 3/7/17 an overdraft appeared on my checking account showing the payment of $288.37 was deducted from my checking, leaving me $75.78 overdrawn. I called Allied locally and was told to call 1-844-220-2548. It was a wrong number. I called back and was put on voice mail. I was told earlier that the woman who gave me the extension on 3/4/17 was to have advised me that the deduction would be made by corporate. Why?My Loan Agreement states I have 15 days for the account to be "late." Then a $15 would be applied. My $288.37 payment was taken on 3/3/17, the due date. It was not late. Now a $35 charge has been added for a returned check charge for the payment, and I am without funds until 3/20/17. I cannot get my medications scheduled for today. My experience before today was fine, but this is life-threatening (being without my meds). Heather seems ethical, yet why hasn't she returned my call... with the correct Corporate #, or with a resolution of this gross error?
I received a call from this company's debt collector stating I had an account. I asked for more information and was not given this information. I googled the name of this company in my area and there is not one. I have no idea what is going on but after reading these reviews on the same company, I am very worried my identity has been stolen once again.
They changed the loan payment options without notifying me and changed the day the interest would be applied to my account. We called to make a payment over the phone and were told they don't do that anymore. Then when trying to pay in person, they were closed during what should have been their normal business hours. They said on the day we tried to make the phone payment that we had until midnight Monday to make the payment but when I came in Monday afternoon, they said it was too late because they installed new computer software and with the new system that now the interest is applied 4 days sooner. They said it was the government's fault. They said they contacted every customer and let them now. This is a lie because we didn't speak to them. There was no message and no log of any call from them. Also while I'm in there, other customers were continuously calling to try and make payments over the phone. I asked to see the copy of the loan agreement and was told they didn't know where it was. Then I look down at the papers strewn across the desk and see spreadsheets of people's names, numbers and loan info where anyone can see them. And there was my wife's information for anyone to see and I was able to get my original loan date from that. They kept saying they didn't know how to use the new software but that it didn't matter because the new system said I owed the interest. They were making other customers pay more than they wanted to because even though they had switched over to cash payments only, they didn't have any change for customers. So you either had to pay more or leave to go get exact change. The lady in front of me wasn't even given a receipt for her payment even though she wanted one. First, she was told it was because they didn't know how to do it on the new system and then they blamed the district manager because he was remotely accessing their computers. When my wife tried to speak with the manager, they wouldn't give her the number to contact him. They just gave a toll free number that just tells you, "Sorry, call back later," no matter how many times you go through the options. We asked to have the DM contact us but of course he hasn't.
I have been a customer with this company for many years. It helps when you are short on cash and you can get it when you need it. After years of dealing with them and working on my job for many years, at times I would go to them when in need of a payday loan. They introduced me to a new type of loan called a choice loan. I was interested. I borrowed $2500 which was nice. I paid some bills and even bought Christmas gifts, so as time passed I was able to qualify to refinance. So I borrowed again but just a little more. My payment increased, but I always made my payments on time. So this year my job's organization changed our pay periods. Now my payment will be late and interest will accrue. They told me that they can not change the pay date, nothing they can do once signed papers and now I'm stuck with this. At least I thought they would work with me on this situation. My other financial institutions did so that my payment would be on time. And now they will send my check for payment anyway, may cause an overdraft and the interest may accrue on the loan. I have other payment to make with other loans, at least they work with you where you won't be late on your payments.
I took a payday loan out and the employee typed the wrong "due date" into the contract, which made the loan due the day before I was even paid. Their error costed me $215 extra dollars. My pay stub is proof of the date that should have been entered. She wouldn't fix the mistake, they took the extra $215 out of my bank account. I also read reviews online where I am not the only one they made this "supposed" mistake with. I believe they are doing this deliberately to rip customers off. I have been a customer with this same company for 5 years and never had a problem until now. The person that made this mistake was Sharon and this is the same person who claims to be the manager and was unable to fix the mistake and left me high and dry. Please contact me to join me in this case. I have called the district manager and left a message and of course the coward would not return my calls. Justice will be served! I will not stop until this place refunds the money they stole from me!
I made my payments. Always. Went in to local office and was told that this branch was closing. They took an insurance check to mail to Florida along with my title to my car. Now, I receive a letter of threat to repossess my car. What! I have never been delinquent, no return number or anything. Please someone call me asap!
So a guy calls my wife talking about they need to speak with me about a loan that wasn't repaid 2 years ago. If I didn't contact them by 2:00 pm, 7/24/14, they would start garnishment proceeding against me. I contacted them and told them I never took out a loan for $200.00 (so they have false info). The minimum I took out was $300.00 and they had my bank information and deducted all the monies out my account which was over $700.00+. So I told him to continue with the procedures and I will see them in court. I have never received any paper saying that I owe anything. These Guys!!!! SMH
I had a written payoff with this company and now they are playing games and saying I owe more money, and refusing to give me my car title. They are very unprofessional and rude. According to them, it is the customer's fault that they can't get their job right. Now I have to go and pay them more money I don't have.
Both my husband and myself have had a loan her on numerous occasions, we have paid it off and reopened when needed. I was due on a Friday and didn't make it in before they closed and they called my husband about my account and proceeded to tell him I was late and gave him all my information. He called me upset 'cause they were calling him about my account while he was at work. This lead up to a heated argument and now we're in the process of divorce! A lady by the name of Kianna has been calling now and leaving threatening messages that she "will" come out to my job or home and she "will" collect payment.I called the store and spoke with her and explained to her what was going on and she stated "that's what happens when you lend money to ignorant people." I asked that she not come to my house and my husband's place of employment and she then said, "I'm gonna do what I gotta do to get her money!" Really I borrowed money from you? She is very rude and very unprofessional and doesn't even speak correct English etiquette. I have called their home office number and all I get is a message to leave a message!
Allied cash advance 5000 nine mile road Richmond VA location where I decided to go to apply for my loan. Female clerk treated me like a nobody and was biased. I think I was denied purposely because the store was closing soon and she didn't want to do the paperwork and was rushed out. Better customer service training, patience and understanding would do her some good.
I have taken a loan at the Allied Cash Advance on Route 1 in Alexandria, VA. Has anyone checked this company location for the interest rates? I think this office is pulling a scam on people. It does not matter how much you pay this office, your loan amount never decreases. It would pay for someone to audit this office and put them out of business once and for all.
It’s been a terrible experience to the point of health issues occurring. They are crooks. They called me and said I qualified for a $1000 loan. I had paid off a previous loan ($300). I had paid off a year prior and they were persistent in calling me saying I qualified for the $1000. So I went there and took out the loan under the understanding that I would have a credit line $1000. So whenever I paid down my balance, I would have a line of credit of that amount. But that soon changed, my statement said I had approximately $300.00 in credit. When I requested it they said they don’t do that. So false advertisement is what I call it is. I pay them every 2 weeks and it varies from $99.00 to $115.00, depending who is taking the payment at a 21% or 24% interest. And, yes, I have been late a few times from day one up to 2 weeks and they have just harassed me on my cell phone. They even have called my references, whom they said they were only to be listed as people that knew me. They have called my job constantly after I requested for them not to. They even threaten to call my supervisor. And they may have, she just hasn’t mentioned it. They talk real unprofessional on the phone and in person when I’ve gone in to make payments. And at the time when I did take the loan it was a completely different situation then than what they’re doing now. This company is a big fraud in Aurora, Co (303-755-1112). I can’t make my payment that is due on 12-14-11, but I’m scared to call and try to make arrangements—they’re so rude and crude.I can’t rest or relax knowing about this company and what they might do. And on my job, I can’t have these kinds of calls, especially if they have contacted my supervisor. It is flat out embarrassing with my friends/family. They have called my reference (people I know) and threaten or possibly called my supervisor and they constantly call my job even when I’m not late. They supposedly call it 'reminders'.
Please everyone, read this before you do business with these people. They contacted me about a loan approval and said they would need an $183 REFUNDABLE fee just to make sure I could pay the loan back. So silly me put it on a Green Dot card and gave them the number. They said my loan would be in my account within a half hour but it wasn't. I had to call them repeatedly to see what the deal was THEN they told me I would have to pay ANOTHER $350 for "loan insurance". Every time I called back, they told me a different lie. Then they said the bank was closed and it would be there tomorrow. To my dismay, the loan still was not there and these people did not contact me or even answer the phone. I finally got a hold of one of the shiesty workers and asked how to get a refund. They said, "It is not possible, you won't get a refund now. Stop calling here!" His name was "Mark" and he was extremely rude and very unprofessional as he called me names and mocked me. And they never answered again. So I am out of $183 and there's not much I can do about it. PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! They are SHADY and they will STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!!
By far the rudest, most racist company I have ever dealt with. I will be in contact with the BBB asap. This company is a con artist stealing information and using it for marketing!!!
Payment due and asked for extension. Payment was sent through my bank unbeknownst to me. Filed complaint, talked to local office and also called manager. Very rude. No help at all. My bad for dealing with them no matter how desperate.
I was in dire need of cash for a medical procedure. I went into Allied Cash Advance and found I qualified for a loan in the amount of $950.00. The loan was very fast and easy to obtain. The person that helped me was pleasant enough, but very hurriedly went through all the terms and interest rates and charges. I should have listened more closely and read the fine print front to back! I want to warn people out there that this business is the biggest rip off I have ever seen! They totally take advantage of people desperate or down on their luck. I am paying an annual fee of $135.00 every month, and $12.00 in interest every month. And that's not even paying on my loan! I can't believe I was so naive. I will never do business with them again. This is a lesson learned.
I had taken out a payday loan over 10 years ago and after I had to close my checking account (due to fraud) I went to my local office to try to set up payment arrangements for the money owed. They refused to work with me and wanted payment in full including additional fees. I was unable to come up with the full amount due to health hardship. I attempted to make arrangements with their main office as well. No luck. Now today 10 years later, my father, mother, brother and daughter received phone calls of a very threatening nature; all had the impression that they were speaking with a law enforcement agent who claimed to be looking for me regarding "multiple fraud charges" filed against me. My mother was told that I have a "long rap sheet" (I have NEVER been convicted of any crime) and that this investigator was "coming to pick me up". My mother was in a panic and her blood pressure went sky-high. She truly believed I was going to be arrested for something and that I had been leading some criminal life that she didn't know about! (I was a supervisor at a bank for 8 years before becoming disabled!) When I called and spoke to Jennifer at the number provided she claimed that fraud charges were being filed and all the other bad check charges would be filed concurrently. I explained I wanted to clear the matter up. When I asked what other check charges she was referring to she gave a spiteful laugh and said I knew exactly what she meant. Well since I had never written any bad checks I told her no I didn't know what she was referring to and asked her to tell me. She got very defensive and said she wasn't going to play this game with me. I explained I wasn't playing any game only asking her to clarify the statement that SHE made. (I was getting irritated by this time but still maintaining professionalism.) At this point she started yelling at me that she was sending the investigator to my mother's home and ending the call. She then hung up on me. She then sent an email to the investigator that said I refused to cooperate! I finally spoke to the investigator who gave me the info on my "rap sheet". He claimed I had bad check charges in Texas in the year 2000. I guess these are the charges that would be run concurrently.... I called and found out that there had been a traffic ticket from Texas that had not been paid. Really? This company is committing fraud! I don't think they can legally disclose my REAL business to a third party let alone the blatant lies they were telling about me. I paid them their money but they haven't heard the last of me!
I and my husband walked in Cash Advance on 3822 Jefferson Davis Highway Fredericksburg, VA to get a cash loan when the store manager is speaking to another customer bragging about how she got two lesbian fired from their job because she didn't want their kind working near her. This is the store manager who said this then another employee which was a white lady who said "** don't deserve to work or live in VA. I reported this to the corporate. They reported to the property owner. She said she don't like ** either." I was so disgusted me and my husband and several other people walked out. I started a petition of some of the people who heard this. That is so disgusting I'm getting in touch with NAACP.
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