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Loanpocket Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: Loanpocket
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 90 % saved my life! I was stranded out of state in my broken down vehicle and had little money to my name. I came on to Loanpocket (recommended by a friend) to get a loan, not figuring that I’d get one, and I got a loan large enough to allow me to rent a car and get safely home. I would have spent hours trying to find a loan, but Loanpocket found me one quickly and easily. My dog and I were happy campers all because of these people. I honestly have no idea what we’d have done without them. They have great customer service skills and they really helped me when it came to repaying the loan as well. They are great people and one of the only loan companies in the whole world that I would trust with my money and my life. Thanks, guys!! You saved me!! SERIOUSLY!
After running late on my electric bill, I was in dire search of an easy and affordable way to pay it off. That's when I stumbled onto Loanpocket, my new favorite lending service! Working with them was fast, efficient, and easy! I can't say to you how quick and easy it was to get approved for a loan with this service. All I had to do was fill out the simple registration form and wait for them to find me the best rate possible. Throughout the whole process, they were very understanding and strived to give me the best experience possible. Even after doing my homework on other lending services, I was still led back to Loanpocket in the end because of their great flexibility and support. If you're looking for a loan you can't go wrong with these guys!
I am so glad to come across this company. This was a blessing, and a all around great find. They are so fast, i was approved and had my money less than 48 hrs. I would highly recommend them for anyone needing some cash fast.
Needed a loan to help me with my current temporary financial problems. Signed up on the website and within no time I had the loan that I needed. Website is put together very well, the customer service is excellent, and the whole process was easy and painless. Highly recommended!
I am so grateful I found loanpocket... Going back to school can be extremely expensive. Paying all their little admissions fees and out of pocket expenses can really break you if you're not already loaded. I have a job and I can pay my bills but it was getting close to a deadline for some admissions fees and I'd just paid my rent and car payment. I don't have a credit card so this was the perfect solution. There were to hang ups, it didn't take very long and I knew exactly what I was getting. I was able to pay off the fees and then pay off the loan with my next paycheck. SO EASY! I've already recommended them to all my friends and family because you never know when you need money for an emergency or just to have peace of mind in tough times.
Many people are using this company for online loans.They are using this money for shopping or online payment.Loan pocket always provide us 100% good service.You can contact with them anytime on online for any kind support.I spent whole money for my vacation.Thank you for your money which money help me for complete vacation.Lovely site and excellent service
I never thought I'd make such a mistake of overlooking the money I had saved for bills last month and didn't have enough to pay them all. Luckily I was recommended to loan and minutes after signing up I had so many loan offers to help me out of my predicament. Without finding loan I would be behind on payments and without electric and heat. This is a great company and I will definitely be using this site again!!
I’m a recent college graduate that needed extra cash to help start my new job. I needed quick cash to help finance relocating to a new city, putting in a security deposit and first month’s rent down for a new apartment and other life expenses. I’m 21 and have good credit, but not enough to qualify me with other services. LoanPocket made my career transition possible. The online process was simple, clear and secure. The interest rate is low and the cash is fast. This is a great service for young professionals who are just starting out.
Even though due to an expensive ex-wife and divorce my credit is destroyed, I got a loan that I wanted quick and easy! The paper work took a little bit of time but it was worth it!
Loan Pocket saved my families pet cat, after she escaped one night and got hit by a car. t. With no room left on my credit card, for an insanely high vet bill, no money for such an instance and no friend or family able to help out Loan Pocket was the only place left that could help me. I had already resolved myself to the fact I would not be able to get a loan and the cat would probably get put to sleep as that was what I could afford to ‘help’ her. I had looked at a few differ lenders and their sites were not secure at all especially for the sensitive information required for a loan. My cousin recommended Loan Pocket as she had help from them a few months ago with car trouble. Loan Pocket did not have that problem at all their site has some of the highest encryption the internet has to offer making your information secure. Loan Pocket was quick and easy to use, I have gone though the loan process with banks before and this was nothing like that. The paperwork was extensive but nothing was hard to answer. I did not need to look up random abbreviations or ask what words meant, as I often had to do with traditional lenders. Everything was very well explained and the one question I did have was answered quickly and professionally by customer service. Even for this I spent very little time on the phone waiting for a human and the short encounter with their automated system was simple and painless. Once you do have to wait a short period of time, I got offers in about an hour, and more kept coming in the longer I waited. You can choose which lender fits your needs at any time, but the longer you can wait the more selection you may have. I was in an emergency situation so I only waited a few hours and ended up with a slightly higher APR than I would have liked, but if I had more time I know I could have done better. All of the rates offered were highly competitive not only with each other but with the current market standard. I received my money very quickly and got Skittles the surgery she needed on her back end. She will think twice about playing in traffic again, but I will never have to think about where to get a loan again. The lender I ended up with has been excellent about payments even with I come up short on payments as long as I manage to send them something towards the bill it has not been an issue. While I do not recommend not paying your bills, life does happen and they seem to understand that very well. Anytime I find myself in such a pinch I will turn to loan pocket for help they are an excellent company with highly skilled employees.
The site is 100% fast, easy, and professional. If I ever need cash fast again then there is no other place I will look outside of Loanpocket.
I had some unexpected expenses come up and I was unsure how i was going to make ends meet. with bills, mortgage, and more coming up, I was almost desperate for money..... Then I found, I was approved and had the money super fast. I was able to pay all the bills i needed to and get my head above water! couldn't be happier with loanpocket and i will definitely use them in the future!!!
I had recently lost my job and didn't know if I would be able to pay off all my bills. I found their website and decided to give them a try. The forms were easy to understand and didn't confuse me with legal speak. The loan came quickly and I was able to keep my apartment and car. Paying back the loan was easy and their interest rates are low. Thanks I will definitely recommend you to others.
I had never received an online cash loan before and was honestly skeptical about the whole thing. But I moved recently after a recent break up and it seriously ate away at my savings and income. I already dealt with my bank which didn't pan out. I was pretty upset because I work hard but couldn't easily secure a loan through my own bank. But my friend actually came upon this site! It was free to use (big plus) and it connected me with the right lender for my situation.
Using Loan Pocket was a great experience. They were helpful, friendly, was so easy. I had used other cash companies in the past and had less than great experiences. A friend recommended I try Loan Pocket - and I am glad I did. I would definitely use them again!
As you all know the economy is not what it used to be, and I have been struggling to keep afloat. It seems like people find a way to charge you for everything nowadays. is the only reason I still have a car right now. Very user friendly, easy to understand everything and very fast!! I will definitely be recommending this to my friends and family and I will be sure to use this website in the future.
I have used before so I KNEW exactly where to go when I needed money this time. The reasons behind me needing a little extra cash is kind of personal, but I can tell you the stress level I was feeling was greatly decreased thanks to I needed money NOW. I couldn't ask my parents, or my friends, because I have always been very good with my money and I am too "proud" to ask for help. I got the money I needed, when I needed it. I didn't need to waste precious time on finding some extra money. I knew exactly where to go, what to do, and I am happy to say "crisis adverted".
Worst thing ever, is to have an emergency and your bank account is on zero and dust in your pockets!!! I was skeptical about doing loan or any kind of advance, but tough times sometimes call for quick decisions. I was referred by a friend to try and I loved them!!! LoanPocket is free, educational, quick and was able to provide me with lenders available in my area. Instead of wasting time searching individually, you fill out one application and receive offers that you qualify for. Using LoanPocket help ease the headache of a stressful situation!! A lot of people are skeptical (just as I was) but LoanPocket is a great resource!!!
The most efficient and quick loan process I have ever participated in! Thank You!
Both my wife and I have old cars that recently have need a lot of work, which has left us low on cash. Then, our AC in our house broke and needed to be replaced. Facing 95+ degree heat without AC, we needed cash in a hurry. got us the money we needed quickly. The site was easy to use, and we got the money in under 48 hours. No complaints at all.
Really, this is the first review I've ever written for, well, just about anything. But I absolutely HAD to remark on loanpocket's services. They helped me out when i was really strapped for cash and needed it most. A few months ago, I was in a predicament, and a pretty serious one---- I was unable to afford an engagement ring for my soon-to-be-wife. Thanks to a loan for a few hundred from Loanpocket, I was able to propose to an ecstatic then-girlfriend. At first I was hesitant to even apply for a loan, since, well, my credit history isn't exactly anything to brag about. It was SO easy to apply for a loan. There wasn't the deluge of paperwork that comes with bank loans and credit cards. And their customer service, though, was DEFINITELY something to brag about. I had trouble navigating the site at first (i'm not a technophile in the slightest) and so I called the number on their site. Boy, were they helpful! The representative on the other end really seemed to care about my money problem. She said her husband took a loan out when he had to buy her wedding ring, too! Needless to say, I will definitely turn to Loanpockets if i ever am in need of some quick cash again.
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