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Springleaf Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Springleaf
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 87 %
The desolate wasteland that is credit, with its landscape bereft of emotion and compassion, has a new sheriff, and that is Springleaf! These folks will change your mind for the better about getting a loan.
We were referred to them and are very pleased. Would recommend them highly. No pressure, easy to understand and smooth process. Thank you for the professionalism and enjoyable service.
I found myself needing to pay off some of my medical bills, it seemed like everyone was sending me pre-approved applications. For some reason I kept the one for Springleaf and called them a few days later. The representitive took some information and I few minutes later I found out I qualified. I would diffently recommend Springleaf, their fast and have great customer service representives. Thank you Springleaf!
great people to work with came to my rescue when a loan
I needed money for repairs and they delivered!
It seemed fruitless until I contacted Kailynn at Sprinleaf in Roanoke, VA. The application, customer experience and tremendous quick service was awesome. Kaitlynn explained everything and I was able to obtain a personal loan in no time! Thanks Springleaf!
I did my application on line and they got back in touch with me the next day. The representatives where very friendly and explain everything plus made sure that you understood everything. Didn't pressure in getting anything you didn't need or want. Would use them again if I need to for I trust them for my needs.
I received several mailings from this company. At first I just read it and threw it in the trash. But after getting more than one mailing I decided to check them out for legitimacy. After one phone call to them I was approved for a personal loan within minutes. The representative was so personal and friendly when I met with her. She was a joy to speak with and she was very thorough when explaining the loan guidelines and process. I would recommend them to everyone for your loan needs!
I applied for my loan with little expectations due to my experience with another loan company. Springleaf in Fultondale, Alabama was the exception. They made it possible for me to get the money I needed using my truck to secure the loan. My appointment was convenient and the attention I received especially from my loan officer Debbie Osment was simply outstanding. She is very professional but yet personable. I was treated like a neighbor unlike the other company who treated me like an inconvenience. Thanks Springleaf for your assistance in my time of need. Larry C.
My wife and I have been struggling with our bills for sometime now, just barely getting ahead. My wife was basically working to pay the bills. We turned to our local bank for help with either a home loan or debt consolidation loan. We were told they could not help because our debt to income ratio was too high. Well no kidding! this was why we tried to get help. Srpingleaf did the impossible- we have a much lower monthly payment with fewer bills. This was the break we needed and Springleaf was the only one who made it possible. We can't thank the staff enough.
Springleaf is excellent when wanting to get a loan and also for consolation. I highly recommend Springleaf for large or small needs.
Helped when I really needed didn't know what I was going to do until I received a brochure n mail and called them,they had me come n and the representative helped me got me approved and I was gone within a hour.
I have had several loans and have always been treated with the utmost respect. The loan process is very streamlined and the technology is utilized to make the paperwork go faster.
Very exceptional customer service. Fast, but accurate loan service. Would use them over their competition anytime!
Springleaf is always there when I need them. Thank you Springleaf!!
Very knowledgeable helpful and friendly
It had been a couple years since I'd re-newed a loan. It was fast & ez then but now they do e-sining - so I'm not sure how they could make it faster & ezier. I sent a friend 2 yrs ago & he managed a pay-day loan place but he got a loan from Springleaf - he said it was hassle-free. I would recommend them to anyone!!
Excellent - I would highly recommend them. Would recommend them to my own family. My experience with them was exceptional. And they dealing with them will help boost my credit score.
I received a letter in the mail. I called they asked if I could come right in. I said sure and I was in and out in around 20 minutes.
I have been a customer for quite a while now and have always received great service. I give them my highest recommendation and will will go to them for future loan needs.
Theresa, our loan rep, was the perfect person to help us complete our transaction! She was very knowledgeable, friendly, and performed our transaction in a very quick and efficient manner. She gave us all the information we needed to make smart choices about our loan and walked us through the process with ease. In addition, the business was very friendly, clean and inviting. I would recommend Springleaf to anyone looking to take out a personal loan!
This company will try its best to help you qualify and get the loan you need. I'm very happy with their services.
Spring leaf loan company has always helped me in my time of needs. They are kind and understanding staff.
It was an easy experience and happened very fast it's a great company and I will use them again
Such a wonderful group of employees. They were very professional, friendly and personable. I had my two children with me at the time I went to complete my loan papers and was quite nervous that they might get restless. To my pleasant surprise I was in and out in no time!! No doubt I would recommend Springleaf to anyone.
The loan given to me was exactly what I wanted!
They were very helpful & professional. They made things easy
Awesome customer service! Knowledgeable, polite, and very kind. Our agent, Brandon, was the best. It's not always easy having to get a loan or financial help, but Brandon really made us feel comfortable. He took time to listen to our needs, explain what our options were, then was very expedient in completing the process. If we ever need to do this again, we'll definitely seek the help of Springleaf!
I had an amazing experience with the staff at the Marietta Eastlake, GA location. The ladies were very sweet and accommodating, Kenneth was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. TK the manager was very accommodating as well. The process was very smooth and I would be more than willing to refer them to friends and family.
Process for a loan was very simple! My customer service representative was excellent and very helpful in the whole loan process! This was my second loan.
Easy to qualify and fast, friendly service
I needed a loan to help build my credit and reduce my credit card debit and Springleaf made it easy with great costumer service and an easy loan process.
I had a very good experience with springleaf they were very helpful very kind and they were able to meet my niece
Customer service was top notch. Audrey was hard working and extremely polite. The intrest rate is a little high but with my credit I figured it would be. Truely a company that wants there customers to succeed. A+ all the way around
I was at wits end and working 48 hrd a week and still found it hard to pay off all my bills and end up with enough to buy gas and close to bring a homeless veterans again and tired all the time from work and I was helped by Springleaf and promise to receive more help once I paid half of my responsibility back,and I do say "Oh What A Relief", mentally and physically.
The folks at springleaf were very helpful very thorough very kind and very personable I am so glad I was able to use there service and would defiantly recommend checking them out
The staff at Springleaf treated me fairly and with respect. My credit score suffered badly during the housing crisis in 2008/2009 but Springleaf's employees treated me like I had a credit score in the 800's. I will certainly do business with them again.
The process was very easy. Service was great. Thank You.
I am a return customer and have nothing but good things to say about it. The employees are always hospitable and courteous and knowledgeable.
Excellent Service, Quick Turn Around time, trusted and knowledgable staff.
I am very pleased with springleaf I will recommend them to all my friends and family.
Great staff friendly service quick process!!
I really liked the idea that I spoke with the same person through the whole process and according to my needs he did everything to meet them. I will personally call the same loan rep for business in the future to handle my concerns thank you
Springleaf was absolutely amazing! Belleville Illinois location is ourstanding customer service. The whole experience was fast and easy. I could not ask for a better loan company!
Great an fast
Applied for a loan told them that I use to be self-employed sent over the requested tax information they requested. Received a call back stating that I didn't make enough money, explained to the rep that i am no longer self-employed that I make about 15k before taxes after taxes 11k, stated i still didn't make enough money. I have no debt was trying to secure the loan to establish credit. I would not use them or recommend them to anyone. It was like they were trying to find reason not to allow me to have the loan. Small lending places were built like this to help the community but this place is not good at all. Thanks for nothing!
My experience with Springleaf Financial was awesome. Sarah, was very polite, kind and very knowledgable. Springleaf online service to upload documents were the best. I would definately do business with Springleaf again. And definately refer friends and families. Quick & Efficient. I recommend Springleaf.
We applied for the loan online and received a check the very next day. Great customer service!
This Company knows their business will be around for a long time! Not only are they efficient but professional at the same time and it didn't take them a long time to complete the loan transaction. This is my second time with this company and probably won't be my last.
I can't thank Springleaf enough for being there for me. I needed to consolidate some debt into a single payment and after just a few basic questions I was approved for a loan. There wasn't any doubt of how the loan worked and I was left completely clear on the terms of the loan. I think I called on a Wednesday and it was approved the same day! The only reason I couldn't pick up my loan check until Saturday (yes, loan officer came in early at 8:30a just to accommodate my schedule...what Big Bank does that???) was due to my work schedule. Thank you, Springleaf, for being the financial institution that has helped me achieve my consolidation needs and that has helped me better my credit rating. Thank You!!
Below was my initial review, however, Springleaf contacted me and we got things straight. They are indeed good to deal with. The only thing that is needed is to communicate and that was taken care of immediately. I'm happy to be with an organization such as Springleaf and recommend that anyone needing good service and financial assistance call their local Springleaf. I am a retired 90% disabled 3x combat tour veteran on a fixed income but make plenty to pay my loan back. I've been using Springleaf for years and have always been treated as a person rather than an account number. Since the retirement of the former manager at the New Castle PA branch the branch has spiraled in my opinion. I ran into some problems paying on time but I have always paid and in full when I could. If not the full amount at least as much as I could. In the past I would have received a friendly call from them to see if they could help in any way, and everything was always worked out. Now I get impersonal unsigned letters and more recently an email from somewhere badgering me. It's not enough for me to pay what I can. I always stayed in direct contact and didn't hide from them. They seem to enjoy other temporary hardships of others. A 180° from what I had come to expect. I have sent others their way but never again. I will persuade all the folks I know to stay the hell away from Springleaf. I'm going to take another loan as soon as I can in order to pay this company off and never give them another dime. I'll go bankrupt first.
From American General to Springleaf, we have had nothing but great service for each and every one of our loans. Every loan that we requested came at a time of adverse conditions and each one was handled professionally and quickly, so that our money was in our hands by the end of the day. Thank you Springleaf and see you again, soon!!
Laurie was a big help in getting what we needed .we will keep during business with them
The staff at the locations on Burnet rd in austin texas they are very professional and very nice they listen then ask questions.This is what i call customer service you are always informed on what will take place next,then you are notified on when will it be convenient for you to be able to come in if your appoved.I have to say that the reason i chose this place over all is cause they don't promise that they can get you approved and then tell you oh I'm sorry but maybe you should try agoan in 3 to 6 months.Spring leaf knew my situation and they worked with it and got me approved.My family cannot thank you enough for making this happen especially with the holidays here.God bless all of you and may he give you back what you give to all of us in need at the time of discourage and not knowing where to turn.
Pleasure doing business with a company that treats you as their own family.
The whole loan process was efficient and timely the only negative I found was the interest rate is very high.
It was nice to have a person understand and not judge you..Kenny was very helpful. Made me feel comfortable. I didn't have stellar credit. So I kinda expected the rate to be way high. But it was alot better then I expected..From start to finish, I felt comfortable..I would recommend them to anyone in need of a loan..Thank you guys!!
Springleaf really helped me when they approved my loan I was able to pay off my loan get rid of all those credit cards I didn't need I was able to even pay off a student loan that I have been trying to pay since 1985 they will draw out my payments every 5th of the month and I won't miss it I am so grateful
Couldn't have had a better experience. Absolutely would recommend Springleaf to everyone.
I would choose Springleaf anytime they work with you and try to keep your payments to were you can afford them
Will definitely do business with this company again. Very easy to talk to and didn't pressure any extras on me!!!! Job well done. A+++++ service
What an easy process! I had a check the same day to leave for our trip the next morning!
Courtney is our representative, and she alway makes the tranasactions fast and easy. She has our paperwork done before we even arrive at the office so that we don't have to wait, and all of our questions are answered before we sign the contract.
Great Customer Service. Easy to work with.
Great company to deal with for your personal loans.
I am thankful to the team at Springleaf. They were very professional and served with a smile.
My experience was great! My rep was very helpful and he explained the process step by step so that I understand all the aspects of my loan.
I did a bankruptcy 2 years ago and never thought I could ever get a loan from anywhere till I applied with springleaf !! It was fast and easy one visit and I received a check too. Amazing !! We are very happy ! Thank you again Springleaf !!
Springleaf was a great help for me they really came through for me when i needed them the times i went in and asked for money. The employees their are very helpful and polite and they really do try and help you obtain a loan as much as possible. I would tell my friends about them if they needed help because even if they didn't get the loan the people their would try there best to try and help them. I do appreciate all the help they have given me.
Got money fast when we needed it most. Thsy helped us until 7pm one night.
Springleaf helped us with our loan because we were out of grocery and needed them so much. Also needed to get my license plates for my car. Was able to get everything done with the loan from Springleaf.
The agent was professional, helpful and friendly. The staff was also very professional and friendly. The wait time was minimum. I have recommended Springleaf to friends.
Rebuilding your credit is never easy and even embarrassing at times, but the service I received at Springleaf was beyond exceptional. The staff really took the time to listen to my needs and help me out in a very satisfactory way. I would recommend to everyone to give Springleaf a try.
Provided friendly and caring atmosphere and made it a easy experience.
This was the best place we've ever worked with. We'll definitely be going to them for any of our loans needs.
Springleaf Financial treats people with dignity and respect. It is hard to ask for any better experience!
very professional staff made the process quick and simple. Have the funds deposited very conveniently to my checking account. Paperless and fast
Spring leaf really does what they say they do. They make the loan process as personal as they can to help you. Whenever I need money and don't want to deal with the hassles of other banks and credit unions, I would always recommend using Springleaf first. The interest rates are higher than normal but it's workable as long as the monthly payment is made on time. I respect the business model as it has worked twice for me in a year.
Would gladly recommend this institution to anyone,people where easy to do business with,they were very helpfull.
I borrowed $2500 dollars and i was told by one of their financial officers that i could apply extra payments to lower my loan and the interest rates!!!...I've been paying an extra $400 dollars on it every one...Here i want to pay my loan off after 4 months and they tell me that my pay off is $2000!...I was like what?!!!!!!...Ive been giving you $400 dollars extra each month!!!...I was told that since i didn't specify where to put that extra money, it was not added to the principle...Are these people dumb or what...Who pays extra and not want to apply it to the principle...And i told them each month that the extra $400 dollars were suppose to go to the principle!!!!!!....NEVER AGAIN....I will NEVER do business with These crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We keep going back to Springleaf! They are they best no hassle lending institution we have ever had dealings with. I would recommend them to anyone!
I felt that the staff were there to help me not to rush me or make me feel like I was just a number for their board for the month. I felt comfortable talking with the staff I wasn't made to wait they contacted me the next day after I left a message with them re: a loan. I recommend Springleaf to anyone who is in need of a loan. The staff are very professional, friendly and customer oriented.
Elizabeth, from the Military and Somerset location, was awesome! She knew exactly what she was doing, she was able to answer all of our questions and it felt quick and easy!
I contacted my bank, where I had a loan previously. They told me I needed to get my credit score up more before they could lend me money. I saw the online advertising for springleaf, so I applied and got an immediate response. The initial amount approved for is less than what I needed. I was contacted by a representative shortly after where they finished the application and got me 1500 more dollars, which I needed. Thanks Springleaf
I would refer friends/family in the future and My Rep Louis out of Fremont, CA office was great. He deserves a raise. Overall Experience was Excellent.
We were in need of a new fence and kitchen floor and this was a perfect fit for our needs.
Gr Fast process and very respectful customer service.
I was approved for a loan within minutes after applying online, just when I thought I would never get approved. I was approved for a consolidation loan and now have a lower monthly payment. The process was fast and easy. I'm happy!!!
They are very friendly and helpful and my bill is always affordable for me
It was nice doing business with Springleaf. I look forward to possible getting a car loan through them soon. I like that it was direct and to the point.
fast, easy and very efficient
Rhonda, Made it worth the trip into Springleaf! I will refer my friends and family to her. Thank You, Again Rhonda.
When I first went in to get a loan, it was for personal reasons. I was so nervous but they were so kind and helpful I could not believe how easy it was. I am a retired person and I truly thought it was useless to try, but believing in God and having faith, my loan was approved and all of the employees in that office was just fantastic and superb. Thank you Springleaf.
Always there and they call me when I am good in their eyes to get a loan
Very friendly and helpful. Would use agin in the future
I have dealt with Springleaf in Wheelersburg Ohio for several years now. Chad and Angie are easy to talk to and easy to work with. They will do everything they can to help someone with whatever their needs are. I would recommend this branch to anyone.
I was told they could help with a debt consolidation loan. I was preapproved for a loan. When we done the application I was denied. The part that got me was they already put in a "hard inquiry" to my credit. The part they denied me on (last years taxable income)could have been provided before a hard inquiry was made into my credit. Now not only do I not have a loan but a lower credit score. Just a bad way to do business!
i talked with Laura and explained to her what I needed the money for and she took all the necessary information and got started. Called me back with the information, and we did the loan over the phone. I had trouble with the computer, she was very patient with me as I was having trouble , she walked me through it as finally got what needed to be done. She said she would print out the papers and I was happy on that, as the main computer was down, and wasn't able to use a printer. If anyone needed a loan I would certainly refer them to Springleaf. Very satisfied with th company. Thank you Terry
They exceed my expectations every time. I would recommend them to anyone.
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