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OneMain Financial Online Loan Reviews

Company Name: OneMain Financial
Phone: (800) 742-5465
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 85 %
I appreciate walking in there and it was super easy to get they explain everything I needed a little help and they were able to make that happen for me
Excellent and Exceptional
My loan officer was Paula Reeves she was very professional and private with all my needs. I am a widow and was currently diagnosed with 2 types of cancer on my ear. I had to have my ear removed and a new one put on. The reconstruction surgery is considered cosmetic and insurance pays nothing on that. I was determined to not leave hospital without a ear. I am on a very tight budget with 2 kids in college and only my income. Paula took some stress off me by taking care of the loan and getting it all set up in time for me to be able to pay for surgery before the date scheduled. Thank you so very much Paula
I have been with One main financial for since 2010 and every time and they have been very helpful in time of my great need.
Very friendly people who took very good care of me.
Process was easy, even though there was a hiccup from my side that caused a delay. The processors worked hard to complete the process.
Great, friendly staff who knows their stuff! A very pleasant experience.
The people there are great. they explain everything, treated me like a person not condesending Great staff.
Very easy instructions and quick replies.
It’s a relief fee info and see that you’re qualified they work on your paper right away and quick results
No hassles and quick and easy. I got the loan and got my Camper and easy monthly payments.
They were very helpful. Helped me when I needed help to buy a new range. Thank you very much.
Fast and friendly team that get the answers and loan you need.. I highly recommend
Professional, enthusiastic, thorough, upbeat, are some of the words that I would use to describe the employees of OneMain Financial at the office that I dealt with. Nathan is the branch manager of this office, but jumps in and assist customers as well as loan officers with any questions or concerns that they might have. They all work as a team which is refreshing. Its an upbeat group of individuals that make you feel very welcomed the minute you walk thru their door. I recommend them for any loan needs you might have. PNR
I asked for "No Collateral" lenders. This one was number one. Jumped through all the hoops and find out the very last requirement is a car title. These guys are car title lenders I hope they didn't do a hard credit check on me.
Had very good service
One Main Financial helped me achieve financial freedom. The offer trustable assistance and great customer service.
Good people .. i have good experience.. very profesional..!!! Thanks
Staff is very professional, courteous, friendly and easy to work with.
Very professional, efficient and quick!!
Very good costumer service thanks for give me the opportunity to get the loan.
I needed money to consolidate some credit cards and onemain help me with that and put some extra cash into my pocket. My credit score was around a 640 and was approved with no problem. Thanks Onemain!
Filled applications got call next day take what they needed from me and get approved the same day and went well
They are helpful and wonderful. They are good with their job and customers.They work with you when you get behind.
Great customer care
very good sevice
Very very service.
The staff was very courteous and friendly. The process was extremely easy. I will definitely continue to use them.
Arlene from the Nanuet is exceptional she really provided great customer service. Her work ethic should not go un recognize.
Great employees & honest facts.
Very friendly and made it easy to go through the process of getting a loan, and a quick response as well..would definitely reccomend
Personal and Professional! Agent helped me to get the best loan I could ask for and then some. I would recommend OneMain Financial to anyone.
Great experience ALWAYS. Customer service is on POINT
The whole process, from application to closing, was stress-free and very easy! There was absolutely NO pressure from any of the staff, and they were all super nice and friendly! Very professional, very helpful! I would definitely recommend OneMain for any and all financial needs, to everyone out there!!
One Main...A Professional, Knowledgeable, Nice Team, all very helpfull, made process painless...met stand in Mgr...very nice experience
They have always been there to help me when I needed it. Very friendly atmosphere also. I recommend them to all my friends and family.
Every visit was handled with great professionalism and the representative placed us at ease. They were very knowledgeable and reassuring at a time when we really needed to be sure things would work out for the better. I would gladly recommend anyone to utilize this company.
The staff at One Main has been wonderful. They treat me with respect. I appreciate everything they have done for me.
I was made an offer through lending tree for a personal loan. The interest rate was higher than my credit cards for a personal loan, but then Victoria in the Chester VA office said that the interest rate would be lowered to half of the original quote by paying bi-weekly. I was driving and asked if she could send something via email and she said no. The following day, when I did the calculation using a bi-weekly calculator versus a monthly payment, the bi-weekly payment should be much lower than the estimated quote I'd received. I reached out to Victoria for help understanding. In her explanation, she tried to explain, but it still didn't click. The piece that didn't come together was if the interest rate is cut in half, why are the payments coming up on a bi-weekly payment the same as the monthly payment if i made one payment a month. For example, the monthly rate is $300 paying once a month was $300. If I chose to pay bi-weekly, it would be $150 every two weeks. No reduction in the overall monthly payment. In fact, depending on the month, due to the nature of ‘bi-weekly’, payment would be done three times in one month. As I was questioning the amounts because it looks like if interest is literally cut in half, the overall monthly payment would be less. Victoria started laughing. I told her it was not funny and I had questions because it wasn’t making sense to me – even with her explaining. I went on to ask the question again and understood that the extra payment will result in an earlier payoff and more of the funds paid will go to the principal rather than interest. The payment amounts still didn't add up to me for bi-weekly that I calculated. After speaking with Victoria and her laughing (it was not just a chuckle) when I was asking questions, even though she apologized when told her I didn't think it was funny. I found it to be condescending and rude. I decided that with the lack of professionalism in only the second conversation with One Main Financial and it being in the time they are trying to get me as a customer in the originations process, I don’t want to take a chance on dealing with them. I told Victoria that I didn’t get it and was not interested in pursuing it further.
Onemain is a lifesaver. It was fast and easy to get the money I needed. Thus helped me lower the payments I made on my car, and gave me extra money to pay off some medical bills. There was still money left over for Christmas.
Excellent Service by the entire staff!
WANTED TO SAY HOW HIGHLY SATISFIED I WAS WITH THE CUSTOMER SERVICE DESHAY GAVE ME. She and her staff did a phenomenal job taking care of my needs I greatly appreciate great customer service
There employees are very helpful and knowledgeable and treated me very well.
Very professional and easy quick loan with no hastle.
Convenient and easy to work with
One Main Financial staff are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about the products of One Main Financial,
I apply for a loan and they approve me for even more, that was use to pay off others bill.Big help.
I want thank you for the loan. I am pleased with the results and services they provided. Yes I would use them again.
Initial contact was with Sheena, who was very clear with explaining available loan options. Once I agreed to the loan option, the process was expeditiously carried out the same day.
Great customer service from the agent that help Me
One Main Financial Solution is the best they help a lot for me for my personal family problem. And the Receptionist that help to me whos name is miss Amber is so good they help to me s lots she is Excellent for customer service she is the best and If I had friend whos in need of help I will recomend the One Main
The people were friendly and helpful and I got everything taken care of that I wanted to. A pleasant experience.
They were able to help me on 2 occasions, with kindness and professional repore.
This company has never let me down........ They’re the best....
Fast courteous helpful service very nice staff
Was very unsure of this process in the beginning. So glad I contacted One Main. What a fabulous and fantastic company. Made the entire process quick & hassle free. Put my concerns to rest. It is so nice to breathe again.
Dana was the greatest and she went out the way to make sure I was happy and satisfied... she deserves a big fat bonus!!!!
I am a returning client and My experience with the staff at one main financial was professionalism, from business attire, pleasant greeting, office organization, and product knowledge, and most of all was the dedication and the rapid processing that was put into my loan application. Thank you staff of One Main Financial.
They were very kind, warm and welcoming. You're situation was understood, so you didnt feel embarrassed.
We have always had prompt and courteous service. Very professional and always give 100%.
They went above and beyond to get me the loan I needed. The interest is higher than I would like, but my credit rating isn't the best so I'm looking at this as a chance to improve that.
Our rep Ashleigh was new but she showed us that she was well trained in during our loan . Thank you
They helped me get a loan and were understanding of past credit mishaps that I'm trying to move forward from, they are what other companies that lend money should look to emulate, Brenda in westbury ny is the best.
Very efficient and knowledgeable personal.ready to help in any loan situation.
The Loan advisor Yessica, who helped me was not only professional, but she was very nice. Not only was she attentive to my questions and each answer was explain to me in detail. I can't thank her enough, I can't thank One Main Financial enough for assisting me in my needs. I've borrow from them before and I had forgotten just how excellent their customer service is. I just want to say congratulations to your staff here at One Main Financial on Babcock Road. Keep up with the great customer service.
The loan officer was great
One Main Financial has always helped me when I needed extra money for life's emergencies. They have always been professional and kind.
I have a loan currently with One Main and their service for this loan was excellent,so I decided to upgrade my loan to a collateral loan. I called on a Friday and they said they would call back in 5 or 10 minutes while they checked out the info. After a week of no contact,I called back only to find they denied the loan. They said they tried to contact me,but I had no message and my phone logs all calls and there was none from One Main. I waited a week thinking I had the loan when I did not. If your loan is denied,their service is NIL.
We have never had any problems with the company until recently. The company I worked for shut there doors with no notice, and had to alter some payments around, asked instead of taking payment out on the 7th if they could do that on the 15th, they said yes, and even emailed the request in also. 2 months in a row now, they have drafted it on the 7th. Wich has made a mess with my bank and extra fee's. If you can not move the date to draft out, then don't tell a customer you can, and that they will work with you.
Professional, fast, did all they could to get me what I needed!
Barrett was excellent , professional and respectful. The whole process was made easy by his efficiency and knowledge . I would absolutely use this company again and recommend to my colleagues, friends and family .
The team was professional, answered all questions and was fully prepared and had all my paperwork ready when I came in to the branch.
I love One Main because if you need cash to take care of things you can make monthly payments, and it will help rebuild your credit. Everyone at One Main is very knowledgeable and friendly, I highly recommend them for your loan needs.
OneMain is great. Nitzia was awesome. They are quick to respond and are very helpful.
Very easy to get help.
I like OneMain because from day one they been other for me and i will fill happy and satisfied to highly recommend OneMain to a family member or any friend.
Excellent, professional service that provided detail information throughout the process. Excellent communication skills that kept me engaged during the loan process. Definitely a access to the company and to all the staff who answered the phone in a polite and courteous manner.
You were very helpful and professional. Thanks for everything
The wait was entirely too long, the computer system was incredibly slow. The ladies that processed the loan were GREAT!
Fast easy and nice people to deal with
The One Main Experience The staff at One Main Financial were extremely professional and honest. I liked that they weren't pretentious as it is easy to detect a person who is not real. I was able to do everything online and did not have to leave the house. It was convenient.
I am very pleased with this company
I worked with Jamie in the Cape Girardeau office and she was excellent. She was so polite and nice throughout the whole process. I couldn't have asked for a better representative to work with. I would highly recommend OneMain Financial.
The person that help me was very helpful & went out of her way to help me
Great service and professionalism!
Thanks for everythung ..really appreciate it
My experience with one main was great! They helped me lower my auto payment and I received proceeds to help me!
One Main helped us clear some debt and re-finance a car at a much better rate . The staff was kind ,helpful and very concerned that we could be helped by getting a loan.
i had a great experience ,i would tell anyone to go there
I was so pleased with the simplicity of your process and the speed in which my request was expedited. I am also happy with the terms which I think are fair for the need I had. Great that there is no early payment penalty as well, that makes me want to be a repeat customer if the need arises in the future.
I have already recommended my friend to the branch on douglas but she forgot to tell you that. but I will always tell those who need help about your company. I am very happy with my service.
Great place to deal friendly service.
I recommend One Main Financial to anyone in.the market for a loan. They are fast efficient and friendly.
My wife and I initially secured the loan to help with household bills. When Betty passed away, the folks at my local branch were very compassionate and understanding in helping me change the loan and all of the paperwork. I consider the people to be personal friends.
The company itself may be good but STAY away from the Hialeah, FL or any other branch in the Miami area!!! I applied and was approved pending verification of ID and proof of income. I uploaded all documents 2 minutes after receiving the pre-approval. 4 days later and at least 20 phone calls and I still don’t know anything - defeats the purpose of “covering EMERGENCY expenses”. First time when I called the Hialeah branch during normal business hours I was told by the lady that she is too busy and asked me to call later and immediately ended the call. Next day I called, was asked to verify my contact info and got redirected to a phone number that is no longer in service. Third day when I called, after verifying my identity they started asking me for my salary info, address, if I uploaded my documents, etc. And after asking me for my phone number 3 times they told me they’ll call me back. Of course no phone call and they’re closed Saturday and Sunday ( I work M-F 8am-6pm). Horrible experience!!!!!
One main will do everything in their power to help you!!! Their genuine people who care!!! I wouldn’t change nothing about my visit!!! Helpful and insightful!!!☺️
Very easy application and friendly staff
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