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Fundera Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Fundera
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-386-3372
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 84 %
Quick yet thorough funding process and quick deposit. Great resource when you need additional funds.
I recently turned to Fundera because I was denied a SBA loan from a traditional bank. My customer service rep, Kate Morgan, was GENUINELY interested in my story and my need for funding. My business has doubled in size over the past 2 years and I needed funding to support my cash flow and help aid in my expansion. The whole process was so simple and most importantly, it was transparent with absolutely everything. I knew what my rates and options were and if I had any questions at all, my customer service rep Kate Morgan was able to answer them fully. I can't thank Fundera and Kate enough!!
Fundra is fast with supplying capital for your business needs. We were very pleased with our results.
Excellent information.
I was approved quickly after spending a lot of time with John Bak helping me understand all the options. After I was funded, I spent more time on the phone my my account rep Alex who was able to get me another deal based on my needs. Great service and they deliver.
Helped me find affordable funding that was right for my business and credit score
Customer friendly, helpful, kind and they strive to get you the best loan for your needs.
The crew at Fundera weer very helpful right from the first call. They reviewed my case and made helpful suggestions leading to our company setting up a line of credit.
I applied through their website as I was looking for business acquisition loan options. Went through the whole process. About 5 minutes later some guy called trying to get me to sign up for high limit credit cards. I have excellent credit and was able to obtain financing through a traditional lender. Not sure why they wanted me to get high limit credit cards. I think this place may be border line scam. Buyer beware!
Great service and Colleen made the process go very quickly. I am looking forward to doing more business in the future with Funder!
Aditi Kamdar at Fundera was OUTSTANDING to work with. Became an extension of our company in helping us find growth funding. I highly recommend and I look forward to this being the start of a great partnership.
With very little time taken away from running my business I was able to secure a much needed loan. Andrew Martin and Leo Palana were great to work with!
Very honest and reliable company. We will always handle our business needs with Fundera!!
I was in the midst of securing a small business loan directly with a lender and came across a Fundera banner. I decided what the heck, let me see where this leads. I can tell you that it took an extra couple of days to get things done but well worth the additional time. I teamed up with Abbey Y., whom I may say seems pretty busy but all along extra attentive to the customer and gets information out as she receives. Long story short, INTEREST plays a big part in any loan. On my own, 15% over a years means losing money. What I found through Fundera was a lending partner with an early pay-off incentive, greater line and about half the interest. I even had multiple loans in the final stages before opting to go with our lender. Great JOB Abbey and the Fundera family, glad I came across you when I did.
Always good information consistently current and useful
I worked with Annie at Fundera for a line of credit, which she was able to do very quickly. She followed up a few months later when an SBA loan option came around and was able to lower my rate by almost half! She (and the rest of the team at Fundera) is amazing, and I highly recommend Fundera to any small business owner looking for additional funds.
Fundera is safe and fast funding at your fingertips. You will not be disappointed. My Clients have been satisfied with the professional style and funding options Fundera has to offer. You can trust their unique funding site.
The process was very straight forward. I worked with Jeff who was very flexible with his availability. He was knowledgeable about my loan offers and able to provide a thorough review of those options relating to my specific business needs. I would recommend Fundera and a user friendly way for a small business to access needed funding.
Always well delivered information. As a new business owner I have learned from reading your newsletters. Thanks
We needed a credit line to expand our business but didn't meet the requirements of our bank (it starts with C if you wondered). We reached out to Fundera who worked in our best interests from the get go! They helped us secure a loan with one of their partner and we are relieved to have given our business that much needed boost. They checked in with us at every step to ensure all went well and even did a follow up once the credit line was secured and the first loan was approved. We definitely recommend them !!
Just an overall great experience
as a small business owner trying to get loans from big bank bureaucracies is probably one of the most dreaded aspects of my responsibilities. Its hard considering the relatively small size of my startup and the process requires so much paperwork and waiting. With Fundera it took a few minutes from the comfort of my home to complete the app and my startup got a loan extremely quickly (it was 2 days as promised).
I love receiving this newsletter because it provides a lot of information that has helped me in my business.
Good subscription that provides worthwhile info on finance, investing, real estate and business. Doesn't flood your inbox, and I actually look forward to reading some of the articles.
lots of promisis
Used Fundera to help me find a lender for a long term SBA loan. This was not my first SBA loan, so I knew what to expect. Process was easy from start to finish. Yes, quite a bit if information needed to be provided, but my Fundera reps and the lender were quick with emails and phone calls to make things move as easily and fast as possible. From initial application to final funding was about three weeks total. My Fundera reps listened to my needs, understood my business and were upfront about everything as they suggested what would be best for my business needs. I will be going back to Fundera for future financing needs and would recommend them to any small business.
Fundera is an excellent company for any small business owner, and is my go to player for any small business questions I may have. Fundera understands small business owners needs from improving there business game plan, loans, capital, projects, and any questions a small business owner may have even if they are the savviest of owners in there industry. Fundera is a must use website for any small business owner.
Very painless process and professional, helpful people to work with.
These guys and gals go above & beyond the call to get you working capital- very good service!
I own a small business in Western New York....Fundera not only got me the funds to expand my product lines and order new inventory while at the same time making the process easy and fast. Documentation requirements were detailed yet easy to understand and the funding was fast. About ten days for me from start t finish. Abbey was my representative at Fundera and treated me right. Good stuff.
They helped me out with securing a loan for my business. They set me up with a payment plan that is manageable since I am a small business. They could use a bit more help on customer service questions and getting back to me when I send out an email, but other than that I'm fine with this company.
Great, eye opening information! I have learned a lot concerning business and money.
Fundera put me in contact with Kabbage for a business line of credit and I ended up having an unacceptable experience with Kabbage. Tried to contact Fundera on more than one occasion to request some assistance with my Kabbage experience and never received any response.
Just ran into the boys hustling organic protein bars, the pistachio-mango is to die for, and refreshing smoothie on a "on the fly" green cart by WSU, these guys will be global as they say, no doubt!
Very professional and i would recommend Fundera to anyone looking for a business loan.
In searching for additional funding for my business expansion, I was wary of going online. I was concerned that I would be speaking on the telephone with someone in a boiler room type operation. John was very helpful, and it was easy to see that he really did want to help me. I will definitely work with Fundera and Mr. Bak again in the future.
The dashboard experience was very helpful allowing me to get a full view of what was being offered. It would have been helpful to have more email/phone call communication from my account manager. I found myself reaching out to him to see what was happening and what the next steps were vs. he contacting me, but he was responsive. All in all, I highly recommend Fundera for any start-up business.
It was pretty easy. They did ask for a lot of paperwork, but I can understand that. The loan hit my acount the same day the finished up the paperwork. And the payments are set and pull out automatically every due date.
Thank U for all U guys do keep on reaching out to people that are in need. God Bless
I've had a very good experience
They have been very prompt and helped us with multiple lenders getting the funding that we need at a time that we need it!
It's nice to know that someone has your back in the biz world. Fundera is that group of professionals for me :)
As as small business owner finding business financing can be stressful. The internet is full of lenders "wanting to help" but not all of them can be trusted. Its a scary place! Fundera took the stress out of finding an honest, reliable company. They did all the vetting and research and only work with the best of the best. My contact, Nate Casey, went above and beyond to help me. He genuinely cared about me, my company and my future. Fundera is my #1 place to go when looking for business funding.
Great people to work with, made process simple
Useless to real business people
Great information and reading from this company that provides a valuable funding outlet for small business owners
Working with Fundera was a positive experience. I received several loan options for me to consider. The Fundera reps that I dealt with we're truly fabulous. I found them to be knowledgeable and reliable!
Approved us in a couple of days, but the paperwork took more than a month as the lender kept wanting more forms, signatures etc. Finally when we were promised to be funded, the lender insisted on a 50% increase in the interest rate. We never had any indication that raising the interest rate to more than 40% apr and were blindsided. Fundera said they couldn’t do anything about this and were powerless. The entire process was dragged out, painful and at the final moment was changed. UNETHICAL, PREDATORY, INCOMPETENT
Useful content, sometimes not complete
They're responsive, honest and professional. I really had no trouble with any part of the process, and will actively recommend Fundera to my peers.
it was somewhat helpful just seemed to be promised something they could not deliver
John Bak he's the best , fast and the best service ever , great comunication and smooth process
I had tried a couple other companies earlier who said they could get me funded and could not. These guys were true pros. They were able to secure funding so I could add additional product for the upcoming holiday season.
Once all the paperwork was in, things moved fairly quickly. The gathering of the paperwork was tedious, though, and wasn't as smooth as it could've been. After that, though, things moved smoothly.
It is very helpful. The topics are relevant and importance. I wished there would be more healthcare industry topics.
James Reichenbach was a total professional and worked hard to find the perfect situation for my business.
Working with Fundera was the best and easiest way to get a loan for my business , and even after getting the loan , they will always follow up and make sure you are taking care of in any way possible. Thank you Fundera for all your hard work . Sam Zak
Jacob was excellent in helping my company find the best rates and solution. He was very knowledgeable about the industry and provided me with sound advice. Also, he was very patient as I had to get a lot of items in order and had some elementary questions. I highly recommend fundera because of their great staff.
I have nothing but praises to give to the team at Fundera! Any small, medium or large business that is exploring a bit of capital funding should explore this company! Thanks, BT
As someone who fell for some predatory and shady business loan companies out there, I found myself being eaten alive by them, destroying our cash flow needed to reinvest into our growth (something tells me they put more companies out of business than they help). I had the privilege to work with Ted Porter & Patrick McCarthy at Fundera, and it was an absolutely amazing experience. Versus being sold to, it was the most genuine experience I could have imagined. Ted was also lightning quick with everything, kept me in the loop constantly, and it was all capped off by the sincere excitement he had for me when this loan got funded. Fundera, you've got a keeper in Ted, hold onto that one. I can't recommend Fundera enough. Thank you Ted & Patrick.
Fantastic and excellent.
Fundera was a pleasure to work with and they help to explain all options and what is the best course of action. Annie was the best to work with!
The application and funding process was simple and hassle free. I didn't skip a beat and can now grow my business.
Nate was excellent. He made a challenging loan work.
I found Fundera while searching, like Diogenes, for a company I could trust to help get the right non-bank funding. I found them by a fluke and am glad I did. They were fast, competent and great problem solvers. My account rep, Kate Morgan, was top notch and the process had a happy ending. But here's what I you need to know. This is an organization that is trustworthy in an ocean of high pressure players of questionable character. And, they are also helpful, friendly, courteous....well, you get the idea. Pick Fundera.
They make it easy to talk to!!!
Fundera was helpful with linking my company with lenders!
I couldn't believe how easy Fundera made my information search...Seriously, only had to answer a couple of questions to see what I qualified for...Thank you Fundera
I have applied for many loans over the years and this is by far the best and easiest ever. The paperwork was simple and short and my loan was deposited within 24 hours of approval. Everyone at Fundera is super nice and they really seem like the care about growing your business and are happy to help. I would recommend Fundera to everyone and anyone that needs a little cushion or extra cash flow for their business. Thank you Fundera !! You guys are awesome.
After weeks of being hounded by Kevin for my bank statements which I didn't not want to do because he sounded like a used car salesman, i went against my better judgment and sent them in to be told i would have offers in 24 to 48 hours. Three weeks later I call him and he lies and says they have been trying to reach me horrible. Small business owners don't waste your time. Go to OnDeck directly.
Easy process very fast. Got funded in 72hrs
Fundera, Thank you so much for helping me obtain a loan. It was easy, friendly, super fast and trustworthy. I am glad I did business with you. I am looking forward to do business with you again. Thank you, Thank you! Thank you!!! Sincerely Hector
Jonathan and Charles worked quick to walk us through our first business funding experience. They were thorough, pro-active, set accurate expectations, and it made a difference in our funding request getting accepted. We now have three funding lines and are moving forward with the new marketing & sales initiatives we needed to launch. Mark Miller Custom Collections
The overall process was very easy to navigate and anytime I had a question they were able to answer me very quickly! I felt like I had the necessary guidance and clarity along the way and would definitely consider using Fundera again!
Very attentive to my needs.
Easy and Effective! Had it paid off in no time. Would recommend to other business owners.
I applied for a small business loan. The proces was quick and easy. I was given several options. Picked the one best suited for my needs and the funds were in my account within 24 hours after approval. Great Company. I will use them again and refer my friends and associates to them. Thank you Fundra!
Jared was a pleasure to work with. He really cared about finding us the right service to work with. With some time he was able to match us up nicely with a service. Thank you very much for your assistance.
I was a total newbie to the world of business lending and didn't quite know where to start. Within 24 hours of submitting information on Fundera's website, I was contacted by Nate. He made sure he understood my need and helped educate me on the process. The only delays were on my part for not responding quickly enough. When I finally did respond, Nate got back to me in less than 48 hours with a lender offer that was exactly what I need and I was funded one business day after signing! Mahalo for all your help, Nate!
It is amazing, but the things we are struggling with as new b owners, we are able locate the solutions from this stream.
Fundera's email newsletter has given me, a new business owner, a lot of insight into the business world. There is always at least one article in the newsletter that pertains to my current situation, while the others help me establish a positive outlook for the future. Thanks so much to Fundera for offering this free service that I have benefited greatly from, in so many ways. Please keep 'em coming!
i appreciated working with Nate Causy, he was helpful, had good info that was relevant to my business. he also followed up with additional information that allowed me to get the loan i needed.
There were very supportive and cooperative. Assisted with helping to find alternative loans to fit my business needs. Really appreciate the assistance!!
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a loan to start my business, but customer service was excellent and they seemed to really understand and care about my situation. Thanks for their advice, I’ve now decided to get a personal loan instead.
I was in communication with Fundera regarding some procuring some funding for my rapidly expanding business. I did not end up proceeding with Fundera in the end, as we fell into a great situation that alleviated the need for working capital. However, both the initial point of contact, as well as my experience with my customer success manager was pleasant, low pressure, informative, & I felt like they had my best interest in mind throughout the process. I'd definitely reach out to Fundera again without hesitation if circumstances dictated a want or need.
The works great and looks sleek. I have no complaints and will definitely keep using this in the future. Pros: 1) Easy to use when looking for loans 2) Great customer service 3) Various providers Cons: 1) Could provide more options (but it's a startup and I hope it grows!)
The team at Fundera was great to deal with, they took the time to understand the business model, the business needs, and were able to put the complete package together to allow financing to exactly what we needed and within the terms we required.
In an industry where it is often difficult to find someone who is genuinely interested in the success of your business, Fundera has really stood out from the crowd. This company does an incredible job of seeking the best possible solution for you and will answer all your questions and address all your concerns. They are VERY transparent and forthcoming. Great job.
Always great advice.
Our start-up is in the embedded sensor tech space (inside golf ball, on the body, etc) and we were looking for a $50-150k line of credit to help fund manufacturing and begin scaling. Being an early stage company, initially, our loan offers were only $8-15k, however, the Fundera team worked with us to secure $50k credit line and get our manufacturing off the ground.
Jonathan Gorman and the entire Fundera team were best-in-class professional from Day One through the conclusion of our successful funding . He listened to our challenges and provided immediate feedback and offered timely solutions that worked well with our business planning and goals. I would highly recommend Jonathan and Fundera to any CEO looking to grow aggressively in 2017.
I strongly recommend Fundara with people, friends, colleagues and all who are seeking financing or wishing to start a new small business
I think Fundera is very informative in connecting businesses to lenders.
Seemed to be interested in my success. Really appreciated the follow-up and suggetions
My representative, Annie Harvey, walked me through all the available options and helped me to structure my loan request properly. She was always available for questions and her follow up was always professional and courteous. Excellent service for businesses seeking capital.
I had a very good experience with Fundera, in most part due to the assistance I received from David Quill. Although I was not able to obtain a loan through them, I can certainly appreciate the care and diligence that David displayed throughout the time I worked with him. I would definitely recommend working with Fundera if you need assistance with business loan applications.
Great help honest answers good direction for future inquiries and hopes of getting business funding
Fundera is a great tool for small businesses..
Fundera is an exceptional company who really does get you funding quickly in time of need. After contacting a few companies I finally contacted Aditi Kamdar at Fundera and within a span of 3-4 days my business was funded. It was by far the easiest funding process I have ever completed. Thanks to Fundera our company will continue to grow without interruptions.
lots of hype that equated to lots of work.
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