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247 Lending Group Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: 247 Lending Group
Email: [email protected]
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 79 %
Really fast, patient with all my questions, excellent communicating. Received my funds quickly.
Very fast, efficient, and met my needs...
Almost instant approval. Then you just upload all your documents to their site and you are approved. So easy and confident. Interest is high, but when you need money so your kid can go to college, you do what you gotta do
24/7 lending makes the process quick and easy.
Easy to get approved. Get your financial need here....
Yes very nice to be someone out there that cares about people that have bad credit.Yes l will be more than happy to refer Y'all,s service
We needed a way out of the really high electric bills that were piling up and 247 Lending Group was the answer. They found me the perfect loan to stabilize my immediate financial needs. I could have done without the mandatory credit monitoring 7 day trial that I needed to cancel, but other than that one minor gripe 247 really saved me and my family a lot of headache. Thank you very much!
Process was fast and efficient. Will definitely recommend my friends and family to use their services
I was quickly matched with a good lender, and received my $1400 the next day.
really great company
Jessica was a big help and I thank her and your Co. for the loan,Thankyou, have a nice day.
Got matched with several lenders to meet my financial needs. Found the loan that was right for me, and my money!!!!
Was an easy experience,but sometimes make loans seem to good to be true,
The process was simple and worked as described! Thank you!
I went to the site completed an application they paired me with a company and I got a loan
It works as advertised, the trick is to wait for all offers to come in to ensure you get the best loan. As long as you get the lender the required info in a timely manner, your money is typically in your account the next business day. 24/7 Lending puts you in touch with multiple lenders at once, streamlining the process! From my application on 24/7 to cash in my bank account, less than 4 days! Thank you!
It's gets many options on loans and tries to find the right offer to suit my needs.
24/7 Lending group connected me with the right agency for my financing needs. Thanks!
It was simply fast easy and secure...
This will help me pay off bills
I needed a loan to consolidate some credit card debt and pay off my car. I'm still recovering financially from a divorce in which my ex-husband cleaned me out, so my credit score isn't so great yet. I went on 24/7 Lending, filled out an application (which literally took 2 minutes) and I had a lender contact me within an hour. I only had 1 lender contact me, so I unfortunately did not have too many options in terms of comparing interest rates. But, this will hopefully boost me back up to where I need to be so obtaining a loan in the future will not be difficult. I will use 24/7 Lending again if I need to find another loan.
I was approved the same day I applied and had my loan in my account the next morning. Couldn't be smoother. I'm impressed with not only how fast the loan process is but also very pleased with the customer support received. Mr. Robbins was very thorough in answering my questions.
I needed some extra funds to cover some medical bills and the service was fast and user friendly. I received my money the next day $5000.00.
Best experience I have had
Originally, it looked like I was denied. Then, AVANT sent me a pre-approval. I was concerned about the reality of the offer. It was real. The interest rate was crap but that's okay for this temporary cash infusion.
My experience was great! Got the loan and paid it off right away!
The form was easy to fill out and I was matched up quickly with a lender. Great service.
I have already advised a few people on how the process works. If you need a personal loan and you need it fast with less then stellar credit then you absolutely need to give these guys a call.
I was very happy with the results and how easy it was to obtain the needed loan. I hopefully will be working with these people in the future. No Fuss, No Muss
Been getting denied everywhere I tried. Wasn't even going to try at 247 but figured what more do I have to lose! To my delight (and surprise) I got approved!
The lending group found a company that loaned me the money I needed.
Excellent service - stellar in every way. A trusted and phenomenal resource to secure quick and safe funding. A+ highly HIGHLY recommend.
You guys ROCK...thank you so much.I was so worried about vacation.This takes a load off my shoulders.I will tell anybody that needs help to call you.
This was my first time using an online site like this one. I was a little hesitant at first but decided to go for it. I received a response immediately, was approved on 9/23 and submitted the required documentation and had the funds in my account on 9/26. I was very impressed with the response time, customer service and would definitely recommend this service to anyone. I would certainly use it again if needed. Thank you,
i can't believe how fast it was! Everyone I spoke with was professional and very knowledgable. I had an awesome experience!!!
It was fine. It was ok.
Easy to use, not too intrusive about private information. The loan was approved and funded without problems, so I do recommend this service. The only down side I experienced was that 24/7 stated my loan was not approved, then I was contacted by a loan company the next day stating I was approved, which initially led to confusion and concerns of being scammed. Would recommend to 24/7 that they fix the "automatic denial" that seems to have been a problem for others as well, as it leads to confusion that may prevent customers from replying to future emails from lenders.
I had applied for a loan with Avant three times on my own when I had higher credit scores and no debt and was denied all three times, yesterday (3/7/2016) I signed on with 247 Lending group and within 5 minutes I was pre-approved for a $16,500 loan from surprise, surprise...Avant!, after filling out their application my loan was approved within the hour and when I woke up this morning (3/8/2016) at 5:45 am the $16,500 had already been deposited into my account, in less than 24 hours! I'm overjoyed to say the least and would recommend any and everyone seeking a loan (even with lower credit scores) to at least give 247 Lending group a chance, I did and couldn't be happier, good luck and thank you 247 Lending group!!!
The customer service reps are great! Always eager to assist and get your needs handled timely. The process is very easily explained and as a consumer that is very important. I will send all my friends that have needs to 247lendinggroup.
easy process, quick decision
I could not imagine how easy it was to get a loan with the first company I was match with It was sincere honest .felt in charge kept my pride.pretty good definitely will recommend already have.
It was pain free and I ended up with a good rate/loan.
Getting a loan was painless and fast. Was great to payoff some Credit Cards that interest was eating up all our money.
There were no delays in the application process and they were honest and clear in their directions. They didn't pressure your or harass you. They gave you a timeline to make your decision. If I ever need another loan in the future I would definitely go back to them.
I don't have the best credit. I'm an honest, hard working individual with realistic expectations. After a divorce I was barely able to avoid BK. I applied on line in minutes and got an approval. The rate is about what I expected but I needed the cash and it came within 3 days! Paying this off will help build my credit worthiness. Thanks for giving me a chance!
Appkication was easy and fast. If you have any question you can chat and they are very helpful. Gotvsn answer within minutes of completing the aplication. Money was in my account next day
I had unexpected financial situation 247 lending gave me the help that I really needed.
Fast and easy to apply for loan...
This was an easy process. Your staff was very helpful all along the way!!
All my questions were answered, customer service was great, and fast too.
Excellent company would recommend to who needed help.
Helped tremendously. Quick loan and quick turnaround.
I highly recommend the use of 247 lending group. They helped me find a perfect loan fast and I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks!
I knew this would be a high interest loan based on my credit score and other factors. The service was professional and I think for the most part these staff I spoke with were honest and forth coming with all information. I still don't know if I was approved for a loan as one person told me I was and another stated I was not approved because of income verification. So if I got the loan awesome and if not I will try another high interest lender.
Needed extra funds and the process was fast and simple. Had my funds within 3 days
I was in need for a personal loan to pay off some high-interest credit card debts and arrived at 247 Lending Group's site. After providing my information, as well the reason for my loan, how much I wanted to borrow, with some additional info, I was quickly matched with a preapproved personal loan offer for $25K with one of their lenders at a lower rate than my credit cards. I was able to finalize my application with that lender and got my money in a few days. Thanks so much for helping me consolidate my debt and save some money too!! Highly recommend this service provided by 247 Lending Group.
My local bank changed terms in a loan AFTER the agreement was made. The new terms were not agreeable to me and left me in a bind with contractors to pay. I contacting 247 Lending Group that same night and made a deal that was agreeable to me and the money was in the bank in 5 working days. While this website appears to cater to those with less than perfect credit scores, I have an excellent credit rating. So I would definitely recommend to ANYONE that needs a loan.
What a wonderful experience! Within three hours I had an unsecured loan of $10,000 for an emergency crawl space repair on my home. I highly recommend this group!
This process was a very good and simple . Very professional and courteous.i would highly recommend this company.
I initially used the site on my cell phone. I had a much better experience on my PC. Overall, I have no Problem with giving 5 stars because of the follow up services provided.
You All Answer my Question.I had no problem with anyone.
247 was a lifesaver for me to get out of a pinch. Thank you so much for helping.
This site was fast and easy to use without a lot of complicated steps. The wait time was short.
I was in a finacial bind and needed to consolidate some debt. 247 Lending Group was my first choice, because, of all the internet lenders, rip off report had NO negative reviews! Not only did I receive a loan to consolidate my debt and save $300 per month, it was extremely fast and secure. No calls from other companies or scammers! I am really happy to have chosen 247 Lending and, if I need another loan in the future, I'll call on them again. Thanks 247 Lending!
This was a money loan experience like no other. The money was there in no time. It was a convenient and quick way to get the money that I needed to make ends meet. I was able to receive my loan in the comfort of my home by using my personal computer. Whenever I had a question, the customer service reps were courteous and patient in making sure that I received a response that I understood. I never felt rushed off the phone whenever I called.
The above is my review
I was impressed with the quick response with a lender. I wasn't impressed with how high the interest rate was. I feel the company could still make a decent profit with at least 5 percentage points knocked off.
A lot of questions to answer and then waiting to hear it is not my favorite thing to do but understandable.
It was fast and easy to do.
I really didn't expect to be approved! But I was and it was so fast and so easy I am now on my way to getting out of my financial debt! Thank you so much!
I am very happy and satisfied with the excellent service of 247 Lending Group. They are very prompt in helping me with my cash loan emergency. Kudos to you all!
Really appreciate the quick and courteous service.
This was the easiest process. I felt like security was not spared during this process. Because the day after our approval was MLK day we ended up receiving the money two days after we were approved. Still, it would be very useful for last minute emergencies; we will definitely consider them again if needed. The positive is the contract stated no penalty for paying the loan off early. And for those who are in the process of building credit back up, its a good way continue the process.
People are friendly and very professional
I am very happy with the service, super quick and easy! Just what I needed! provided excellent service and I was able to find the right loan quickly. Thank you so much.
Great service! Non complicated process.
Easy all on line no paperwork required.
It took me a little longer to receive the funds because I filled out application over the weekend but recieved the funds on the third day
What an easy process! Forms were simple to fill out and didn't take long. Everything that I needed to submit was listed and easy to send in. I had follow up emails and a brief phone call to finish the process. Loan was completely processed and in my acct within a couple of days.
If you are ever in an emergency and need some money and have no where to turn. You have to go to 247 Lending, its one of the best decisions I have ever made. They made is so easy and fast. I have never experienced anything so fast. Not only that there great people and that helps more than you know when asking for money. I definitely will use them again if I get in a bind. Thanks 247 Lendind
247 Lending Group provides an user friendly process to apply for a loan with speedy response. Cannot thank them enough!
They had me matched with a lender in no time.
I had a great experience, eveyone was very professional and honest about my loan. I would definitely refer you to any of my friends for their financial needs
I was very pleased
Great, Fast and Friendly
This was a nice experience. The application was easy to fill out. I received a response right away and had my money in the bank on the 2nd business day. I like that you can do all of this on-line and texting.
Ok to work with
24/7 Lending Group matched me with a great financial service provider, Springleaf Financial, for an urgent/emergency financial need. The process was quick and flawless.
Yes I would share with other just how thankful I'm for the help I receive from your company. My nephew is going to get him a car and I'll surely show him how to go on your site for help. Again Thank you
It was very easy to get the loan I was needing. They gave me more than I asked for which was a surprise. Yeah, the interest is high, but it's a business and I fully understand that. The people who work there are very nice and don't judge, I really appreciate Tim Bui, he was just great. The company also gives you a call to make sure you've received all funds and to see if you have any questions, which is a real plus. I'm very satisfied.
I was in a financial bind and needed help but had horrible credit. No one would give me a loan. So I stopped trying then I found 24/7 and it said guaranteed to be approved. I was hesitant, because I wasn't sure if it was telling the truth. I filled out the application, they match me with Avant Credit and sent my infoation from the app to them so I didn't have to fill out another application. And I was approved for a credit limit of $1000. How it works is amazing it's just like a credit card. My limit is $1000 but I use what I need and once I pay it back that amount is available again so it's an open credit line which is awesome.
All I had to do was answer a few questions. This along with the standard personal information typical of receiving a loan, all online and verified within minutes and my loan was approved! It simply made simple!
I was a little wary at first. How could somethung be thus easy, but within 2 days I had my funds in my account via one if their lenders.
They help me when I needed the help the most
Thanks guys for the wonderful experience and the great customer service it is truly appreciated I will recommend my friends to you guys!
It was quick and easy and the representatives that I worked with were pleasant and very accommodating I also liked how they checked on me days after the loan process was completed. Thank you!
This was by far, the fastest I have ever received money from a loan company. I literally applied at midnight Friday morning and the money was in my account Saturday morning. Greatest and fastest experience.
I Don't know how I feel about the way the money for you now, because I don't know enough about your help with myself and you as lenders, Kirk Bodine
I got some immediate matches even though my credit score is awful. I went with the first one that approved me and the fees and payback amount were not explained to me untill I had basically committed now I am stuck in a loan with a higher payback than I normally would've accepted. However with that being said 24/7 did their job without flaw it is the financial institution that my gripes are with.
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