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Amscot Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Amscot
Phone: 1-800-801-4444
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 84 %
I had an emergency and amscott was able to get me appoved for 400 in minutes. Saved my life.
I always get good service at amscot everyone is very happy an friendly
Very happy with amscot. When I’m in need of financial help it is good to know I can go there
The workers are all kind courteous and knowledgeable
I have always been treated with respect. I have never had a bad experience.
Excellent service, thank you
Have used them many times and everytime the service is exceptional!
Always professional , understanding with empathy , courtious and kind.
They're always professional, I have never experience any of the staff having attitudes, and they're pretty fast even when it crowded sometimes.
Process was easy, great service!
Rude customer service
Convenient service
Clerks are rude and disrespectful about 50% of the time at Orlando locations
The two ladies that were working in the office were extremely professional and caring and they communicated all of the details quite eloquently. I definitely recommend this service as well as this branch to anybody
Very professional and courteous service
The staff is friendly and helpful. The process of getting a cash advance is easy and that;s comforting if you ever do need it.
always great
Amscot is very convenient way to get funds for emergency, my only concern is the fee , I hope they can give more cash advance in the feature
no problems this was my first tine easy to deal with and explained things.
Was given inaccurate information when trying to set up for a Payday Advance took me four trips to two different locations before I had all the correct information with me due to inadequate information given from the tellers.
everything's great except the interest rate for the unfortunate is way too high. also, all loans should be automatically set to 30 day terms. simpler. Amscot has been handy for me on more than one occasion. great service to have. r botts
I am very happy with amscot and at the same time with the attention I receive in the amscot office that I visit.
Manny did everything to help me make the process fast and smooth he was very helpful and nice great customer service i love it
Honestly you guys are very helpful to the community especially with the short loan that you able to give us so that helped us dealing with the Bills and Order special financial problem it is very helpful thank you again continue doing the good work
It is good to have an option to get fast money in-case of an emergency. I would like to see increments of $25.00. It is hard to pay back or pay down with the high interest rate plus $50.00.
The representative had me there for over an hour, due to trying to multitask.
Customer service bad
Honestly all my experiences have been absolutely wonderful.
In my experience, Amscot has always been up front with their policies and procedures. No hidden fees Or games. I personally only deal with the associates at 10805 Bloomingdale Ave, Riverview, FL 33578. They are all professional, efficient and friendly. Even when there is one person working behind the glass you still are treated fairly and they make sure they get to you timely.
Plenty of branches open at early morning and late night - some 24/7. Very simple, very straight forward. Easy to deal with and a great help.
Always friendly and courteous with a professional attitude everytime I go to AMSCOT.
Very professional and very quick I like that!
Five would mean you have no room for improvement. A little more staff would be nice.
Always there when emergencies arise.
Extremely professional and courteous! Best experience I've had anywhere in a long time!!! You should be very proud!!! Thank you for your help and hospitality!
Very helpful and treat you right
Won't give you anything if you make 300.
It would be better if ypu didnt anounce thats do you dont go throuth peoples credit report when you do messing it up.
Amscot has been my saving grace! They are always there for me when I need that extra time too!
The Agents very pleasant and knowledgeable
Kind and generous staff...100% recommend University Dr w/Commercial Blvd store.
Brutal el service
The Am Scot team in St. Cloud has got to know me they are personable and always greets me with a smile. These are professionals know there jobs, work hard and are cooperative. In a nut shell I think there GREAT!
Has good service and above all his loan comes to me in good time
The employee s are always nice and helpful with everything. Don't have a bad thing to say.
Customer service and the organization is beautiful. I would recommend this company to everyone that need and and looking to get ahead in life. Amscot help me to reach goals without being a burden to others they stood by me in time of need. Thank you amscot
Amscot has been a life saver to me and my family.
I've found the accessbility of these loans to be a great help when in a tight spot
The only problems u take too long to reach the 500 mark if I want it
Amscot was simply there for me when no one was there, that’s family to me.
Easy people to deal and out in a very short time no problem
Fast service good company don't be a day late cuz it would draw the money out the bank.. entrance rate is not too bad
They are just very efficient and have never given me a problem. When I need an advance I can always go to them with no issue.
Thank you for providing a service when families do not have another alternative.
They are quick and courtesy...there service has helped me out!!
Always there when need a little help to get through the week, thank you
I wasn't really sure what to expect. But once I entered, they were very nice. Tom, the Manger at the 11500 Orange Blossom Trail store was so very nice and explained everything in detail. She made me feel welcome. I never thought that I would be in a place where I needed a pay day advance. But, here I am. She was so kind about it. She encouraged me and I can't say enough about her. She was so very kind. Thanks Tom!
They are a great staff and by all means give customers the best satisfaction there is wether is advances or cashing a check to withdrawing money to sending money the staff is ready to assist
They are fast efficient friendly and the location is always clean welcoming.
Took us out of a jam many times friendly people that work at Amscot
Service is always good in and out
Good service, especially the locations that are open 24 hours
I've used the service several times since my initial payday loan advance, and it has been a lifesaver. The initial paperwork takes a bit of time, but after that, it's quick and painless. My husband is out of work right now, and it has saved us in terms of bills. For 10%, it has been well worth it for me. I recommend this to anyone with a steady income that knows they can pay it back without hurting themselves financially. Very friendly staff, also.
Fast service nice employees
I've been fortunate to be associated w/Amscot, now for about two years. Instead of being turned down by a Banking Institution, or other Loan Services; You, can go to Amscot, and They will do Their best for You. Same day service, If, You are at Amscot for a Loan, evidentially, You, really need it, now! Thank-You, Amcot, for "everything."
I love amscot
I enjoyed my loan! I’m!
Very friendly staff an excellent customer service.
It's embarrasing having to get a cash advance while living paycheck to paycheck, but you are never made to feel that way at the Clermont Amscot. It's always a pleasant experience and you are always greeted with a smile.
Long wait process.
Always l on time many times earlier. Always what earth.
Love amscot. I just find the reminder phone call annoying. I already have the appt reminder card AND they send me a reminder text. I'm not supposed to receive calls on my cell while at work. The call is unnecessary. The text is more than enough.
I only go to amscot for cash advances when necessary, but every single time I’ve gone (the Palm Coast Location) I’ve had a pleasant experience. The girls who work there are polite, funny, and friendly, Andy Duerst and people’s needs and situations. They’re very considerate and I never have a problem. I go back because of the employees and how well they do their job!
Your associates are great. However the recent changes to your policy shows you do not care about your customers. Forcing each customer to come in just days after the initial loan is unfair and quite frankly just a loan sham.
Although cash advances are a last resort option, Amscot has helped when I've needed the advance.
People were very nice to deal with.
Kia was Very patient with me and answered all my questions! Thank you!
Worst financial place ever. I got an advance and I called twice to get an extension. Both times the guy told me ok but they still drafted my account before the extension. When I called them they were rude and said oh nobody put notes on your account. So I was penalized because someone didn’t do their job. When I spoke with the manger she goes there’s nothing we can do just take out another advance. This is the amscot in Tampa FL on Florida ave
Absolutely excellent as a new member today
Very professional service was great.
They are always fast and efficient. and because I am a regular customer, They always remember me.
They make it a little hard for A+ customers. I taken loans for abt year now, and been excellent , paying bk on time. But recently, one of the rep. Gave me a little hard time trying to place my pay back until the end of the month.. They should look at the history of the customer ... and have guide lines so it can be fair..
The service is always professional and quick. The tellers never look like they are having a bad day, it's great to visit Amscot.
Always very fast and very polite! I honestly have only had bad experiences when calling with general questions. Thanks for always being there to help my family.
Why I gotta pay y'all to get the money I done earned?
Ourstanding service and a team of staff that will work with me to understand and meet my direct needs.
Excellence in personal service, excellent personality in each of the ladies and gentlemen at each desk!!
Awesome place on Powerline Rd in Pompano Beach. Always professional and quick
They charged me 50 dollars for a 50 dollar loan because i was 2 days late. They bounced the check back n forth 6 times in those 2 days making me owe my bank over 100 dollars. Itbwas ridiculous ive never set foot in an amscot since. Also its cheaper to oay your bills over the phone than to go to these rip off artist. F u amscot
Very helpful on time when I borrow money to cover my needs..Great job.. thanks
Amscott reps call several times a day asking for a name not associated with my phone number. I have requested that they stop but it continues daily. Not happy.
Best experience of my life
Always professional and friendly
Agents have excellent people/customer care. They are always willing to help the client understand what they saying.
Best customer service EVER
Staff is very efficient, friendly, and helpful.
It's is great
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