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Overall average rating of 2.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 28 %
Moneybee matched me with a loan. That is what they said they were going to do an they did, which was really good for me. I had tried some places online and they did not get me loans, but I tried moneybee and it worked. And it is a free service, so if they say they are going to charge you then you probably have the wrong place because it was absolutely free for me. And it worked. I got my loan. Period.
these people are nothing but scammers. they try to get you to give information that they do not need and you never get a loan but you are charged for services they do not provide. when you want to talk to some one in management they say they have no internal way to transfer you. if you ever get a text message from them look closely at the number it came from chances are it is from a number that is no longer in service and it never has been
This is not a LEGIT Loan Company! They say you need to give them your credit score BUT you have to sign up for their monthly monitoring Service. When i told them that I was not interested in either they just call and call. I asked them 4 times in one day to stop calling me! But sure enough every morning at 8:30 am and 1:00 pm like clock work they call! I keep blocking their numbers on my phone but they call from so many different numbers it's impossible to keep up! I mean they called me this morning from a local Houston number.
The people that are leaving good reviews must be affiliated with the Moneybee! They are scammers and have an ALERT on BBB's website! Check out the link: (CANNOT POST LINKS HERE) Search for MONEYBEE on the BBB website. DON'T BE FOOLED BY THIS COMPANY!
Very nice good luck
The English language was poor I really couldn't understand them and I swear I was talk to different people like they were just passing the phone around
HOW I GOT MY XMAS LOAN. I am Patty Wiemers, from Kokoma, Indiana, I am a single mom with three kids. I want to speak of the good deal done to me by Jennard Investments Limited, they restored my happiness by giving me a loan, I needed to refinance and pay medication bills and Xmas loan. Before now I tried seeking loans from banks but I was declined because I had bad credit. But a fellowship member told me of Jennard Investments Limited, I decided to contact the company and as God would have it, I successfully secured a loan $75,000 on the 6th of November 2018. I have made the right choice by contacting them. I advise those out there searching for a legit place to secure an Xmas loan to quickly contact Jennard Investments Limited via email: jennardinvestmentslimited@ don't know I'm speaking of the good thing they has done for me.
Do not believe the positive reviews, as they are written by the employees! I got a call from Angie also, and since I had applied for a loan elsewhere, I assumed it was them. They offered me $4000 and said I'd be paying back $200 a month for 36 months. After saying I'd get an email within 1/2 hour, and calling back 3 1/2 hours later, it was a different company!!!! It wasn't a wrong number. I called several times checking the number carefully. PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR THIS!!!!
​So I received a voicemail this morning from an Angie at Moneybee, she called from a CT number. I called back to get my number added to their "do not call" list as I have never heard of this company or applied on their website. I got John on the phone, after being asked to be placed on their do not call list, he just simply hung up, didn't ask me for my name, number, reason, nothing. Just simply hung up. I called back and got Sabrina, after explaining to her what happened and now wanting to speak with a supervisor, she too hung up on me. I called again and got Jean, who also hung up on me. Called again and got Efrain who told me that no managers are available. What kind of call center is this? I come from call center background and I've worked graveyard shift and there is ALWAYS a manager or supervisor on duty. A call center that tells you there is no manager or supervisor BEWARE!! Who would leave a call center of 10+ reps unsupervised? Reckless to say the absolute least and a major red flag. Efrain advised that he sent a message to his manager and that I would receive a call in 15 minutes. That was at 10:15AM, it is now 12:25 and have yet to hear from this mystery manager. So I called back 3 more times, these reps didn't even give a name. Hell, they didn't even answer the phone with the company name! They simply answered "Hello" like if it was a personal call on their personal phone. John, Sabrina and one of the no-name reps seemed to be working from home. Luckily for me, I record ALL incoming and outgoing calls so I have all of these calls and hang ups recorded if anyone would like to hear for themselves :) message me on Facebook at Ellie Lemonier.​
The problem with getting a loan I think is that as soon as you are done with the banks in your town there really isn't a lot of other places that you are going to go. I live i a small town and I am not going to drive over an hour just to ask a bank to give me a loan that they will probably say no to. And I also don't like the idea of just hoping that a website that I email will be honest. But Moneybee is good because they don't lend you anything, they just connect you with lenders. So when up contact them you're rally contacting a bunch of banks. And that's how I got my loan through them. Like, 5 banks said no but 1 said yes and that was all it takes. So it worked great for me, but that is probably because I don;t just stop the first time someone said no. So I'd say they are really good and got me what I wanted, but I would also tell people not to give up real fast when they use them, because my first bank said no to me too,
I went through this company and they gave my information out people started calling with offers and they had all my banking info even got ripped off by one of them for 215 dollars America lending hub don't fall for that ppi bull they also call acting like diffrent companys and I believe its all money bee. So money beware. Dennis. I think they are terrorist we all need to file complant to F B I
Received a cold call about my 'loan application' - which I hadn't made. I pursued it because of recent identity theft, to determine whether someone else had made an application in my name. Nope, just trying to sell whatever they sell.
The website was easy to figure out and they have some competent customer service agents who helped me out a lot. I would recommend the service to anyone who needs a loan.
These ppl called me promising good news telling me u was approved for my loan and in order to try to get a lower intrest rate I would have to speak to there credit Dept since I had poor credit. After speaking with them they informed me that I would be charged $99. A month for three months regardless of loan acceptance and I could cancel anytime. When I didn't receive a call back like I was told I would I called honeybee only to be hung up on by 5 different ppl as soon as I gave them my # to pull up info. Then when asked for customer service I was hung up on again. When I went to cancel the credit check there's no option and no customer service. Therefore I was forced to change all my accounts and get new card. This is nothing more then a credit scam.
Every referral was a dead end and after opening up numerous browsers asking for further personal information and having to deal with their credit report scheme I made it an appoint to write this review. People if you are in need of financial assistance- please be extremely careful with this company and others that throw you around from one lender to the next asking for personal information. If their referrals were legitimate then there would be no further need to expose any further personal data. This company is scamming the public for credit report activation fees and has no real interest in helping the public. CONSUMER BEWARE!!!!!
They would tell i would be approved follow there simple steps yeah right!There step you follow leads you to nowhere.So take it from me Dont even try empty promises.
I kept getting sent around to people who didn't really know what they were talking about (and couldn't speak English well) but then I was able to eventually reach this Loan Specialist by the name of "Zach" (or possibly Jack) who helped me link up my MyScore account and MoneyBee account so that I was able to get the loans I actually qualified for. Needless to say, I was able to get my $15,000 loan with little hassle and he was kind enough to give me his e-mail just in case I didn't want to deal with the other people at their company and if I ever wanted to apply for another loan. Anyways, he asked if I could help him out with marketing himself if he gave me good service and I said sure. So if you're having trouble with getting through the loan process then I know this Agent can help you out, his e-mail is zrk_3425(at) I believe if you send him an e-mail with your name, number, and time to call then he will have you scheduled for an appointment to be able to lead you through the loan process to get your accounts (MoneyBee & MyScore) hooked up so that you get set up with loans you are approved for. Good luck guys! 5++ Stars for MoneyBee and this Agent.
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